Krrish 3 Game Teaser

Finally, the Hindi film industry has a game that has characters which closely resemble those in the film. Filmkraft has released a teaser of the Krrish game which releases on gaming platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

The makers of the film have partnered with Microsoft, Delmonte and Tata Manza to produce the game.

Krrish 3 – The Game also promises to be the best looking Bollywood game ever.

Stay tuned for the full review as soon as the game is out! Likely to release on October 7th (tomorrow).




  • Dont judge book by its cover, Haters dont judge Krrish3 from its Posters. Wait n watch our very own superhero’s gonna fly high and will shatter every single record on its way.. wait for November 1.. Respect from Salman fan.

  • The game teaser looks classy like the movie trailer. We are happy to see that bollywood is progressing credits to the Roshans who are thinking out of the box unlike other directors and actors who are busy remaking same south masala entertainers and taking bollywood backward

  • One more step towards Making history in Bollywood…krrish3 game teaser luking very promising n I m eagerly waiting for it….only 25 days left for the biggest movie of all time…all records will b crushed…whole world gonna witness never seen before movie experience….Krrish is coming to rule….All haters will get big slap this deewali..haha

  • wow i really really liked this game teaser as i think this is the best in india based on movie.

    Every day Krrish 3 team is doing something and that too the cool stuffs now i am really waiting for the movie……………

  • Nice. .!
    Lol. .haters are commenting here with diff usernames. .grow up haters. .you will cry after k3 release.

  • HRITHIK-this man does his best to set trends…….game looks awesome, this diwali, history is created !!

    #Hrithikmania #Krrish3BoxOfficeTsunami

  • @vinay, oh really ? then what about those who copy paste the whole of south movies ?? learn to give some respect !

    @sumit, trailer faadu,hrithik faadu,posters awesome,game awesome,songs fine,buzz unprecedented and you say movie is gonna flop ?? you can’t see hrithik go to top, thats the problem.

  • Again HRO copied SRK/RA.ONE IN TERMS OF MARKETING/MERCHANDISING.SRK was the first to launch a game basd on a movie in India.

  • Roshans are best they HV taken us to the class at par to Hollywood.. all time blockbuster… don’t go on songs.. they r just OK OK.. movie is brilliant

  • ha ha danish u morroon ra one comes first so dat srk launch game first k3 comes latet so hr launches game later,bt dat doesn’t mean he copy???? lol even a 3 yars old child doesn’t say this type of nonsense

  • Awesome teaser. I really like it.K3 atbb.Hrithikmania is coming. ……….. haters abhi vi time hain.sudhar jao yaar……..

  • @dansih:if u say hro copied srk about game then srk tried to be hrithik as superhero..but chill hr is miles ahead of srk..nd frm krrish ws frst film to create emoticons in facebook..nd frm here evry1s gonna follow that..real trendsetter unlike actors who make remakes and there are few actors who copy all scenes from south movies and make fans r saying this is copied that is copied..get a life..

  • I don’t know, How these people r saying its copy cut. Someone produced child that doesn’t means that he copied this trend from his neighbour

  • Game download

    Krrish 3 : The Game

    Krrish 3 : The Game
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    119 MB
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    Works with
    Windows Phone 8
    App requires

    phone identity
    media playback
    data services
    movement and directional sensor
    HD720P (720×1280)
    WVGA (480×800)
    WXGA (768×1280)
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    Supported languages (2)

    EnglishEnglish (United States)Download and install manually Learn more
    Krrish 3: The Game is the official game based on the movie Krrish 3, the most awaited superhero movie of the year. This free, fast paced, multiplayer runner game is made for the fans of superhero games, runner games and action-adventure games. Fight as Krrish during these amazing and intense free runs and enjoy the feel of carrying out crazy stunts in a real world scenario.

    Krrish 3: The Game is a first-of-its-kind game, based on the character of Krrish which intends to provide the players with a chance to relive the superhero life, perform breathtaking stunts and use state of the art gadgets and weapons to take down the enemies. This running game is designed to be closer to reality to provide the players with a chance to relive the life Hrithik lives as Krrish and experience the adrenaline rush.

    The players will have an option to choose between 4 characters to play with, Krrish, Kaaya, Kaal(exclusively for Windows) and Frogman. The primary objective of the game is winning a race by reaching the destination in the minimum possible time. The races are very super human and slightly parkour in nature. The game consists of the players racing through the rooftops of Mumbai, dodging obstacles, leaping between buildings and deploying gadgets to entrap each other. Throughout the game the players are always trying to outrun and trap each other using gadgets and their relevant skills.

    * Play as Krrish through missions inspired by the movie’s storyline.
    * Climb, jump and slide from building to building for an aerial thrill like never before!

    * Explore the city through its four distinctive districts (New, Old, Industrial and Dockyard)
    * A wide selection of gadgets and upgrades to customize your style, attacks and skills
    * Various well known localities and iconic structures from Mumbai (present) have been adopted in order to make the game more realistic

  • @DANISH: you are wrong… concept is old….even Gazini had its computer game, which you might not know about. This concept is completely old and it has been using by Hollywood since couple of decades most probably. So please don’t give such useless credit to SRK. Marketing strategy of Ra.One is so irritating that most people including myself rejected watching Ra.One because of excessive promotion. I can’t forget those days when I used to open a tv channel which shows “chammak chalo” or other Ra.One promotion. Those days made me sick only because too much promotion of Ra.One. So don’t give such pathetic example plz.

  • laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante !! aa gaye stars ke chamche !!

    @DANISH, excel entertainment had released a game for movie lakshya(which is hrithik movie) in 2004, 6 years before was released. so get your facts cleared dumb ! 24 ghanta khali srk srk karne se kuch nahi hota ! every sci-fi or superhero film needs to have a game, don’t know why fools like you make an issue of it. get a damn life, you are not fan, you are slave.

    @SAKHI, haha har page mein srk ka gun gaan karne ka kasam kha ke aaye ho tum sab ! i don’t hate srk, i don’t want to, but pathetic cheap fans like you force me to. srk did this, srk did that, srk started this ! get a life, bollywood consists of many brilliant actors,each one of them has their contribution ! hrithik made 1st bollywood mainstream superhero film krrish in 2006, srk followed hrithik and made in 2010, so yeah srk is following the footsteps of hrithik.

  • RA.1 was a failed product. So let us not compare it, and give a chance to K3.

    I liked the trailors, and hope the films also lives up to the expectations.

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