Paa Movie Review – Detailed

As promised, here is the second and more detailed review of Paa. Beware of the spoilers ahead, we recommend you read this after watching the film.

What we liked in Paa

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro – By far the best performance of the year. Most wouldn’t even realize that its indeed Amitabh as Auro, equal credit for which should to go the makeup artists.
  • While the political angle was too long, it has been well written and executed.
  • The runtime is about 2 hours and 15 mins.
  • Balki’s style of narration is simple to understand yet very different.
  • All characters are well-etched except Amol Arte’s (read the negatives).
  • Paa was entertaining, sprinkled with light moments right through to the climax. Infact some of the scenes were funnier than those so-called funny comedies of the year.
  • Loved the Paa Theme and the background music.

Scenes to watch out for, there were so many!

  • Auro’s introduction scene with Amol Arte presenting him the award. All students shouting his name out loud, was probably a bit too exaggerated, but the scene is sure to give you some goose-bumps.
  • Khichdi – Pickle scene between Auro and his mother. Sweet, nice and touching.
  • The maturity with which Arundhati Naag (Vidya’s mother) tackles her daughter’s pregnancy.
  • The way Auro interacts with Arundhati Naag (his granny, who he calls ‘Bum’, because she has a big ‘bum’)
  • When Vidya gifts Auro the photograph on his birthday.
  • Short scenes between Auro and the girl in his class.
  • The telephonic conversation between Auro and Vishnu (his best friend in class) – Hilarious
  • One other scene between Auro and Vishnu on Algebra..
  • Heck, every scene involving Auro was fantastic.

What didn’t work

  • The political issues dragged on for too long.
  • Why a busy politician like Amol Arte takes time out for a stranger like Auro? Yes, he has this unfortunate disorder, but there are so many kids in India with different disorders…!
  • The whole sequence of going to the Rastrapathi Bhavan and then Amol’s day out with Auro, isn’t convincing enough.
  • The 5 minute scene which included – the love story, pre marital sex between Vidya – Amol, the pregnancy and eventual breakup.. just doesn’t work.
  • The climax while good, was a bit too filmy (saat pheras et al) but works only due to the emotions involved with Auro on his death bed.

Performances (in order)

  • No superlative can quite describe Amitabh Bachchan’s performance in Paa. Sorry, no words.
  • Vidya Balan is fantastic. The only real ‘actress’ of this generation, the other so-called actresses don’t come close! And she looks stunning, almost ethereal!
  • Arundhati Naag is very good as Auro’s granny.
  • Abhishek Bachchan does well as Amol Arte.
  • Paresh Rawal is wasted.

Overall, Paa isn’t flawless nor as emotionally touching as Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. But Balki’s simple narration, the character of Auro, along with the brilliance of Mr Bachchan – makes Paa one of the best movies of the year. Bachchan’s performance in itself, is worth, more than the price of your ticket.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  • Sudeep: even TZP didn’t touch everyone’s heart.. I know lots of members in my family loved the movie but didn’t make them cry, speciall the song Maa, the scene in that movie which makes everyone cry.. lots of ppl didn’t

  • Fathiya:Donot argue with tht stupid girl megha ….in every page she said bad thing abt actor whether it is salman ,akshay or amitabh…..I wonder whether she is mentally crack…..hehe

  • Well megha both u me and the people who like the movie paa are wasting their time. You are repeating yourself by bringing new stuff to your reviews, Even though A point or two could not be dropped but as whole they are not satisfying. Lets hit the nail in the matter .you said, “This movie cannot be part of my dvd collection and does not have a repeat viewership”
    It shows you are lover of movies…but I am the one who has studied it for 6 years in university… And we watch a movie many times when we have to review on it..
    If you have any doubt and conceder yourself much important then I challenge you bring any topic from the world of movies and u me and people around here will see what happened then… by choosing some movie etc we all will know what is your real mind because by criticizing auro alone does not show your reach…lets eat another fruit and see who digest it….

  • i will not take any names .. thats for sure but people out here do not see the core of the issue.. this movie is actually a bgrade low on production values movie.. the director wants to come to the point say and leave.. when u go to see a movie of whom you know you know the climax .. even i knew whats gonna happen in the end .. didnt we all?? no such thing with TZP ..a dyslexic child where the hero makes an entry after the interval>>>!!! what could be more inquisitive .. mind you in the entire first half i did not miss aamir khan at all .. the lesser known people had me engrossed.. im sure people who say they didnt cry in TZP are lying .. they just wanna prove their point for mr paaa..thetic

    imnot even sure whether the big b was behind the make up all the while given the number of illnesses he has ..he must have been helped by the dubbing guys ..after all 4hrs of putting on the make up and 2 hrs of removal and the shooting ..there is no way he could have done it.. he also has to cut ribbons ,anchor big boss and write his blog .. the very presence of big b is under cloud…

    still people are comparing with benjamin .. im saying why did the maker pick up the idea from there??? thats blasphemy for me .. i can hang him just for that..he should have waited at least a decade before bringing up something like that..but these south indians .. i tell you…. they make their hindi remakes and forget to remove their appam sambhar…yes they will not get any mercy..
    i think abhishek should have been auro.. he doesnt require a make up…ha haha..
    somebody who studies movie s but does not understand the overkill ..i dont understand.. someone who is a movie lover should know the real production values ..they make poor movies but want to be appreciated by elite audience?? no way.. only people whoo have no clear understanding of cinema will like this movie.. btw .people also like de dana dan ..but thankfully since the right people like me reported it .. it flopped and is now buried … 8 mile deep

  • What’s wrong with this girl (Megha)?!! won’t u stop it please?!! we’ve had enough of your negative comments on this movie!!! if you’re that much into hollywood then let me ask you the following: why hollywood (copy) and sometimes copy 100% from some korean and japanese movies?!! Why?!! can u answer this question?!! actually I don’t need yr answer.. I’m just replying to yr queries.. that why bollywood “dare” to take the idea from hollywood movies!!!!!!!!!

    Hollywood copied lots of movies.. they copied The Ring, The Grudge, The Eye.. and still.. they’re coping.. the reason ( if u don’t know yet) to give something new to the audience.. that’s the reason.. taking an idea from any movie and make another one completely different is not somethimg bad.. if they give them the right to do it.. so why not?!!

    Please Megha.. post yr comments on some other pages and other subjects.

  • till date i have not taken anyones name for praising a lousy movie .i wonder why people are taking my name for reporting a lousy movie . its one week old yaar .. you can do a rethink guys .. did you get entertained??? hollwood generally pays the rights to copy the movie..we do not .. it is our birthright just as living in squalour and dirtying our streets is…so if japanese taiwanese balochis and mongolians are doing .. so should we …so that few people out here happy to go and see it…ha ha ha..why should we be made to see abhishek bachchan .. mother nature has been cruel to him ..why is he being cruel to us???i heard he rushed to dubai to see his dad being felicitated .. that is how he makes news>> by being next to his dad…he has no entitiy of his own .. his role in paaa thetic was no big shakes.. people out here see movies starry eyed that is why they dont find faults in their fav stars .. no such distinction with me .. i abhore weak stories loud vociferous performances and any bit of idli sambhar ..lastly i will take command fromtiger woods to post my comments where and when than listen to anyone here names again .. thats my bit of gandhigiri for those who have abused me.. may their standing in society become high

  • fathiya the ghandhigirl is not that much wrong…i accept that as i have stated above.but she just don’t understand one thing and that is the defference between looking and seeing.
    abhishak bechara was not alone in the movie least she had appriciated one single acter here in the movie then i would not have replyied.this shows her overall negetavity.also you by giving example form tzp that the hero comes after the half does not mean the movie paa should take thiere route.every movie is defferent. amir khan once critisized bib bachan for his role in “black” now big b has answer him what he has played’that’s why he asked for amir to come to the premeir and there he was along with other good acters, that’s why he ask for yousuf khan to come becuase the acter knew the movie is not lousy….
    i personally dont say paa movie es exelent but it is not bad …it is good ….good to keep in one’s collection.good to talk on it….the power and the passion of the acter amithabbachan and the auty could not be graded b or c. they if or not a+ then is A. and that,s make the defference hope you understand with cool mind like ghandi ji did.thanx don’t take on heart

  • Megha this shows you have absolutely zero knowledge in everything. You are comparing evrything with food …hahaha.So please give comments on the hotels near you not on movies music etal. Do you know what music is?
    Your comments really shows your ignorence and also you dont know what is creativity. This may be because you have very limited knowledege and going your comments you still at the nursery level at the school. I pity that. You are tying to bring south indian north indian war because u are unable to accept the good acting, good music by the team. This move is the lone star. Where i could see most of them crying .
    TMZ…well did not bring any such feeling…eventhough it was a good movie it did not bring the “Zing”. It was yet another movie thats it.

  • Sehaam Khan: let’s just end this discussion about this movie.. she said whatever she thinks it’s right.. and we said whatever we think that it’s right.. and movies.. no movies in this world was loved and appreciated by 100% of people.. to each is his own.. everyone see any movie and value it differently.. better that we just end this discussion.

  • today I went to see a movie at one of our cinemas.. and how many posters were there.. many hollywood movies.. and 3 bollywood movies Rocket Singh, Paa and Kurbaan.. although I wanted to see Kurban again but Auro.. Mr. Bahchan as Auro attracted me more.. so I chose Paa to see it again.

    I remember when I saw Cheeni Cum for the same director I liked it and enjoyed it more when I saw it for second and 3rd time.. Paa movie is the same way.. u enjoy it more.. much more when u see it for 2nd time.. everyone were enjoying the movie, laughing at every scene Auro used to showup and found Auro very funny except in the end.. the last scene makes everyone cry.

    I wish if the director of this movie would continue doing quality movies always.. I love his direction.. he’s brilliant

    Indicine Team: I’d give Paa 5/5.. it really deserves more than your rating.. just watch it again and you’ll know that I’m right.

  • given the choice of films there is ..i wouldnt be surprised if people in india choose to stay at home than go to see an old man perform as old man!!!…its good for the makers wheen they find people laughing when they expected them to laugh and cry when they expected them to cry…so sweet na…wow amazing visibilty this…. matlab watch paa and have fultoo fun ..maza ..masti.. laughing holdind the aisle.. and crying when the emosanal scenes come up.. three cheers…yipeee.. wonderful wondeerful film ..

    sadly few illuminati found the entire exercise a bit of mumbojumbo and ridiculed the effort.. these people aka enemies of good cinema were not sincere to the educated movie class .. so on behalf of you all who have liked the movie i ask them to please see this movie again ..and again.. again till u start liking it…that makes everyone happy…isnt it??..after all it has the same bachchan who u have so much liked in bhootnath… suryavansham.. RGV ki aag and also coolie and lawaris ..oh that reminds me the scenes of slum dwellers entering the media houses was somewhat simlilar to what was in coolie and lawaris… but what the f…
    it is after all amitji’s film so instead of telling me what is so nice about the movie why dont we all pack the cinemas and just enjoy the film after film show after show till we are thoroughly drenched with bachchan ji and ahhh ..auro…wah…..paaahhh..baaahhh
    hey auro is too good yaar.. ill have his poster in my room ..and will not remove it for next 5 years.. it wil always remind me of the performance of the lifetime ..i also want to buy an auro puppet for those who liked the movie and give it to them so they can sleep next to to it..and generalyy remind them of its being.. and please watch the film again to see how right someone is…please see the movie for auros sake yaar

  • Megha: you don’t want to stop yr negative comments.. so I’ve to reply to you.

    Class movies!! what is a class movie in yr opinion?!!! the class movie is based on the script, direction, production & the performance.. there was a hype for the movie 2012.. everyone was asking me: did u see 2012? and my answer was: no.. not yet.. I saw New Moon and I liked it.. and when I decided to see 2012, was exited and curiouse to know what’s this movie all about.. in the 2nd half.. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up!!

    Is this to be called a “class” movie?!! probably for you is a (yes)! lot’s of ppl who’re under a drug.. loving hollywood blindly would consider it as a class movie.. such a bore.. and that’s because of the script and the direction.. a brilliant director will let u be “awake” throughout the movie and enjoy.. never sleep or get bored!!

    And.. what examples are u giving to prove that Paa is not a good movie?!! Aag which was kachra and I didn’t see even 10 minutes of this movie.. coolie which was the worst.. one of the worst movies which Bigb did in his life.. don’t u know how even to compare movies?!!! where is Paa and where is Coolie & Aag?!!

    Did u see Black & Taare Zamin Paar? you should’ve compared Paa with these 2 movies only.. I consider TZP as No. 1, then Paa at no. 2.. then Black at No.3.. and why Paa would come at no. 2 before Black because Black was a very good movie but lacked entertainment.. didn’t hv many scenes which make u smile.. but a sad one.. Paa makes u smile..laugh & then cry.. Auro makes u love him and want to watch him again and again.

    And FYI… why the 2nd time u watch some movies u like them more?!! If that’s yr question.. let me answer it: sometimes we miss some scenes when we watch it for first time.. cinema is not like yr home watching a movie.. when u watch a movie at home.. on a dvd.. if u missed some scenes because a telphone rang.. someone came and talked to u.. interrupted.. u can rewind that scene again and see it.. but at cinmea.. u can’t do that.. some ppl would walk in to set in the front seats or next to you.. and would block the screen for you or u miss some good scenes at those moments.. some ppl would distrub u.. and some of yr friends who accompanied you would talk.. there4 when u see any good movie for 2nd time.. you’ll pay attention more to those scenes which u missed.. there’s also the interval.. u go out to get a popcorn or to the ladies.. so you’re back and u missed some scenes.

    Some ppl don’t pay full attention to some scenes.. when they see it for 2nd time.. they can value it more.. that’s the reason.

  • this conversation is not going to it’s end…i think it is too much… i have compleatly got what kind of viewer megha ji is. in uk where i was studying film and arts most of the students who were my fellows were not aware of the work of big b yousuf khan and others. but when i showd them with english subitles they fell in love with them…but hollywood has blindfolded most of our viewers…sometimes i bring movies with hindi doubing on it…and after watching it feels like d grade movies although these movies are always liked by people…and then i undersand the defference…it is infact our language our culture our problems which we dont like bu rush for will never understan movies fully unless e ins in the it himself…in the making he ways it involves etc…and poor megha i must tell you one thing…here we have our home production..we make self indefendent movies…and i know what it is like to make a movie…u just give 200 rupees and watch the movie and when don’t understand it you say the graps are not sweet.

  • @ Megha,

    Sis, for no other reason…just asking out of curiosity.. can u please list down your all time five favorite movies???

    Please dont mind my question. its ok if you dont want to answer.

  • it is a good question. also i want to add which hollywooed 5 movies do you like …..
    i am asking in friendly manner to swich the topic…hope u will answer…..

  • Dear Guys PAA is a mindblowing movie with fantastic performances. I accept it is not a flawless movie but movie is about taking creative and imaginative indipendence and yet making it believable and entertaining. If not only rain man or god father would be the masterpiece. But we can see lord of the rings series, titanic, pirrates of the caribian series, harry potter series, 2012, sholay topping the chart. Why? because they makes u think ,what if? and not to forget variety is the spices of life so we should appreciate the different genres of movies and motivate people like balki to thinking something out of box. I have seen the author commenting TZP being more emotional movie and another indicine team member commenting TZP being a superrior movie, I really want to laugh on them. Yaar, If we compare TZP with black what will be your reaction, you would say black being a superior product in any term compared to TZP. but than you cannot compare PAA. its one of its own kind, being a movie about such a sensitive issue lets give Balki hats off for making it utterly funny and sensitive at the same time. And not to forget his out of box thinking of making bib b play the son of his real life son and yet making it believable on screen. In that way I would say balki has managed to make a classing even with his simple way of telling story without giving detailed information regarding progeria and this way he manage to fulfil his intention, in this term the movie is I think way better than TZP, sorry aamir fan’s. Every movie has its own intention and both TZP and PAA manage tio deliver their purpose. Thanks.

  • why 5 films????i could list 50!!! but o.k ill give you my 5 and not necessary in the order of preferance.. they cud be sholay…swades..tare zameeen par..anand…amar akbar anthony….

    and lots many ..

  • and as for hollywood films …. i like thrillers and romance

    so iliked all of the fast and furious series for their special effects…awake starring jessica alba of late…..titanic off course…the curios case of benjamin button .and duel by steevn spilberg ..i think all steven spielberg movies ..earlier i used to like clint eastwoods dirty harry films ..mckennas gold will always be special

  • Megha: haha.. did u really like Amar Akbar Anthony? Do u consider this movie as one of yr favourite bollywood movies?!!! what a choice!! bollywood got lots of better movies than this one! I don’t deny that it was a hit, super hit or a blockbuster movie ( I don’t know the rating) but Paa.. which u criticised is 1000 time better than this pure commercial movie!


  • pehle aap mr sehaam khan…please refrain from righting in caps as that amounts to SHOUTING that is the basic ettiquette to follow while on the net since you are a critic so u should know that .. i didnt ask for your favorites .!!!. i too could have recited rani roopmati and mughale azam as my favorites amongst chashme badoor and mili and abhimaan amongst others .. i just named a few amongst many greats of hindi cinema.. that i didnt like paa or de danandan or ajab prem ki kahani doesnt mean that i didnt like a wednesday.. or .. muqaddar ka sikandar or mr natwar lal.. or dharam veer ..ram balram ..kaaliya of mr bachchan.. im a great fan of his.. have seen all his movies whats the big deal if i didnt like shehanshah..bhootnath ..or god tussi etc a copy of bruce almighty .. im a staunch hater of copies anyways.. if paa has disappointed a many millions of viewers is because it is not sensitive,, it does not touch you the way tzp /mili/anand does..
    next you madam fathiya ..i think you are the most moronic person with her views on this website .. i bliecve since u are in far east and is besotted with movie watching you get charged up with every hindi film release and you must be admiring all the actors of bollywood .. you need to know that we in india watch movies not mostly by adulation but also the budget of our purses..

    anybody will laugh at you if u say this paahhh is better than AAA.. It shows u are a dumbo and have no sense of movie watch.. where is paa and in what league is AAA.??? or for that matter ankhiyon ke jharokhon se?? i think both of u take a sabbatical from movies and start watching documentaries and tv dramas .. cos you two know nothing of movies

  • also if MY NAME IS KHAN turns out to be a copy of A CHILDS WISH i will advice nobody to watch this film.. till karan johar accepts this and asks for forgiveness for doing so..

  • also mr sehaam why should i watch what u ask me to see. i have seen them all i did not get entertained by forest gump/ shawshank though they were great films .. for me a movie should entertain me give me thrills and also make me cry sometimes .. why i could suggest you to see gone with the wind also but a three and a half hrs movie cannot be seen twice.. so how can it be anybodys favorites.. u are all hypocrites out here .. have u seen the terminator series ?? they wer quite entertaining.. the day after tomorrow .. the anacaonda series the hitchkock films do i have to narrate u all those??? this paah stand s nowhere even upto the standards of the movies you have named .. so that shows your mindset as well and i dont think you are a critic at all.. you are just a black spectacled fan who wants this stupid movie to run.. for all i know you may be abhishek bachchan himself trying to promote this film .. which is a loser

  • you are like that student who comes to examination hall .gives her paper and get zero marks for her zero knowledge/and when get the result /comes back to the professor and say you have failed me look i know about the questions in the given paper …and start chattering..blaw blaw blaw…but it does not mean she know….because she will be given no marks. .the same is you dear…in your previous post you named silly movies…a( zero knowledge about good movies) (maybe you search the net and got good movies names…also all these are not good…) and now you are talkingabout good movies…
    also dear megha ji i ask you to post your top 5 favourate emotional scenes from hollywood and bollywood separately( now dont say you will not) …and then i tell you what you know about “TOUCHING”

  • I think you are online now…why dont you talk directly…r u afride dear,,,and there i prove myself as a critic) if u dare come and talk directly …no net searching…enough time for making answers etc…..i am here…come and prove yourself dear…

  • while u were writing those silly size zero comments this film paah is on its way to be the biggest loser this winter.. i think u are only jabbering away to nowhere cos u are being forced to have a recheck on your critic status by a girl… i think u need to go back to classroom get yourself a fresher course on movie watch and then heap praises on crass cinema..i will not get into any further top 5 s with you because for that also u will say i searched the net ..suffice to say that paah is a blunder…it is a flop and poorly made film with rubbish acting by the cast….

  • dear you should start breastfedding angain….again and again you are jumping and crying..paa .paaa.paaa.or at least you should leran from your paa …. u say ” i think u are only jabbering away to nowhere cos u are being forced to have a recheck on your critic status by a girl”…
    dear u r sill on formula fedding….i am not just a critic but a writer as well…i can writer the like of “great movies” and one day i prove myself and there u see “wretten by sehaam khan” and also i have the guts to take oscar award for my category…and what will you do….the more you watch movies the more you become worse….also u say i will not go for another 5s…how can you ??because even if you take it from net you will fail….

  • dear seham you cant write one single line without grammatical error and u are talking of making a movie ..??? its best u make documentaries in fact that too will be a huge task for u .. i think u are still an amateur aspiring wannabe ..dreaming big.. yes u must stick to hope cos that is what u have,, i dont have to take lessons from u for movie watch and why are you defending this movie ?? as if this is the last best piece on earth.???. u could have utilized the time spent here to write uour script>>>!!!.. i hope you shag welll cos this is all you will get to do all your life cos if this is the kind of respect u give to females.then this is what you will get to do all your life and shag well…let your paah do it for u cos no female will do it for you..ha ha ha

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