SRK and Kajol’s song in ‘Dilwale’ to be shot in one take

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the most loved on-screen couple of Bollywood, will shoot for a very special romantic track for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’. It will be a single take song sequence that will be shot in Iceland.

“The song will be a one-take number across the black sand, white surf and incredible seascape. The unit is flying off to Iceland next week for a 12-day long schedule,” a source close to the development said.

SRK’s good friend Farah Khan will be choreographing the love song. Farah has already choreographed the reel-jodi in many hit numbers, including those from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’.

SRK has reportedly instructed the ‘Happy New Year’ director to make the song bigger than anything the audience has seen before

“He told Farah that he wanted the sequence to be larger-than-life, bigger than her choreography in Suraj Hua Maddham (the popular song from K3G)”

Dilwale is one of the most awaited films of 2015 and Shah Rukh Khan’s only release this year. The romantic-comedy-drama that also stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, is scheduled to hit theatres on December 18 2015.



  • @ hrithik :
    In the same way , I can ask you – Why do you always keep talking about ‘recent’ history ?
    Oh sorry … forgot that Bhai started his career only in 2010 !!!

  • @The Phenom : Is it a joke ??? Was it you or Srk who acted in MPK & HAHK (both historical BB n highest grosser of not only year but respective decade) ?? Was it you who gave Tere Naam, Saajan, Partner, HSSH, HDDCS, Judwaa ?? Was it you who had 5 HGOTY before 2010 ?? Was it you who starred in Bollywood’s high grossers of 90’s ??? Talk with some facts n with blind hatred ??? Also everyone lives in Present n not in Past neither in Future. India had won World cup in 1983 & 2011 will you still call them as Current World Champs ?? Grow up !!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,and that wish of hours too will fulfilled soon when FAN will thrash jai ho+talash’s collection on a non holiday,so wait and watch.and so called HGOTY givers never struggled through out a decade to get a simple HIT like sallu struggled for a HIT in last decade.HGOTY is a big collaboration rather than stardom.if you ask any person now a days having less film knowledge about hahk,then they will reply only about DDLJ and most of them wouldn’t have even watched that famy drama hahk which is only limited with in huge family members in 90’s then it’s glory killed with passage of time unlike EVERGREEN DDLJ.

    so talk about valuable movies,if KING KHAN would have give 90% valuable movies,then salman’s 90% movies are just trash,so what’s the benefit no people will remember about decade ‘s biggest HGOTY.because the only thing that will remained THE FILM’S GLORY.

    hahk—-family member+madhuri’s show(salman’s contribution 20-25%)

    Then what’s the benefit of having only records in people doesn’t has any interest,lol.

    Now don’t say KING KHAN only gave only HITS through out career and if HE WOULD have did one after another films like CE,then HE probably would have mor than double blockbusters than salman but still HE has only 2 blockbusters less than salman but salman has probably 8 HITS behind KING KHAN.

    CONSISTENCY AND GIVING GOOD FILMS MAKES SOMEONE RULER rather than giving useless cheapest masala movies with blockbuster verdict. One more thing is 2 become A MEGASTAR,ONE have to be a GREATEST ACTOR ,which salaman is don’t make further jokes about your non actor anymore by making yourself the biggest fool.

  • @sss:
    If ATHG, HGOTY, blockbusters etc are not considered to judge superstardom then what parameter will you use to judge superstardom??? Small hits like don2, jthj, hny??? Or biggest disaster of the century YLJK???

  • LOL
    Somebody is talking about Hits like Judwaa , HDDCS , HSSH , … ha ha ha !
    Too much funnn …
    and even after that , @ hrithik tells that only SRKians talk about ‘small hits’ !!!
    P.S. I don’t want to talk about the previous BO performances of SRK films , because that’d be too much for Sallu fans to deal with .

  • @phenom but even after 5 years so called shahrukh khan the so called global date hasn’t broken my name is khan’s record yet. We are still waiting for him to at least break My name is khan record before competing with real global king aamir khan in overseas…! ? bark only when he breaks at least his own record. Till then ????. ??????

  • @Phenom : This is a typical Srkian trademark !!!!! I had not expected at least from you because such things are generally posted by @sss @I am AKN. What exactly your point is ??? SRK consistency in giving hits is higher than Salman’s consistency of giving Blockbusters ?? or Srk’s pre 2007 era had so many hits which you always chant and compare to Salman’s bad phase but When I showed you Pre-2010 Hits of Salman you are refusing to talk about Hits !!!!!! isn’t it hypocrisy ?? Basically you only want to compare SRK with Salman when Srk was on top but you refuse to compare Present rankings because your king is below SRK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss : Psycho patient !!!!!!!! I didnt read your complete comment because it looks like a garbage from outlook itself !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it was you who delivered Salman’s dialogues in HAHK, he was just standing. Nowadays it is you who dance and do action in his movies and producers put only Salman’s name !!!!!!!! Still that proves how big Salman is….. Go and wash your face !!!!!!!! Decade Ruler King who has not given a single HGOTD !!!!!!! Joke of the millennium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Phenom : Correction :

    Basically you only want to compare SRK with Salman when Srk was on top but you refuse to compare Present rankings because your king is below Salman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lehjend amiri Kaun/Komal Nahi Nahata : Highest Grosser Of Year SRK — 9. Salman — 6. Aamir — 6.. Overseas SRK — 14.. Aamir — 3 (all on X’mas, 0 with X’mas).. Salman — 2.. SRK total combined HGOTY : 23.. Amiri : 9.. Salman : 8.. and SRK’s alone combined HGOTY (23) >> are more than Decade disaster chotu + Motu’s combined HGOTY (17) still shameless bhojpuritard like you even talk about it. Lol! & comparing it with Iconic KING KHAN when in reality they’re kids in front of Ruler like Badshah Khan.

    with YRF aamiri gave all time disaster before and now without brands & YRF Flop Amiri is yet to give 100cr film. without it, Sidharth is bigger than him.. If SRK had Done Lagan, RDB, 3 idiot your Aadha Actor would be still competing with Johny Lever though he is still competing with Ritesh.

    The only actors who should be retired are Chotu/motu as one can’t even touch 100cr without brands/X’mas, and looks like grandpa ( you must have seen his Mangal Pandey 2 look that’s actually real him & his real look despite of BOTOX ) who has zero fans, forget about Female fans as he is too grandpa to have it. even he didn’t have when he was young as he is too tiny/ugly to have it that’s why even my grandpa looks younger than him & that’s the reason even his wife /childrens lift him, later a beautiful, actually the most gorgeous looking girl like Kiran Rao marry him who was in love.. & behind SRK during Swades but SRK din’t give importance as he isn’t stardome less like ‘JAAN’s’ father and your decade disaster & 9 hits flop Aadha Actor .

    @NVS : if Rohit Shetty is famous for making Crap films ( acc to crap/non-actor/remake King’s fans) then just think how Remake Bhaijaan would be famous for making crap films like Ready /Dabang 1, 2 / Kick/ Veer/ Jai Ho / Ett / Bodyguard countless more.. ‘SLB is not a stupid man to clash his high budget dream project with any other movie’ exactly just like he was not a stupid man when he clashed with SRK’s OSO and then his solution was like this that he cried at night along with his mom he admitted, may be the reason behind Saawariya biggest failure was Bhaijaan’s role in the film.. Okey no one is afraid from SRK to clash. so let your Bhaijaan to clash with Raees then who has recently accepted that he is a loser and SRK has 100% record against him and SRK wins from him every damn time while he loses that’s your Bhojpuri idol said by trolling his own bhojpuri fans, not me as he is a real life, loser no.1..

    If CE was an ‘accidental’ BB then Salman’s Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ett, Kick etc are ‘accidental’ blockbusters as well as without Eid jai ho became flop despite of BB remake & u know abt Veer.

    @The Real Billi : Debacle jai ho didn’t struggle to cross 200 cr, it struggled to cross 100cr in domestic. and 10cr in overseas. Lol. despite of biggest multistarrer and huge blockbuster remake still failed to cross SRK’s 8 years old, non-holiday release RNBDJ gross and in Overseas it failed to cross even 23 years old Darr..!! Despite of masala film and Blockbuster south film Jai ho’s first day was less than 15cr even so it means 2010 born Sid/Varun are way bigger than your 2010 born idol! such an idiot & self troller you’re. while SRK’s last movie opening is more than combined of nawazuddin Bhaijaan + Jai ho opening . and thanks for accepting Jai ho was flop/debacle. SRK’s hit film gross like MNIK >> 2010 born Bhai’s blockbusters films like Dabangg/Ready etc.. stardom?

    @Rew1 : of course you’ve nothing to worry about Dhoom 3 as it’s not your half actor’s film it was YRF/Abhishek’s Film, franchise made by John/HS, not by decade disaster Chotu.. same like Chotutards predicted 300cr Lifetime From Talaash & first day 40cr but result — it didn’t cross even 13cr on day 1 & 90cr lifetime despite of huge manipulation & 3 years promotion by Botox Khan.
    and your Aadha Actor will always chase SRK’s 23 years old Darr without Christmas & Brands & will chase the same non-holiday MNIK in his entire life on non-holiday & without brands in OS just like Taalash failed to cross 2001 K3G in 2012.. as well as will chase to beat MNIK in terms of average per site in his entire life, ( forget about K3G, KANK, KKHH, DDLJ, OSO, VZ etc ) but will be failed as usual. and after all first ask amiri khan to cross 15-5 years old K3G-MNIK on non-holiday..

    @Anand_The Original : comparing 2010 films with 2014 so let me remind you Veer came 1 month before MNIK & lifetime was of it was just 35cr + ( less than MNIK’s 1st week & OSO’s weekend ) which Kangana crossed in just few days so acc to your logic now Kangana >> Remake Bhaijaan.
    so what if ready was blockbuster bec of huge blockbuster south remake masala film? still failed
    to cross RNBDJ gross WW which was blockbuster as well as ATHG which your Guilty Bhaijaan is struggling to get since 20 years as well as CDI was blockbuster too while Marigold & Yuvvraaj came weeks before/after RNBDJ/CDI but result All time disasters.. So? your non-actor idol’s each and every film failed to cross even KKHH except Nawazuddin bhaijaan & in this decade so far Bhojpuri Bhaijaan combined ‘all films’ (except BB) collection is less than MNIK.. Lol.

    @JEN : and acc to me Salman & Amiri are neither superstars ( especially stardom less amiri ) nor they are actors ( especially non-actor salman ).. & tell how much YRF/DP etc were famous before Darr/DDLJ/KKHH/K3G? — no answer. Glad hater like you at least accepted SRK is a great actor.

    @Sky — old? okey first see this — & then this — and then tell who looks old & Grandp.

    @SSS — Superb.

  • @tiger-the real chuha,and KING KHAN doesn’t has any disaster too.while out bhai and amoor has 3 say who is biggest star.whether 34 films,3 idsaster star salman or only 18 flop given KING KHAN with 0 disasters(ylhjk is a flop,lol).salman has just 2 blockbuster ahead of KING KHAN,also don’t forget bhai has also 3 disaster ahead of KING KHAN,lol.about HGOTY?????3 HGOTY of your bhai is due to cameo appearance otherwise he has same HGOTY as KING KHAN,SO KING KHAN IS THE RULER with CONSISTENTLY RULING EACH DECADE.unlike your salman who struggled in last decade to get a hit verdict, now don’t say everybody didn’t remembered about last decade,lol.because RULER is considering based upon WHOLE CAREER not after 2008/2010 you last decade’s hit verdict struggled star,lol.with out south remake+masala genre with excellent directors+talented actors,salman is flopstar of last decade,he still fears of KING KHAN and openly tells he’ll loose if did a CLASH against KING KHAN,now don’t say he is joking,ROFL.

    @eric,oh come on tell amir failed to break 3i with talash with out brand dhoom and raju papa,then why you’re crying here.don’t worry FAN,RAEES will thrash all raju papa’s 3i and brand dhoom’s record.and amir is not a cetitor to KING KHAN any day as he has to break 8 YEAR OLD KANK’S OVERSEAS collection with out the help of raju papa and brand dhoom,lol.because ghajini,dhobi chat,talash all failed to beat even KANK’S overseas collections which has only amir with out raju papa and brand dhoom.once again I’m telling again amoor raju papa and brand dhoom.ha ha ha ha fanless amir is global king?????whose fans couldn’t wish him on his birthday,lol.more jokes please..

  • @sss @I am dhakkan : As Indicine said careers can be compare only when the actors are retired. At present, SRK is below Aamir & Salman. You don’t call India as current World Champs just because they won the World cup twice. likewise # 1 belongs to whom who is currently at top n this is not decided by their fans but the trade experts who knows everything about business. Whether you call it fake or fact its not gonna change !!!!!!!!! Stop barking !!!!!!

  • @sss now I can only have a laugh at your retarded silly comments. I dont take them seriously at all. ROFL!!! They all sound like silly kids’ jokes. But we all know the reality.????

  • @hirthik,don’t give burnol anyone beta,it’ll be very much useful for THE PERIOD—-CHRISTMAS 2015 – EID 2016.whole world knows salman is non actor ,all mpk,hahk are family dramas not salman starrer ,so think before taking all the credit and barjatya was the most famous family director of that time.ACTING,ha ha ha ha salman se na ho payega,lol.

  • @ hrithik :
    I wanted to say, that you always blame us for talking about ‘small hits’ . And look , now it’s you who are talking about small hits like Judwaa, HDDCS, HSSH .
    Now that is ‘hypocrisy’ .

  • @hrithik,that’s true we too appreciate what @indicine saif about current standings of salmir which is ahead of KING KHAN though KING KHAN is ahead of salmir considering WHOLE CAREER giving most success and giving least is just like though Brian Lara has did 11th 200cr,1 400cr and rohit sharma did 2 200cr still PEOPLES calls KING KHAN the emperor because HE has more success.and before blabbering about blockbusters,you should also have to remember about disaster of your star too.and today is salmir’s luck going on and tomorrow who knows KING KHAN again snatch the current condition,so you must have to stay down to earth if you’re real winner and should respect MOST SUCCESSFUL STAR OF ALL TIME.and if you’re talking about as no one’s career has ended,now can you declare winner,then I have to again remind you did you think KING KHAN has a chance to give flop in future?????because HIS POWER is such high HE can pull audience even with HIS worst film about 150+CE budget,just think what’ll happen HE’LL do films with big directors and big brands,so never forget your limit.if you want to beat KING KHAN,then beat HIS FILM’S GLORY,beat HIS SUCCESS RATE ,beat his least flop counts,if your star can’t beat that then ease never dare to compare him above KING it’s your stupid mindless bhojpuri friends who forgot their real position and barking now a days a lot.

    @eric,yeah people knew if amir can score high in overseas then why can’t salman who is always rejected in overseas badly and these 2 only can successful in overseas with big directors,big brands not like even bad films of KING KHAN runs due to HIS good thinking PEOPLE knew all,ROFL.

  • @Phenom : It was a typing mistake. I corrected it later !!!!!! I talked about both Salman’s pre 2010 & post 2010 but you are adamant to talk only about pre 2007. This shows who is a hypocrite still Your choice but facts will remain facts !!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,you talked about only post-2010 period,and if you talk about pre-2010 also,then what can you say as your bhai has no achievement in last decade besides appeared cameo/side appearance multistarrer movies.time value of money in Bollywood actually raised in a huge after 2010,for the reason what now a days even below mediocre movies too able to earn huge now a daysdays,so you better please don’t give any faltu debate here anymore.

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