Ranbir Kapoor wanted to be like Hrithik Roshan!

Every newcomer’s dream would be a debut as spectacular as Hrithik Roshan’s, and Ranbir Kapoor was no different.

When Ranbir was 18 and dreaming of a career in Bollywood, he saw Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and instantly became a huge fan of the actor.

He came across a Hrithik fan who saw his idol and said “Yeh to heera hai, heera”. Since then Ranbir wanted to be like Hrithik, and when he made his debut with Saawariya, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, he wanted his staff to call him Heera. To encourage the Kapoor lad his spot boy, Inder after every shot of Ranbir, said, “Yeh to Heera hai, Heera”

Ranbir sure must have been disappointed with Saawariya failing to click with the audience, but although the actor has a long way to go before he becomes a Hrithik, he surely is going in the right direction with Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazan Kahani raking in the moolah at the box office.



  • ranbir may become a superstar but not hritik..the screen presense mass appeal nd charizma of hritik is outstanding..

  • Ranbir is cute, loveable & talented..he got a strong presences on the screen.. I like him so much, and he’ll reach the top one day for sure

  • Hrithik is for sure accepted by MASS n have a huge appeal…………….. n he wass too like anyone [common man] …….but its all his attitude towards his work And i find ranbir having same potential n attitude towards his work………… so he is next hrithik but cant beat him

  • Krish: you fanatic loser.. we’ve all the right to post our comments anywhere as long as we watch bollywood, hollywood, foreign lanuage, any movies!! don’t u visit youtube or some hollywood websites and post your comments there too?!! in that case.. and if you’re trying to stop other nationalities to post their comments here.. so you don’t hv any right to express yr opinion about hollywood movies, actors anywhere except on yr bollywood websites.. on yr indian movies.. right? haha.. it’s a silly thing to forbid ppl because u didn’t like their comments!!

  • @krish

    wat are u saying man, do u have have any sense, cinema is not for any nation or particular people , it is only for entertainment and every one has right to comment, like or dislike
    I am really surprised to see that there are people like u who feel this way

  • Well said gurvindar..m surprized sum people still thinks in that way..@krish DISAPPEAR DISAPPEAR DISAPPEAR

  • kahan raja bhoj kahan gangu teli……randir is the child of bollywood……hritik is the master……no. 1 actor

  • This site is for all who love Indian Cinema, Hindi movies in particular.. No religious or country bias allowed here.. Please! Comment deleted.

  • well this media is everything….they can either make any gaungu teli to the top actor or good actor to bad

    and this ranbir is nothing more than just what this media made him…….it is becoz the media is now fed up with khans and they r now leaving khans backwards……..

    well apkgp is super hit…..just bcoz of the katrina and the director………when once ranbir will star to give the no. of flops….he will again be the zero in this bollywood…..

    the real hero of the bollywood is just the hritick roshan…….ranbir aur hritick……ha ha ha…impossible

  • anyway……….truely ranbir is just the media created star………hritick is the real hero of bollywood……in terms of body,,,,muscle,,,,dance,,,,acting,,,,,,,,,this ranbir is nothing infront of hritick….i want to warn him, not to dream like that…..???

  • i think ranbir will became next hrithik only if he can act as good as hrithik does. But its true he cant became hrithik. Hrithik is the most goodlooking guy in the bollywood.

  • Oh pls ranbir is far better,matured n of course far smarter actor than hritik.i jst don’t undstnd why he takes himself so srsly.

  • OH………..PLZ just dont say that RANBIR is better than HRITHIK cooooooooooz ranbir can try to bcome HR..BUT!!!!!!!!!!! HRITHIK is HRITHIK .RANBIR CAN NEVER EVER BECOME HRITHIK.




  • Hrithik roshan is the most handsome most good looking most talented superstar indian cinema has ever seen…ranvir is a good actor and can be superstar but he would have to go in a lot of platic surgery steps to come even close to hrithik in looks…..he can never look like him….ranvir looks average and hrithik is a dream boy…

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