Snapdeal decides against renewing Aamir Khan’s contract

The Economic Times of India reports that leading e-commerce website Snapdeal has decided not to renew Aamir Khan’s contract as the brand ambassador of the company. The decision comes a few months after Aamir’s controversial statement on ‘growing despondency’ in the country.

Timeline of Aamir’s association with Snapdeal:

  • February 2015: Aamir Khan signs one-year contract and becomes the brand ambassador of Snapdeal
  • March 2015: Snapdeal launches new brand campaign ‘Dil Ki Deal’ featuring Aamir Khan
  • November 2015: Aamir makes a comment on growing despondency, says his wife spoke about leaving the country and fears for her child.
  • January 2016: Agency that handles the ‘Incredible India’ campaign decides against renewing Aamir’s contract.
  • February 2016: Snapdeal snaps ties. Decides to look out for another celebrity once Aamir’s contract expires.

Back in November, soon after Aamir’s comments on intolerance, Snapdeal had distanced itself from the actor’s comments “Snapdeal is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity. Snapdeal is a proud Indian company built by passionate young Indians focused on building an inclusive digital India” read a statement released by the company.



  • The Hindus of India loved and respected the Khan trio,… made them bigger stars than any Hindu actor.

    Still, Aamir Khan and SRK stated that they are being discriminated against.

    One talked about discrimination against himself, other talked about leaving the country.

    Biggest mistake, they blamed the country(people). Not a political party, not a politician.

    The people of India are not stupid, you cannot take their love and money and in return spit on them like Justin Bieber.

    If you have a problem with… or want to join/play politics against Modi/BJP, go ahead and do it directly. Be a man about it.


  • @flop King Salman – so far Salman has not said or done anything. He has respected his country. But Aamir and SRK should be boycotted

    It is not related to religion

  • To everyone who is labelling anyone and everyone as intolerant just because they don’t agree with Aamir and SRK , the same people will bash Anupam and Akshay because they have opinion contrasting to both khans. Hats off to those people – that’s what is I call brotherhood among a particular section

    Forget people labelling Aamir SRK anti national, 30 percent of people who voted BJP and supported them have been labelled anti national. Why are all BJP supporters anti national ? Will you decide for whom should we vote ? The only reason Anupam has been labelled anti national is because he praises Modi

    I have seen again and again pseudo seculars and most Muslims calling anupam and others as Bhakts or anti national for supporting Modi … If you are not even a bit tolerant about people supporting Modi don’t expect us to be mild on khans

    Folks whatever is the fate, there have been some effects… Today Aamir is the only Khan without brand endorsements… Even irfan Khan has endorsement.. Reportedly snapdeal was paying him 15-20 crores… Kudos

  • The funniest thing I noticed,the same people who said Dilwale flopped because SRK lost his charm and stardom is saying that it flopped because of the boycott done by them.

  • Lol Salman supported terrorist yakub memon. Did you forget this? Salman is the biggest traitor of this country. We should boycott this Flop khan. Akki is the real hero of the country. Agree or die :D

  • @ginger – obviously SRK is one of the biggest superstar … He is not only part of Khan trio that is super successful but was very consistent when Aamir Salman were going through lean phase. The point is yes dilwale was impacted by at least 50 crores but then that was my whole point. It deserved to get impacted because Indians have watched his movies and he termed India intolerant

    I repeat this is not against any religion … Salman is still loved and will be loved even more by Indians … Sadly SRK Aamir there films should be boycotted not because Hindus are angry but I hope Indians are angry

    They are rich but I am happy Aamir today has no brands in his kitty. Never happened before

    I am happy SRK had to refund India distributors. No one is arguing dilwale did not do good business. For any other star this would have been bb but SRK standards the movie will always be reported underperformer because 200 crores in India is bare minimum expected out of khans … Actually 225 plus is needed for them as 180 plus had been achieved by Hrithik Ranveer and Ranbir… 147 for SRK is I repeat again less… And that too not SRK but SRK-Rohit combo with SRK-Kajol pairing with new generation craze Varun-Kriti … Very less as Salmans movies like kick have directors like Sajid Nadiadwala who are not even good directors and they do more.

    Happy way people have reacted to their statements. Much needed !!

  • @flop King Salman – we can’t boycott khans because they are Muslims

    Salman is doing good work for society. Akshay is also good.

    The question is reputation of India which not just SRK Aamir but even likes of Karan are damaging .

    Salman refused to even entertain such question when asked.

  • @ginger- if you think fan will get smooth release you are mistaken. I support non violence but then vhp has still not forgotten and you saw protests in Bhuj

    Fan is a non holiday release if it has such protest in BJP Sena ruled state Maharashtra or BJP ruled Gujarat it’s game over !!! You should always remember fanaa was not even released in Gujarat … Modi is the biggest superstar in Gujarat …

    Even SRK admitted in Surat don’t ask me question on modis performance I won’t be let out of Surat !!!

    This is start of a revolution …

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