SRK and Kajol’s song in ‘Dilwale’ to be shot in one take

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the most loved on-screen couple of Bollywood, will shoot for a very special romantic track for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’. It will be a single take song sequence that will be shot in Iceland.

“The song will be a one-take number across the black sand, white surf and incredible seascape. The unit is flying off to Iceland next week for a 12-day long schedule,” a source close to the development said.

SRK’s good friend Farah Khan will be choreographing the love song. Farah has already choreographed the reel-jodi in many hit numbers, including those from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’.

SRK has reportedly instructed the ‘Happy New Year’ director to make the song bigger than anything the audience has seen before

“He told Farah that he wanted the sequence to be larger-than-life, bigger than her choreography in Suraj Hua Maddham (the popular song from K3G)”

Dilwale is one of the most awaited films of 2015 and Shah Rukh Khan’s only release this year. The romantic-comedy-drama that also stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, is scheduled to hit theatres on December 18 2015.



  • shoot pics. & related infos will slowly create buzz for Dilwale & excitement will b on btwn fans, Dilwale Has Created a Huge Buzz Than Any Film Going To Release This Year .. I trust rohit he will rock.

  • Third 200 and first 250 crore movie of SRK as i am expecting.
    Bajirao Mastani bakwaas Trailer it will crash in front of Dil Waale.

    Dil Waale 250 crore + Worldwide SRK will achieve first time 500 crore
    Bajirao Mastani less than 50 crore –

  • Dilwale will rock the box office!

    Waiting for this song,srk will provide much needed relief this Christmas after tapori bhai’s barjatya wedding album in Diwali.

  • SRK-Kajol.. in a romantic song.. sung by Arjith Singh will be choreographed by Farah. Directed by Rohit. WTH what can you expect more. Just can’t wait for two Dilwale romantic songs between SRK n Kajol… Fully excited for it! ^_^

  • He has very good lineup , Dilwale than Fan which is award winner movie and Raees will bring fire on box office and have to do hatrick on Criminal .

  • Using @Tiger:the chuhe’s logic!!

    Akki’s biggest non holiday grosser Rowdy Rathore 133crs

    Tapori Bhai’s biggest non holiday grosser Ready 124crs

    Still some say Tapori bhai is bigger star than Akki.

  • SRK – KAJOL Born to RULE Forever Born to Create HISTORY Born to Spread LOVE Born to ENTERTAIN us

  • Farah Khan is back in to choreography after making classical cult movie in her direction..!

    So who is her next target after Saroj Khan…?

    And thanks indicine for telling Suraj Huwa was a big scale song.

    People unnecessarily made gaga over Maar Dala from Devdaas & Malang from D3.

    World’s best Jodi Srk-Kajol(Brad-Angelina are might be from different planet) with classical mass director means cult film like last Diwali…so 10000crs India & 30000crs WW.

  • All the haters commenting here on the article about song. Shooting is still not start….
    Means DILWALE surely gonna rocks this December. And hater feels the fear

  • @babaji ready released a year back
    IN this way,
    singham returns will be a bigger hit than dabangg if u dont consider the time value of money

  • No body is interested to see this aged old grandparents’ out and out overacting crapfeat. Overacting waale wont cross 200 Cr with clash. BM will definitely rule over this crapfest. No chance to come evn close to dhoom 3’s record.

  • The movie will rock the BO.It’s time for records to get shattered.All Srk’s upcoming movies are unique in their own ways.Dilwale will create records and Fan and Raees will show us the actor in Srk.
    @Tiger You’re the most logical and intelligent user of Indicine.How do you come up with such logic.Love reading your foolish and atrocious comments provides me relief
    You know what
    Bhai’s highest non-holiday grosser Jai ho-110
    Madhvan’s highest non-holiday grosser Twmr-150 still people say Bhai bigger than Madhvan
    Komal Nahta Welcome to the group of Dumb fans whose logic can’t be comprehended by sane persons.Never knew Kareena was a part of Paheli.And comparing a 2005 movie with a 2012 movie..oops forgot you’re a Bhai fan

  • But we srk fans always know he not give any flop or average movie like JAI HO and TALAASH at this stage of his

  • @ARJUN YOUNGISTAN FAN : Keep dreaming.. superstar ranveer singh? – his last 3 films all are flops/Disasters such actor can be a superstar only acc to a mentally ill person like you and hopefully BRM ( Saawariya 2 ) will be his back to back 4th flop if it’ll face KING’s Dilwale in Clash.

    @The Real Billi : Varun’s last non-holiday release had 200 cr gross WW while Guilty Bhaijaan last non-holiday film failed to cross 200 cr WW (failed to even beat SRK’s 8 years old non-holiday release gross) despite of doing blockbuster south masala film, as well as Varun’s film were hit while bhojpuri Bhaijaan’s film were flop. Varun >> Bhai, through your logic.

    @Babaji ka thullu : haha. perfect.

    @Shaggy : a Bhojpuritard like you don’t need to do overacting just like your non-actor idol through admitting that you’re excited for an upcoming disaster like BRM but not excited for Dilwale being jealous from KING KHAN as it can’t make your ‘non-actor’ idol a ‘real actor’ at all .

  • SAROOK these days is very depressed by the box office reports of BB.

    Sarook fans are having wet dreams of their king’s movie to be the highest grosser of year from 8 years.. LOL

  • Yrf/Dharma n diwali has made Sarook.. Without them he is nothing..
    Had salman done baazigar, Aamir done darr and saif done DDLJ shahrukh would have been lying in gutter today..

  • @Tiger hahahaha lol but varun’s father david ji looks much more younger & healthier than our nautanki overacting queen without any make up, better say that varun’s old grandpa srk & granny kajol are romancing and Lol romancing in such location at this age! Really Rohit’s fetishes are just so weird :D :D :D

    This movie is any way a certified crap and except for srk fans no one is least interested in tis crappie , the more the expectations the bigger will be the failure of this ‘Budda buddi wale’ more so bcos it is a Rohit shetty (who is famous for making crap movies ) film and a srk (who is equally notorious for doing ghatiya craps & garbage shit movies ) film , I feel that this movie will be the most disappointing movie of 2015 at the BO and would be a bigger disappointment than Ra.1 & hny .

    People who are talking bad about SLB & his BM should understand that SLB is not a stupid man to clash his high budget dream project with any other movie let alone be a srk movie , he seems 100% confident about his product and from whatever I have seen so far about BM has convinced me that SLB is right and he has been in the industry long enough to understand that srk is just an over rated superstar who is just busy doing nonsense craps and his crap movies wouldn’t do any harm to his epic masterclass.

    In reality no one in the industry is afraid of srk anymore as they know and we all know that srk is well past his prime and he is no more the force that he once was , ajay, akki, ekta, SLB, ranveer , deepika & p.c have proved that they give a damn about clashing with srk’s crap movies as they know that his movies would only do business in the first 3 or 5 days and after that puussssss thuusssss out like a failed cracker, CE was an ‘accidental’ BB and had it released on any other time other than eid it wouldn’t have been no more than a superhit (and I can say with 100% guarantee that had ‘jai ho’ released during that eid instead of CE with so many holidays it too would have been a BB pukka) and every srk movie will not be a accidental hit like CE.

    Enough said about this ‘headache wale’ movie , let if flop miserably so that srk fans can see and accept the reality rather than day dreaming about this shit doing 400 crores in India & 800 crores worldwide , akki fans its ur turn to flop this movie as badly as u want , one of the biggest reasons for the failure of ‘brothers’ have been srk fans , the 3.4 billion of them avoided brothers and had they seen the movie at least once it would have collected more than CE & hny , so akki fans lets boycott these srk movies and his fans :D :D

  • worst movie of all time. illogical+midiocre+ torture= Varunwale

    Sarook should retire gracefully before he is kicked by the audience fully.

  • it is has been too long ……… i wait for SRK article on indicine uuufffffff finally ……. he is here the king ….. i believe with farah about the choreography..she is the best we can’t denies about it sooo i just cant wait for crishtmas to come soon pleaseeeee!!!!!

  • Someone asked SRK what he thinks about his acting.

    Then they asked the goat, how does SRK act!!!




  • Chota DON(aamir tingu) and chichora (lallu Khan) are uniting for beating SRK.. Tingu fan please wait TALAASH 2 coming on crismas 2016. And sure shot all time block buster like TALAASH who cross 400 cr domestic in 2012..

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