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Veer released last weekend to a mixed response – The critics thrashed it, movie goers in smaller cities, towns, villages have loved every bit of it while the response at the multiplexes hasn’t been too great.

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  • @ Fathiya

    ofcourse we know better than them

    Movies are made for us (audience) nd not for critics

  • Inshallah Veer will be a hit and I would like for it to be one. Its Salmans dream project so hope it does well. I am surprised that Abhisheks show got higher trps than Salman or Akkis show. I just watched Bingo yesterday with SRK and KJO in it and honestly it is a very boring show. AB can’t even host properly.

  • Zarka
    abhishek is one of the most popular actor in india and his way oftalking, dialogues, has already most famous india. and 2007 , he has became most sexiest man india.
    and he is son of big b and husbnd of aish b.
    so show must go on. u didnt like , what ever, but abhishek beat the sallu in show trp.

  • @Adii

    Abhishek’s show have started just recently .. You can’t compare its TRP thing so fast with Dus Ka Dum .. And as per my analysis .. Dus Ka Dum was far more better and far more entertaining than Bingo .. Dus Ka Dum got extended to 13 episodes extra only because of popularity and that is something extra-ordinary for Television Industry .. Bingo can never match up to that hype and popularity ..

  • @ Adiii you can’t blame Salman. The problem was that the sonay ki chidia DIALOG was copyrighted from the book. Salman has worked on the acting and script writing of Veer and not the dialogs.

  • the festivities for this movies flop are continuing unabated all over india a nd overses at last a bad film found its rightful grave….and very early too thanx for the support people showed in watching the film a nd more thanx to those who didnt …!!!!and didnt let the next 50 crores come in ..thanx audience

    somebody thank me also i predicted it on day 1 itself.

  • why evertone is saying salman has been rocked??? have people been hitting him with rocks instead of stones and pebbles for doing this leechar film???

  • hi!!! MEGHA, u knw its sooo nice to see that you r so much interested in veer till date. nd 4 u one more news VEER is the biggest grosser of the year 2010.
    why dnt u join me on orkut or facebook so that v can share our conflicting views on different movies im njoyin it a lot.

  • ADII,
    4 ur kind information,
    trp of abhishek show is best in 1st episode,wid amitabh.
    bt unfortunately in 2nd episode TRP is let down hugely.
    bcoz public dont understnd d show n dont enjoy d show.
    now show is flop.

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