Ranbir: Trying to match the standards set by Khans and Hrithik

In an interview to Screen India, Ranbir Kapoor has said that he is still very ambitious and wants to set a standard for the next generation of actors. He also says that with each film, he constantly tries to touch the standards set by his seniors in industry.

“I don’t feel that I have achieved so much. Yes, I am grateful that it (success) has come my way but I feel that I have so much to achieve. I am still hungry, I am still ambitious. I want to reach limits where I will set a standard. Right now, I am only trying to match the standards that have been set by my predecessors. Like what the Khans have set, what Hrithik Roshan has set, I am trying to touch it. So I think there is a long way to go. I have achieved only 2 per cent of what I want to do.”

The actor, who was recently seen in Besharam, also says that he would love to be a part of multi-starrers like Raajneeti. And if given a chance, he would love to share screen-space with his generation of actors, Khans and Hrithik.

“I haven’t been offered any multi-starrers as of now, but I would love to do a two-hero film. I would love to work with my generation of actors, I would love to work with the Khans, I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan. I would love to pair up with these actors, take something from them, give them a tough competition and try and be better than them in that movie. That’s the incentive that you should have.”






  • To whoever said Ranbir has achieved what the Khan’s did in 25yrs- five years into his career, Salman gave the highest grossing film of all time. Carry on dreaming if you think Ranbir can give that even in ten years time.

  • Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor has gone silent and is reportedly missing from events after his latest film Besharam failed to make an impact at the box office.

    Ranbir, who was to attend an event in Mumbai on the second day of his film release, cancelled the event to avoid the media as the film is not doing well at the box office.

    The Rockstar, who was riding high on the success of his last film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, was hopeful to rule the box office this time again with Abhinav Kashyap’s latest offering. But the film is not only meeting criticisim by the critics but the audience too is not liking Ranbir in this new “besharam” avatar.

    To give the movie a big opening, Ranbir and Abhinav left no stone unturned. The film was released in more than 3700 screens in India and 700 screens overseas. But the results have not been promising so far. The film has collected only Rs 21.56 crore on the opening day.

  • @kumar: i saw ranbir latest interview on bollywoodhunagma site. he talked about akki as well. he praised him called him superstar and wanted to work with him. ranbir praises every good actor.

  • @rowdyboss, shut up you idiot, Hrithik is 4 time best actor award winner and also has won an international award for jodhaa akbar, he has shown his acting in each film, he has evolved as a performer in each film, he always does different roles,he gets into the character, when you see him, you don’t see hrithik the superstar, you see the character he is playing, but morons like you will hate him no matter what !

    Hrithik haters just get a lfie, that guy has maintained good relations with all your fav stars, he has all qualities starting from acting to dancing to body to looks, still so humble ! Hrithik is unique gem of bollywood !

  • i love srk

    he is my god

    i pray to him every night

    just like all my srkian chums

    all other actors need to learn how to act from our god

  • @sumeet u moronic hr fan wat u knw abt film industry? Go and talk any exhibitor hritik is dad spoon feeding kid nothin else best actor awards? Haha gud joke paid awards!jodha akbar serial on zee is big hit thn movie of hritik…hritik dont come to foot of selfmade star like akki or govinda…sunny deol&anil kapoor r versatile actor thn hritik thy dont hav father lik rakesh roshan either!

  • @RowdyBoss Ur Own Akshay Is Struggling In Bollywood. And Even Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh Can Beat Him At Box Office Any Day.

    And Hrithik Is A Class Actor Who Only Deserves Accolades n Laurels Beside Mamooth Collections & No Criticism n Haterdness.

    Akshay Kumar Himself Said That He Is Senior To Hrithik In Bollywood By 10Years But In Acting Hrithik Is Senior To Akshay By 10 Years.

    I Respect Akshay But Because Of You Fans Many Other Fans From Different Fanbases Are Attacking Akshay When His Film Fails.

  • @sumeet u 3rd class hollywood copycat fan…..hritik is non actor and flopstar without..not selfmade lik akshay kumar./

  • Hrithik is one of the most talented,most hardworking,most dedicated,most humble,most down to earth personality in Bollywood still he is very underrated…he has achieved very much in very short period that nobody can even think….. Arey HEERA HAI HEERA humara hrithik….and he doesn’t need ranbir to verify him as a superstar…he debut in Bollywood as superstar….Vo to paida hi superstar hua hai…and he is in different league guys..don’t compare him with anybody else..he always tries to outdo his own work…bhaiyo hritik k jaisa to 100 saal me ek baar paida hota h….

  • @soroop: Finally you reappeared on indicine. You had said Dabangg worked only due to Abhinav Kashyap n not Salman’s star power? so wheres the power of Mr. Abhinav Kashyap? Though nothing against Ranbir but he will be always after Khans, Ajay, Hrithik n Akshaye !!!!!

  • @srk the king, filmfare award for acting? lol.

    such funny one liners one can hear on Kapil’s comedy nights.

    i know people working closely with award committees, and trust me, acting is the last criteria. It is who brings what and how much to the table that counts, in terms of sponsorship, generating money, popularity, boosting tv ratings etc., only to the award organiser’s benefit.

    filmfare had a give and take relationship with srk, who brought all the sponsorships, agreed to dance and compere – that guaranteed good turnout of public and viewers, boosting tickets and tv ratings, and in return there was always some kinda award for him. Simple business.

    but business is business and nothing is permanent, and filmfare like pepsi will soon be outing him and joining hands with Ranbir, again, simple business.

    the best award for any movie star is the response of the public that goes to watch his/her movies. Nothing more, nothing else.

  • Besharam is not a bad film as social media meant it to be.. It’s obvious that its pure jealousy coz of the success of a new comer… I can’t understand why those fans feel insecure.. Ranbir has not said anything bad about any senior actor EVER.. He only speaks with his work.. He always respects seniors in the industry.. He even said sorry if he hurt any fans thru Besharam trailer and he said it was not at all the intention.. But again.. All of those were what directors do.. What can Ranbir do with that.. He is just the actor in the film…
    And also no actor can have 100% success ratio…there should be hits and flops so that they get better and better each day.. So this is a single failure in Ranbir’s career and he will take this in good spirit.. He will be more careful in choosing scripts now.. Problem was with the script..(But again..It was not at all bad as ppl meant it to be.. When ppl go for brainless masalas like Rowdy Rathore, All Salman movies, Chennai Express etc… Why cant they accept Besharam.. It’s just that those fans can’t digest the fact that Ranbir was entering their star’s territories..). He will come with a bang with his next… But jobless losers only know to point at others and let down good talent.. So you haters..keep hating.. It wont matter… When true Ranbir Kapoor fans are with him till now..and hereafter as well… you can do NOTHING… Ranbir has already proved himself.. So nothing can change…
    You can feel insecure.. Coz he’s going to challenge ur star’s stardom very soon..

  • ” If I’m a superstar..Khans are Gods”..- Ranbir…. That is the respect he gives to them…. But what are their fans doing????? THINK!!!

  • hell akki fans r talking abt standards in movie !!!!!!!! if u sign 4-5 ridiculous films in a year jst 4 money dats nt standard….in his whole long career akki dznt hav more gud movies thn ranbir even…special 26 nd namastey london r gud movies f recent times bt ranbir has more….wake up sid,rockstar,barfi,rocketsingh………nd oh my god wz gud bcoz f paresh rawal….akki wz nthing comapred 2 paresh in the movie…nd akki’s standard=khiladi 786,joker,rowdy rathore,housefull 2,tees maar khan,action replay,housefull,de dana dan,thank you,kambakht isshq,tashan,welcome……………list is very long……..

  • @indicine. Don’t u think that june is a great time for bollywood as compared to eid , diwali and christmas. And ranbir’s biggest hit movie released in theatre in june

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