Sultan Trailer

It’s out. The theatrical trailer of Sultan starring superstar Salman Khan in the lead. The film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • what a trailer,jst one word is sufficient to express that is mind blowingggggggg….this eid one n only sultan movie…..

  • @ Arhaan Khan at 4:54 am : Brother I had deliberately avoided my review of the trailer to avoid any negativity here. I would say the trailer was good but not awesome frankly.

    However I am expecting this movie to be better than PRDP (and also Ready, Bodyguard, Dabang 2, Kick etc) so if PRDP an earn 225 cr this one should touch 250 cr at least.

  • Sure shot all time blockbuster
    EID evening is gonna be fantastic
    Real treat..
    Love that look of salman after leap
    Raw actions
    Super punch dialogs
    Rock track for the title is Awsome
    From salman fan from Sri Lanka

  • @Master Buster Sush, you are out of your mind. I am die hard salman fan. Dont even dare to call me that over actor fan. I would vomit to even consider that ugly guy as favorite. Dont talk stupid. I am smart enough to catch chamaleons and i find this guy @Ajay Rocks very irritating. He better not come here. We dont need any fanbase to make salman movies blockbusters. His fans alone are enough. This guy @Ajay Rocks is basically a beggar because his statr is a 50 cr club actor so begging support here by posting goody goody stuffs to praise salman.

  • Hello everyone including @Anand, @tiger, @navin
    I have no offence for salman. he is a big star for sure
    But wth do u troll srk like that, he was a poor orphan, who lost his parents, had responsiblity of sister, not from this industry still came to mumbai and made big. We have to respect such a big success story

  • @Drogba tell Srk fans to respect megastars like Amir and salman first then we will. Srk fans are cheap and abusive, so what’s wrong if we reply them back?

  • sharook pankhas were in disguise after pankha debacle and rice postponement.. but suddenly appeared yesterday.. ha ha lol rofl..looks like they are unsecured just like queen khan..they’re trying to post negative comments with same account but different names..Will meet you guys after july..And request to all bhai fans don’t care about these haters.. we’ll make Sultan atbb

  • Sachin, Bradman, Kohli are compared with each other but not with Shahid afridi.. So compare megastars Aamir and Salman.. not bring chhota mota star like sharook who can’t give a 100 cr movie with positive review.. bye srk fans

  • 2:35 is my fav scene in the trailer.. what an expression.. I can guess how much claps whistles the movie will receive in theatre..

  • @sss : If Sultan is crap Raees Eid sodke kyon bhagaa ? Now dont give $hitty excuses of friendship you moronic complanholic mechanic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @fasal behenji we bhai fans don’t make unrealistic predictions like you rukh rukh fans. 300cr for pankha, rice.. lol pankha didn’t cross 1/3rd of your prediction.. dullwale 350cr.rofl.. it didn’t cross 150cr in Christmas lol lol lol

  • Trailer is good but not very good
    From the start of this year I said the movie is going to get mixed or mixed to positive responses from audience. From The trailer I also I feel the same. So my Prediction 255cr( mixed response)

    If Negative 210cr
    Mixed 250cr
    Mixed to Positive 275cr
    Positive 320cr
    Highly positive 350cr+

  • THIS EID hoshayar khabar dar….aapke shaher me zabardast qawwali dance hone ja raha hai….jiska nam hai SULTANA AAPA qawwali competetion….is EID Me…zarror aana…ful dhamal with item song….


  • @Drogba, I was not born with instinct to always troll SRK. Appreciate his hard work.
    But look at XZone, Kerala, SSS. They bash Salman even for no reasons..

  • @Vicky I agree I am never in support of those fans who keep on bashing other actors and other stars
    They are not true fans of srk if they abuse salman or aamir
    But that does not mean all fans are like that and even u will have to taunt srk everytime
    if u throw stone on mud u will get mud
    Hard labour and talent should be respected whether by srk or any other

  • ab ki baar 400cr ke par.when bajrangi bhaijaan’s trailer launched everyone saying that bullshit trailer and this is gadar 2 nothing is new but when film arrived its create history and haters again repeat thier mistakes movie looks very good. and those people who hate or dislike this trailer according to them FAN is a good movie so salmania dont read srkian’s comment they still in mentally disturb because they watched crappiest film of cheapest actor and that is FAN.srkian’s are burning in fire

  • WOW… I am Speechless…….Just master class….Excellent trailor i have seen in my life….

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