Ranbir Kapoor – Sexiest Man Alive

Its all about being successful isn’t it? After the super-success of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Ranbir Kapoor has been voted as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by the People’s Magazine, ahead of other contenders like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan.

In response Ranbir says “I really don’t know what sexy is. I am confused as I don’t consider myself sexy at all. There are a thousand things that are wrong with my body and face. When I was growing up, my mom told me handsome is what handsome does. So Amitabh Bachchan is sexy to me in all his films, Shah Rukh is sexy in DDLJ and Aamir is sexy in Rang De Basanti.”

And Ranbir is sexy in Ajab Prem Ki.. But does he seriously deserve the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ tag? What do you think?

Sexiest Man Alive


  • He is sexy. No doubt but there are many other sexy actors in bollywood, the sexiest contenders are srk, sallu, akki n john

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  • Sorry indicine..m angry wid khan comment on other page…my only intention was to make indicine more popular.

  • ‘Sexiest Man Alive’– is a bit 2 much i guess…;)

    “I really don’t know what sexy is”– ha ha. den he better take some english classes…;)

    Actually this article shud be answered by gals… bcoz sexy , Hot , Perfect , handsome r used by them on guys..
    ha ha…
    If guys answer it den it may lead to suspicion..;) he he

  • I think you have made a big mistake. The sexiest man wandering this earth is Hrithik Roshan. There is no one that comes near him. Ranbir is like a little baby, with a cute face, but he doesn’t come near Hrithik Roshan. I mean just look at his performances in Jodhaa Akbar and Dhoom 2. There is sex on legs if you’ve ever looked for it…

  • If u say sexy… then to me Hrithik is the most sexiest of them all…

    To me, instead of rating Ranbir as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ they should at least rate him as ONE OF THE ‘Sexiest Man Alive’……

  • I think we can’t say him sexy at all.He soooooooooooooo cute and adorable like in Ajab Prem Ki……he is looking very cute.
    Not the sexiest man we can say him, the cutest man alive!!!!!

  • You are attractive.. so you are sexy.. that’s the true meaning of “sexy” lots of men/women got the perfect face or perfect body but they lack that thing you call “attraction”.. so Ranbir is sexy because he’s loveable & attractive ( even if he himself thinks that his look is not that perfect but he’s in fact..it doesn’t lack anything).. for me the most sexiest men in bollywood is SHAHRUKH..does Shahrukh have a great body? no.. but he got a great face, his feature, his beautiful soul and his attitude which kills women.. right?

    Who got the perfect body among all bollywood actors? Oh..you ppl would say Salman Khan.. but I consider the 2 guys with great sexy body are Hrithik Roshan & John Abraham.. and both are attractive too.

  • Biggest Joke….Ranbir is not at all sexy….he looks cute,sweet innocent boy….Sallu,akki n john are sexy…even SRK is…I think Neil or even Harman Baweja are sexy in their personality…Imran n Ranbir look bit girlish cute n sweet boys…

  • this artical is the biggest joke in entire bollywood……..ha ha ha

    the child is sexy…….he is cute that’s all….no anyway sexy-bexy……plz be serious about ur artical indicine team

  • the one who dont know what is sexy…..is the most sexiest man……..this is redeculuos…….and the biggest joke in the history of this indicine.com

  • ranbir is such a cutie pie…. he is not sexy n all…. john is sexy…. ranbir is more of a sweet n shy kinda guy…

  • ranbir is not that much sexy. he looks cute. there is hrithik, john – who is really sexy. how they talks, looks, is really sexy.

  • its upto the girls to decide if Ranbir is sexy or not… I find him very cute & charming & somehow he has a goofy look as well… there are surely sexier men than Ranbir… Sallu, akki, Hrithik, John are the top contenders.

    Crazy SRK fans find him sexy even in 70s getup as seen in the recent ad thread.. so no comments :D

  • There you go, all Indicine commentators. I salute your way of thinking. You are nearing the truth and are putting things the way they are in real life. Hrithik, John, and Sharukh have the sexiest bodies on earth, Ranbir is cute, in a childlike way and being sexy is not always about looks. I am thrilled by your accuracy. I wish you all the best to come.

  • himmmmmmmmmmm….exactly muhammad…..he is the media created star…without any talent and skill

    even i dont think he is handsom??????

    this is apkgk …… is just the magic of katrina……..his history is just average and the flop….he came up as karan johar hold him……just look this rocket singh gone be flop

  • i think

    Ranbir is sweet nd handsome
    John is hot in long hairs
    shahid is cute boy
    hritik is cool



    ofcourse hes d most handomse actor.give him ny hair cut.it will suit him.

  • is johnny depp hndsome is george cloony handsome they are nothing to srk
    i dont believe in people magazine judgment it s very bias toward srk hrithik salman

  • well my opinion is that every man is better than other so there’s no one the sexiest man alive , he’s cool but not sexy

  • im not indian at all but i know these bollywood actors and speaking from my opinion and what i like i say SALMAN KHAN is the sexiest man in bollywood and one of the best looking in the world, other contenders may include john, srk, hrithik, akki but for me SALMAN KHAN IS THE SEXIEST and i don’t find ranbir kapoor hot at all just a lil bit cute.

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