Sultan Trailer

It’s out. The theatrical trailer of Sultan starring superstar Salman Khan in the lead. The film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • Not bad at all!
    Very very nice trailer!!!
    Because I’m like other fans who always bash other stars….because we SRKIANS always appreciate good work, and if someone doenst do that then he is not a srkians

  • 300 crore.
    film has good story just like bajrangi bhaijaan.its an inspirational story. salman khan again bang box office

  • It has just tripled the excitement. No wrods to express the trailer…
    Romance, Sports, Drama, Intensity and comic elements as well. Perfect Eid Bonaza!

  • Epic. Fall in love with BGM. Its absolutely nice. Why cant Eid be tomorrow??!!?.

    Salman Khan’s transformation is astounitionly amazing. It’s another lifetime performance from the biggest superstar of India. ?

    Sultan,Shivaay and Dangal will rule this year. Period.


  • My predictions for some of THE BIGGEST FILMS OF 2016 ;

    Fan [S] 84 Cr?Crap/Bad Film
    Excellent .. 138 Cr
    Mixed .. 97 Cr

    Houseful 3 [S]
    Excellent .. 150 Cr
    Mixed .. 105 Cr

    Sultan [S]
    Excellent .. 307 Cr
    Mixed .. 215 Cr
    (Due to Huge Eid period having three big days i.e Jagarnath Puja, Eid & Baasi Eid and this time no Bajrangi case, so content will not click, I guess ?)

    Rustom [C]
    Excellent .. 107 Cr
    Mixed .. 75 Cr

    Excellent .. 310 Cr
    Mixed .. 217 Cr

    Shivaay [C]
    Excellent .. 180 Cr
    Mixed .. 126 Cr

    ADHM [C]
    Excellent .. 120 Cr
    Mixed .. 84 Cr

    Dangal [S]
    Excellent .. 243 Cr
    Mixed .. 170 Cr
    (Due to Winder holidays periods having big holidays like Pre-Xmas market on 24, Xmas on 25, Good bye Year on 31, New Year on 1 which always start from 24 Dec & to end on first week of January ?)

    ?FACT?There is no need to be GOOD FILM to cross 200 Cr or 300 Cr when a Film is releasing on EDX holidays because EDX is like 7 Khoon Maaf. To cross margin like 500 Cr, needs something extraordinary even on EDX holidays (Films release during 2014-2017).
    ? My predictions for some of THE BIGGEST FILMS OF 2016 are based on all the factors that a film is releasing with like [S]=Solo, Non holidays, Non EDX Holidays, EDX holidays & Big [C]=Clashes.

  • to be honest’s not that impressive !!!
    I don’t think it will be having the magic like Bajrangji bhaijan … !!!

  • Non-actor again proved why he is the worst.
    Look at the wrestling sequences between 0.20-0.30 sec. It looks so unreal and effortless.
    And his acting between 0.40-0.50 sec. Without beard and mush, he is looking perfect chimpanzee with pathetic dialogue delivery.

  • This is Salman Khan for u haters ! BRILLIANT SULTAN Trailer ! 300 cr Pakke hai ! Srk fans = Cry babys : D

  • Incredible Trailer Of SULTAN. SULTAN is truly most awaited film of the year 2016.

    Bach Gaya RAEES , dhajjiya udd jati RAEES ki.

    325cr for most awaited film of the year 2016 SULTAN

  • Salman is at his peak point of his Career. After Bajrangi Bhaijaan people Have More Faith in His Films & Acting. His Script Selection is Also improving Now.
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Sultan (If Content will Liked by Audience like BB) Will Improve His Position as An Actor In Bollywood.
    Many of His Last Blockbusters are Good only Collections wise but Content wise Very Poor.But BB Change all things.
    He should Choose Good Scripts Otherwise He will Face Tough time like Ajay Devgn,(3 Movies Ratio = 1 Good Movie & 2 Poors, Like Tezz, Himmatwala, AJ, Etc)
    Akshay Faced in 2009 to 2011, 2013.
    Ranbir Kapoor & Srk Facing Now Because Their script Selection were very Poor Among All Superstars.
    Poor Script will make fall down in career.
    With Good Script Salman will Rule for Many Next Years.
    If Salman do Mistakes of Choosing Poor Scripts Like Ajay, Srk & Ranbir Akshay did then Audience Will Refuse Him. & Once Audience Refuse Any Star then Rising Again Will be very Difficult.
    So Salman Should do Movies Like BB, Tere Naam, HDDCS, HTHS, HAHK, He Should Try to do something Different & Unique so More Audience be his Fan.

  • This thief has stolen the entire idea of Dangal. Now, Amir will have to make significant changes in the manuscript of Dangal, like how he did in case of PK vs OMG.

  • Trailer promises to tell a story
    I’m Damn sure Opening day collection will be HUGeeee
    Wow 50cr + opening POSSIBLE
    At least 45cr +

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