Temptations Reloaded Auckland 2013: Pics + Video

Exclusive pictures from Shahrukh Khan’s Temptations Reloaded Tour 2013 to New Zealand and Australia. SRK shared the stage with Jacqueline Fernandes, Rani Mukherji and his Dil Toh Pagal Hai co-star Madhuri Dixit.

He performed to some of his classic love songs from the 90s and also from his latest blockbuster Chennai Express.

We have a few pictures and a video from the Tempations Reloaded tour. To watch more short videos, click here.


Shahrukh Khan performs with Jacqueline Fernandes

Shahrukh Khan performs with Jacqueline Fernandes

Madhuri Dixit performs at Temptations Reloaded

Madhuri Dixit performs at Temptations Reloaded

Rani Mukherjee performs at Temptations Reloaded

Rani Mukherjee performs at Temptations Reloaded

Jacqueline Fernandes performs at Temptations Reloaded

Jacqueline Fernandes performs at Temptations Reloaded

Shahrukh Khan with Rani Mukherjee

Shahrukh Khan with Rani Mukherjee

Temptations Reloaded Auckland 2013

Temptations Reloaded Auckland 2013



  • Fantabolous n Rocking Show.

    Sir SRK proved once again that he is Universal/Global KING.

    He is the only one who never limits himself at Domestic Level Only He Entertain Globaly.

    Also a Very Good n Proud News recently intenational Magazine Issues the Top 10 Richest Actors Globaly and u know what Sir SRK-The Real KING Top that List and Proudly Standing at No. 1 and Beating Hollywood Stars. Time to Celebrate n Cheering.

  • srk speech at AIMA copied…

    It’s not just J.K. Rowling he ripped off without attribution. In the same speech, Shah Rukh Khan also ripped off, without attribution, a writer from Slate.com, William H. Cosby, Jr. (Bill Cosby), the founder of Honda, Thomas Henry Huxley, John Wooden and Eddie Rickenbacker . And you may yet find a few more!

    The JK Rowling plagiarism was originally pointed out by Agratha Dinakaran in her blog http://mercurialpurple.blogspot.in/2013/10/from-jk-to-srk-word-sure-travels.html?m=1

    Starting with the assumption that “when there’s smoke, there’s fire”, I looked a little closer. There were at least 6 other cases I found of using uncredited sources – or plagiarism, if you’d like to call it that.

    It was apparently a speech about failure. Guess what, SRK – you failed big time here!

    I sourced a transcript of SRK’s talk here: http://www.aima.in/media-centre/publications/Shahrukh-Khan-speech-at-AIMA-NMC.html

    Here’s the umm, source of Bollywood inspiration, in each case:

    1. From SRK’s talk:

    Take Warren Buffet. Here’s a guy who must get asked five times a day how he became the most successful investor of his era. His answers — “Reinvest your profits,” “Limit what you borrow,” etc.—are no different from what any fool could tell you. Buffet isn’t being cagey. He simply doesn’t know. Success is a wonderful thing, but it tends not to be the sort of experience that we learn from. We enjoy it; perhaps we even deserve it. But we don’t acquire wisdom from it.

    1a. Actual uncredited source: Timothy Noah


    2. From SRK’s talk:

    Let me tell you…poverty is not an ennobling experience at all. Poverty entails fear and stress and sometimes depression

    2a. Actual uncredited source: J K Rowling of Harry Potter fame, speech at Harvard University


    3. From SRK’s talk:

    the true road to success is not just the desire for success but a fear of failure.

    3a. Actual uncredited source: Bill Cosby the comedian


    4. From SRK’s talk:

    There is a well- known story of a bank president who was asked the secret of his success. “Right decisions,” he replied. “How do you get to know how to make right decisions?” came the follow-up question. “Experience,” was the answer. “Well, how do you get experience?” asked his interrogator. “Wrong decisions,” he replied.

    4a. Actual uncredited source: Soichiro Honda, of Honda Motor Co.


    5. From SRK’s talk:

    life is a not just a check list of acquisitions, attainments and fulfillments. Your qualifications and c.v. don’t really matter. Jobs don’t matter. Instead life is difficult and complicated…and beyond anyone’s control and the humility to know that by respecting your failures will help you survive it’s vicissitudes.

    5a. Actual uncredited source: JK Rowling again, same speech


    6. From SRK’s talk:

    There is the greatest practical benefit in making a few failures in life.

    6a. Actual uncredited source: Thomas Huxley


    7. From SRK’s talk:

    Success is never final….just like failure is never fatal.

    7a. Actual uncredited source: John Wooden


    8. From SRK’s talk:

    Courage is doing what YOU are afraid to do. Personally scared to do in whichever capacity you work. There can be no courage unless you are scared.

    8a. Actual uncredited source: Eddie Rickenbacker


    So what does all this say to me? First, SRK’s own story doesn’t need this hash of stolen paragraphs and sentences around it – it is effective in itself. Second, that SRK’s speech was plagiarised right from the Yale version itself – and not just AIMA which was the repeat of the Yale performance. And third – the Bollywood formula works. Plagiarise some nice bits from a raft of overseas sources, put it together with a little of your own stuff. Then your audience: Indian management and Indian movie goers will lap it up and think you’re a genius.

    Or will they, for much longer?

  • @queensrk everyone knw tht srk scripts stolen from hollywood now his speech…..hahaha…this guy global king??? hahhaha wat a joke…srk fans blame remake of salman,akki….shin music to srk fans…

  • @queen invest some time for ur self …. instead of writing stories about a highly successful movie star . . . it all benefit u alone……

    HAIL THE BAAP OF ALL ACTORS& CELEBRITIES…ONE & ONLY KING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • @indicine clt20 final has affected besharam collections. Sunday will be lower than friday. Epic disaster…..

  • @rahul do some work instead talking abt ur fav star…@queensrk this he dont knw anything expect doing crap romantic craps….went to see don-2 with we r laughing during action scences srk expressions same to same in romantic….he dont half talent as akki or govinda…

  • @rahul for ur kind information wat queen written is not a story its fact and second its imp for ppl to knw truth instead cheap Pr material…so i mind ur own bussiness!

  • @queensrk get a life u looser
    U r so srk obsessed…
    I think u wanted 2 b his queen.. But he declined as shahrukh hav already a queen by his side gauri..
    N datz y u r spilling out ur frustation against ur dream boy srk.lolzzz

  • @queen: that’s WY u people ll always remain illiterate and retards. SRK clearly mentioned that he s going to take anecdotes from various sources. and he did. as intensive reader he is. he obviously would take it. that’s not plagiarism. just because some hater posted it u did a cut copy and paste.
    taking anecdotes from various texts is not wrong.
    as far as the response the invitees and the audience chunk were way happy. ll post a few.
    idiotic haters have problem s with any thing
    because its so simple to become talked and famous.
    ” by criticizing SRK”. lol grow up

  • queensrk: (October 6, 2013 at 5:25 pm)

    dear your have realy put your hard work and effort to degrade SRK and his fans, thats really shows your hard work at all. dude please try in your studies and personal life dont miss with SRK and his fans…

  • @queensrk yes whatever Srk does is always scripted like his speech,awards,movies,controversies etc bcoz he has no creative mind like Aamir and he can’t give spontaneous genuine reply like Salman.

  • @dinda11 the fact that u take both Salman and Aamir to compare SRK’s creativity and Spontaneity itself shows that Salman is not Creative and Aamir is not Spontaneous where as SRK has both the qualities……just like u compare Salman with SRK when it comes to Popularity and Aamir with SRK when it comes to Acting…..

    @rowdyboss SRK does not have half the talent as Akki/ Govinda is it? I pity for ur thoughts….

  • srk is more powerful man than Obama. He is more talented than Einstein n more creative than Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Srk is greater than Mahatma Gandhi (I beg you pardon Bapuji) but srk fans believes srk is even greater than you. Srk beats Neil Armstrong n crushes Mohammed Ali Clay !!!!! but sadly he cannot control his stammering n even his fans are helpless. Whereas all other actors are humans n srk is an Alien who can defeat Rajni sir !!!!!

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