After wearing langot, I know how heroines feel in swimsuits: Salman

At the launch of the theatrical trailer of Sultan, Salman was asked about his experience on wearing a ‘langot’. To which, he said he enjoyed it and also got to know how heroines feel while filming swimsuit scenes.

“I enjoyed shooting in ‘langots’. Now I know how heroines feel in shorts or in swimsuits. When I came out wearing the langot, I had tears in my eyes. I’m not at all ‘sharmila’ (shy) type” he said.

Sultan releases in theatres during Eid this year. The makers are yet to announce the final release date.

Salman wrestles with Anushka at Sultan Trailer launch

Salman wrestles with Anushka at Sultan Trailer launch

Anushka Sharma with Salman Khan

Anushka Sharma with Salman Khan

Salman Khan at Sultan Press Meet

Salman Khan at Sultan Press Meet

Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma at Sultan Trailer Launch

Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma at Sultan Trailer Launch



  • Everything looks fine from posters, teasers and trailer. If content clicks, another 300 crores on the card!!

  • So Anushka will be the only actress to have two 300 crores grossers. She is making it for her.. Great..

  • wrestler in Akhada must wear langot. This is a requirement, Desi Style.. But some characterised fans of SRK like XZone mistakes Langot as Bikini and claims that only she owns the copyrights of wearing bikinis. Lol

  • 200 crores will be easy for Sultan. I can sense the claps and whistles it will receive in the theatre.

    Coming to the trailer, no, it didn’t impress me. Salman’s wrestling parts are looking decent. But his acting is looking below par. I feel he can do better in his facial expressions. The dialogues are reminding of a typical Salman film. Anushka is looking good.

    The writing doesn’t seem to be strong.

    Despite of these wrestling sequences, the intensity is not felt. It was very nicely induced in last year’s Brothers trailer.

    Anyway, Sultan will attract the mass, there is no doubt!

    Trailer rating: 2/5

  • If film is as bad as HNY, DILWALE, FAN then lifetime of the film will be 225cr
    But after watching trailer of SULTAN my prediction will be 325cr for SULTAN.
    Incredible Trailer Of The Year 2016 SULTAN

  • You are right.
    Don’t worry, Sultana is set to put box-office on fire.
    After all, no body wants to miss the hot bikini avatar of yours.
    So there will be shower of money – all hail to your semi-nude performance …!

  • Though I don’t like Salman Khan but honestly speaking, he looks hotter than Anushka in the role of Sultana.
    Keep doing such roles and who knows I will turn a bhabhijan fan one day :P

  • For the first time in the history of Indian cinema, audiences will be whistling more for leading actor (read actress) than the leading actress (Anushka) – due to obvious reasons :D

  • You r fit for that bhaijaan. It’s seems ur movie is Brothers part 2 without a brother. Thoda acting bhi sikho, same expressions in all ur movie. Get into character and act Bhaijaan, Romeo and Juliet looking like Batista of WWE with stepne McMahon

  • Hello everyone including @Anand, @tiger, @navin
    I have no offence for salman. he is a big star for sure
    But wth do u troll srk like that, he was a poor orphan, who lost his parents, had responsiblity of sister, not from this industry still came to mumbai and made big. We have to respect such a big success story

  • I think he not seen the Masterpiece Maya MemSahab.

    King played most challenging role in it.

    King nailed in some scenes even without Bikini & Langot

    Anyway one announcement for our fans…

    Guys on Pluto Eid is declared on 26 January 2017.
    So now you can start celebration… now.

  • @MANan (without ‘man’) 11:27 am : Abe chirkut. First learnt to construct a complete sentence in English, then quote me into your comments.
    Else you can stick to your native language (i.e. Bhojpuri).

  • They are heroines, they have chiseled nd well shaped legs unlike u ..they feel more sexy in swimsuit.

  • @Nipun, have you learnt the meaning of masturbation as well. Well done, grown up bournevita boy…

  • @Nipun, first ask your Jaadoo boy to deliver dialogues properly and not to shiver during intense scenes.
    You guys said same during the trailer BB as well.

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