Paa Movie Review – Detailed

As promised, here is the second and more detailed review of Paa. Beware of the spoilers ahead, we recommend you read this after watching the film.

What we liked in Paa

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro – By far the best performance of the year. Most wouldn’t even realize that its indeed Amitabh as Auro, equal credit for which should to go the makeup artists.
  • While the political angle was too long, it has been well written and executed.
  • The runtime is about 2 hours and 15 mins.
  • Balki’s style of narration is simple to understand yet very different.
  • All characters are well-etched except Amol Arte’s (read the negatives).
  • Paa was entertaining, sprinkled with light moments right through to the climax. Infact some of the scenes were funnier than those so-called funny comedies of the year.
  • Loved the Paa Theme and the background music.

Scenes to watch out for, there were so many!

  • Auro’s introduction scene with Amol Arte presenting him the award. All students shouting his name out loud, was probably a bit too exaggerated, but the scene is sure to give you some goose-bumps.
  • Khichdi – Pickle scene between Auro and his mother. Sweet, nice and touching.
  • The maturity with which Arundhati Naag (Vidya’s mother) tackles her daughter’s pregnancy.
  • The way Auro interacts with Arundhati Naag (his granny, who he calls ‘Bum’, because she has a big ‘bum’)
  • When Vidya gifts Auro the photograph on his birthday.
  • Short scenes between Auro and the girl in his class.
  • The telephonic conversation between Auro and Vishnu (his best friend in class) – Hilarious
  • One other scene between Auro and Vishnu on Algebra..
  • Heck, every scene involving Auro was fantastic.

What didn’t work

  • The political issues dragged on for too long.
  • Why a busy politician like Amol Arte takes time out for a stranger like Auro? Yes, he has this unfortunate disorder, but there are so many kids in India with different disorders…!
  • The whole sequence of going to the Rastrapathi Bhavan and then Amol’s day out with Auro, isn’t convincing enough.
  • The 5 minute scene which included – the love story, pre marital sex between Vidya – Amol, the pregnancy and eventual breakup.. just doesn’t work.
  • The climax while good, was a bit too filmy (saat pheras et al) but works only due to the emotions involved with Auro on his death bed.

Performances (in order)

  • No superlative can quite describe Amitabh Bachchan’s performance in Paa. Sorry, no words.
  • Vidya Balan is fantastic. The only real ‘actress’ of this generation, the other so-called actresses don’t come close! And she looks stunning, almost ethereal!
  • Arundhati Naag is very good as Auro’s granny.
  • Abhishek Bachchan does well as Amol Arte.
  • Paresh Rawal is wasted.

Overall, Paa isn’t flawless nor as emotionally touching as Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. But Balki’s simple narration, the character of Auro, along with the brilliance of Mr Bachchan – makes Paa one of the best movies of the year. Bachchan’s performance in itself, is worth, more than the price of your ticket.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  • Going to watch this movie wednesday…because mostly this movie has positive response!!!!!!!!JUst for Mr.Amitabh bachan …i m going to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will post my review on wednesday….

    INdicine team:Anyhow,i m going to watch this movie on 18th dec. but still I will wait for ur review of AVATAR on comment section…….thnks

  • The movie ‘action replay’ starring king kumar n ash is inspired from ‘the curious case of benjamin button’ and paa isn’t.

  • Paa isnt a masterpiece. It could have been if the first half was better. But nevertheless its great from the advent of auro in complete form. And climax indeed is really touching.
    I overlook the flaws and enjoy movies. So i won’t enlist them.
    Big b is fantastic ! He is truly a legendary person and delivers one of his best performances
    baby b is good and is certainly outshined by big b’s remarkable job rendering,
    vidya balan is really a great actress. Its very nice to hear this from you. Had i said this early people wouldn’t have agreed. The only actress of this generation who act spontaneously are aish, vidya and priyanka and to some extent asin.
    Music: its just avg. I only like mudi mudi

    Overall the movie is good
    and deserve 3.5 stars out of 5. ‘A 0.5 extra for make up men’

  • Hi all,
    PAA is really a great film and evry1 has to watch and understand the feelings of acting people. U askd Why a busy politician like Amol Arte takes time out for a stranger like Auro? Yes, he has this unfortunate disorder, but there are so many kids in India with different disorders…!
    for this one thing I can say… amol is a bzy poliltician as 4 character. i agree.. wht he told in the school meeting …depending on tht he can alot a time for auro.. nothing wrng in tht. and he feels guilty for tht exposing to media abt auro and his disorder.. to make feel happy auro he planned tht and one more thing in many films and in real wrld also some affection ‘l be thr b/w blood replation. (known or unknown abt tht relation) May b directr want to show tht affection…. and amol inspired the white globe in the vision show thts also a plus point for spending time with auro…..

  • I persnly feel d mv was worth a watch coz of d performances by vidya nd ABsr. Abhishek 4 me was d weak link here. Wil gv it a 3.

  • What Didn’t work point

    koi zyada nahi hai….. or usme koi logic hi nahi aap ke pass…
    “The political issues dragged on for too long.”
    how one busy person forgot a promise thats the idea behind this issue.
    i think they display good content. ke kaise ek imandar politician media ke baja sakata hai. so enjoy this moment also.

    “Why a busy politician like Amol Arte takes time out for a stranger like Auro? Yes, he has this unfortunate disorder, but there are so many kids in India with different disorders…! ”

    Yeh toh koi point hai… then i told in every love why hero loves only heroin there r many beautyful girls in this world.

    “The 5 minute scene which included – the love story, pre marital sex between Vidya – Amol, the pregnancy and eventual breakup.. just doesn’t work. ”

    Toh kya 30 min ka rakhe ye moment… its a part of story.. only give u idea about the story who is auro’s father.

    “The climax while good, was a bit too filmy (saat pheras et al) but works only due to the emotions involved with Auro on his death bed. ”

    agar film me filmy nahi bataye ge toh kya reality show batey….

  • Your Honor! after watching the movie “PAA”, i request the court to hold Mr. Amitabh guilty of the following three charges…

    1. Guilty of making the people fall in love with him once agaian. i mean, we have to love other actors as well…but the BIG B leaves low room for others in our hearts.

    2. Guilty of assuring 300% to snatch away all the awards from the actors who were thinking that they have a chance to win awards this year.

    3. Guilty of setting altogether new standards of acting and perfection in performing in the most challenging role for any actor.

    The film was someting beyond expectations and turned out to be one cinematic experience which was different from anything else that has ever been seen.

    There are no words to praise and compliment the perfection with which The BIG B has performed the role of Auro. He has turned this odd looking character into one of the most lovable characters of all time. Auro makes us smile, cry and adore his innocent intellignece. Not once do you see the grandeur of Mr. Bachchan’s Personality, yet Auro captivates your heart and mind. This character easily qualifies to be referred as a legendary portrayal for all the times to come.

    I cant speak enough in the praise of Mr. Amitabh and his Auro avatar, and this one character was enough to make this movie a delightful experience. But luckily, there is so much more in the film to praise about. Abhishek and Vidya Balan provide the perfect support through their controlled performances. Both of them fit like a gem in their roles. Auro’s grandma and his relationship with her is another point to cherish.

    Auro’s friends are adorable and the scenes in school are treat to watch.

    The script…The screenplay and the dialogues are spot on. R. Balki shows the excellence of his vision and dispalys it to perfection in the film. All marks to him for the treatment he has given to all the characters. with a central character like that of Auro, there were a lot of chances for other characters to be over-shadowed and there was a huge capacity of this movie to be preachy and over-melodramatic. But one must compliment Balki for avoiding any of this to happen. the end product is an adorable view into the life of a child who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder and his sweet little world. The climax is extremely beautiful…the high point…one of the strongest climaxes in recent times.

    The film is for everyone…everyone who is a parent…everyone who has a parent…and everyone who wants to be a parent.

    Overall…”Paa” is a gem of a movie. A rare cinematic experience…shining with examplary perfromace by Big B and excellent performances by everyone else. Not to be missed at all.

    My Rating: 4.5/5

  • Paa is inspiring,amazing and mesmerizing.But still it lacks the class of TZP.Nice review Indicine,it desrves 3.5/5.


    1).Amitabh Bachan has given one of the finest performance this year.But I still rate Salman’s wanted and Shahid’s Kameenay performance better.

    2).I agree few of the scenens have been exaggerated.But as a whole paa makes you cry and smile at the same time.Vidiya Balan has given her career’s best performance.Abhishek is good but a better actor could have done much better.School scenes are very funny especially when Auro runs away whenever he sees a particular gal.His best friend’s thoughts about his father are hilarious.

    3).Auro and her mother’s scenes were very well executed especially where she gives him gift on his 12th birthday.Auro’s and his father’s scenes at delhi were very emotive.

    4).Story telling was simple and moving.Balki is excellent in his story telling.

    5).Comedy is clean and funny.What a contrast from DDD.

    6).Auro is such a happy boy despite his problems.Such a positive message 4 all of us.Live each day and enjoy yourself.

    7).Music is situational and well placed in the movie.Mere Paa is indeed very gripping.


    Movie is very slow paced.Few scence look bit too much exaggerated as Indicine you have already mentioned the rounds scene n etc..Thus it lacks the reality factor.Few days back I saw Anand Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh starrer dat movie is so realistic.Paa has bit artifical factor.It is less beliveable,especailly how come vidiyia is so calm after being a single mother 4 twelve years.I mean she should have been shown little more rigid.Why there is filmi end?Why Abhishek is 4given.And look at abhishek he can’t accept his son 12 yrs back.But he wants to change his country?These are two contrasting features.Political part has spoiled the party for Paa.

    But,on the whole Paa is one of the best movie released this year both in content and treatment..

    My rating 3.5/5..

    Review dedicated to Nauman and Amish…

  • Indicine
    u haven’t mentioned the movie ‘world cup 2011’ in your december releases !
    It’s releasing on 18th dec

  • looks like this year’s awards will be only for kaminey n grand-paa.salman,aamir n akshay will be sidelined again.but salman can get 2 nominitions for ld n wanted,and 3i can get best film award.indicine plz give award prediction.

  • Hi indicine friends i am rahul aged 13. Your site is good. I like it. I saw my sister writing on the site. I love movies. Paa is also good. But how should i rate it. ? I am confused and nervous. My favourite actor is ranbr kapoor. But amitabh is also good. Indicine you write good reviw but i am unable to understand everything. But your site is good. Can i be a part of the site. I like it.
    By Rahul class 7th b

  • indicine team:
    sooo , thx God at this time me n indicine have same openions about Paa. i dont think so we have diffrent views to each other. may be for 3 idiots and veer our review will same as well.
    hope so.

  • I saw the movie this week end and it’s really FANTASTIC !!
    Vidya is extreamly gorgeous and sizziling! And I defenitly agree she’s the only REAL actress of this generation!
    Big B was simply out standing! No words to describe and the whole movie was sooooo great!
    The movie deserve the award of the best movie!! And also do vidya and big b for their fabulous performances!!!

  • NEWS– Paa `ll have its international version released soon… tats somethin to look for..;)

    RGV deletes d controversial ‘Jana gana’ from Rann! one wonders wat he s gonna fill it with..” vande matharam”??..;)

    APKGK to be premiered on tv soon…:) producers r too smart..;)

    Hrithik `ll never cut his long hair , even if his role demands it! rumours being he s going bald from behind..;) but for hw long hrithik.. better take some advise from salman…;)

    Himesh is back with his Topi look once again! may be believes it as his lucky charm..;) or was it bcoz his wigg was stolen..;)??

    Priety zinta `ll only work with big banner from nw on…! wonder wat does she mean by big banner nw..;)

  • Very good review Akhlaq.. Glad you LOVED it.. Looking forward to more comments from you, here :)

    Hina, agree with you. It lacks the charm, class and elegance of TZP.. Bachchan and his character rose above the mediocre script undoubtedly.

    And what do you mean by “And look at abhishek he can’t accept his son 12 yrs back.” ?? Guess he did.

    Kunal, point one – the movie was promoted as a very rare “Father son – son father tale” but the director only gets to the point in the second half.. Yes, the political rivalry especially the media bashing was enjoyable.

    Can’t agree with you on the second point.. Your comparing crushes / infatuations / love at first sight.. to politicians taking time out for a certain kid? A busy politician giving so much importance to a “I hate you” e-mail was too hard to digest.. Add to that the repeated calls, video chats, emails and even a trip to the Rashtrapati Bhavan.. Hmm..

  • Hi Rahul

    What is so hard to understand in the review? We try our best to keep it as simple as possible. We had a survey before starting the site and one major issue that most people had with most other Bollywood sites was “The reviews and articles were too complicated to understand”. Hence, we make it a point to keep everything simple and easy to understand for all.

    Anyway, if your keen on posting your review or rating, just write what you feel about the movie.. and submit a rating out of 5.. If you loved the movie and would watch it again, rate it 5.. If you thought it was good then 3 or 4.. You can also take your sister’s help :)

    And your most welcome to be a part of the site.. Have a good day at school :)

  • Indicine…I meant that Abhishek didn’t accept his son and vidiyia at the start of the movie.He wants to make his carrier in politics…In the end ofcourse he does accepts his son..Yeah n TZP was more gripping and believable than Paa

  • Nice review…but there is no comment on BGM (Back ground music). Well its awesome. Guys who are going next plz watch out for the BGM . Ilayaraaja specializes in that which I belive no one else can give.

  • @ Indicine Team & Payal.

    Thanks alot for appreciating my review.

    Payal. I rated the movie after watching it twice. i cant help it but i really loved it that much. you know i’m not a blind fan of any particular actor at all. I can understand why are you feeling that my rating is a bit exagarated…but i suppose i have my heart stuck on this one (DUE TO SOME EXPERIENCES OUT OF PERSONAL LIFE…which i cant disclose…apologies for that). I really appreciate your compliment regarding the review though.

    Indicine Team…you are probably right in asking the question about why Amol got so engrossed in Auro…well honestly speaking…there doesn’t seem to be a logical answer to the question. The only possible answer might be that in every film…there are a few cinematic liberties that are taken by the creator…as he just has a couple of hours to narrate the whole story & maybe the natural course of life can not be summed up in that limited time. therefore such liberties are taken to pack the whole life in few hours. the 7 pheras in the end was also a cinematic liberty (although i really loved the climax). Your question is 100% valid…but i guess after watching such a lovely piece of cinema…i feel like giving this much room to the makers of the film.

    Thanks for the appreciation once again. i really enjoy your website. Your appraoch towards interacting with your readers is indeed admirable.

  • Paa had a decent collection on Monday of around 1.75 crore nett. If we look at it from a Friday drop point of view it is very good with just a 10-15% drop. But the problem is the Friday collections were very low which makes its Monday business of 1.75 crore nett just about par for the film. The four day total is around 12.75 crore nett.
    The first week is now heading for around 17 crore nett business. The film will emerge a hit if it has a good second week. If it was to drop in week two it should still emerge an Average fare thanks to fairly low costs.

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