Snapdeal decides against renewing Aamir Khan’s contract

The Economic Times of India reports that leading e-commerce website Snapdeal has decided not to renew Aamir Khan’s contract as the brand ambassador of the company. The decision comes a few months after Aamir’s controversial statement on ‘growing despondency’ in the country.

Timeline of Aamir’s association with Snapdeal:

  • February 2015: Aamir Khan signs one-year contract and becomes the brand ambassador of Snapdeal
  • March 2015: Snapdeal launches new brand campaign ‘Dil Ki Deal’ featuring Aamir Khan
  • November 2015: Aamir makes a comment on growing despondency, says his wife spoke about leaving the country and fears for her child.
  • January 2016: Agency that handles the ‘Incredible India’ campaign decides against renewing Aamir’s contract.
  • February 2016: Snapdeal snaps ties. Decides to look out for another celebrity once Aamir’s contract expires.

Back in November, soon after Aamir’s comments on intolerance, Snapdeal had distanced itself from the actor’s comments “Snapdeal is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity. Snapdeal is a proud Indian company built by passionate young Indians focused on building an inclusive digital India” read a statement released by the company.



  • It is so sad to see the backlash that SRK and AK have to face for just sharing their thoughts. We all can agree to disagree on any matter but why such negative reactions? Not that it would make any difference to both AK and SRK but still this should not be happening.

  • not surprised.after all its a big bad world of corporate place for emotions.they know only profit.

  • Who cares! It was Snapdeal who needed Aamir to fight its competitors. And once Aamir came on board, Snapdeal sales went up by around 32%.
    A social movie like Dangal wilk bring back all the glory of Aamir!
    I bought from Snapdeal before the controversy, after the controversy and will do now as well.

  • How easily ungrateful people of this nation despise people who’ve done so much for India, be it through cinema or social causes by saying ‘they did all for money’.

  • India loves him, loves his movies, Dangal will prove it.
    Extremist organisation can’t do shit to great actors and humanitarians like Aamir and SRK.

  • If snapdeal take dis decision because of d current hatred campaigns then I should rather boycott snapdeal .
    This s neither good nor acceptable .
    If we r tolerent then we should b ready 2 face criticism also from any1 who lives in dis grt country.
    Guys I m requesting 2 evry1 DAT don’t judge any1 on basis of their religion or thoughts. Criticism doesn’t harm it will open better windows of opportunities.
    We should accept DAT truth.
    (Its my personal opinion, I will b very sorry if some1 get hurt by my comments.)

  • The action that bad people is taking against SRK and Ak is the proof that India is an intolerant country because if they were not intolerant then everyone would the complete freedom of speech

  • If the world is against Aamir, I’m against the world….
    If there is one Aamir fan left, I’m the one….
    If there is no Aamir fan left, I am dead….

  • Pure cowardice from Snapdeal. They are doing this under pressure from some anti social elements.
    Which age are we living in ? Even celebrities cannot express themselves, if they do, some goons get after their life. Sad !
    @mohit bhakt .. Yeah that’s true patriotism 😂😂😂
    Uninstall Snapdeal to show love for the country.

  • I dont see anything wrong from Snapdeal’s point of view. Ridiculous that they face a brunt from fanatics for a statement from a star. There are hard working people doing their business. They dont want to face negativity & nonsense boycotts. What’s wrong with that? If I was in the marketing team I would have preferred not hiring any star and let the ad work on its content.

    After all we have seen awesome ads like, Dokomo & Max New York Life Insurance. Stars can create some hype but good ads are always noticed. And ultimately the product matters.

    Its sad that Aamir is being hit too badly, but I can completely understand Snapdeal’s point of view.

  • @Kaali… all patriotic people are bhakts these days.. so I will take it as a compliment.

    @Ishan Gulati.. Snapdeal can easily find better brand ambassadors than Aamir..

  • A big hug and thank you to all the tolerant citizens of this country bcoz now my driver’s 8 year old son also knows that there is an Aamir film coming in December. 😂 😂

  • @Kaali

    Cowardice? Really? One good movie from Srk/Aamir & most people will forget what they had said. You have no bloody idea how hard it is to create a successful start up while competing with giants like Amazon. Snapdeal is not here to please Bollywood fans. They are here to provide service. Get a life!

  • It’s easy these days.. Snap deal takes a business decision.. blame Modi.. blame the government of India.

    Anyone supports India or the elected government.. call them bhakt.

    And the same people talk about tolerance, lol.

  • @riju basu .. Yes you’re right ! At first even I had the thought in my mind that I should be boycotting Dangal after the Dilwale controversy cause I’ve realised its not just about the 2 actors (SRK & Aamir), its about the anti social elements who are trying to suppress almost everyone who is expressing their opinion. Yesterday it was SRK, today its Aamir, tomorrow it would be someone else, maybe someone else’s fav actor. Rather than enjoying what’s happening to someone else’s favourite actor, we should rather boycott these anti social elements and avoid getting influenced by their antics, so if this is what Snapdeal has decided. I #BoycottSnapdeal

  • @mohit Bhai itni hi patriotism jaag rhi hai toh border par jaao aur fight karo. Keyboard warrior banke, actors ke against bolne se desh ki service koi notice nahi karega. 😂
    @criminal baba God bless your dirty soul.

  • @Ishan.. why don’t you tell that to Aamir.. who has suddenly become patriotic after becoming unpatriotic before Dilwale release? Ask him to go to the border to show his patriotism.

  • I wish people look at things from Snapdeal’s point of view as well. Here people are talking only about Aamir/Srk and Modi.

  • @gj007 yeah you feel so much for them ? Don’t you ? Do they give you a share of their profit ? You and me are right now commenting on a ‘Bollywood’ website. These ‘actors’ are the one’s who work hard and entertain people like you and me, yes there is a business motive too in making movies but that’s how it works. & don’t forget that everyone or the other is somehow a ‘Bollywood fan’. If they don’t want to please the Bollywood fans, whom do they really wanna please ? Bhakts ? People who don’t let someone voice their opinions ? Watch your words and get a life mate.

  • I agree with the decision both from Incredible India and Snapdeal’s point of view.

    Someone who says his wife fears to stay in India can’t be promoting Incredible India tourism. Same time.. Snapdeal can’t afford to risk losing out on their business at this stage when the competition is tough between the Big 3 (Amazon, Flipkart) and also the smaller players like Shopclues.

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