Paa Box office Updates

Paa, produced by the Bachchan’s under their AB Corp banner, opened to a good response from the audiences on Friday. The business though, as expected was average on the opening day but has picked up all over on Saturday due to positive reviews and strong word of mouth.

Occupancy was best at major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The first day (Friday) nett is around 2 – 2.5 crores, while Saturday and Sunday were approximately in the 4 – 5 crore range.

Single screens too witnessed a hike in ticket sales on Saturday and Sunday, with occupancy ranging from 20% for the morning shows to 60% for the evening shows. Note – These figures are from some of the single screen theaters we contacted in Bangalore, Mumbai and a few other towns / cities.

For a film released on around 525 screens, these are good numbers. The curiosity to watch Amitabh Bachchan as Auro, the amazingly positive reviews and excellent word-of-mouth should all help the film easily recover its investment by the end of week 1.

Day 1 – 2 crores
Day 2 – 3.5 crores
Day 3 – 5.5 crores

First Weekend: 11 crores

Day 4 (Monday) – 2 crores

Paa has picked up big time, almost doubling its Friday collections on Saturday and tripling on Sunday! Such spike in business is a rarity these days. The Monday collections are expected to be better than Friday and the movie is expected to remain strong at the box office for the rest of the weekdays.

Content is the king!

Week 1: 20 crores (expected)


Radio starring Himesh Reshammiya has been rejected all over. The opening is in the range of 10 – 20%, even the single screens are extremely poor. With poor reports, the film should be out of theaters by the end of the week.

Box office verdict – FLOP


In other box office news, De Dana Dan has failed to pick up on its second Friday. Still running at around 800 screens in India (more than Paa), the business of the Akshay Kumar film continues to remain on the lower side. Friday is expected to be around 1.5 – 2 crores, which takes its total to 36 crores. Still, a long way to go for HIT status.



  • The final quarter has enlivened the hopes of the industry

    By Taran Adarsh, December 8, 2009 – 08:48 IST

    Is the tide changing for better? Looks like! The last quarter of every year is most crucial, what with Diwali and Christmas being celebrated towards the final quarter of the year. This year was no different, with several biggies getting released in October and November.

    WAKE UP SID and ALL THE BEST [in October], AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI, 2012 and DE DANA DAN [in November] and PAA [in the first week of December] have infused oxygen in the lungs of an ailing industry. While APKGK and 2012 are supreme hits, DE DANA DAN is scoring well at single screens.

    In fact, the second weekend of DDD has been equally strong in several circuits – Rajasthan Rs. 40.30 lacs, Bengal Rs. 18.73 lacs, Nizam Rs. 21 lacs, C.P. Berar Rs. 37.6 lacs, Mysore Rs. 18.61 lacs and C.I. Rs. 29.65 lacs.

    As for PAA, the Monday business has been strong too. In fact, better than Friday at several screens. Here’s hoping ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR, AVATAR and 3 IDIOTS end the year on a prosperous note.


  • I think himesh is spoiling himself by acting which will affect his music talent he should only concentrate towards the music as he is very good in composing then why the hell he is acting cant understand !!!!!!!!

    Radio flop nowadys no radio

  • Naved:
    dont worry yaar i m in australia , fathiya is in bahrin , gzp is in fiji ……
    so many poeple are from so manycountries
    usman solo is in south africa ( or some other country in africa) .
    time doesnt matter , in overseas movies release on thursday so u can watch a movie before these indian guys and put ur review before them like me.
    but unfortunatley rocket singh is releasing on friday in sydney and show time is 8:30 pm.
    if i ll watch this movie on froday 8:30 then i ll abale to put my review at 8 pm friday ist. and it was too late coz every site put their reviews till friday afternoon about 2 ,3 pm.
    so amish let me know that should i watch rocket singh or not ??? coz at this time i wont be 1st one who ll put review like DDD and Paa.

  • De Dana Dan Has 6.50 Crore Second Weekend

    Tuesday 7th December 2009 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dan grossed around 6.50 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to 40.50 crore nett. The films best business is coming from the North, Rajasthan and CPCI.

    The second week is likely to do nett business of around 10 crore which will take the film to about 44 crore nett after two weeks. The film may take its lifetime business to around 50 crore nett depending on screen space available when Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year releases on Friday.

    Overall the film will emerge an Above Average/Semi Hit affair with a distributor share of 26-28 crore.

    Learn How to Get Ripped in 4 Weeks!

  • De Dana Dan grossed around 6.50 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to 40.50 crore nett. The films best business is coming from the North, Rajasthan and CPCI.

    The second week is likely to do nett business of around 10 crore which will take the film to about 44 crore nett after two weeks. The film may take its lifetime business to around 47 crore nett depending on screen space available when Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year releases on Friday.

    Overall the film will emerge an Average/above Average affair with a distributor share of 26-28 crore

  • its very bad that when i am free and read to post comments every one is busy…
    only hina is free now . but i can talk with her on msn as well.
    where are all poeple.
    no fighting
    no comment
    very boring.
    it is very surprice for me even for every one that Paa is going towords hit status and he is geting good business day by day.
    i think it will touch 25 cr easily
    but depend on rocket singh as well
    ke ranbir ab ki bar kitne pani main hai.

  • most hyped movie nd most critcally acclaimed movie of amitabh dropped wid prediction was spot on 3 4 4 2 1 1 1..ranbir bhut pani me hai bhai rocket singh ll be 4 5 6 3 2 2 2..

  • nice to know paa is going towards hit status as it deserved for its excellent content and of course another unforgettable performance by the great actor BIG B.

  • 2009 Box Office Verdicts With One Month Left

    Tuesday 8th December 2009 19.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The year 2009 is coming to and end with two major Hindi releases left in Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year and Three Idiots. The box office results of De Dana Dhan and Paa are dependent on their run in the next week or two. The results so far for Hindi films are as follows with the four above mentioned films having a chance to get into top ten.

    1. Wanted – SUPER HIT
    2. Love Aaj Kal – SUPER HIT
    3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – SUPER HIT
    4. New York – HIT
    5. Kaminey – SEMI HIT
    6. Raaz TMC – SEMI HIT
    7. Kambakkht Ishq – ABOVE AVERAGE
    8. All The Best – ABOVE AVERAGE
    9. Wake Up Sid – ABOVE AVERAGE
    10. Dev D – ABOVE AVERAGE

  • Paa has dropped on Monday, by more than 60% compared to Sunday.. Business was slightly lesser than Friday.. Unexpected.. Box office is weird, just when you expect a film to do well, it crashes.. and vice versa..

  • watchd paa today good fil good performances by all of em espesially big b deserves best actor hope he wins my 3 best actors prdeictions of da year

    1. big b (PAA)
    2 Shahid (KAMINEY
    3. Ajay or salman fr (LONDON DREAMS) so dats 4

  • Indicine team, 60% fall is from sunday which is normal, sunday was 95% , so 60% drop is very normal. I suggest you guys to check bollybusiness collections, that guy is pretty much advance in giivng reports. Rocket singh advance bookings are good as par owner of bollybusiness.

  • Also tuesday and wednesday figures of Paa is rocksteady and even better than monday as par bollybusiness :

    so we can go like :

    2+3.5+5.5+2+2+2+2 = 19 Crore first week.

  • Your pick your numbers from BOI .. that’s sure !! infact, there are only two genuine sources .. Taran and Komal (however they itself are biased, but still renowned name), But problem with both are that they don’t give final numbers of movie, BOI is guess work give daily updates, that’s why all other media (Indicine, Glamsham etc) are just copy paste their numbers ….. you guys don’t have any source .. i can bet ..

  • I hve a gut feeling that boi is either run by taran or komal.i can bet my life except these two or may be mirani nd mehra nobody have any acces to box office collection.agar ye itna hi aasan hota to why media dint oppoint any reporter 4 this job..

  • @Amit,

    I agree with you, BOI is secret site of some known trade person, this web word is full of blind games, i knew one of my friend who has four parallel portals for financial matters and he keep each one in total opposte to each other, in one way, hee tried to create competition among themseves and now all his four portals are hugely successful.

    Same is with BOI .. i guess Taran and BOI are same .. even i came to know that bollybusiness is also from BOI folks .. yakuza was one of BOI guys before ..

    Jay shah was only orignal analyst there and now even he stop his work because taran stop putting numbers.

  • v well said jasmine..only boi is able to post collection circuitwize after taran of all so called trade sites are just playing nd manipulating wid those numbers ..

  • dear indicine does that mean that i have won the contest ??? that now dedanandan has flopped ??? all my predictions are right though people may hate me for it!!! im just wondering how that ghastly APKGK manged to score?? this paa too will groan awy to its last rites… im sure that gonna happen this weekend itself.. radio ke bare mein kya predict karna>???

    its time to rejoice for public now .. the enemies of entertainment have been defeated…!!!

  • @Amit, is there any way we can expose owner of BOI ??

    BOI is dominating boxoffice portal at the moment .. what ever BOI predict about numbers will be followed by 100 other boxoffice sites and in that case even false numbers will also be looked as true …

  • One of the finest performance from Amitabh BacchaLan. But a movie never gonna call outstanding movie by only Once’s finest Performance. So forget about Paa but Amitabh BacchaLan was Great and Biddiya was nice on Paa movie. It could be more and more realistick movie.

  • Gross collection of PAA is around 35 crore from domestic and international market. Net collection of week 1 is around 22-24 crore (domestic and international) Source: Financial Express

    Satellite right of PAA is sold for 10-12 crore to Star.
    The movie is not only rocking for viewer but for exhibitor, distributor and producers as well.
    Hope it will do decent business in second week also

  • i wonder who are those retards going to the movie hall to see this sicko>>>!!!it is shame to cinema this movie.. where will we keep this movie in the international hall of fame?? it will be very embarssing to keep in the same shelf as the great masterpieces… this south indian curry

  • Looking at exceptional performance of Paa over second week, Exhibitors has decided to increase the screenings of Paa in third week. This type of occasions is rarely seen in bollywood when any movie gets more screen space than previous week. And this is not the case in one or two multiplexes, Every multiplex across the nation is either retaining the same shows or increasing the volume. Almost 20% screenings/shows will be increased in multiplexes and even some single screen cinemas are showing upward trend.

    Second Week of Paa has seen excellent weekend (7.25 Crore) and Exceptional Weekdays (Approx. 4 Crore). 4 Crore weekdays collections (44% drop) is dream collections even for big budget multi-starrer ventures. De Dana Dan second weekdays collections was merely 2.5 Crore on 800 screens. While Paa has collected 4 Crore from mere 300+ Screens.

    If Third weekend of Paa will remain steady at 20% more screens, then we can expect similar collections in third week too. Paa is now heading for higher achievements to go beyond 40 Crores in 3 weeks itself.

    — BollyBusiness

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