Sultan Trailer

It’s out. The theatrical trailer of Sultan starring superstar Salman Khan in the lead. The film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • Looks like a commercial potboiler…Salman is looking great and playing his age which looks convincing…so it will collect around 250 cr..

  • As a neutral bollywood fan..i can tel u that i had goosebumps watching it.tho i get this feel only on amir khan films..i fink salman has matched the standards of amir.good battle btw the two stars will give rise to good cinema…n its us who wil benefit from this.

  • The First half of this trailer is bad to average …but the 2nd half is much better and exciting !
    Salman’s acting is below average in many parts but he definitely nailed in the older wrestler act … that part he acted well and his body language , intensity is superb …. but again masala input in a sports drama makes no sense ! :)

  • Just as we were getting over the trauma of Crapfull 3, here comes non-actor’s Loltan to blow away our minds. For God’s sake, please stop making films Salman🙏

  • Induce its all time blockbuster Salman bhai will break all record this time.opening day 50cr pakka and lifetime 350cr pakka.

  • The saddest person after watching this trailer would be Ritesh Sidwani for postponing Raees because of a crap like this

  • @ X sons
    Stop posting ur useless comments
    We all know u have Serious MENTAL issues
    So guys one minute silence to our coward @ X SONaaa

  • @Xxxzone, having big stomach was the necessasity of the script. He needed to do to get into the skin of the character.. Just like your king turned into a joker gaurav in flop phanka..You low profile dogs criticise even when he gets skins of the character

  • Superb Mind Blowing!!!! My first day First Show confirmed. Looks sectacular, though I never expected from Ali Abbas but salman’s presence really nailed the trailer. 250 car on cards even with mixed WOM, if all goes well then get ready for first 350 cr club movie!!!!

  • What a bakwas trailer…
    First eid flop For non actor…
    Only eid festival will help to collect 100 cr.. without Eid loltan will be bellow 100 cr…

    #Fasal kerala

  • A perfect example that bhai can’t act intense scenes that is why we call him NON Actor. What entertained me most is seeing his big tummies. It is amazing how can remain so unfit. Any way Loltan will be crap like majority of bhai’s films.


  • This Time Sultan trailer ARTICLE @indicine will break D highest comments record in a one page
    Yet another record from our BHAI

  • Crap poster…
    Crap teaser…
    Crap trailer…
    Movie will be biggest crap of the year…

    #Fasal kerala

  • average trailer .. huge expectations will kill sultan box office collection .. law of average will catch salman this EID..

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