Hrithik – Sonam’s Dheere Dheere song on August 31

The Gulshan Kumar Tribute song ‘Dheere Dheere’, which was first scheduled to be out on August 17, will now release on the last day of August.

Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor will recreate the magic of the ‘Dheere Dheere’ song from the 1990 classic ‘Aashiqui’. The two stars shot for the song in Turkey.

The reason for the delay hasn’t been revealed, but T-Series had previously planned to release it on the 25th anniversary of the first ‘Aashiqui’ film which released in theatres on August 17 1990.

Sonam Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan still from Dheere Dheere

Sonam Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan still from Dheere Dheere




  • why hrithik is afraid to release his films? y sucha big gap betn his films? is he afraid of ranbir? Or ranbir has already surpassed him?

  • dheere dheere will b a gud song though. i m waitin for it. bt hr’s mohenjodaro can surpass ranbir’s jagga jasoos in 2016 or not is big question. bt i m sure ranbir is bigger than hr.

  • @arjun …. bro saying ranbir better than hr is like keeping ranbir above khans…. which is not true 4 sure..

  • To me it will be all about hrithik
    Don’t know why but i hate sonam
    She is d only reason y i might give prdp a miss. She is pathetic , pompus , dummy and what not .simply ewwww

  • Htithik is an only actor who follow Aamir Khan’s rules to releasing his movies and thats a good strategy for a Super Hit / Blockbuster movie.

    Eagerly waiting for Mohen Jo Daro this movie will be historic and crash many records.

    After Salman Bhai and Akshay Sir Hrithik is my third favorite HERO

    i thin he is well wisher of ur ranbir,ranveer , sid and others.
    He just want to give these punks a release date.

  • Waiting eagerly for the song!!
    The most stylish actor of Bollywood in one of the most loved LOVE song of Bollywood!!

  • I wish akshay would’hve a leaf out of his freinds hritik and aamir books.both of them very carefull and intellegant as fpr akki one film flops and next day anothrr trailer releases he is carelesly destroying what little stardom he had.Does akshay has any advisers or family who advises him or is he too sturbon to lissen to anyone? The biggest question why do producers keep faith with him even thought he gives loses to them? hope @indicine answers this question sometime.

  • @arjun hrithik is afraid of only 1 person in industry.. and that is mega star arjun kapoor…
    and yes ranbir is nowhere close to hrithik in any aspect.. first let ur ranbir stop varun to take his spot in industry…
    waiting for the song since its announcement… apart from movies these actors shud do music video regularly to keep us entertained…

  • @sambuddha ki zero buddhi: Is that really u or someone else? why will Hrithik be afraid of Ranbir? LOL. After knowing the conditions of Besharam, Roy and BV, I dont think even Tushar Kapoor is afraid of him.

  • One of the most loved romantic song of all time coming up with a good looking Jodi of hrithik & sonam , that’s exciting!

  • @indicine
    how much rakesh roshan paid u for rejecting negative comments against jadoo boy
    u r doing a gud job

  • Srk nd alia bhatt signs english vinglish fame gauri sindhe next with dharma and red chillies production…great news

  • Watched bhojpuri brothers today…
    It has left us with half feelings. It felt like the story was incomplete…

    The director, Karan, was confused and ambiguous. He is not sure what he is trying to say/do with the film, whether he is trying to make a film on martial arts or family dramas… In an attempt to try to do both at the same time, he has failed miserably.

    I have some questions after watching it:
    1- Why has Jackie become a drunkard?
    2- Why does Jackie continue to be a drunkard and irresponsible father even when his wife has accepted Monty, his son from his illegal relationship with another woman!
    3- Why does Monty become a drunkard? There might be reasons but they are not show.
    5- At the end, the situation of the girl for whom David (her father) takes part in MMA is not shown.
    6- And many others!
    These all are hard to digest.

    The only plus points in the movie are the martial arts tournament, R2R. Yet, its not exciting like real sports because it’s so predictable who will win.
    No suspense or thriller, no comedy!

    Karan Malhotra sucks big time!
    Jacqueline has a small role but she does justice.
    Both Joker Boy and Sid have done very good jobs!!

    My rating: 2/5*****

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