“Playing a bad woman for the first time” – Vidya Balan

Promos of ‘Ishqiya’ have caught on in a big way and it is obvious by now that Vidya Balan would be seen in a never-seen-before role in it. The actor is thrilled about her role in the dark drama which is releasing Friday.

‘When it comes to cinema, time and again women are seen and heard in a certain manner. Also, they are not necessarily shown to be their own self and are instead driven by people around her,’ Vidya told IANS.

‘However, in the case of ‘Ishqiya’, the portrayal of women is entirely different. That’s because Krishna (her character) is a woman who is ‘direct dil se’,’ added Vidya. 

What do you mean by ‘direct dil se’?

‘Well, she is someone who will do what she wants. In fact, the most thrilling part for me was that I was playing a bad woman for the first time. This doesn’t mean though that she doesn’t have good shades at all. She has both sides to her persona and this is why she is an epitome of grey,’ she said.

Directed by Abhishek Chaubhey and produced by Vishal Bharadwaj, the film is set in a small town in Uttar pradesh. Vidya will be seen in it as a widow with an air of mystery around her. She is also a bundle of contradictions as she makes two men – Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi – belonging to different age groups dance to her tune.

‘Krishna is someone whom you can’t deceive and in case you catch her on the wrong foot you are doomed. If she loves someone, she does so with an open heart and is all passionate. On the other hand, you make yourself her enemy and she won’t think twice about showing the violent and aggressive side of hers.’

She also engages herself in a lustful bout with another man.

‘This is what makes Krishna so special. She is a consummate Indian woman who can be a mother as well as a caretaker. She would make ‘chai’ and food for you when you wish while in closed doors she would expect her own needs and desire to be fulfilled. She is Rambha, Saraswati, Durga and Kaali – all brought together in one body.’

‘2009 ended on a positive note for me with ‘Paa’ turning out to be such a good commercial success while also gaining immense critical acclaim. Now in the case of ‘Ishqiya’, I genuinely hope that people like the film.’



  • no body is forcing u to read that article.btw tu to bol rha tha ki tu kisi site pe reviewer ban gya hai.yha kya kr rha hai?u loser

  • This is my type of movies.. I like different and new stories.. if this movie has been directed well, in a good shape.. with interesting scenes which let the audience concious and thrilled.. so it’ll work at the box office.. script + performance + direction + production = a good movie.. I’ll watch it.

  • Ever since Parineeta, Vidya Balan has been among my favorite actresses as far as talent is concerned. Her performances in films like Eklavya, Bhool Bhulanya, Hey Baby and Paa have really raised her profile. in a relatively short career, she has covered a large variety of roles and has proven her matter in almost every role.

    With Ishqiya, she is yet again doing an author backed role. This will be yet another variation in her role profile. I’m really lookin forward to this movie.

    In fact i’m also lookin forward to Rann. seems like RGV is in form this time.

    And as both these films are not releasing in the Pakistani Cinemas, therfore will have to go the wrong way :)

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