Paa Movie Review – Detailed

As promised, here is the second and more detailed review of Paa. Beware of the spoilers ahead, we recommend you read this after watching the film.

What we liked in Paa

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro – By far the best performance of the year. Most wouldn’t even realize that its indeed Amitabh as Auro, equal credit for which should to go the makeup artists.
  • While the political angle was too long, it has been well written and executed.
  • The runtime is about 2 hours and 15 mins.
  • Balki’s style of narration is simple to understand yet very different.
  • All characters are well-etched except Amol Arte’s (read the negatives).
  • Paa was entertaining, sprinkled with light moments right through to the climax. Infact some of the scenes were funnier than those so-called funny comedies of the year.
  • Loved the Paa Theme and the background music.

Scenes to watch out for, there were so many!

  • Auro’s introduction scene with Amol Arte presenting him the award. All students shouting his name out loud, was probably a bit too exaggerated, but the scene is sure to give you some goose-bumps.
  • Khichdi – Pickle scene between Auro and his mother. Sweet, nice and touching.
  • The maturity with which Arundhati Naag (Vidya’s mother) tackles her daughter’s pregnancy.
  • The way Auro interacts with Arundhati Naag (his granny, who he calls ‘Bum’, because she has a big ‘bum’)
  • When Vidya gifts Auro the photograph on his birthday.
  • Short scenes between Auro and the girl in his class.
  • The telephonic conversation between Auro and Vishnu (his best friend in class) – Hilarious
  • One other scene between Auro and Vishnu on Algebra..
  • Heck, every scene involving Auro was fantastic.

What didn’t work

  • The political issues dragged on for too long.
  • Why a busy politician like Amol Arte takes time out for a stranger like Auro? Yes, he has this unfortunate disorder, but there are so many kids in India with different disorders…!
  • The whole sequence of going to the Rastrapathi Bhavan and then Amol’s day out with Auro, isn’t convincing enough.
  • The 5 minute scene which included – the love story, pre marital sex between Vidya – Amol, the pregnancy and eventual breakup.. just doesn’t work.
  • The climax while good, was a bit too filmy (saat pheras et al) but works only due to the emotions involved with Auro on his death bed.

Performances (in order)

  • No superlative can quite describe Amitabh Bachchan’s performance in Paa. Sorry, no words.
  • Vidya Balan is fantastic. The only real ‘actress’ of this generation, the other so-called actresses don’t come close! And she looks stunning, almost ethereal!
  • Arundhati Naag is very good as Auro’s granny.
  • Abhishek Bachchan does well as Amol Arte.
  • Paresh Rawal is wasted.

Overall, Paa isn’t flawless nor as emotionally touching as Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. But Balki’s simple narration, the character of Auro, along with the brilliance of Mr Bachchan – makes Paa one of the best movies of the year. Bachchan’s performance in itself, is worth, more than the price of your ticket.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  • TOP 10 FILMS AT BO in 2009 :-

    1. Wanted – SUPER HIT
    2. Love Aaj Kal – SUPER HIT
    3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – SUPER HIT
    4. New York – HIT
    5. Kaminey – SEMI HIT
    6. Raaz TMC – SEMI HIT
    7. Kambakkht Ishq – ABOVE AVERAGE
    8. All The Best – ABOVE AVERAGE
    9. Wake Up Sid – ABOVE AVERAGE
    10. Dev D – ABOVE AVERAGE

    Source:- BOI

  • My prediction for 2009 is – 1.3 idiots – superhit(due 2 high prize) 2.wanted – superhit. aaj kal – superhit 4.apkgk – superhit. york – hit. 6.paa – hit. 7.ddd(akki my favourite though) – semi hit.8.kaminey – semi hit.9.raaz – semi hit.10.kambakth ishk – above avg. Wat do u think?

  • Thanks Akhlaq, agree that cinematic liberties are taken in almost every film… Its perfectly okay as long as its silly and not so glaring, more so for a film like Pa..

    In simple, the point that I was trying to make was.. Since it was basically a father-son tale, the director could have made the Amol – Auro bond slightly more believable and longer, which would have increased its overall impact..

    Anyway glad you and so many others are loving it.. how would you rate TZP?

  • Khans r leading this yr too (top 3 hits).in award 3 idiots,paa n kaminey will get all awards.n best actor will be given to amitabh or shahid.but for me this yr best actor should be given to salman khan for wanted or ld.though havn’t seen aamir in 3i.

  • Amitabh will surely win Award for this movie becz it is already critically acclaim or Sahid for Kaminey…….Salman has done good work in WANTED n after LOndon dreams……………….Hope Salman get award but there is less chance

  • No chance for Salman or anyone this year.. Bachchan is gonna sweep every award.. At filmfare, both critics and popular..

  • Dear Indicine Team,

    Totally agree with your point regarding the father-son relationship.

    If I have assigned 4.5/5 to PAA, then my rating for TZP would be nothing less than 4.75/5. It is a fact that although i have loved PAA, yet TZP was a better product on the whole.

    Anyways we have to be a little impartial while comparing the two. Whereas TZP had a main intentoin of portraying the disease and used Eshan’s character to elaborate it, Paa on the other hand has a main intention of narrating the life of Auro and uses the disease as a tool to elaborate his character.

    When combined, both of these films are quality works in terms of meaningful content, with TZP being backed up by a stronger script. And we, as quality cinema fans should be thankful for both the products to satisfy our need of watching quality stuff.

  • Dear indicine friends
    Paa is very good movie. I can relate myself with school characters. I love to go to school. Everyone from our class said that they loved the movie. Amitabh bachchan is very good. I couldnot recognize him. Hey baby actress was also good . Auro’s Nani was just like mine. But auro was best.
    Thank you indicine friends. Now i have learnt to give marks to movies. I will give
    5/5. Auro should get full marks. He is a nice boy.
    Your site is very good. I like it. You welcomed me. Thank you indicine friends. I will come again
    yours sincerely
    rahul class 7th b

  • Paa was poor in Innternational markets with around 2.50 crore from all markets. Below are figures from major markets.
    United Kingdom – £66,588 (51 lakhs)
    North America – $199,228 (93 lakhs )
    UAE – $130,000 (61 lakhs)
    De Dana fell very badly in all markets. It has 3.75 crore in United Kingdom, 4.25 crore in North America and 3.50 crore in Middle East. All International markets have given around 14.50 crore in ten days. ABOVE AVERAGE

  • Paa grossed just under 1.50 crore nett on Tuesday to take its total to 14.25 crore approx. The week should add another 2.25 crore nett for a 16.50 crore nett first week total.
    On Tuesday most theatres remained steady with collections on the lower side while some theatres showed bigger drops. High end multiplexes are seeing best business especially in Mumbai and South.

  • hi every body…and also some words for paa. u know what is great about amithabh bachan and his movies. you must understand this point…and that is his heart touching individual scenes which stuck to your heart. like in sharabi..the scene when munshi ji dies and wicky delivers his diolouges…like in namak haram when rajesh kanna is beaten and amith react. like in black when the little girl has known to spell the words and the looke on his face….these are the scenes which compells you to watch and watch again and again… in auro..when he dies…the word from his mouth..maa and then paa …what does it mean.. what kind of impact it leaves on your heart..and makes you really cry….

    guys..tell me of a single acter now a days who can bring this kind of passion charm power and reality to acting. for example if you talk about ammir’s acting then ofcourse he is good but then again compare the scenes and u will find that ammir just bring some kind of emotions which are not worth big b is.for example in gajini when he come to his concioussnes in hospital and he react with anger. that is worth watchable …or in bazzi when mamta is a riving bullet shell out of his body….but then again these are typical “ordinery emotins” gettign angry etc.. and could be done by others as well.
    real actors like nasurridin shah yousuf khan and amithab bachan have their class. they are not acters like ammir salman…or akshay because they etertainer .and big b is the real acter……..

    paa is that kind of movie where individual scene as well as the whole impact of movie is present… office is not every thing….on box office junk and just musical movies get ahead most of the time…kameny wanted….what are they…..what is the acting there in wanted……typical salman (acting )lol…which is in his every movie..

    paa what ever if failed on the box office does not mean is a bad move…. if movies like wanted make on box office then it is the time we must weep for the it is theire wish what they see or not but movies is art…little people know and understand this facter….if you just want big muscle beautifull girl..nacked song..then there are many people for such masala movies…but movies which evoke the passion like a beautifull…rain man….and auro. must be not understoodby the point of view of layman….if you are a real movie lover and have a sense of touch of movies..then you will not deny what ever mr.akhlaq has said about the movie…..big b i sollute you for this kind of movie….

  • @Indicine..No chance means are the awards beind pre-selected?IF awards are believable n honest it must go to Salman/Shahid in popular category atleast.If Paa was that popular it wouldn’t have crashed on monday onwards.

  • Iwatched Paa and loved the movie, a touching story, well directed, a good script, good cinematography, good makeup and Mr. Bachan was the perfect choice for this roel as Auro.. someone said here that why didn’t they bring any kid but Bigb was selected for this role? After watching the movie I found out that no kids would’ve been able to perform in this role as Mr. Bachan did.. and that’s the beauty of the movie.. because it was bigb there4 everyone couldn’t wait to see it.. to see him in a new and a completely different role.. he deserves the best actor award this year and he’ll win for sure.
    Abhishek too was good but he still needs to practice and work hard in the sad scenes.. he’s not bad but he can’t be his dad.. when his dad cries noone would believe that he’s acting! so natural and weeps from the bottom of his heart.. there4 I consider him the greatest actor in bollywood.
    Vidya Balan’s acting improved and she was in the leading role.. the 3 of them were in the leading role.. so she must be nominated in the best actresss category and not in the supporting role.

    the songs were not that important in such a movie, whether there was one or too or none.. the story was important as well as Mr. Bachan’s performance as Auro, even if there was no songs in this movie and just a background music was also enough).

    Paa is the 3rd best movie which I saw this year.. in fact I consider the best movies which I saw so far are as follows:

    New York
    Dil Bole Hadippa ( yes.. I consider it one of the best movies of this year, no matter what you all would say and Rani too deserves the best actress award for her role in this movie)
    Wake up Sid
    Kurban & Jail

    Indicine Team: you were wondering that why Abhishek paid attention to Auro, while presenting the award, and not the other kids? I think u didn’t notice the way Abhishek looked at Auro when he walked in and stared at him.. it’s the dad’s feeling towards his kid.. loved him from the first time he saw him.. that’s the reason, and the love story scenes between Vidya & Abhishek was important for the audience.. to be aware that there was a love story between them and what makes them apart.. and how some men are selfish when they’ve to take responsibility for their mistake so they just escape and ruin any women’s life.

  • i tink people here and at indicine too feel that if it is bacchhan ji the film should be good .. i mean nothing can be closer to falsehood than this .cajoled my my friends i entered the movie hall very apprehansively to a hall full of 20 people.. and my hunch was right ..its the most dissapointing show of the year.. not only the film fails in toto it fails to let me retrieve my handkerchief from my pocket alas the way TZP DID.. SOMEWHERE DOWN THE MOVIE THIS AURO LOST ITS SENSIBILITY.. IN THE ENTIRE FILM WE DID NOT SEE HIM AGE FURTHER .. HOW DO WE KNOW THAT HE IS AGEING HE IS SHOWN WITH THE SAME MAKE UP FROM THE SCENE 1,
    . amitabh has spoken like thsi twang in many of his films of 80s when he did his comedies.. ala namak halaal whats so great about voice modulation ..he deliberately huches in the movie to make him look school size the makers couldnt even dwarf him with todays technology??? .. kamlahasan did a better job in appu raja..progeria patients dont grow up to 6 feet even if they have dads who are six feet.. they die prematurely of heart attacks . so why didnt his mother get him ann angioloasty done for him???early on..
    it is a stupid ly made south indian type movie whuch i so detest .. and vidy ballan is always smirking in the movie and you say she looks goddess??? and why jaya bachchan aka sudha shivpuri was in the movie .. obviously the makers thought they had a thundering plot in their hands and jaya must have thought to work in this oscar nominated movie will be dream come true for her as well.. and why you going gaga over few scenes here and there …
    i donno why people dont watch movie in its totallity rather than giving reviiews here to propmote the is by far the worst film of the year ..and its doomsday for the entire bachchan clan to review their stay in filmdom.. now can i get my money bback please???

  • also forgot to add.. the way amol goes about extracting his revenge at the media was so funny and southindian ish.. reminded me of that anil kapoor flick where hes made c.m for a day.. very very unrealistic and prudish way of putting your point across .. couldnt digest it.. pareshs dialogues were right out of any south indian potboiler.. how i hate these south indian dubbed movies…i suggest all of those who havent seen the movie to please avoid it for humanity sake!!!

  • also did anybody watch carefully how the climax scene was being tried to lift from anand that same close up of amitabh in anand and here the close up of abhishek… i was expecting amol to say bolte kyun naheen ho… any moment..thumbs down from me for trying this ….indicine your comment on this dear

  • Megha….all the good movies and music came from south. Who won the oscar? name the technicians involved in it? So dont make that statement. I believe you are not a true Indian. I believe you dont have any sense or taste. Its not like those “Hum apke hain koun” or such movies always about some big lavish marriage and some hopeless songs which is like nursery rhymes and the hero running after the girl hahaha.
    If I say this as typical north inianish…i know you will get irritated…but the fact is that. So lets not distinguish between north indian and south indian. A good movie is made by a team irrespective of caste creed or language. Paa is a very good movie and listen to the BGM. Its awesome

  • Megha: from the way you posted yr comments here.. it’s obvisou that you “hate” bachan’s family and their name.. you didn’t even spare Jaya Bachan and criticised her too!! that why she’s in the movie?! hahaha.. she didn’t hv any role in this movie!! she was only presenting for us the name of the makers and who ever participated in making this movie to us!! and that was very nice.. I liked it.. something different and new.. i/o of reading on the screen the names so she presented them.. and I liked it.. with her beautiful sari sitting on a stair.. you’re like some one is looking at a beautiful rose and trying to pickup any bad or anything deformed to mention just the bad stuff in that rose!! didn’t u like anything in this movie?!! strange!

  • after compleating my 6 years is education in movies criticism’directing’art directing’script writing etc…..i came here for the hope that i will meet with some sensable persons who they have taste and ture understanding of movies. but i am dessapointed to say that very little people have infact a touch for mesuring what there should be in movies…to be a part of a movie is aan oppertunity and most of the time we see actors’s sons daughters or people with opproach and just the other day they are appreciated here.
    but true actors rarly get the oppurtunity and they are rare….and dessapointedly in indian cenima real acters dont get the oppurtunity…..i ask why people just review on every movie and say that actor or actress must get award..and the producers are happy with theire selection because the viewers in majority are ignoant of this performing art.just take a layman from a street and tommarow he will be reviewd here in golden words….because shakesphere says life as a stage….so they know how to “act” …i think intellingent people undertand what i say……in this modern era where the touch of the classic is wekening its grief and the so called chocolaty heros are liked by the so called viewers ….and they miss the genius..they let those producer to cast them again….WE NEED ANOTHER AMITHAB’WE need another rajesh kanna’yousuf khan’sanjew kumar’nasurisin shah’madhuri’shabana azmi….but i am really dessapointed after seeing that in some of the reviews auro is taken lightly….vidhya ballan,amithab bachan,and the aunty…..have played superb roles…i came here to see some intellegent fellows that what they explore in their acting….and how critical are they..but i am sorry they are not yet “educated” in this sense…hope u all understand what i mean….i wam waiting for replies.

  • i fail to understand why shri amitabh ji cannot be put under scrutiny??? why is he not massacred for doing god tussi great ho?? aladdin?? lal badshaah?? what is so good about paa?? songs?? screenplay ?? too faulty for words?? characterization..utter cartoonish… storyline so predictable…not enough twists and turns .. the film at best describes the last 10 days of this auros life… thats it… we dont get to see the process of ageing ..we put up a mask and statter like a bee and call this acting???? amitabh is repititive in all his films.. his son has no portfolio ..bad in looks he looks atrocious with glasses on… ms vidya has to carry a disgusted expression on her face ..throughout the film .. we dont need lessons by jaya aunty on who is in .. she was like opening the best actor award envelope in an award ceremony…as predictable introducing and caling her family on stage .. this is no movie marvel .we watch everything given by this bachchan clan as if they a re our saviours of cinema .. hweras the truth is that their time is over …yes ..the south indian flavour is not liked by us in north ..if somebody wishes to say the opposite he/she is welcome i dont mind at all. but the fact is we like our food without idli sambhar…

  • MEGHA ….auro is not a psychological thriller where you will have to guesee what nexta happen..and then happend unpredected. imagine you are told about a sad incedent ..after llistening the words you fell a little sad…and soon you forget…but what if u witnes it yourself….then what happend…think…let me explain it.. some body tell you about auro is story…there was child with projeria and before dhying he managed to united his parents which were not married…ok it is sad the child died…these are your words..
    but what if you are a part of that child” called auro….have witnes the child’have seen while uttering the heart shattering and herat mending words maa+paa..then what…what is the defference…is it need any twist and turns……now a days audience know and can predect the twist dear.
    u said there is no screenplay…..tell me what is screeplay?there u should give week points which are present in it(first u will have to say there is screenplay) and then positive things which should have beenadded to it…u say by wearing a mask does not mean doing acting…. dear in Godfather marlin brando did wear half mask….mask does not mean you will have to do little and mask do it for you…then there in many scens acters would have been placed with other masks mean we human who have our masks….try to understand it…u said why we appriciate bachan…alladin,lal badshah, are not so good….
    then tell me of an acter who have given hundred percent performence in every movie…name a single acter.
    u said there is samness in his movies…and here you hit your own feet dear.. if there is samness then why he chose to play auro..with his huge head and defferent look…because he wanted to do something defferent. but then again masks are not important it is acting which brings reality…and which ofcourse is there…..

  • 2day.. I wanted to see the real kids who’re suffering from Progeria. so I typed in (progeria) in youtube.. and saw some videos of them.. and then I understood why Auro’s character was a happy boy.. because they’re cheerful in fact.. the boy was talking happily!! bigb’s makeup was so good.. exactly like those deformed boys except that the director could not show Mr. Bachan shorter.. in a tiny form as they are.. and that’s because he’s tall.. so how could they show him as a short boy in the age of 13?! it’s not possible.. afterall.. how much the directors try to give their best in their work.. it’s still not appreciated by lots of ppl! we for sure find some mistakes in any movie we watch or some scenes which we didn’t like, but when it’s a good script, story, direction, performance so we’ve to ignore those minor stuff or few scenes which we didn’t like.

    And.. Auro looked older in the 2nd half of the movie sps. in the last scene.. while he was dying.. but some ppl couldn’t notice that because these poor kidslook older in their early age of 4, 5, 8, 10 and they look like they’re 70 or 80! so it’s not noticeable when few years passes and they reach the age of 12 or 13. ( one or 2 years later).

    When we see an old man who’s around 75years old.. and time passes so he reaches 78 years old.. do we notice any difference in his look?! ofcourse not.. only if time passes like 10 or 15 years more

  • i ask everyone to see the elephant man at least .. before giving heavy accolades to shree bachchan.. people here are commenting as if something new has been done by shri bacchchan.. somebody has missed out entirely to what ive commented .. the movie is at best shows the last few days of this lad… the uniqueness of growing solo the disease setting in has been left out by the makers .. here was an oppurtunity to show a level of special effects ..lost.. amitabh ji is not known to variate… in all his shows and movies he behaves in the same manner.. here it is no different… albeit the make up.. his monkey dance is very irritating.. .. the use of handkerchief was not there at all.. if i start dissecting ..there will be no paa left ..only aaahhh.. but come what may this is a silly attempt by our south indian director saab to give us his version of hyderabadi biryani..sadly its undigestable..
    the gradual loss of hair, eyesight ,hearing ..the joint deformity setting in.. and heart problem seetting in should have been shown rather than lost and found dad formula… sadly who will tell these morons who are so besotted with the germ given to them from benjamin button

  • Review:

    Today my turn for first negative point

    What doesnot work for movie:
    1>Love story between abhisekh n vidya ballan is not digest…How can everything happen so fast???I know writer was trying to reduce the time of the movie n give more important to auro but as audience u donot feel that they were in love …..
    2>Writer was not able to what to show or manage the many portion of the movie and leaving it to end..Like First half show politic n one good interview of abhishek in doorsasan can’t make his enemy weak….or First Media when know auro show on tv n everyone was wishing to meet him (My question is MEDIA is so stupid nowadays?????In movie they show they only go to auro school n wanna interview him but how the hell they can’t find his house n go there???????
    3>The person who is suffering from the disease n had show he was around 12 year …final stage…and How can mother let to him to go to Delhi with abhishek when she even donot wanna talk with him or meet him……..No mother will do that in real life……
    4>Later portion or ending portion was very filmy….can easily predicted what will happen
    5>Music was so poor…..
    6>Paresh rawal was wasted
    7>First half was so boring…..there was less role of mr.amitabh bachan
    8>We never quite feel it was father-son relation……Only Amitabh bachan was great as auro but chemistry between abhishek n amitabh was not as good as movie was expected
    What work for movie
    1>Mr.amitabh bachan was fantastic….Surely,he is legend of bollywood..I cannot explain but one will understand that after seeing the movie
    2>Abhishek was good n vidya ballan was excellent
    3>Auro best friend was good…Especially in phone was superb
    4>Second half was way way better than first one

    How can critics donot find flaw in the movie?????? FOr me,paa was good but u never seem carry the same emotion when u r watching n after watching the movie u will forget everything beside Auro role….

    My rating:2.5/5(2 points for Mr.amitabh bachan n .5 for Phone scene)

  • megha again…To quote you “the gradual loss of hair, eyesight ,hearing ..the joint deformity setting in.. and heart problem seetting in should have been shown rather than lost and found dad formula…
    Now you miss again….you must study every aspect of a movie when you are criticising a movie.. it is not an educational movie about projeria….like tare zamen par about diglosia. It is a story about father and son. and here comes emotions….if you are single then I don’t think so you can understand this movie the way parents can..and I mean it.
    You said “the movie is at best shows the last few days of this lad… the uniqueness of growing solo the disease setting in has been left out by the makers”.
    It is not about projeria….it is about father son and the events, which precede it and follow it.
    U said “before giving heavy accolades to shree bachchan.. People here are commenting as if something new has been done by shri bacchchan..sadly who will tell these morons who are so besotted with the germ given to them from benjamin button”…
    Madam r not u forgetting something… bachan is the same man who played sarkar..just think the English version of it…ofcourse the godfather…and now thee we see the sequal of sarkar2 as well. because people liked it…actors from Hollywood liked him in this role and they were aware of marlin brando very well.
    So why not auro from jack or the curious case of banjemen franklin…(which are not that same infect)

  • Sudeep: which movie in bollywood you could (not) predict what will happen in the end? and.. in this movie – if u just paid little attention.. the doctor tells the mom who’s Vidya.. that these kids with the same desease will not survive!!! so.. he tells u that they will not live more than 12 or 13 years at maximum.. so… u need not to predict anything.. you know that he’ll die and the movie was about his relationship with his lost dad who showed up only in his last moments of his life.. just concentrate on any movie u watch before trying to say anything negative!

  • Fathiya:hmm…interesting comment…I hv no answer…..It is gud movie no doubt.(I was expecting more when critics say it is good).but while i compare it to taare zamin par….where most scene make me cry but never once in this movie my tear comes out…I like the performance of Amitabh bachan…if he was not in this movie will go down…..

  • why amitabh bachchan ?? and if not thee u will go home??? does it mattter who is behind the make up?? does it matter who is doing the stupid dance?? does it matter who is speaking in that mumbo jumbo it really doesnt matter .. what the stupid director wanted to show was acasting charisma ..first time real life son father acting the opposite ..poor fellow now wants this to be put up for guiness book of world records…the casting he has achieved but the performance>>>well well is a typical south indian performance.. i eep saying this becuse the editing the backgroundscore the support actors are all southindian.. these southindian directors always find it comfortable to work with few of their own land .. not good in a hindi movie in dil se too ar rahman saab asked lata mangeshkar to sing a southindian based number for preity zinta to dance it doesnt gel…this movie here doesnt give you any crying moments ..people here are going ga ga over the make up truly speaking not performance .. what has this motu ugly abhishek done to deserve this praise please mentally go back in the movie and think again…!!! and miss sugar vdya??? and why should i concentrate in the movie while its playing?? did anyone notice that progeria kids do not grow upto 6 feet.. ??? did u notice while watching.. evenif the mother was told why didnt the makers show what ive pointed out rather than amols political show and media bashing?? and that too was done the typical southindian way as if mr amol owns the entire media ..not one channel coming out and saying that it was all rigged??? hilarious actually….that auro is going to die is amply clear but tell me which parents will not unite when they see their only son dying??? thats predictable .. i keep saying that the germ of the idea comes from benjamin button but here everybody says im saying the movie is copied from benjamin button… im again saying the germ of the idea has bbeen picked from benjamin button and the director euphorically believes that hehas achieved a casting coup by puttting real life father and son together to do the opposite.. ha.. that he was forced to out of commercial reasons
    .this movie cannot be part of my dvd collection and does not have a repeat viewership

  • someone told me that since the make up used to take hours to be put on and take off plus shooting time a duplicate was used to finish of amitabhs job and he just did a voice over.. also since he is suffering from many ailments like arthritis hypertension and the dreaded myasthenia gravis and with packed day and night schedule including time for his blog it was impossible for amit ji to don the make up so the unit decided that it will utilise a duplicate and use amitabh donning his make up video to convince the audience that he actually did… i too agree with this theory… so now should i go to the theatre now to watcha dummy perform and from the reviews that im reading it looks like a bgrade low production flick .. im betting on my money to watch a big budget 2012 /avatar .. shouldnt you all be???

  • Indicine Team: why this girl who’s name is Megha is desperately trying to convince ppl that the movie Paa is a bad movie?!! I think she’s one of Bachan’s biggest enemy!! therefore she doesn’t stop what she’s saying, by repeating: south indian.. south indian every time she posts her comments!!

    Haha.. The curious case of Benjamin Button is the other way around and is not based on any real stories, real facts.. and never happened this to anyone in this world.. a baby was born “old” and gradually the baby grows up younger till he turns up a baby again and then “goodbye” to this world!! did ever this happen in this world?! But the movie Paa is based on facts.. there are few kids in this world who’re suffering from this illness “progeria” a very rare one but almost 49 to 50 childs in this world were born this way!

    Megha: you already mentioned the negative points (and negative from your side but not for the ppl who loved the movie) so why are you repeating and repeating yourself again?!! you didn’t like this movie but lots of ppl did.. even if u write 100 of pages on this website saying bad stuff.. it won’t affect the ppl who loved the movie.

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