Ranbir: Trying to match the standards set by Khans and Hrithik

In an interview to Screen India, Ranbir Kapoor has said that he is still very ambitious and wants to set a standard for the next generation of actors. He also says that with each film, he constantly tries to touch the standards set by his seniors in industry.

“I don’t feel that I have achieved so much. Yes, I am grateful that it (success) has come my way but I feel that I have so much to achieve. I am still hungry, I am still ambitious. I want to reach limits where I will set a standard. Right now, I am only trying to match the standards that have been set by my predecessors. Like what the Khans have set, what Hrithik Roshan has set, I am trying to touch it. So I think there is a long way to go. I have achieved only 2 per cent of what I want to do.”

The actor, who was recently seen in Besharam, also says that he would love to be a part of multi-starrers like Raajneeti. And if given a chance, he would love to share screen-space with his generation of actors, Khans and Hrithik.

“I haven’t been offered any multi-starrers as of now, but I would love to do a two-hero film. I would love to work with my generation of actors, I would love to work with the Khans, I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan. I would love to pair up with these actors, take something from them, give them a tough competition and try and be better than them in that movie. That’s the incentive that you should have.”






  • So he mentioned about hrithik! good..
    And Ranbir for Besharam failure, don’t be depressed.
    You will show your magic in bombay velvet.

  • Rk very intelligent. He has never spoken about HR earlier. Now Besharam has flopped so… But why has he not spoken about Akshay?

  • Ranbir is getting besharam,hungry… That hunger isnt good for his health… Keep patience like Shahid, Imran, srk…He wanna compete with khans n hrithik…OMG!!He doesn’t have a physique like khans,hrithik…Besharam wants to be a Dabangg…

  • A Besharam film by a Besharam actor. Ranbir has been shown his true place — the rock bottom. He is no where near challenging the Khans. And after the Khan era, Hrithik Roshan will be No. 1. So till Hrithik’s era ends (more than 10 years from now), Ranbir has to be happy with being called “The future superstar” and compete wiith Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and small time stars only.

  • What an hypocrite. Karan Johar offered him a chance alongside Shahrukh Khan for a delayed film his father Yash Johar wanted to have made. But Ranbir refused because he did not want to be overshadowed by SRK. And here he talks about acting alongside the Khans and Hrithik. This arrogant casanova will learn his lesson after a few failures like Besharam.

  • Standards? Ranbir thinks Chennai Express is a standard movie? Copying many hollywood scenes without owning a copyright and making BARFI!! is what you call standard? He signed Besharam because he thought it was a standard script? Films like OMG! Oh My God and Special 26 are standards of Indian cinemas anyways since Besharam is a huge flop and now people will be more hungry for Boss! So Ranbir, make way for the BOSS!!!

  • Every new generation actors want to become & acheive succes like KHAN’S & what HRo acheived.
    Akshay’s success ratio is very low.

  • khans n Hritik are gr8 bt that does nt mean u r nt a superstar or gud actor . plz remember that ” (popularity wise) Rajnikant bana ja sakta h lekin kamal hasan ( Acting wise) to paida hote hi star tha ”

    Salman n Srk r more Popular than amir n hritik without any dought bt when it comes to acting they both are not even close to one of them …

    ek actor ko acting karni aani chahiye ..
    Popular to Aasaram bapu bhi h …

  • First of all abhinav should accept the truth that his product has low quality and he should try arshad wasi or sharman joshis to make a 3rd class movie instead he used ranbir family and made their name bad
    So he mentioned indirectly abt SRKIANS and salman fans were disliking movie but its not true its shame to blame particular section of audience being a director if we ourselves got to theatre everyone that includes ranbir fans are disliking the movie so here the problem is with the director

    Finally DABAANG credit goes to salman khan at present

    BESHRAMs full credit goes to ABHINAV KASHYAP he is sole responsible for this ranbir and his family had done their job and now its bad on criticizing certain fans Today ABHINAV got name and fame due to Salman fans he should fell grateful for them and criticizing srk song also he has done mistake now after failure he is giving wrong explanations
    Will see Ranbir Come Back for sure He has good lineup like ROY,Bombay Velvet,Jaggas Jassos,Imtiaz ali next and Ayans superhero flick makes him huge come back As a pure Hrithik Fan i m saying one day Ranbir reaches no 1 spot for sure but he has to change his off screen image i hope he will change for sure

    So as a Hrithik fan im proud of being Hrithikian and also same goes to ranbir fans as they were also feel proud to be Ranbirs fan at early age he had achieved really a big thing

    Finally RANBIR a true Superstar and Great Actor

  • Ranbir has special admiration of hrithik since his debut


    Every newcomer’s dream would be a debut as spectacular as Hrithik Roshan’s, and Ranbir Kapoor was no different.
    When Ranbir was 18 and dreaming of a career in Bollywood, he saw Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and instantly became a huge fan of the actor.
    He came across a Hrithik fan who saw his idol and said “Yeh to heera hai, heera”. Since then Ranbir wanted to be like Hrithik, and when he made his debut with Saawariya, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, he wanted his staff to call him Heera. To encourage the Kapoor lad his spot boy, Inder after every shot of Ranbir, said, “Yeh to Heera hai, Heera”
    Ranbir sure must have been disappointed with Saawariya failing to click with the audience, but although the actor has a long way to go before he becomes a Hrithik, he surely is going in the right direction with Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazan Kahani raking in the moolah at the box office.

  • Hrithik Roshan reveals as a child Ranbir was a crybaby

    Not much has been known about the strong bonding between the Roshan and the Kapoor family except that Hrithik Roshan adores Ranbir Kapoor a lot. Hrithik’s fondness for Ranbir has been revealed by Hrithik himself in an interview. He shared some special moment with us about his childhood and let the cat out of the bag when he looked after baby Ranbir.

    Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor share a warm vibes which dates years back. The two families are very close and during holidays they used to go for outings. When their parents had their own time, Hrithik used to look after the small Ranbir. He used to play with him and also control him when he does some naughty. Hrithik revealed that as a child Ranbir was a crybaby. Hrithik also revealed the funny incident that during one baby-sitting session, Ranbir even peed upon him.

  • Ranbir wanted to be like Hrithik

    When Ranbir Kapoor was planning to make a entry into the world of Bollywood, his idol was not his grandfather or any other Kapoor, it was Hrithik Roshan.

    When Ranbir saw Kaho Na Pyaar Hai as a young lad, he came across a fan who saw Hrithik and said, “Yeh to heera hai, heera”.

    since then Ranbir wanted to be like Hrithik, and when he made his debut with Saawariya he wanted his staff to call him Heera.

    To encourage Ranbir, his spot boy, Inder after every shot Ranbir gave, he said, “Yeh to Heera hai, Heera”

    Well after hits like Wake up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, we will also say – Yeh to Heera hai, Heera!

  • Ravi aamir and hrithik are nothing in front of srk in acting the problem of him is that he have done more romantic roles than them If people are talking about overacting every actor have weakness i have watched aamir khan ,hrithik,ranbir,salman,akshy doing overacting and srk,s problem is comedy none of them can do comedy in real life but srk in movies have problem with it hrithik have done alot of overacting in his earlier carear and even aamir expression in dhoom3 new motion poster is just ridicholous.

  • Leave the poor guy alone its just one bad movie hell surely bounce back he is also doin a superhero movie so considers hr a benchmark no surprises there

  • After yzhd success i am only competing with khans and now after besharam disaster i want to achieve the standard that is set by the khans and hrithik what a double faced ranbir and if his next will be a hit he will say i am greater than khans,hrithik,akshay,ajay.

  • ok so now he considering hrithik….before besharam he never spoke abt hrithik coz he himself thinks dat he s a biger superstar…dats d difrence betwen hrithik nd ranbir…hrithik is so humble and down to earth….n we all knw hrithik’s acting, he provd him many times…ranbir u have a long way to go so dont be so “overconfident”

  • @Kumar – I believe, he has spoken about Hrithik in past when he was a new comer. By my memory, he said, he wants to be like Hrithik. He became a huge fan of Hrithik after watching his debut film ‘KNPH’ much like many more.

  • paid article to promote krissh-3! Hritik actor? Rofl hahaha flying is acting? Shivering while dialogue is expressions? To hide wooden expression covers with mask! Sunny deol never took help of his father he sucessful he is superb actor better hritik govinda better dancer thn hritik…actual hritik do gymnastics come south industry guys jr.ntr who know classical dancing show hritik wat is dancing….mithun chakraborthy also better actor thn hritik becoz he won national awards he dont hav dad’s help either!

  • Ranbir kapoor has been in this industry for only five years & achieved what the khan trio has achieved after 20 to 25 years so that shows that he a bigger star than these trio.by the time ranbir completes 25 years in cinema he would have become the god of indian cinema so such small failures would not affect him in any way. even khans have so many flops in their earlier career. besharam content and story was not good. its not ranbir fault. Ranbir rocks ?

  • @akki the boss, thats ehat i wanted to say. What khans have acheved is succes. If he want to match standards than match the standards of nana patekar. Irfan khan. Amitabh bachan, rajesh khanna. Standard are films like s26 omg paan sing tomar life of pi. Actually ranbir is taking succes as standard.

  • Like so many of them are saying besharam is not a bad film at all. Watched yesterday and felt that it’s an above average flick. Was hesitating to watch the movie due to bad review but suprisingly the film turned out to be an above average one. First haf is superb and second half is just average. Climax is simiar to Rajkumar Santhoshi comedy movies. Most of them are comparing besharam to himmat waala!. Himmatwala and TMK is a joke and not a film. Dabangg 2 can be called a film but A worst one. Besharam is an Ok film and actress Pallavi Sharda’s expression is good when she is angry but bad during emotional scene. Abhinav Kashyap is very good except climax scenes where he tried to copy Rajkumar Santhoshi style. Film deserve to be in 100 crs club looking at today’s trend and now I believe Abhinav Kashyap when he said that some external force is trying to damage the film else how can an above avg masala film with superstar get such a bad response? Even worser than Himmatwala!!!!

  • hritik fans r jealous of ranbir….abhay deol&farhan akthar ripped hritik in terms of acting….agneepath is suceeded becoz of sanju babu&rishi kapoor….

  • brain Lara11 WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    akshay, srk, aamir, salman , hrithik cant do Comedy, r u serious there the only ones THAT can do comdedy u idiot, other actors try to hard like those MASTI BOYz

    WAtch andaz apna apna, watch badshah, biwi n1,mujshe dosti karoge, hera pheri , then say something.
    Watch SRK hosted awards show then say sumthing.

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