Sultan New Posters

After the launch of the theatrical trailer, Yash Raj Films’ has released a couple of new posters featuring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma. In the first poster, the two on-screen wrestlers look completely in love, while the second poster has Salman taking on Anushka in what appears to be a friendly wrestling match.

There are also a couple of small images of Sultan thumping his opponent.

Check it out.

Sultan New Poster - Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma

Sultan New Poster – Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma

New Movie Poster from Sultan featuring Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma

New Movie Poster from Sultan featuring Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma



  • yrf what’s wrong with you ?? first bad photpshopped poster than copy paste 2nd teaser now after average trailer these two poster are below avg in these poster salman look aged in front of anushka first poster look like srk & deepika’s manwa laage pose in second poster salman body completely miss fit with his face

  • @indicine what are trade reactions to trailer? Does trade fear that salmania will end if Salman keeps on working in run of the mill movies with weak scripts?

  • it will take an earth shattering/record breaking opening. ..45+crore.. even chance to 50+crore..only salman matters. ..

  • Record that Sultan is gonna create this year:

    Day 1>Lifetime of all small/flop films this year from Fitoor to Ki and Ka

    2 Days collection>Lifetime of cult classic Pankha

    3 Days collection>Lifetime of all upcoming youngster films like Dishoom, Befikre, ADHM, Dhoni, Masti 3, Raaz 4, etc

    4 Days collection>Lifetime of Airlift and Shivaay

    Week 1 collection>Lifetime of Housefull 3 and MD

    2 Weeks collection>Dangal lifetime



    • @Sandy, still too early to get reactions. There is trade research involved. We have a procedure in place and one of them is to get the final release date – which the makers haven’t yet announced. First prediction should be out in the night.

  • trailer and posters r superb. Hope movie would be liked by audience.
    But before thar don’t miss Housefull 3 on theatre from 3 June 2016.

  • How u know a trailer is hit or not ?
    Simple if any actor movie trailer released & srkian feels that its better than there star whole movie they will burned like hell & rubbish multiple times… thats mean trailer/ teaser of movie is FAADU & hit…

  • More than 1.5 million views & more than 57k likes in just 15 hours!
    This is called SALMAN POWER ?????

  • 200 crores will be easy for Sultan. I can sense the claps and whistles it will receive in the theatre.

    Coming to the trailer, no, it didnít impress me. Salmanís wrestling parts are looking decent. But his acting is looking below par. I feel he can do better in his facial expressions. The dialogues are reminding of a typical Salman film. Anushka is looking good.

    The writing doesnít seem to be strong.

    Despite of these wrestling sequences, the intensity is not felt. It was very nicely induced in last yearís Brothers trailer.

    Anyway, Sultan will attract the mass, there is no doubt!

    Trailer rating: 2/5

  • 4 days to go for trailor ,then 1 day to go for trailer ,then trailer message ,then finally trailer relesed and it was a crap ”khoda pahad nikla chuha “

  • I like the first poster it looks amaizing.
    This film is going to be epic,am totally sold out can’t wait to watch this film.
    Anyone who has dissliked the trailer is an insecured fan of other actors,going by the youtube views and likes looks like a clear winner at box office already.

  • All those comparing it with BROTHERS are dilusional idiots,BROTHERS did not work coz first it had a weak story and it was a remake,but SULTAN looks totally different and the sound track is awesome.

  • After looking at non-actor, I am forced to think, how someone can look so ugly and exhausted.
    God alone knows what would have been to his career if he would have been a commoner and not the heir of legendry writer Salim Sir.

  • After watching the teasers lots of questions arose in my mind. Let me share my questions.

    1)How can Salman play role of a wrestler??We all know the size of his tummies. This is a big disgrace to other wrestlers like me.

    2)Is this the crap we’ll watch on aid?Salman by a please why don’t u stop bothering the audience??

    3)Don’t the maker’s have any bits of shame in copy pasting Dangal ??

    4)I as neutral audience am going to BoycottSultan.What about you?



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