Besharam Satuday Collections: Early Estimate

BesharamAfter crashing to new lows in the last couple of days, Besharam has finally managed to pick up at the domestic box office. The morning and noon shows were about the same level as Friday, but the evening and nights shows had better occupancy.

The film has picked up by around 10-15% at multiplexes, while single-screen business didn’t show much improvement. In some centres business was on par with Thursday, while in multiplex dominated areas it was the second best day for the film, even though it wasn’t close to the levels of the first day business.

Again, as per estimates based on collections from a few centres, Besharam has collected around 6.5 crores on Saturday, which is way below the mark for a film released on 3500+ screens. The screen-count is already down, as shows have been reduced at multiplexes across the country.

In 4 days, Besharam has collected around 38.5 cr and might add around 7-8 cores on Sunday. The 5-day extended weekend will be 45-46 crore. Given the negative response, a crash on Monday is inevitable.

Besharam should finish with lifetime business of less than 60 crore. All-India Distributor share will be around 33-34 crore, making it one of the biggest disasters in recent times – much like our pre-release box office prediction!

Besharam Box Office Collections

  • Wednesday – 19.73 crore (holiday)
  • Thursday – 6.65 crore
  • Friday – 5.6 crore
  • Saturday – 6.5 crore (estimate)
  • First Weekend (4 day) – 38.48 crore


  • Whoever called him a superstar and compareed to SRK, Salman, Aamir are 100% idiots. I doubt how he became star, doesn’t even have physique of a hero.

  • A Besharam film by a Besharam actor. Ranbir has been shown his true place – the rock bottom. He is no where near challenging the Khans. And after the Khan era, Hrithik Roshan will be No. 1. So till Hrithik’s era ends (more than 10 years from now), Ranbir has to be happy with being called “The future superstar” and compete wiith Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and small time stars only.

  • Besharam was a bad choice for ranbir…Because the script doesn’t match up,his lady-love doesn’t match up,The story was not perfect….Ranbir done best for his movie.But his best doesn’t work this time…

  • hahaha the ones who predicted that Besharam would break CE’s record are hiding their faces now !!
    I remember indicine posting an article where BOI predicted that Besharam would go past 3 idiots .. it was so funny reading it back then ! BOI (a site which I don’t like personally) must be *foot in mouth* now.
    seriously a Disaster for RK. but he is a very talented actor & is a Superstar material but that will take time.
    as of now .. stop mocking Ranbir .. he never called himself a Superstar & infact has mentioned quite lot of time that he has a long way to go & wants to work very hard.
    then why this hatred towards him ???

  • ranbir is good actor hritik is non actor ranbir never depends on his dad but hritik dad’s product! beshram flop becoz abhinav…

  • Dear ranbir and ranbirfans,don’t listen to idiotic haters because they have lost their mind.
    Everybody knows that ranbir is a talented actor,plus he doesn’t call himself as superstar.but still these haters are comparing him with 50 yrs old it fair?
    Besharam failure is not for ranbir.u should blame the director and writers,but why ranbir?

  • @rowdy boss: were d2, JA, agneepath, mission kashmir, znmd.. rakesh’s product? u are the same guy who used to blame hro with the name rowdy 786.
    Don’t why some people hate hro though he shares good relations with all including khans, akki etc.

  • bombay velvet will be another average or flop for anurag like gang of wasseypur 1,2 or that girl in yellow boot

  • @nipun – When Ra.One failed u blamed SRK, not the director or writer. When OUATIMD failed, u blamed Akshay only. So by the same logic Ranbir is responsible for Beshara’s failure.

  • seemingly ,the audience taught a tahzeeb lesson to ranbir kapoor for underestimating srk and salman in his movie besharm the title suits him best he is really besharam
    thumb up for audiience

  • @X:at the time of raone failure,i even didn’t know that there is site called “indicine”.then how did i blamed srk.
    And i never blamed akki for outimd.i blamed the dicision of postponement.go and check.

  • First of all abhinav should accept the truth that his product was of low quality and he should try arshad wasi or sharman joshis to make a 3rd class movie instead he used ranbir’s family and ruined their name.

    So he mentioned indirectly abt SRKIANS and salman fans were disliking movie but its not true its shame to blame particular section of audience being a director if we ourselves got to theatre everyone that includes ranbir fans are disliking the movie so here the problem is with the director

    Finally DABAANG credit goes to salman khan at present

    BESHRAMs full credit goes to ABHINAV KASHYAP he is sole responsible for this ranbir and his family had done their job and now its bad on criticizing certain fans Today ABHINAV got name and fame due to Salman fans he should fell grateful for them and criticizing srk song also he has done mistake now after failure he is giving wrong explanations
    Will see Ranbir Come Back for sure He has good lineup like ROY,Bombay Velvet,Jaggas Jassos,Imtiaz ali next and Ayans superhero flick makes him huge come back As a pure Hrithik Fan i m saying one day Ranbir reaches no 1 spot for sure but he has to change his off screen image i hope he will change for sure

    So as a Hrithik fan im proud of being Hrithikian and also same goes to ranbir fans as they were also feel proud to be Ranbirs fan at early age he had achieved really a big thing

    Finally RANBIR a true Superstar and Great Actor

  • Ranbir is good actor, SRK is over rated and his fans are more aunties and females than males beside he is liked by NRIs for certain reasons. Salman is liked by almost everyone mostly boys and young masses in terms of acting, he had improved a lot, don’t forget how many dozens of flops he has given.
    Aamir is talented but as he does very limited films he is not even close to SRK and Salman, memories is very important and after the average collection of his last movie, he will bounce back with Dhoom 3 and after that PK with legend Rajkumar Hirani will break Box office first 3 days collection records then depend on content, otherwise it falter like Besharam.
    At the moment the superstar is only Salman then SRK and Aamir Khan, Hritik Roshan, Akhsay kumar, RANBIR KAPOOR, Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan and probably Shahid kapoor.
    One flop will not make any different to RK, if his next 2 movies are average then there are no one who can even come close to top 3 Khans to run for their money?

  • @X @Nipun……Ra-one did not fail at box-office…….It was a hit at box-office……you ignorant fool….but it did not collect as much expected

  • telgu2lallu, lets join our hands and worship our god SRK

    because we have sad lives

    and spend all our days hating on other actors on the internet

    lets take a moment to pray to our god SRK and hope he is proud of us

    srk rox sallu sux

  • Ra1 215 cr worldwide is failurd zmmd agneepath which below 200 cr worldwide is.a successful. Hahaha. It means srks failure also collect more than other stars hit movies. Power of common man

  • @SAKHI. stop living in wonderland, even though he is your fav but you should accept the truth, was project for which every distribtuor were in loss.

    those who are big mouths, eventualy fall flat on their face, hope he learns this. a true superstar should be humble and never call himself the best or the only one.

  • Ranbir is a good actor and one flop won’t affect him. He is miles ahead of others stars of his generation and already competing with superstars. This will only help him be wiser in selecting movies. I feel jagga jassos will be atbb.

  • I wonder many who are commenting here at least know what is acting… To be a superstar physique is not the thing needed.. Kids like u wud think that physique is the only thing needed… Ranbir’s career or stardom wont be affected from a flop at all.. Hits and Flops are a part of every actor’s career.. It’s so usual.. I know..Many need Ranbir’s career to end with one flop… How sad…. Just think again that how many disasters those so called superstars hav given in their career..!! Any actor takes wrong decisions..That’s how they learn.. And again.. There’s not a single bad review for Ranbir’s performance in the movie.. He was brilliant..Problem was with the script and direction.. Now Ranbir can be more careful in chosing scripts.. Not like some uncle superstars who always do the same kinds of movies with similar characters..similar stories..only the get ups are different.. Ranbir always tries every genre.. And he has even succeeded in playing this massy role as well… Coz his performance was appreciated.. For all the haters… Ranbir’s career won’t END with one flop..if so your superstars should have been jobless now if u count the number of flops they hav given… and don’t try to compare Ranbir with uncles.. Coz he dsnt needed to be compared.. He’s in his own league.. So just stop insulting an actor who actually does something in the industry and look after ur so called superstars who will be faded away very soon doing same role again n again…

  • @indicine. much like Ur boxoffice pre release prediction??????? joking aren’t u???u had stated its written on the wall Ki no matter what even in worst case scenarios it would cross the 100 CRORE Mark and now u say that it being a disaster was what u predicted. lol. seriously.

  • besharam is not as bad as it is projected by media and people commenting in indicine forum……..

  • @sakhi. don’t u know that these people r double standards gods. they pick and choose what ever is convenient and appropriate to them. even if it has mentioned that its a hit they put their assumptions. and argue.

  • I was not a fan of ranbir Kapoor, till i watched YJHD, after that i thought he is the only actor from the generation of shahid, imran, the other emraan who can actually compete with actors like hrithik, SRK, and aamir, he is already way ahead of ajay, and akshay

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