Paa Movie Review – Detailed

As promised, here is the second and more detailed review of Paa. Beware of the spoilers ahead, we recommend you read this after watching the film.

What we liked in Paa

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro – By far the best performance of the year. Most wouldn’t even realize that its indeed Amitabh as Auro, equal credit for which should to go the makeup artists.
  • While the political angle was too long, it has been well written and executed.
  • The runtime is about 2 hours and 15 mins.
  • Balki’s style of narration is simple to understand yet very different.
  • All characters are well-etched except Amol Arte’s (read the negatives).
  • Paa was entertaining, sprinkled with light moments right through to the climax. Infact some of the scenes were funnier than those so-called funny comedies of the year.
  • Loved the Paa Theme and the background music.

Scenes to watch out for, there were so many!

  • Auro’s introduction scene with Amol Arte presenting him the award. All students shouting his name out loud, was probably a bit too exaggerated, but the scene is sure to give you some goose-bumps.
  • Khichdi – Pickle scene between Auro and his mother. Sweet, nice and touching.
  • The maturity with which Arundhati Naag (Vidya’s mother) tackles her daughter’s pregnancy.
  • The way Auro interacts with Arundhati Naag (his granny, who he calls ‘Bum’, because she has a big ‘bum’)
  • When Vidya gifts Auro the photograph on his birthday.
  • Short scenes between Auro and the girl in his class.
  • The telephonic conversation between Auro and Vishnu (his best friend in class) – Hilarious
  • One other scene between Auro and Vishnu on Algebra..
  • Heck, every scene involving Auro was fantastic.

What didn’t work

  • The political issues dragged on for too long.
  • Why a busy politician like Amol Arte takes time out for a stranger like Auro? Yes, he has this unfortunate disorder, but there are so many kids in India with different disorders…!
  • The whole sequence of going to the Rastrapathi Bhavan and then Amol’s day out with Auro, isn’t convincing enough.
  • The 5 minute scene which included – the love story, pre marital sex between Vidya – Amol, the pregnancy and eventual breakup.. just doesn’t work.
  • The climax while good, was a bit too filmy (saat pheras et al) but works only due to the emotions involved with Auro on his death bed.

Performances (in order)

  • No superlative can quite describe Amitabh Bachchan’s performance in Paa. Sorry, no words.
  • Vidya Balan is fantastic. The only real ‘actress’ of this generation, the other so-called actresses don’t come close! And she looks stunning, almost ethereal!
  • Arundhati Naag is very good as Auro’s granny.
  • Abhishek Bachchan does well as Amol Arte.
  • Paresh Rawal is wasted.

Overall, Paa isn’t flawless nor as emotionally touching as Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. But Balki’s simple narration, the character of Auro, along with the brilliance of Mr Bachchan – makes Paa one of the best movies of the year. Bachchan’s performance in itself, is worth, more than the price of your ticket.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  • megha please watch star awards …there big b got best performence award for paa and vidhya ballan as well.incedent team has given 3 stars to 3 idiots and 3.5 to paa..think about it..we messssss u come on to other pages ( new movie reviews)

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