My Name Is Khan First Trailer on Star Plus

Here’s a first – A promo for a promo!

In a recent promotional video on Star Plus, Shahrukh Khan revealed that the first look trailer of My Name Is Khan will be unveiled on Star Plus on 16th December 2009, at 10 PM Indian Standard Time.

The official theatrical trailer though, will be released with James Cameron’s Hollywood movie Avatar.

Co-written and directed by Karan Johar, My Name Is Khan also stars Kajol, Jimmy Shergill amongst others. The music has been composed by Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy.

The worldwide theatrical rights, on 7th August, was sold to Fox Star Studios for Rs 98 crores.

Release date – 12th February 2010.



  • It was actually Komal Nahta who first came up with the 80 crore figure way back in August.. The makers or the distributors are yet to confirm the exact figure the deal was signed for..

  • Its estimated to be around 100 crores because about 20 crores is expected to be spent on print and marketing the film in India and Overseas.

  • HOw much it need to be a hit??????????? If budget is 80 crs then 160 crs is needed ,Am i right INDICINE TEAM?????

  • Not exactly. 80 crores + is the worldwide theatrical rights. Not India alone.. How much it needs to do in India for HIT status is unknown..

    Should be declared a HIT if it crosses 65 crores..

    Frankly, My Name Is Khan doesn’t look too risky.. Fox can easily recover its investment..

  • thats really cooool…..
    looks at the marketing tactics, i am sure it will be the highest grossing movie in the history of bollywood!!

  • INDICINE TEAM:Do most of site think like this…take example-if big budget movie is able to recover 60+ even budget is around 70-80!!!!!It is mostly like to be declare HIT or not????

    Fox can recover it ,i know ….it will be huge first week bcz of srk has no film recently n combination of SRK-Kajol-Karan is also another factor……..

    It is non-commerical movie…..tht mean it have less chance to work at single screen of india….i guess but overall it will earn big but thinks it will not be biggest hit of indian cinema

  • wow… excited abt the movie…SRk , kajol, karan… it should be better than k3g…should be the biggest hit ever…
    Indicine: is there possibility for MNIK to defeat Ghajini records…

  • Long time Vinshal, not seen you around for quite sometime now..

    Anyway, beating Ghajini seems unlikely.. 3 Idiots will give us a clearer picture.. The opening of My Name Is Khan should be around the same range as 3 Idiots, if not slightly more..

    Ghajini did record business in both single screens and multiplexes, 3 Idiots or My Name Is Khan are unlikely to have the same appeal on single screens in smaller towns / cities..

    Overseas, it’ll easily beat Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’s record.

  • what is the mean by appeal , its 2 and half month to go . Only time will tell if mnik can beat ghajini record or not . I am waiting for this film for a year.

    I will see AVTAR and then MNIK on big screen. hope mnik will be a good film .

  • SRK’s Star Charisma can never be under-estimated. It was only his charm among the people that made RNBDJ a hit…otherwise if any other actor (for example…Uday Chopra or any XYZ) was cast in the movie…it would’ve been a disaster as the movie had one of the weakest storyline when compared to previous works of SRK + YRF combination.

    Wheter MNIK will be a hit or not…that can only be proved with time…but two things are for sure…It is bound to have an earth-shattering opening. Secondly, the content will deffinitely be better than RNBDJ. KJo can not take the risk to come up with a weak product when he has names like SRK & Kajol associated.

    Next year is going to be interesting indeed. the first quarter itself offers a few grand projects (Veer, MNIK, Kites etc.) Really lookin forward to not being disappointed. Fingers crossed

  • @Indicine : the world wide rights for the movie are sold at 80 crore or 98 crore and u r saying that it will need only 65 crore to be a hit in India which was the same for de dana dan . that means out of world wide rights just 30 crores for indian territory

    to make MNIK big u r willing to play with figures to any extent .

  • thanks Indicine for information…
    I am sure about that mnik will beat ghajini and it will biggest hit of indian movie ever..
    my name is khan will roxxxxxxxxxxx

  • i am very excited for the watch srkajol’s movie… sure My name is khan will break all the previous record and biggest grosser of the bollywood ever…

  • Indicine: Really i am happy that you remember me among this much of people… Actually i used to visit but avoided reading comments becos i was tired of seein abusive comments by the fans of …….. (U know). Most people use this site to establish their stars and lower down other stars… I think u should think of it now… we can criticise the films and the actors work in the films… but should not say anything against the actors personally.. its better to delete those comments… pls think of it…

  • well….this is the greatest news of this entire years… and the fans of srk like me is waiting for this movie…..and its about the year passed waitin and waiting… this is the most awaited movie of shahrukh…….kajol…..karan

    the history is what everyone knows….that
    ddlg……………………….all time blockbuster
    kuch kuch hota hai……all time blockbuster

    now once again the king and the queen is all set to create the new history in the bollywood…….in the name of MY NAME IS KHAN……..everyone is waiting for this… will defenately rocks all over the world…

    well…truely the year 2009 is the very sad for shahrukh as well as for all the srk fan all over the world…actually it is because of his shoulder sersery…..which is truely very dissapointin to the bollywood boxoffice…in order to miss the another one blockbuster of its king….king khan

    but also the bad time is gone and the king is coming with queen to sprey the love and some sentiments in this bollywood……so the king now coming to blast the box office of bollywood

  • indicine
    i m confuse again .
    if movie sold for 98 cr. it means distributer has to recover 98 cr. then if it will get 65 cr then how can it will be hit . ok add 30 cr overseas as well then it will recover its investment . but u said movie should get double to its investment for hit status.
    could u please explain me in very very simple words.
    plzzz i cant understand this thing so far , even amish told me every thing abt this on yahoo but still some confusion.

  • Indicine Team–

    the movie s sold for 80cr. worldwide rts.. Fox pic being distributers

    nw major part of return comes from india, say 60-70%. rest from overseas.

    so if v divide – say 50cr from india and 30cr overseas. but this `ll be DS which s needed…;)

    so movie has to make double d distributer share..i,e around 100cr from india..;) considerin It as a multiplex movie..;)

    ok say around 20-25cr comes from satellite, home video, music, dth rts.. still it has to get 70-75cr for HIT status…;)

    ha ha am gettin confused nw….;)

  • acc to me movie sold for 98cr.,indian right 25cr overseas rt 20cr music 10cr satellite 20cr dth 5cr rest 10cr.i kept ds min 25cr .even than it has to do 90cr net for hit acc to box office god komal nhata classification,.acc to kamal hit is defined as when a movie doubles its wonder he is the only who declared lak hit nd wanted superhit,

  • amish
    u were telling me abt this matter on yahoo some days ago now u r again confuse? some days ago sudeep was confuse.
    indicine we all are confuse about this
    could u please explain us very simplely .
    i dont think so MNIK can get 100 cr in india coz Feb releases never get this much business. and MNIK has not 4 days weekend.

  • Okie i think my calculation s correct if it has been sold for 98cr. and INdicine ppl r correct if it has been sold for 80cr…:)

    98cr minus 30cr for al satellite, music, dth, home video.

    remainin 68cr has to recovered.

    actually it s gud to sell d worldwide rts to one company.. bcoz they can recover it easily….:) rt?

  • amish u r really confused..25 ds means around 45cr net.nd 50ds means around 90cr net..ds is 60percent of for hit it need double of theatrical rt means 50cr ds so net should be my point doc?

  • This article from Komal Nahta should help clear some confusions..

    Fox Star Studios has acquired the worldwide rights (excluding audio rights) of Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan for a reported price of Rs. 80 crore. Alongwith the announcement of the deal this week came another announcement – that the film is being made by Karan and Shah Rukh Khan in partnership.

    While the trade may opine that Rs. 80 crore is too high and risky a price, the fact is that it might actually be a cakewalk for Fox Star Studios when My Name Is Khan gets ready for release early next year even after Fox would have spent another Rs. 15 to 20 crore on promotion and prints.

    The way box-office business is growing these days, revenues of Rs. 95-100 crore (MG royalty of Rs. 80 crore plus Rs. 15/20 crore for prints and promotion) for Karan Johar’s film looks a certainty. Of course, with Rs. 95-100 crore, Fox would just break even but what one is trying to arrive at is that the risk to Fox is not very big. If the film clicks in a big way – as it is expected to – the profits would obviously accrue to Fox.

    And how exactly will Fox recover Rs. 100 crore? Given three facts – the immense popularity which Shah Rukh Khan commands in the Overseas circuit; the outstanding track record of Karan Johar in that circuit; and the Overseas audience treating Kajol as a hero rather than a heroine – the business which My Name Is Khan, starring Shah Rukh and Kajol, could end up notching in the Overseas circuit can well be imagined. And one is not even talking about the non-traditional markets here. Fox, of course, would target the film in markets where Hindi films have never been released so far and that must be the main reason why Johar and Khan chose Fox as their distributor.

    If My Name Is Khan is a successful film, a share of Rs. 35 crore from Overseas is not a far cry, more so because the subject is said to have tremendous appeal for the Muslim audience. Pakistan and the Middle East markets could prove to be a gold mine for this film. It may be mentioned here that Shah Rukh plays the title role of a Muslim while Kajol is his Hindu wife in the film. Shah Rukh’s Om Shanti Om has reportedly done a business of Rs. 25 crore abroad. Each of Karan Johar’s films has crossed the Rs. 20 crore mark Overseas.

    Given the all-India business of films like Ghajini (Rs. 59 crore), Singh Is Kinng (Rs. 35 crore) and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Rs. 48 crore), the business of My Name Is Khan could easily touch Rs. 60 crore. It may be mentioned here that business is only growing with each passing week.

    Therefore, you already have Rs. 95 crore from theatrical revenues of India and Overseas. Satellite rights for a film like My Name Is Khan could go for anything between Rs. 15 and 20 crore and home video, for Rs. 3 to 5 crore. All of this would mean that Fox could earn anywhere between Rs. 113 and Rs. 120 crore. This could be the minimum earnings from the traditional markets alone.

    All of this underlines our claim that Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have, in fact, underpriced their film. It would shock readers to know that the film would cost the makers more than Rs. 70 crore to make! Obviously then, Karan and Shah Rukh are not treating the sale to Fox as a pure business deal. For, had it been so, they’d have asked for a higher MG royalty.

    For Fox Star Studios then, My Name Is Khan is a brilliant buy and a steal!

  • ^ “business is only growing with each passing week.”– who `ll agree on tat?..;)

    and fox must have thought of al these but at present gettin such a huge sum s difficult…;)

    113-120cr… he must be kiddin…. ;)

    SRK s NO. 1 & along with tat he s very very smart and business minded…. do u think he `ll sell a movie for a lower price? He knows gettin above 100cr s way 2 difficult or else he would `ve made a profit himself..;)
    doesnt mean he has not made a profit nw, but much much more i mean….;)

    Am sure Fox `ll sell it soon n recover it with d brand name SRK-kajol but distributers r d once who `ll suffer ultimately….;)

  • Business is definitely increasing with each biggie.. Just look at the weekend numbers.. Imagine a Akshay Kumar movie coming after 2 years.. Its as big or probably bigger with the SRK – Kajol – Karan combo..

    Also even if MNIK doesn’t match up to Ghajini in India, it will more than make up for it overseas (Ghajini was poor overseas).. If Ghajini grossed over 200 crores, MNIK too can..

    It all depends on the content though.. and this looks quite similar to Kurbaan.. Let’s see.. At worst Fox should break even..

    And as you said SRK is smart enough to know that almost every business of his, including his brand name depends on the box office verdict of his films.. And coming after 1 -2 years, with no next release in sight (after MNIK).. he can’t afford a flop.. He might well have under-priced the film..

  • Visiting dis page looks like attending a maths lecture c’mon bro’s dnt crack ur brain over dis time wil tel us more clearly.

  • srk ki movie 98 crore me deal ho gai to baki actors ke fan ko paseena aa gya haha tum salo ek din mar jaogo srk ke khilaf type karte karte par srk ki populirity hamesha badti rhegi lol

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