SRK and Kajol’s song in ‘Dilwale’ to be shot in one take

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the most loved on-screen couple of Bollywood, will shoot for a very special romantic track for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’. It will be a single take song sequence that will be shot in Iceland.

“The song will be a one-take number across the black sand, white surf and incredible seascape. The unit is flying off to Iceland next week for a 12-day long schedule,” a source close to the development said.

SRK’s good friend Farah Khan will be choreographing the love song. Farah has already choreographed the reel-jodi in many hit numbers, including those from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’.

SRK has reportedly instructed the ‘Happy New Year’ director to make the song bigger than anything the audience has seen before

“He told Farah that he wanted the sequence to be larger-than-life, bigger than her choreography in Suraj Hua Maddham (the popular song from K3G)”

Dilwale is one of the most awaited films of 2015 and Shah Rukh Khan’s only release this year. The romantic-comedy-drama that also stars Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, is scheduled to hit theatres on December 18 2015.



  • @aban: I know all that,kindly tell that to your companion @Tiger who’s comparing 2015 film ABCD 2 with 5 year old MNIK.

  • If you are disrespecting someone by calling him “Koyla Devgan” then remember you will ultimately left with no right to oppose someone calling SRK “buddha” or anything else
    Give Respect Take Respect

  • STATUTORY WARNING: Stay away from this biggest torture of the year if you care about your mental health, head, brain, etc. if you mistakenly go, then please wear oxygen mask, voice proof earphones, wear a patti on your eyes and then turn back and go back to your home.

  • It’s confermed!!
    Karan johar tweeted SRK and Aalia Bhatt will cast together in English winglish fame Gauri Shinde’s next..Aalia Bhatt also confermed the same.
    Means after dilwale SRK wants to doing only content oriented movies.WOW..

  • So this year it’s safe to say BB is d highest grosser for 2015.
    Soo….2nd and 3rd spot?? Shd be between Tanu weds manu returns , tamaasha Bm Dilwale. Realistically
    1. BB
    2. Dilwale/tanu weds manu
    3. BM/tamasha
    Note pls numb 1 spot is intangible! It can’t move but number 2 and 3 can flip and exchange… Other words intangible!

  • Interesting news..Roop tera Mastana from Aradhana(1969) was also a one shot song at that time and the way Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore performed was a treat to watch..since SRK-Kajol pair is one of the most iconic Jodi in Bollywood I hope it lives up to the expectations..This is Rohit Shetty`s first film to be shot in foreign locations so this should be his grandest film till date.. All the best team Dilwale..super excited for this film

  • Srk nd alia bhatt signs english vinglish fame gauri sindhe next with dharma and red chillies production…great news

  • @babaji
    Haha perfect reply to non sense @tiger
    I know some srk fans are poor with logic but these salman fans logic tou wah hi wah….
    Dont need to reply such ignorant..its waste of time

  • @aban
    he replied to @tiger who was comparing a 2010 movie with 2015 movie.but o i forgot veer also released in 2010 na?@tiger you didnt mention VEER?

  • @bhojpuri buddhaji:
    After doing chamchgiri for hrithik now you have started the same for looniwala. But nobody can stop singh is bling to bcm another 60cr club’s movie. Because Kong fans don’t watch even Kong movies forget jokerboy movies.

  • @imchaman:
    Yes Bhai’s non holiday ree Jai ho struggled to cross 200cr. But king’s biggest holiday release crappy new year collected only 176cr even with multistarcast…what a shame!!!!!

    And Sid & varun movies are collecting over 16cr nett on opening day (non holiday). But our so called king yet cross even 15cr nett on opening day (non holiday)….Doob Marne Waali Sharm ki Baat!!!

  • Then it will be a crap in one thought!!! Rohit is directing Romantic number, than too an expired old jodi…
    The Grazinggoat-waale wont cross 190 crores… Another hit for hit king kong..

  • @ Tiger :
    Lallu Bhai on non-holiday – 110 crores (JAIL HO)
    Kangana on non-holiday – 150 crores (TWMR)
    Ask Lallu to beat Kangana first !!!

  • @ Rew1 :
    Once you’re telling Dilwale won’t cross 200 crores , the next moment you are worried about D3’s record , ha ha ha !!!
    Too much funnn …

  • 8 saal ho gye. No HGOTY for Sarook and Sarooktards. ?
    This year Salman and next year Aamir. No HGOTY for SRKians for 10 years. Heuhuehue.

  • @Tiger bro, it is didn’t fault @babaji because after brothers boom on BO, he became extra chameleoner. No offense Akki but his fan chameleons babaji forced to write against Akki.

  • @Tiger hahahaha lol but varun’s father
    david ji looks much more younger &
    healthier than our nautanki overacting
    queen without any make up, better say
    that varun’s old grandpa srk & granny
    kajol are romancing and Lol romancing
    in such location at this age! Really
    Rohit’s fetishes are just so weird :D :D :D
    This movie is any way a certified crap
    and except for srk fans no one is least
    interested in tis crappie , the more the
    expectations the bigger will be the failure
    of this ‘Budda buddi wale’ more so bcos
    it is a Rohit shetty (who is famous for
    making crap movies ) film and a srk
    (who is equally notorious for doing
    ghatiya craps & garbage shit movies )
    film , I feel that this movie will be the
    most disappointing movie of 2015 at the
    BO and would be a bigger
    disappointment than Ra.1 & hny .
    People who are talking bad about SLB &
    his BM should understand that SLB is
    not a stupid man to clash his high
    budget dream project with any other
    movie let alone be a srk movie , he
    seems 100% confident about his product
    and from whatever I have seen so far
    about BM has convinced me that SLB is
    right and he has been in the industry
    long enough to understand that srk is
    just an over rated superstar who is just
    busy doing nonsense craps and his crap
    movies wouldn’t do any harm to his epic
    In reality no one in the industry is afraid
    of srk anymore as they know and we all
    know that srk is well past his prime and
    he is no more the force that he once was
    , ajay, akki, ekta, SLB, ranveer , deepika &
    p.c have proved that they give a damn
    about clashing with srk’s crap movies as
    they know that his movies would only do
    business in the first 3 or 5 days and
    after that puussssss thuusssss out like a
    failed cracker, CE was an ‘accidental’ BB
    and had it released on any other time
    other than eid it wouldn’t have been no
    more than a superhit (and I can say with
    100% guarantee that had ‘jai ho’
    released during that eid instead of CE
    with so many holidays it too would have
    been a BB pukka) and every srk movie
    will not be a accidental hit like CE.
    Enough said about this ‘headache wale’
    movie , let if flop miserably so that srk
    fans can see and accept the reality
    rather than day dreaming about this shit
    doing 400 crores in India & 800 crores
    worldwide , akki fans its ur turn to flop
    this movie as badly as u want , one of
    the biggest reasons for the failure of
    ‘brothers’ have been srk fans , the 3.4
    billion of them avoided brothers and had
    they seen the movie at least once it
    would have collected more than CE &
    hny , so akki fans lets boycott these srk
    movies and his fans :D .

  • As if Farah choreographing the song is some sort of great news!!! Ha ha ha!
    It won’t be better than Ajay’s Dilwale…

  • @phenomenal fool, if you have at least 1% brain than understand the meaning of irony. I have nothing to worry about dhoom 3 by some small star cast film. It’s you moronic paglapur community who predicted Charlie 300 Cr storm but struggled to cross 200 Cr that too with bunch of manipulation. :D :P

  • @phenom:

    king’s holiday releases….
    Don2- 106cr, jthj- 101cr.

    But Kangna’s non holiday release TWMR- 150cr.

    So, according to you king fans logic Kangna’s stardom is 3times more than king….LOL.

  • @ultron,oh why you so much hate FARAHJI,SHE is the reason why your tapori bhai got dance steps in munni badnam,dabang,fevicol like tapori songs and thuse sings became successful due to her,and still so much hate,lol.oh again WE forgot being illogical is your Nationality and being criminal your Relegion,lol.

    @amoor nahi nahata,but what about Rani Mukherjee?????


    While with KING KHAN


    what about KAJOL?????


    With KING KHAN,you know very well what I mean, don’t forget your star’s aukat ever.

    Just tell one thing,what’s the existence of tingu with out south remake,raju papa and dhoom brand?????

    @tiger-the real chuha,yeah you’re right.this will be varun-kriti dilm just like how MB was uday-shamita starrer,K3G is hr-kareena starrer ,KANK is abhishek starrer,lol.because expecting this type of logic can only be possible from illogical tapori bhai fans like you,lol.but no doubt bb is a Harshali-Nawaz starrer ,and what can I say Neil Nitin bhai bachao, lol.

    @salmir fans,hold your towels tight.BAAP IS COMING THIS CHRISTMAS,hopefully your wet nightmares already started.

    @lejhandu,I know your wet dreams started much before starting of the year while Harshali starrer bb gave some relief you up to some extent.but don’t worry book your ticket to play planet,because after THIS CHRISTMAS if you’ll appear on road then you’ll be beaten badly along with your midget star,lol.

  • Farah & Remo D Souza are great choreographers and when it blends with the heavenly landscapes of Iceland then imagine the magic it would create…!

  • @Phenomenol crap, what about ur king kong? Ask kingkong to beat Kangna first coz his highest non holiday grosser in recent years is My Name is Kong. Ha ha ha 76 Crores!!
    Dong 2, Ratoon Point One, Jab Tak Hai Lungi King Ha ha lungi kong <<< Kangna
    Salman's non-holiday Ready was a blockbuster lest you should be suffering from selective amnesia.

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