Snapdeal decides against renewing Aamir Khan’s contract

The Economic Times of India reports that leading e-commerce website Snapdeal has decided not to renew Aamir Khan’s contract as the brand ambassador of the company. The decision comes a few months after Aamir’s controversial statement on ‘growing despondency’ in the country.

Timeline of Aamir’s association with Snapdeal:

  • February 2015: Aamir Khan signs one-year contract and becomes the brand ambassador of Snapdeal
  • March 2015: Snapdeal launches new brand campaign ‘Dil Ki Deal’ featuring Aamir Khan
  • November 2015: Aamir makes a comment on growing despondency, says his wife spoke about leaving the country and fears for her child.
  • January 2016: Agency that handles the ‘Incredible India’ campaign decides against renewing Aamir’s contract.
  • February 2016: Snapdeal snaps ties. Decides to look out for another celebrity once Aamir’s contract expires.

Back in November, soon after Aamir’s comments on intolerance, Snapdeal had distanced itself from the actor’s comments “Snapdeal is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity. Snapdeal is a proud Indian company built by passionate young Indians focused on building an inclusive digital India” read a statement released by the company.



  • It’s bizzarrre….i say seems people forgot all the good deeds done by Ak,SRK in a second,they are nt allowed to express their thoughts,it’s intolerance….nasty politics.

  • @ultron
    shut up. Do you want your Sultan to be boycott as well?
    Suarrukh khan and gareeb khan will kicked out from bollywood soon. Does lallu want to join them as well?

  • @ravi 2:23 pm hahhahahha .. Nation loving people ? Who ? People like you ? These guys are sick, express yourself and you have mentally disturbed people coming and going hars at you on a personal level. Who will get my butt kicked ? You ? 😂😂😂 tu kuch nahi karr sakta reyy keyboard warrior, I won’t even be wasting any further of my time replying to a person who is unintentionally funny. Get well soon !

  • Freedom of choosing or replacing any brand ambassador for their company. Those who are saying they will uninstall the app now are not any better than those who uninstalled the app after Aamir’s controversial statement.

  • Stupid fans are still saying that this is intolerance
    But this is a peaceful act
    U can say intolerance when Aamir Khan punished directly for his ridiculous anti nation comments
    We tolerated this man’s comment and reacted against him in peaceful manner by boycotting his movies and brands and that’s what snapdeal Tata sky the proud Indian company did
    So India is extremely tolerant country

  • @Ishan Gulati But my Soul is much pure than Amir

    At least I don’t abuse our motherland to support any political party

  • May be India had to wait too long to get independence from the British …but we guys dont have to wait that long to see bollywood get independence from these anti-indian khans….Mark my words with in 2 years they will all kicked out of the bollywood , the same way we kicked out the british people from our country…….ha ha

  • Proud of you snapdeal
    You can choose any one from these nationalist actors Hrithik,Akshay, Ajay, Ranveer… be your next ambassador
    They will make you proud as well as the nation…

  • @True Indian Krish3 cross 200cr in which calculator may be jadu word what is the WW of k3 bellow BM what is the oversease of k3 bellow yjhd khans can only compare with khans let mohenjodaro come if my open challenge it can’t cross Dilwale collection

  • @ sky @ 2:03 : U r right. I am also not blaming Snapdeal as these companies are working to make profits and that is fine. I m also fine with some one disliking Amir and SRKs comments and personally now not opting to watch their movies. Every person has his or her dislikes.

    The negative reactions which I was talking about was more about portraying them as traitor or desh drohi and secondly the use of violence (which we saw at the time of release of Dilwale). Thirdly those people who are bashing Amir and SRK are made to be look more patriotic than those who r defending them. These r matters which I dont agree with.

  • SRK and AK fans need to understand that these actors have not done any favour to Indians by acting in movies. If not for these two there would have been others. Indians showed love and gave unconditional respect to these two. But, that doesn’t mean these two can go on and insult India and Indians.
    Sorry, but Indians are no longer going to tolerate insults. If SRK and AK can insult us in the name of freedom of speech/expression then we have every right to boycott their movies. This is our freedom of expression.


  • @kaali kutta

    really moron??? ha ha …what a pathetic retard you are lol

    I dare you to go to those people who will be protesting all over India against dangal and praise about tingu in front of them and then you’ll see whats gonna happen to you… you will run away with tail between your legs …ha ha….

  • @Ultron A Salmechanic

    you are jumping too much ..don’t you moron???
    just wait Criminal Lallu will be thrown in to jail and then I will see you how you are gonna
    crimianl Lallu is manipulating fake facts in the court…very soon he will be caught and kicked in to jail…ha ha and that tingu also will be thrown to pakistan very soon ha ha…

  • @ANK – Have people turned violent ? They also protested by uninstalling apps…What is the problem ? People watched their movies. Now they have every right to protest also…It was a peaceful protest on Twitter, Facebook etc….People on twitter have boycotted. People outside India have raised opinions….No one has harmed Srk and Ak…I guess this is not going to go anytime…I am happy at least this impacted ak in some way…out of incredible india…now out of snapdeal…aam aadmi sab pe bhaari !!

  • @yash chopra – Yes. They also want a good patriot to endorse for snapdeal…We had an option – flipkart., amazon, ebay, healthkart, jabong, shopclues….snapdeal did not. They need people to buy – ak’s comments will go down in history as a big blunder

    Dangal might still do roaring business but after such a comment ak is officially one of the most hated actors on planet…..even today the negative comments on any post about ak atleast gives me a hope aam aadmi sab pe bhaari..dont mess with india and indians

  • @Ishan Gulati – Just like everyone starts bashing Akshay even for doing Airlift because it shows India in a positive light, why can’t people go against Aamir…The hatred people have shown akshay in last few days because airlift surpassed people’s expectation on indicine is so much that i personally feel now it is payback time

  • Govt. Of India should send all the three khans to pakistan and in return India gets all the most wanted terrorists from pakistan….

  • First of all Aamir fans, let me ask few questions :

    1. Do we necessarily have to agree with Aamir ?
    2. Is uninstalling app a violent method ? Was Aamir hurt physically ? People can’t even protest this way. I was the one to uninstall app and since last 3 months have not even looked at snapdeal while buying any stuff. I am sure like me many would have looked at other websites such as amazon, ebay, flipkart, shopclues, jabong…in such a market place where number 1,2,3 can change with so many customers, why should snapdeal bear brunt of aamirs anti india remarks ?
    3. When aamir gives his opinion and he suffers backlash, what is wrong ? it is peoples opinion that aamir is a closeted bigot if he never raises kashmiri pandit issue but raises issue that matters to him
    4. it is out their in open aamir has a rivalry with mr.modi…all old videos prove can not like modi that is fine but then if you are passing comments with political agenda, come out in open that indirectly you support congress…at least bjp supporters be it 20-25-30 percent whatever the number is knows that aamir is anti bjp, so we can also form an opinion on aamir…now just like liberals or pseudo seculars have their own opinions, can people who support modi should not now ? Is it becasue you want ?
    5. Anupam is hated if he stands against aamir and termed as rss bhakt…i can very well say aamir is congi chamcha or paid by arvind …then people are hurt…aamir is saint..he did lagaan rdb sarfarosh…he is an actor…when we associate nationalism with akshay, akshay is labelled as fake but people in case of aamir dont want to consider him an actor but a national hero.if airlift was a movie so were aamirs movies fiction and not reality…

    The fact is living in their palaces, aamir and srk have forgotten people made them. Accept criticism for your statements….even they know how much freedom do saudi or pakistan have and would theu have ever become big there….so they wont have guts and will stay in india and not any islamic republic because such places it is pathetic..

  • According to Aamir khans fans, even Gandhiji would be anti national…peaceful protests are termed as violence…With their logic, a reel life aamir will be greater than true patriots like sardar patel, mohandas gandhi, etc…we are following gandhijis path and opposing aamir peacefully…

    as gandhiji started swadeshi movement, this is movement against any goods produced by aamir or any goods with which he is associated…for us he is british raj

  • @Ultron A Salmaniac – If you have an opinion that Hrithik is manipulated, then we have an opinion that Snapdeal is correct to remove Aamir has a brand ambassador. I feel Aamirs statements had negativity and created bad vibes amongst indians…so i am with snapdeal and will download their app again and will start buying again on their website….You can have your opinion on Hrithik but dont ask us to change our opinion on aamir….we will soon start a new club – anti-aamir club…if there is such a page already on facebook, i will join it

  • hell with allof you stupid morons. what has anyone done for country from those who have commented on this post. aamir k juutay ki dhool k barabar b nahi ho all of you including your modi and rajnath and rss .. bloody killers and real terrorists

  • @Ishan Gulati – Let me claim in open…And other bjp supporters, there is nothing wrong in supporting bjp…you also have a choice…if you feel aamir wanted political mileage by going against bjp, boycott him…

    can’t we support modi and boycott people like aamir who are congi/aap chamchas ? dont we have our democratic rights ? aamir in this case was not being any noble soul, he was acting on some other parties wish…next day he got political mileage as arvindji applaued aamir…infact i will urge modi supporters, all 18 million to spread aamir/s true objectives…what is in his mind


  • @Aamir Inspires – It’s okay someone will educate the drivers soon i am sure that aamir is against his country and his future depends on if he is able to find anti social elements behind such masked superstars

  • well done well done well done bravo snapdela very much thanks 4 this aamir khan deserves this these 3 khans { supporters of terrorists } deserves this outside they r soemthing and inner they r something else

  • @ India is not intolerant @ 4:06 : A no of shows of Dilwale were cancelled and these were not cancelled voluntarily but due to physical violence of protestors. How can u forcefully stop some one else from watching a movie or exercising his right just because u do not like what the hero of the movie said?

  • All the sanghis/bhakts who are questioning Aamir’s patriotism should not forget Aamir’s grandfather was a freedom fighter and your ideological guru Hedgewar/Golwalkar were the well wishers of British government and boycotted freedom movement. So just shut up your mouth deshdrohis…

  • Only Bhakts & sanghis have problems with Aamir not the true Indians. Except Bhakts & sanghis nobody will boycott/protest Dangal. And we all have seen these Bhakts prowess during pk. Hence, there will be no effect on Dangal.

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