Paa Box office Updates

Paa, produced by the Bachchan’s under their AB Corp banner, opened to a good response from the audiences on Friday. The business though, as expected was average on the opening day but has picked up all over on Saturday due to positive reviews and strong word of mouth.

Occupancy was best at major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The first day (Friday) nett is around 2 – 2.5 crores, while Saturday and Sunday were approximately in the 4 – 5 crore range.

Single screens too witnessed a hike in ticket sales on Saturday and Sunday, with occupancy ranging from 20% for the morning shows to 60% for the evening shows. Note – These figures are from some of the single screen theaters we contacted in Bangalore, Mumbai and a few other towns / cities.

For a film released on around 525 screens, these are good numbers. The curiosity to watch Amitabh Bachchan as Auro, the amazingly positive reviews and excellent word-of-mouth should all help the film easily recover its investment by the end of week 1.

Day 1 – 2 crores
Day 2 – 3.5 crores
Day 3 – 5.5 crores

First Weekend: 11 crores

Day 4 (Monday) – 2 crores

Paa has picked up big time, almost doubling its Friday collections on Saturday and tripling on Sunday! Such spike in business is a rarity these days. The Monday collections are expected to be better than Friday and the movie is expected to remain strong at the box office for the rest of the weekdays.

Content is the king!

Week 1: 20 crores (expected)


Radio starring Himesh Reshammiya has been rejected all over. The opening is in the range of 10 – 20%, even the single screens are extremely poor. With poor reports, the film should be out of theaters by the end of the week.

Box office verdict – FLOP


In other box office news, De Dana Dan has failed to pick up on its second Friday. Still running at around 800 screens in India (more than Paa), the business of the Akshay Kumar film continues to remain on the lower side. Friday is expected to be around 1.5 – 2 crores, which takes its total to 36 crores. Still, a long way to go for HIT status.



  • Bad year for akki..ddd deserves to be hit..i hope he ll reduce his market prize after this..paa ll reach 25cr i think..indicine wht hpnd wid radio?

  • Radio collections are very very poor.. In the range of 10 – 20%.. Himesh should get back to full time music composing now, before its too late..

  • himesh reshamia once said on stardust that aap ka surur will be india’s biggest hit nd ll be made at a budget of 75cr.hahahaha

  • Paa is one of those movie which ll always remembered as hit even if it flops..wom nd reports r so positive that if u tell sumone that paa is a flop he ll laugh at office verdict of paa is a gone case..

  • I coudn’t resist to watch Paa finally. And that too with my family, my paa. It was a wonderful experience. I am hopeful that paa will b a hit. Will post my review in the mrng

  • bad time of akki continues…. though i liked ddd…bt this movie is also showing same pattern lyk his other movies this year…hope he choose good scripts 4m now….it is his ki nd blue type of movie who caused this fate of ddd….best of luck akki

  • Paa is inspiring,amazing and mesmerizing.But still it lacks the class of TZP.Nice review Indicine,it desrves 3.5/5.


    1).Amitabh Bachan has given one of the finest performance this year.But I still rate Salman’s wanted and Shahid’s Kameenay performance better.

    2).I agree few of the scenens have been exaggerated.But as a whole paa makes you cry and smile at the same time.Vidiya Balan has given her career’s best performance.Abhishek is good but a better actor could have done much better.School scenes are very funny especially when Auro runs away whenever he sees a particular gal.His best friend’s thoughts about his father are hilarious.

    3).Auro and her mother’s scenes were very well executed especially where she gives him gift on his 12th birthday.Auro’s and his father’s scenes at delhi were very emotive.

    4).Story telling was simple and moving.Balki is excellent in his story telling.

    5).Comedy is clean and funny.What a contrast from DDD.

    6).Auro is such a happy boy despite his problems.Such a positive message 4 all of us.Live each day and enjoy yourself.

    7).Music is situational and well placed in the movie.Mere Paa is indeed very gripping.


    Movie is very slow paced.Few scence look bit too much exaggerated as Indicine you have already mentioned the rounds scene n etc..Thus it lacks the reality factor.Few days back I saw Anand Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh starrer dat movie is so realistic.Paa has bit artifical factor.It is less beliveable,especailly how come vidiyia is so calm after being a single mother 4 twelve years.I mean she should have been shown little more rigid.Why there is filmi end?Why Abhishek is 4given.And look at abhishek he can’t accept his son 12 yrs back.But he wants to change his country?These are two contrasting features.Political part has spoiled the party for Paa.

    But,on the whole Paa is one of the best movie released this year both in content and treatment..

    My rating 3.5/5..

    Review dedicated to Nauman and Amish…

  • Indicine whts ur source of boxoffice collection?boi taran both said 2 4 6..nd urs r 2 4 4..ur collection seems to be a estimate only..i heard monday is superstong.bad luck for rocket singh as it ll get less screen next week .


  • prity is saju dey’s elder sister so plz respect her she is our didi
    but didi u forgot to talk about veer .
    ohhh saju dey will talk abt veer and u ll abt sallu
    i got it carry on
    coz now we are free coz next akki release is on 9th april so 4 more months
    now its ur turn

  • OHHHHHHHH……Very Bad that DDD will have to settle for Average Status from now…….. Akshay’s luck is not favouring him……All his movies are getting good start but after 1 week every thing turns upside down for him………. I wonder why this is happening wid him when Nauman gave a very good review for this movie…… Poor chap he was pretty sure that this will be the 1st hit of Akshay in 2009 but sorry dude, You will have to wait for april 2010 now………. Why doesn’t Akshay understand a simple fact that he is charging too much for a movie… He is not Amir or SRK, He is just Akshay…… He should cost what he deserves….So it’s time for him to recalculate his demands……

  • Nope, we receive detailed spread sheet’s at the end of the week.. For weekend figures too we have our own sources.. :)

  • Indicine Team– do u have an office set up? or is it like ur members operate using some password from different places?

    If der s an office wer s it? just askin out of curiosity….:)

  • We have offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.. A few also work from home

    Getting back on topic, Box office figures updated.

  • @amish.except taran komal amod nd mirani no body has any sources..agar indicine boi ke pass collection hote to ye apne editor ka nam kyu nhi btate..amish bhai inke koi source nhi hai idhar udhar se information marke manipulate krke likh dete hai..taran komal these people r huge nd known by industry..btw amish ddd declared avg by indiafm flop by rediff.sad

  • Amit– ya guess so…;) there s one site yaar… bollywood trade or somethin wer in if u subscribe they send u weeekly nett collections…;)

    and regarding DDD none gives proper fig and just declare it flop or average. after dey declare it den dey `ll manipulate d collections so tat it looks flop to al of us….;)

  • akshays had a very bad year after sik dont know why his films havnt workd anyone heard about the astrologer niraj je predicted dat akshays gna hav a bad 2009 and dats wat hapend but he also said akshay once will start gvin hit films in 2010 so lets wait an watch fr year 2010 my predictions

    action replay blokbuster (if budget is low)
    housefull super hit
    patiala house based on cricket looks a bit dodgy am goin fr a average one ere
    khatta meetha should be a hit
    tees marr khan blockbuster since farah is directed it unless she gets it all wrong and it f,lops imagine dat guys lol

  • i never get ta time ta talk to ya guys its coz a live in da uk and u guys are probably frm india and pakistan so its a big time difference frm uk ta india wen eva a kum on u guys are probably sleepin and wen u guys kum on am sleepin lol

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