Sultan Trailer

It’s out. The theatrical trailer of Sultan starring superstar Salman Khan in the lead. The film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • @sultan takla roshan,sandhy,hrithik

    oh feeling so much angry just because we trolled langot bhabijaan.but what about when you spreaded negativity against FAN?

    hey bhojpuris why are you targeting a small non entertainment movie FAN? entertainment makes a movie HIT,when FAN has nothing in itís favour than whatís the benefit of making fun of IT?

    and youíre trying hard to troll us with this one flop/but WE SRKIANS canít even count the no. of flops/disasters that your bhabijaan had given before South rename came to save his back.

    @sutlan takla roshan_because of Adityaji,your takla idol got EID bheek from KING KHAN.otherwise your tklaís career would have been finished by RAEES BHAI just like HE finished your bhaiís career in 2006 with akki,did you forgot decade struggling disaster starís fan?

    @hrithik,WE didn’t care whether MIYANBHAI come or not ,WE’RE here to spread negativity which WE’LL do at any cost if you can do against a film like FAN from the 1st day after a show.then why you’re behaving like a saint?and I too will see upto which extent salman can make survive his peak stardom and upto which extent he’ roam freely outside the road.

    @bajan Indian,stop behaving a like a KING KHAN’S jelaous haters did the same to a small date released film called FAN.and your star is a tbe real Nona ctor of India survived only because of masala genre and EID ,so what’s the guilty WE did.tum karo toh dahi hame kare so galat?

    @trueteller,then from which source Sooraj Barjatya came to know about salman if Salim khan had not recommmnede him?are you the witness?didn’t Sooraj Barjatya knew about his disaster debut biwi ho toh aisa? Still why he took him,because at that time apart from amir there was no ROMANCE star amir KHAN was busy with other film,and as Barjatya’s maximum movies are family oriented so Barjatya thought taking non actor salman will not put him in danger.

    And why you’re only giving examples of abhishek,tushar,fardeen only?there are do much big stars like Hrithik,Ranbir(currently in flop stage as everyone has that phase except KING KHAN) too who made it equally even bigger than salman and amir in less time.even varun Dhawan,tiger shroff too.

    But can you give a simple example of a single SELFMADE star WHO touched even half of the MEGASTARDOM that KING KHAN reached?

    Because there are so many big stars can be evolved from their Papa like Hrithik,Ranbir,salman,amir,Varun,tiger because they all have some talents except salman(family member movie+South remake dependent star).

    But can you give a dime exame of another SELFMADE MEGASTAR like KING KHAN.don’t say akshay Kumar he is talented and a big star but couldn’t even make half what KING KHAN did both in Indian market+overseas over 2 AND 1/2 decade.

    That’s the difference.all of them are just stars but KING KHAN is A SUN WHO overshadowed all of them but currently struggled a bit due to HIS OWN mistake through out HIS MEGACONSISTENT CARRIER.HE IS THE TRUE RULER OF THE GENERATION what WE want to say otherwise WE’RE not denying salmir are big stars,that’s all.

  • @sweet heart
    dear tu pehle shadi krke kisi ka ghr basa..yaha kya faltu ka comment kar rahi h tu whaaat aa name yar sweet heart nice and just like ur name .. u talk like a sweet baby ..thnx i laughed at ur comment…but as a kid you are 10% right. Salman
    looks like a pregnent woman but listen
    to me baby it is a part of the film and i
    think you didnt see the last 30sec as well as
    10sec of the trailer it shows salmanís
    absÖso sweet heart first of all you need to watch the trailer again and again..
    srk fans ki to”fat gyi”

  • @sss : Chal beta burnol ley ley rey ………. ey ey ey !!!!!!! Spread as much negativity you want we will also see how much difference it will make to Salman movies or Sultan. Whether Salman will rule for long or not your queen era is done and dusted and over !!!!!!!!!! Chal phut ley !!!!!!!!!


  • in every angle sultan trailer is 100 times better then mohenjodaro.only plus point with MD is it belongs to era which no one of us have seen.

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