SRK and Kajol’s song in ‘Dilwale’ to be shot in one take

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the most loved on-screen couple of Bollywood, will shoot for a very special romantic track for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’. It will be†a single take song sequence that will be shot in Iceland.

“The song will be a one-take number across the black sand, white surf and incredible seascape. The unit is flying off to Iceland next week for a 12-day long schedule,” a source close to the development said.

SRK’s good friend Farah Khan will be†choreographing the love song. Farah has already choreographed the reel-jodi in many hit numbers, including those from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’.

SRK has reportedly instructed the ‘Happy New Year’ director to make the song bigger than anything the audience has seen before

“He told Farah that he wanted the sequence to be larger-than-life, bigger than her choreography in Suraj Hua Maddham (the popular song from K3G)”

Dilwale is one of the most awaited films of 2015 and†Shah Rukh Khan’s only release this year. The romantic-comedy-drama that also stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, is scheduled to hit theatres on†December 18 2015.



  • SRK expire date 2016(After BB sucess)
    Kajol expire date 2010
    Both have become old
    Noone interested to watch old jodi again and again

  • According to me aamir khan and salman khan are the only 2 real superstars. srk is not superstar. he is only actor who got success due to big banners, co actors, and many other things. but fan following wise aamir khan and salman khan are way ahead of him. I don’t expect dilwale to be even blockbuster. it will be superhit at most if reviews are positive. But he is great actor. i liked his swadesh and chak de india. his performance was best in those 2 movies.

  • Sarookh will always chase KJO’s my name is khan in overseas. he has no chance to break any aamir movie in overseas and no chance of breaking any salman movie in india. salman and aamir are far bigger stars than nautanki queen everywhere. drama queen has no stardom but his overrated PR keeps claiming that he has billions of fans which is nothing then a mythology. if he really has this many fans then why can’t he give back to back blockbusters in india and overseas. admit the truth sarookh is dwarf in front of aamir and salman’s stardom. even hrithik, ajay and Flopshay have more fans than him.

  • now its almost certain that only this song will be enough to creat more buzz than sanjay flopsali’s whole movie…any way srk n kajol rocks and the records will be shattered badly on this christmas…

  • @marahuwa tiger: & u forgot to mention one record of ur chhotu khan..that is, without christmas n kareena chhot’s highest grosser is fanaa (52 cr)

  • 120+ cr weekend foh sure
    first week : 200cr approx
    net domestic: 290 cr
    net overseas gross: 300cr approx(srk kajol jodi alway made it recordbreaking)
    total gross : 700 cr approx
    note: these will be perfect bo numbers. It will be atbb for sure

  • @ Tiger :
    Jai Ho struggled to cross 200 crore ?
    You’re talking about 200 crores ???
    Actually , Jail Ho struggled to beat SRK’s Don 2 with 4100 screens and higher ticket prices !
    So stop talking about 200 crores , and start talking about 100 crores, lol !!

  • @phenom:
    Jai ho- 110cr. (No holiday release)

    Don2- 106cr. (Holiday release+sequel)

    In which school you have read where you learned 110cr <<<<<106cr???

    Also Bhai's flop Jai ho collected much more than king's superhits like don2, jthj etc. That is called true stardom..

  • @ Anand :
    Before talking sh*t abour MNIK , let me tell you that Lallu Bhai couldn’t break MNIK’s worldwide record with more than double screens , and higher ticket prices , in 2014 !!!

  • KING KHAN’S 5 year before non holiday release—-HIT

    salman’s republic day release in last year with 4600 screen with higher ticket price—-flop

    tinymir’s no holiday release—-flop

    Still lallu fans are telling bhai has stardom?????, lol.still tinymir ‘s fans are dreaming about raju papa and dhoom brand’s deeds,lol.

    @rew1,KING KHAN need not to break overseas record anyone.because your tinymir and sallu who has 2-3 blockbuster has to beat KING KHAN’S 20 BLOCKBUSTER in next 7 upcoming births,lol.

    decade struggler of 90’s—-tinymir
    decade struggler of 2000-2009—-lallu


  • @The real chuhe
    Haha Chuha is saying according to Srk fans logic blah bhlah…but he forgot that this nonsense was started by him….Now after few days he will say that srk DDLJ released on holiday is way behind varun ABCD…and everyone is answering related that topic to mock you..but ya tou tera demagh hi itna ha k tou samaj nai pa raha ya tou begairat ban chuka ha…Many other salman fans will be ashamed of this chuha…

  • See how salman fans are burning that Baba ji is supporting srk on this article….what about you who always lick amir feet to hide behind his success…
    I always supported HR and will do it in the future…Now burn more

  • And its news just about a song …kia ho gaya ha why you are puzzled haters?jis jis ko bhansali pasand ha ja k chomo ranveer ko aur slb ko..why to bark on this article

  • The beggars , who always beg Aamir-fans to watch Lallu miya’s craps , have gone crazy just because some sensible people are supporting SRK !!!
    Too much funnn …

  • How can one expect ‘logic’ from a Lallu fan ?
    Look at @ Tiger – the real Lallu …
    ha ha ha … !
    Going by his logic … SRK’s Happy New Year (which was a Superhit) collected 204 crores , and Lallu Bhai’s Dabangg (which was an ATBB) collected 140 crores … so Superhit movies of SRK collects more than ATBB movies of Mallu Miya … !
    too much funnn …

  • I don’t know why, but I feel that Srk-Kajol are sure to disappoint their fans, as far as the pictures come out they are looking very odd. I hope I will be wrong, but with Rohit style of filmmaking Dilwale is looking nothing more than a fluke. I wish it goes solo release date in Christmas. So there are no chance of if&but remain.

  • @ Tiger :
    Donít worry about my schooling , because as far as I am concerned , 2011 comes before 2014 , right ? And 2500 screens is lesser than 4100 screens , right ?
    Now go , watch more Bhojpuri dhisoom-dhisoom by Lallu Bhai so that your brain might have some peace , lol !!!

  • @Phemenonal idiot, with BB, Bhai has beaten My Name IS Kong in domestic and overseas markets or WW collections black and blue… Your kong will not be able to beat that anymore.
    You can judge by looking at the fact that he is still chasing MNIK’s overseas collections…. Even with 8 months promotions and SLAP tour, he couldn’t break MNIK in overseas with Garbage New Year… His time is simply over!
    Dhoodwaale will collect 380 Crores WW. In India, because of Varun!!!

    Think before you bark!

  • @Phenomenol idiot, Salman’s Blockbuster Kick collected more than your Kong ‘s so-called ATBB Koyla Express without the help of an established director Rohit and a popular heroine Deepika!!

  • @Phenom : Why do you always give references of the past ?? Oh sorry !!!! I forgot Srk has not done anything in recent (last 5 years) years to allow his fans to chant with new excuses or reasons !!!!!! Please come out of 1998-2004 rule, DDLJ, Maratha Mandir, Don vs Jaaneman days, Filmfake awards and accept the reality !!!!!!!! Jai ho 113 crs India collections (Semi Hit) is way more than Don 2 106 crs India collections (Hit). If you talk about number of screens then you also accept that Don 2 was released during Christmas n New Year season (though both days fell on Sunday) which is considered as best even by Srkians and credits all Aamir’s success due to Hirani and its release time whereas Jai Ho released during Republic Day weekend (Even Republic Day was on sunday) !!!!!!!!! Will you accept it ??

  • @sss : Your All time Decade ruler has zero when highest grosser of decade is considered whereas Salman has 2 HGOTD !!!!!!!!!!! Choti choti Hits dene se koi Ruler nahi hota pehle non holiday pe 100 crs grosser and opening 20+ crs kar ke dekhaye !!!!!!!!!!! 300 crs ka ankda toh bahut door ki baat hai feki king ke liye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Anand the Lallu fan :
    Shame !
    Lallu Bhai *FINALLY* broke MNIK overseas record , that too after 5 years , with the help of Eid , more than double screens , more than double ticket prices … and you are shouting about this so-called ‘achievement’, right ?
    Shame on you !

  • @Babaji Another lame prediction !!!!! You predicted Bhojpuri masala crap for BB and it gave you a fitting reply. Now you are predicting PRDP as wedding album, wait and watch how much this wedding album will collect compare to your Akki’s action flick Brothers and Jaado boy Hrithik’s stylish movie Bong Bong !!!!!!!!!! Now dont bark about holidays and release timing because according to you PRDP will be a boring wedding album so no matter when it releases it should end up as boring and flop saga (according to you) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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