My Name Is Khan First Trailer on Star Plus

Here’s a first – A promo for a promo!

In a recent promotional video on Star Plus, Shahrukh Khan revealed that the first look trailer of My Name Is Khan will be unveiled on Star Plus on 16th December 2009, at 10 PM Indian Standard Time.

The official theatrical trailer though, will be released with James Cameron’s Hollywood movie Avatar.

Co-written and directed by Karan Johar, My Name Is Khan also stars Kajol, Jimmy Shergill amongst others. The music has been composed by Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy.

The worldwide theatrical rights, on 7th August, was sold to Fox Star Studios for Rs 98 crores.

Release date – 12th February 2010.



  • I saw the first promo of promo was disappointed by the way srk threw his expressions! I hope movie will not be like that. :|

  • to all DDD was sold for 30 crores to bab arts and then they sold them for sub distributers for high prices….get ur facts right….when akki takes 20 crores do u think whole movie wil be sold for 30 crores…wake up ppl

    and about mnik…if reports of 100 crores are true it includes overseas rights too…kank was sold for 20 crores in overseas…and 100 crores includes satellites,dth rights…so it comes out to around 70 crores for indian theatrical price..which is same as om shanti om(it was sold for 75 crore)

    so it req 60 for a hit

  • @vikas . do u knw that a movie to be hit needs twice the amount at which it was purchased by distributor and if u say the indian theatrical price comes out to be 70 crore it will need atleast 140 crore from india alone to be hit .
    so check ur facts b4 pointing finger at any1

  • People say whatever abt srk . But they cann’t change the reality that srk is the best. He is an icon in the world. I am proud to be his fan. Love u King Khan.

  • how contradiction, akkis De Dana dan not getting hit status despite making near 50 cr, and trade give high cost an example when they it was sold for 30 crore, but srk’s film will be a hit with 65 crore despite the budget and thearetical rights being higher.

  • i agree sohag, really i dont understand this,every akki films need to do 65 crore plus to get a hit status, and srks film sold at 80 just needs 65 is highly shows these trades are misleading just to put srk on top hit of this decade. i like him but im hating the anti akki propaganda ever since 2007. the actual cost DDD was 31 crore, the shares are like 28 crores now,and still cant get a hit verdict, even the marketing and promotion was low for DDD, but MNIK just needs 65 despite the price being 80 or 70.

  • wtf. Im a srk fan but biggest amir fan… but this is confusing, if de dana dan needed 65 crore just to be a hit with cost being 40 times lesser than MNIK, then how does srk’s film need only 65 crore to be a hit with the cost ranging from 98 to 80 crore? the movie will easily make 65 crore net with the good backing of reviews and WOM and hype. I think this is somewhat unfair on akki and belittleling him.anyways cant wait 3Idiots, it will be the biggest hit of this year.

  • to Vikas:
    akki didn’t take fees for DDD, the film was part of his own production, i think someone is paying to damage akki’s career, it shows widely with the immense number of anti-akki propaganda by the media and industry people.

  • i think it will be an outstanding character played by mr. shahrukh khan. After very long time i will be seeing my all times favorite jodi (i.e. srk with kajol ) and hope that inshallah after the huge success of MNIK i will be seeing them in another film which directed by mr. aditya chopra.
    shahrurh bhai meri allah se dua hai k aap hamesha tarakki karien aap ke samne kabhei koi difficulty na aye.

  • This movie will surely b a all-time blockbuster n evrybody knows that there is no one bigger star than shahrukh khan in popularity in the world……………………………Ppl who think this movie will b a disaster then plz u need 2 go 2 DOCTOR

  • me and my wife are english, from the UK. those who reject shahrukh khans appeal are mistaken because my 4 children are obsessed with that guy going cinema to watch his movies even though they dont understand. they have been attending hindi classes. this guy must be special.

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