Sultan Trailer

It’s out. The theatrical trailer of Sultan starring superstar Salman Khan in the lead. The film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • @Saleem Khan, you guys don’t have the right to comment on Salman Khan’s Sultan. Kutay Mein Paida HoKe, Slum Mein Jeeke, Gutter Ki Paani Pee Ne Waale Ko Itni Aukaat Nahin Hotey…
    Just comment on the disaster phanka

  • I am going to predict yet another so called biggest film (always) of year (2016)

    Sultan :: less than 260 Cr
    Positive points :
    ●1, EDX The Biggest Superstar and The No.1 Hit formula for BB, ATBB & HGFOTY since last 10 Years. With EDX, even a Crap film can cross 200 Cr that kind of power EDX have and Sultan has earned that means EID.
    ●2, One Superhit/Blockbuster song which every Salman’s film have in common that boost the Film’s buzz incredibly and also bring Huge audiences into the theatres and Sultan will not be different
    ●3, After Superhit/Blockbuster songs, Now-a-days millions of views for trailers, Teasers, Song videos became too important to create incredible buzz for the film through News medias, social media like fb, twitter etc. Sultan have or (may be) will have all that positive points
    ●4, Action Entertainers are all time favourite genre for all aged audiences from Kids to Youth to old.
    ●5, Salman’s Successful Career that will boost the Film’s buzz and also attract some more audiences to come to theatres
    ●6, Sultan have much needed SUPERSTAR that is Salman Khan the one of The Biggest superstar of Hindi Cinema along with HRITHIK, Aamir, Akshay & Ajay
    ●7, Track record of Salman on Eid will definitely boost Sultan buzz incredibly
    ●8, Yrf the name is enough for any film to release at BO

    Negative points :
    It doesn’t really matter how many negative points are with a film when that film have an EDX holiday. EDX is like 7 Khoon Maaf

    Still point out few things that may go against Sultan
    ●1, Story/Screenplay
    ●2, Direction
    ●3, Editing
    ●4, Too many sports films in recent time
    ●5, Less appealing
    ●6, Unnecessary entertainments that turn even a masterpiece Film into a craps Film
    ●7, All positive points means Huge Expectations may eat the film

    Expecting this prediction too will be as successful as my previous accurate predictions which was as below

    Dilwale :: less than 150 Cr
    Bajirao :: more than 150 Cr
    FAN :: less than 100 Cr

    Accuracy :: 100% till date

    MOHENJO DARO predictions in July

  • From the trailer it looks like another Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Can’t wait for the masterpiece!!!

  • And I have hit the jackpot. Just look at 01:39 frame. Bhabhijan’s bloated stomach. When I pointed out in past, they criticized me. Now, it’s clearly visible from that frame that bhabhijan posses a big tummy and all her abs are fabricated and photoshopped.

  • I can even smell a copy of CDI in it.
    But then they forgot that CDI was having one of the finest actor SRK, whereas in Sultana, we have one of the worst actress of all time.
    So this idea of copying CDI will fall flat on their face.

  • As for trailer is concern, Traiter is average

    but Sultan can be a good if we are going with the trailer

  • @xzone after seeing the trailer , I don’t think aamir and team needs to worry !!! It’s a different story from Dangal !!! Dangal will be more realistic !!! That will be much much different !!!

  • Damdaar faddu trailer!!! After seeing da trailer i can say one think for sure another blockbuster for salman Guranteed.

  • @ DESTROYER of yourself

    Stop U r coward PREDICTIONS man
    U r D most annoying PREDICTOR @indicine
    This is D Trailer of SULTAN then how u can predict BO collection
    Even Film still not release
    Such idiot u man

  • Few are calling it another “BB”. But they should know that a non-actress money hungry creature can get such scripts once in a decade and he turn is over now. Hence, now she will again be back on her crap streak which was started with “Prem Bartan Dho Ke Aayo”.

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