Sultan Trailer

It’s out. The theatrical trailer of Sultan starring superstar Salman Khan in the lead. The film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • As expected from my expectation from Saandmaal Khan deliver another exquisite straight faced acting performance of the decade which deserves an Oscar and the proud director of Gunday will finally come back and give the best movie of the century to his loving audience, the Saandmaal fans. Congratulations!!!

  • If this movie becomes an all time blockbuster, in order to celebrate the success, the Saandmaal fans need to write a book called , “ABC Saandmaal ki D chuus li”

  • So much articles after sultan trailer which may prevent it to cross 500 comments.
    Lets try Salman Fans.

  • The only doubt in sultan trailer is local based movie which city audiences may avoid.of course overseas audiences too.

  • Flop Flop Flop
    Our queen Deepika rejected it for jobless anushka. Like Kick and prdp. It might be the worst film of year

  • haters use burnol yar.. Bcz srk wil never be able to do such type of role whatever ..i didnt’t forget that day when i was seeing srk in Darde disco song…i didnt see any thing excep “srk’s pasliyan” as well as his single paslees bones . It seems that if someone touche srk’s “pasliyan” by his finger it will break..really i fear when srk dancing with girls in darde disco …
    One more thing for haters
    i do nt see any thing except some “Tedhe medhe pasliyan” in srk’s body if air will blow in a normal way then i dnt knw where he will be gone?
    So srk is unfit for the role understand hatters?
    1 forgot one more thing in crappy new year srks body looks like..”yaar ye iski haddiyan q bikhar gayi hain?jaha dekho waha tedha kahi phula to kahi pachka

  • @saif
    Yes to do that role one need a worst looking fatty belly which only bhai has among A-listers-Look Amir had to work really hard for that looks but Ali Abbas Zafar is lucky one as he had Salman who has natural belly like a pregnant woman

  • @Drogba, there is no qhestion about srk’s talent. He is appreciated for what he achieved and even his die hard haters know that he is self made actor and superstar. The point is, that some people dont know what respect is and as you said if you throw stone on cement wall, it will come back from opposite direction to hit your glass wall. Yes, those people might be fake srk fans, similarly if few people who bash srk back are also not exactly true fans of salman or aamir. There are many salman and aamir fans who always respect srk, but you hardly see that. Few who openly bash srk maybe srk haters who pretend to be salman fans or aamir fans. So its same way logic on both sides. Overall, everybody knows about srk’s talent and his achievements and people who are sensible enough respect srk even if they dont like him. That was my point.

  • a message for all the haters
    if u hate him then why do u watch his movie trailers and movies
    and why do u comment
    see this is his stardom that even haters cant resit themselves from watching it too much fun

  • Srk fan are just dying stop barking guys
    Wait for the release
    It will earn 100 cr in 3 days
    And fan is still struglling for 85 cr hahaha too much fun

  • Salman Khan is the best and like always salmans movie gonna be sick. Sultan is beast. Best actor in yah world

  • ignore ignore ignore srk fan bad cmnts they are jealous of us.go to bajrangi bhaijaan trailer and see cmnts you can find similar cmnts.everyone knows what that movie did .

  • Sultan will cross flop fan lifetime collection in less than 3Day
    #Diffence B make my word insha allah

  • I agree to u @Anand_The Original, And @Vicky I am srk fan but i have full on respect to salman and aamir as well
    But what i dislike is the way or terms u guys use to abuse a self-made superstar like srk who without any god father made so big, from TV shows to cinema totally on his own . And never have i totally supported the foul languages some srkians use

  • Salman having big stomach in the trailer so ? It was necessasity of the script. He needed to do to get into the skin of the character.. Just like your king turned into a joker gaurav in flop phanka..You low profile dogs criticise even when he gets skins of the character

  • @sweet heart : why are you burning ? And what are you doing on Salman article if not barking uselessly ? No matter what Meoww bhai won’t return to Eid. If SRK can’t stand & clash against such crap (according to your stinking logic) then how can you expect him to clash & fight against good movies ? Are SRK days are numbered that he can’t even clash & beat a crap ? Now eat your own words and Get lost from this article !!!!!!!!!

  • You know how funny and stupid SRK fans are. They are Salman haters yet whenever a trailer is release they are the first one scrambling to view not even sensible enough to realize that they are pushing up the views. Shows you how really dumb xzone, fasal Kerala, etc these idiots gives me my daily laugh. Dumb morons

  • Agreed that SRK is an outsider and he made it big but it doesn’t make Salman or Amir any less.There are many in industry like Abhishek Tushar Akhshaye Khanna Fardeen Khan Luv Kush Sinha Sunny Bobby Abhay Sanjay Dutt Anil Kapoor.
    All above fellows are directly or indirectly related to yesteryears superstars and some are pathetic.Salman never got recommendations from Salim Khan to other producers or directors.
    It’s his hard work which got him fame and fans.And Amir is not perfectionist just like that,he has worked so hard for that image.Its their destiny that have got them there.

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