Besharam Weekend Collections

Besharam has collected around 44-45 crore in its first extended 5-day weekend at the box office. The film opened very well on Gandhi Jayanti (Wednesday) but due to poor reviews and negative reviews, shows signs of its eventual downfall towards the end of its first day itself.

For a film with such a wide release (3550), business was down to an all-time low on its second day itself. On Friday, almost all circuits once again witnessed dropped in the range of 15-20%. While business did pick on Saturday and Sunday, the occupancy was terribly low even on Sunday as most shows were running to 20-25%.

Reliance Entertainment, who have invested around 98-100 crore on the film (80 cr worldwide theatrical rights and 18-20 crore print and advertising) have recovered around 30 crore from satellite rights (might be re-negotiated with the film’s dismal run in theatres) and will recover around 38 crores from India and overseas share. Even after various other rights (music, home video, branding etc), Reliance will lose about 20 crore of their investment.

Besharam Box Office Collections

  • Wednesday – 19.73 crore (holiday)
  • Thursday – 6.65 crore
  • Friday – 5.6 crore
  • Saturday – 5.8 crore
  • Sunday – 7 crore
  • First Weekend (5 day) 44.78 crore



    So your prediction was a big wrong. You predicted 105 crore+ even at worst case… But it seems the film will not collect even 65 crores.

  • 3rd Distaster of 2013
    1. Besharam – Ranbir
    2. Himmatwala – Ajay
    3. OUATIMD – Akshay

    Now Best Wishes for Ramleela, R… Rajkumar, K-3 & D-3

    Support these 4 movies to do good business

  • It cleary shows that salman and shahrukh are 3 days hero and rest are 1 day hero anyways still 1st day collection of besharam is awsum ranbir has nothing to do with this bcoz director messed everything and for ranbir he is future superstar now he is only star

  • indicine,when u predicted #besharam will collect 24cr on oppening day at worst case nd 5 days weekend beyond 70cr but i said i bet with u that #besharam will not collect 20cr on oppening day nd lifetime not more than 80cr,pls check that,ha ha i win

  • RK is a good actor and future superstar and yes his movie can be flop like other superstar so its not big deal khans,hirthik,ajay,akshay had also give some dissapointing movies so its doesn’t mean that they are not conisder them bad actors. So pls don’t abuse actors for proving your point.

  • Besharam gets besharam response from audience…I am surprised when i see 100 cr budget…It costs too much…In this movie Only Ranbir and his family…And lady-love,villian,music,custome are not so good..So Why this film cost 100 cr??


    What is your opinion about Ranbir’s star power in the industry?? Such a low numbers shows that films of Ranbir will be a hit only if the content is good, where as worst film of SRK and salman will easily collect 100 crore. Doesnt it prove that it will take a bulk amount of film and time for Ranbir to be in the top 3

    • @Vinshal, a superstar can only ensure that his films open well at the box office. Besharam collected around 20 crore on its opening day, which only three stars Salman, SRK and Hrithik have managed to give. Also, the film did not have a established female star, the promos and music wasn’t received well. Blame the director and the script writers.

      Ranbir is way too talented for one failure to affect him. He will be back!

  • Interesting. But then this is good news for Boss. Atleast the opening weekend. Unless the reviews are as bad as Besharam’s

    And Anurag’s comments that powers are out there to destroy the movie is looser talk. Dabangg was carried by Salman Khan. The movie itself was nothing outstanding

  • It implies that chennai express was not a crap.
    If it would have been a crap then it would have collected only 100cr due to srk only. crap films were talaash, himmatwala, khiladi 786, outiamd ,etc

  • Now that Besharam is disaster ,we Srk fans hope Boss also becomes flop..dont mess with Srk bz he is King .

  • @indicine:i agree with u. just because a movie flopped, we can’t blame ranbir. He is a talented actor. Atleast he tried something different.
    It got negative review,still opened with 20 crores.

  • here goes indicine full throttle supporting ranbir.. i’ll tell you who a superstar is.. a superstar is who not only gives bumper opening but also makes the movie atleast a hit in today’s business dynamics.. things were different 5 years ago but business dynamics have changed drastically nowadays.. in today’s business dynamics no matter how bad the film is, how bad the word of mouth is n how bad the reviews are a superstar should make his film atleast a hit.. salman n srk movies are a proof of it.. infact such is their superstardom that they make it blockbusters.. n as far as 20 crores opening is concerned it is not a big deal for a film released on a national holiday with 3550+ screens, infact it is too less.. the new benchmark is 30+ crores n now we are looking at 40 crores with aamir n salman releasing their movies next.. tomorrow even 30crores opening would be considered less.. u have to take into account the changing business dynamics.. superstars are those who set benchmarks.. n the true superstars are only salman srk n aamir.. dont call anybody a superstar just like that.. few months ago indicine was calling even emraan hashmi a superstar!.. plz for god’s sake

  • Besaram opening day 20cr due to holiday, otherwise the opening day col will be less than grand masti.

  • @IMO. If Dabangg was a hit only due to Salman khan then what abt Veer, which released same year and bombed at boxoffice?. Point to be noted is Veer is scripted by Salman itself. What abt so many other films which became disaster, what abt Wanted which colected only 60 crs lifetime inspite of excellent wom?. Salman got Boxoffice power after Dabangg, before that he was superstar without starpower. Now that he got few back to back superhits, he started taking credit by himself like Aamir Khan. Cooling glass idea, tumpe itna chedh karunga dialogue idea may be Salmans input but Dabangg became hit due to script and director, songs and Salman also acted well. But actor cant take entire credit for films sucess. After few superhits, salman started saying few things like
    1. Earlier I do films for friends and now I started doing films for myself
    2. Earlier I dont sit at editing but now started doing it
    3. Dabangg was an art film when it came to me but I made it in to entertaining film
    These remarks says that Salman wanted entire credit for the movie which is a team work. Even Rajnikanth never said such things. Every actors give some input to a movie but taking entire credit is selfishness to the core

  • ranbir is the 5th biggest star in bollywood (after 3 khans and hrithik). And boss is also opening on a holiday and it has more buzz than besharam had, and boss has hit songs. so we can see weather akshay can put 20+ cr plus figures with more buzz and chart-buster songs.

  • Dont worry ranbir fans, most of the us hrithik fans love ranbir and support him. he deserves superstar status

  • Himatwala; OUATIMD and Besharam are definitely the biggest disapointment of the year so far but in term of business i think Zanjeer is the biggest money loser followed by Besharam!

  • @hrithik lover – nice joke! :D ranbir a superstar??? are you kidding me!!!
    @soroop – keep burning! what is wrong if salman is stating the facts. keep your jealousy to yourself. and dabangg belongs to only salman khan.

  • @akash. Dabangg is not a masterpiece lol. Give all the credit to ur bhai, but while remaking a south movie why he dont make even single change?. He literally remake it, in computer language we call copy n then paste. If ur bhai is such a genius then why dont he try to improvise while remaking it?. Where does his ideas vanish at that time. Ready was simply a copy paste of telugu movie which itself is a huge blockbuster down der. But became blockbuster in bollywood only due to ur bhai!!!. Ask ur bhai to remake old south movie and release then everyone will knw his real aukaad. To remake a 2008 south blockbuster movie and release it in 2011 and take crediit for it is not a big deal

  • Ranbir is not a superstar YET but he will be within next couple of years. The 3 Top superstars are

    Mega Stars: Icons!
    1.Shahrukh/Salman – Can not differentiate between these two they are mega stars of epic proportions. DDLJ, KKHH, OSO, CE, Dabangg, HAHK, ETT, MPK, Karan Arjun.

    2. Hritikh Roshan – Can give bumper opening and has many BB hits to his name.
    3. Aamir – Good actor gave a record breaking hit in the form of Ghajini and 3 Idiots was a massive hit but the credit goes to Hirani for that as Aamir couldn’t even take Talaash released in 2700 screens beyond 90crs, hence he is 3rd. Dhobi Ghat was also a washout. Before 2001 he wasn’t even a superstar when SRK and Salman were.

    Big stars:
    4. Ranbir Kapoor – Gave a monstrous hit in YJHD and besharam opened well.
    5. Akshay Kumar – Consistent but has never given monster hits.
    6. Rajkumar Hirani
    7. Rohit Shetty
    8. Deepika
    9. Katrina
    10. Priyanka Chopa

    Emraan Hashmi – Can become Big star.
    Saif Ali Khan – Has potential to open big but can enter Super Str League.
    Ajay Devgn – No big hits ever, no records broken and has high flop ratio.
    Imran Khan – Overrated.
    Shahid Kapoor – Will remain a star
    Ranveer Singh – Might become a super star.
    Arjun Kapoor – Will always be a star.
    John Abraham – A star
    Kareena Kapoor – highly overrated and monotonous.

    Never call Ajay Devgn a superstar it is an insult to him. He is an ordinary star who can churn out hits due to Rohit Shetty.

  • @all ranbir is definitely a superstar its shown with the opening collection of 19-20 cr, yes wom is negative that’s why its huge fall, people who is saying only salman and srk is superstar but they are huge superstar while akshay,ajay,hr,ranbir,saif are superstar, trade are shocking with such a down fall but we should remember at the time of ett and agneepath release their second day shown a big drop and they collected 14.5 & 11.5 on 2nd day so collection in the range of 9-10 cr will be pretty ok, but here we have around 6.5cr, and we should remember it was extended weekend but not having holiday period and 2nd day was thursday so it was not a weekend days, and besharam trailer,songs all were huge letdown still collected 19.5 cr, its only due to ranbir stardom, i remember agnipath which got extremely positive review both by critics and audience, but still got 50% drop on 2nd day the reason is simple 2nd day wasn’t holiday. So don’t comment like a fools to spread negativity for ranbir

  • And for salman and srk fans i will give example of each of their movies which having extended holidays, salman bodyguard release on eid on wednesday, collected 20 cr,17.5,14,16,18 on extended weekend but bodyguard 2nd day was a semiholiday basi eid, while 4th & 5th day was weekend, bodyguard got negative review from critics and mixed from audience, at the time of ra1 release collections were 14.5,23.5,14,14,15 on extended weekend and its 1st and 3rd day half holiday, 2nd day holiday and 4th and 5th day was weekend and since monday how big crash it had we all know, so both salman and srk got great collection due to festive weekend. But both they have hugely popular heroine karina, superb buzz with trailer and chartbuster songs having all advantage with them which require before release, if ranbir got all these advantage with besharam than with this content he still can get better results and we all seen already with yjhd time a non holiday release,popular heroine and chartbuster music and collected 180 cr.

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