Rakesh Roshan’s Statement on Krrish 3 Collections

Rakesh RoshanRight from the day Krrish 3 released in theatres, the producers of the film have been accused of ‘over-reporting’ the domestic box office collections of Krrish 3.

In a statement, producer-director Rakesh Roshan has said that most in the trade only go by assumptions and only know about 70% of the box office.

The veteran filmmaker said “Till Tuesday the all India net collection was Rs 237 crore (actuals till Tuesday Rs 236.52) while the international gross collections was Rs 54 crore. I don’t know about Krrish 3 breaking the records of Chennai Express but I know my figures and I feel elated.”

“We have put in so much of honesty and sincerity in the film. I am sure other films will break our records, but that doesn’t matter. It gives me an incentive to make better films, that’s all.”

“I’m not in a position to fudge the figures by Rs 40-50 crore. People don’t know the exact figures but I get all the figures from all over India in the morning. People just go by assumptions and know only 70% of box office while I know 100%. We opened at 4300 screens”

Do read our article on the controversial box office collections of Krrish 3.

UPDATE: Rakesh Roshan has also spoken to Bollywood Hungama about the controversy.

I really don’t know what their intentions were, but when they asked me for the figures, I willingly gave them the same. Now they say that the figure of Rs. 237.15 crores is gross and not nett.

I don’t know where this buzz about fake figures has emerged from, but I feel that there are some people who really don’t bother to go to the interiors and other sectors in a more detailed way to find out the actual numbers. I know the real figures; I have been getting updates from all my distributors, exhibitors and from places where my film is running right from the first day itself. So, I don’t really care about this line of thinking

How can I fudge Rs. 40-50 crore? Is it really that simple or is it a joke to change and pump up the collections? Besides they say that the figures I have shared are gross figures. In fact if I look at the gross figures that include the entertainment tax, and everything else, then Krrish 3’s collection has crossed Rs. 500 crores. I think they really need to go back and learn the difference between gross and nett figures first.



  • He’s a honest man & i believe in him ! Not because of me being a hrithik fan i’m saying so, i have heard his story of struggle & hardwork he put on to be at position he is today !

    Krrish 3 has broken the records. And there must not be any fuss. Records are meant to be broken. Some other superstar would beat krrish 3 and it goes on !

    Accept the fact and move on !

  • @ All K3 haters: I knew it from day 1 that some websites are underreporting probably due to some vested interests who dont want K-3 to be highest grosser.

    The thing is no one can fudge figures by 50 crores,that too in such a highly technology advanced environment. It was a khan made controversy,supported by BOI.com

    Truth has prevailed finally..

  • All doubts arised from boi which is underreporting k3.
    Boi is doing really very bad job.ramleela screen number is 2800+ ,but k3 screen no. is 3800+.ramleela has less hype.k3 had huge hype.ramleela ticket price is comparatively less than k3.k3 had gud occupancy in morning,noon and night on 2nd day.so it’s obvious that k3 collection should be higher than ramleela.
    But ,according to boi,
    k3-15.5 crs
    ramleela-16.5 crs? ? ? ? ?
    How can it be possible? ?boi is giving less collection against k3 mainly.seems like it’s an anti hrithik site.
    It’s trying its best to show low number than yjhd.it predicted besharam to become atbb and beat ce.how can it be forgotten? ?
    Boi is seriously showing less number for k3.
    Some people are saying it’s dirty game by roshans.but they should know that hrithik isn’t a record seeker and popularity seeker.otherwise he wouldn’t have done movies like znmd,guzaarish,jodha akbar.

  • Bigger the film bigger the difference due to more number of screens. But actually what happened with ”Krrish 3” which caused such a huge difference between numbers of producers and distributors.

    The whole doubt arises in our mind only when the film entered in the 3rd week. On the 3rd Friday, the film supposedly collected 2.44 cr nett followed by 3.02 cr nett on Saturday and 3.76 cr nett on Sunday – taking the 3rd weekend total to 9.22 cr nett. With only 700 screens, this kind of total is possible only if the film had great occupancy. But if one checks the leading ticket booking portals online, then the situation is almost reverse. It is tough to believe that film collected anything in excess of 7 cr nett. Despite several attempts, no territorial breakdown was made available to us.

    Things look more doubtful when you look into details. All PR and online marketing of ”Krrish 3” was done by a company which handles Hrithik Roshan and incidentally the most popular trade expert is also associated with the same group online. Now this indication and connection should be good enough for your grey cells.

    No matter how much you dwell over this, one thing is true that ”Krrish 3” is a huge blockbuster and the film is the biggest hit for Hrithik Roshan. How big is the hit will always remain under cloud and we keep our faith with the makers but to answer that important question – what is the real box office collection of ”Krrish 3”? We have only one answer that truth falls somewhere in between. The film will touch 192-195 cr nett including all versions by end of the run for sure.

  • King Hrithik roshan ppl are jealous and angry at him cuz he achieved so much in just 13years whr as others take 20-25 years to do the same. All said n done Krrish 3 IS A BLOCKBUSTER N Hrithik roshan is THe KING . Haters do hate cuz whr u like it or not Krrish is ATBB .

  • all bollywood trade magzines & sites dont have any identical source for collection.
    magzines collections are assumptions & producer collections
    are actual.

  • Well done SIr…HRITHIK is the KING of Bollywood and KRRISH 3 record cannot be broken by anyone except Hrithik himself with BANG BANG…HATERS ki to jal gayi

  • the main reason for all this is pathetic site called BOI… the gap between trade and producers is common with big films like c.e,ett,yjhd etc..if producer says 237cr for krrish3. it can be 220cr minimum or atleast 215cr in trade.. but pathetic BOI has under reported the collection too much.. i dont know what and whose records he wants to save..

    realistically krrish 3 has beaten Chennai Express comprehensively.. and Krrish 3 is huge at single screens.. even with BOI first day territory Krrish 3 broke first day records in Bihar.. that is the proof for huge turnout at single screens..

  • If Krrish 3 was released on 4300 screens all over India with 80%-90% occupancy on the opening day, then it’s no way acceptable that it collected only 15 crore from Box Office, which has been claimed by BOI. A small kid with little mathematical skill will be able to throw away this rumors. Also even if we take it for granted that the first day collection of Krrish 3 was only 15 crore, then it really seems fishy from BOI as it claims that the hindi version has collected a huge amount like 180 crore!! A film that begins with 15 crore can’t reach 180 crore by any logic. Again BOI says that Monday collection of Krrish 3 was indeed a record breaking. This also seems to be weird because a film that collected only 15 crore according to the report of BOI, then it can’t break any single day record on its 4th day of release unless people have loved this movie so much. Now if people have loved this movie so much that it has broken the record on 4th day of its release by hugest single day collection, then it can’t conclude on 180 crore at BO. Because Monday collection, by any source is the highest, including BOI, so a movie to do that requires a lot of positive word of mouth to break record of 4th day. And again if the positive word of mouth has been so good, then how come it collected only 180 crore from 4300 screens??

    Besides, if Rakesh Roshan show such an extra numbers like 50/6o crores claimed by BOI, then who is going to pay tax on those 50/60 cores? the fans of Khans?? why Rakesh Roshan, who is average in terms of being rich in Bollywood, will ever attempt to raise the figure so high if he needs when he knows that he will have to pay tax on those amounts??

    So my conclusion on BOI is that its reports on Krrish 3 contradict with each other which is really very doubtful and makes me believe that BOI was only trying to save the records of Khans. When the record seemed to be broken from their side, it started crying by reducing figures illogically. Now there is one evidence exists too. They reduced the number even further by a few crores and re edited the figures to suit their requirement.

    BOI is not a government based Bollywood website, so the credibility of this website to match against other sources lose here completely when some people have taken the website as Bible and acting like Prophets who are preaching the religion of BOI on Krrish 3 here and there while looks very funny. These people should get a life. They are barking so loudly everywhere that it has even reached to the ear of Rakesh Roshan. Such a shame on these losers who have devoted their lives in trying to bring down the reputation of Krrish 3 but failed at the last moment.

    The fans of Hrithik will always remember this tactics and will apply the logic on “Dhoom 3”, “Jai Ho” “Kick” and “Happy New Year” too to teach them the practical lesson they need to learn!!

  • @ViratKohli You could have written your own view point on this instead of copying the article. At least give credit to them for their article. You are commenting on others being dishonest about figures but you yourself are doing plagiarism.

    Day 1 Rs 25.5 Crore ( Rs 18.83 Crore)
    Day 2 Rs 23 Crore (Rs 15.64 Crore)
    Day 3 Rs 24.3 Crore (Rs 14.78 Crore)
    Day 4 Rs 35.91 Crore (Rs 31.75 Crore)
    Day 5 Rs 26.26 Crore (Rs 20.75 Crore)
    Day 6 Rs 18.11 Crore (Rs 13.02 Crore)
    Day 7 Rs 13.44 Crore (Rs 8.51 Crore)
    Day 8 Rs 9.16 Crore ( Rs 7.63 Crore)
    Day 9 Rs 14.23 Crore ( Rs 10.53 Crore)
    Day 10 Rs 16.35 Crore (Rs 12.56 Crore)
    Total Rs 206.26 Crore ( Rs 154 Crore )

  • Liar Liar. See his guts. Even telling it has grossed more than 500 Cr. i think he has done everything to be tagged as the liar of the century. if we take out foreign as 50 cr he is saying 210 cr he paid as tax. I think in the whole india he is the highest tax payer as he paid 42% tax. Shame shame. ….He is the new age Dhitarastra

  • @Indicine Please inform Rakesh Roshan “We are fed up of his fake collections”. So to make his dream fulfil we will accpet that “Krrish 3 made 1000cr”.

  • Krrish 3 18 Days India Business : ACTUALS :-
    Hindi Version – 193 crore
    Tamil and Telugu Versions – 13 crore
    TOTAL :- 206 crore Nett.

    Now this has not only surprised us, but the Day 1 collections of Ra One are pretty shocking. Yes, it was Diwali and the afternoon – evening shows were affected, but..

    Ra One released on close to 3500 prints whereas Bodyguard was released on less than 2000 (on Wednesday)
    The ticket prices at multiplexes were about 10% more expensive than Bodyguard (the prices of tickets were increased just like 3 Idiots)
    With 100% collections all over India, the total capacity of Ra One was around 34 – 35 crores. Which also means, at about 14.5 crores, the collections were about 35 – 40% for Day 1.
    Bodyguard released at 1PM on Wednesday and didn’t have the widest of releases. Still, managed to set a record of 21 crores.

    At worst, due to all the hype and craze, we expected Ra One to easily cross 20 crores.

    On a more positive note, Day 2 collections (even for noon shows) had better occupancy and we expect around 18 – 20 crores by the end of the day.

    Please do not misunderstand this comparison, we are only comparing Bodyguard to Ra One because the former currently holds the Day 1 record. This is not a SRK vs Salman battle.

  • So finally #Rakesh sir has given a fitting reply to all haters n jealous people…the man who can make such a huge film,also knows how to defend it…this shows how brave he is..not like other coward people in industry….sir don’t worry audience loved this film so much which is more imp….everbody knows how much hardwork n dedication you have put in the film that nobody can even dare to dream…you are real genius….and its a fact that with success also comes jeolousy hatred… these coward people can only laugh becos they can’t even think of making this wonderful film in such low budget…..
    #Grand Salute to you….you made Indians to proud of our country….#Respect #Respect #Respect

  • Big liar.. How shamelessly he is telling that krrish3 grossed more than 500 crs.. Grow up liar.. Now public is not fool, and today public is well aware of how much is the entertainment tax in india.. And if k3 grossed 500 crs then ce is well above 600 crs as it is well ahead of k3 in overseas and neck to neck in india as per your fake figures.. You still do not have territorial breakdown for even a single day.. Yeah its true that yourself only know the actuals, but it is also true that you are not reporting the actuals.. And which distributors are you telling about? As per the distributors it still didn’t cross 200 crs in hindi versions.. So you keep your perception to yourself and don’t throw it to others.. Liar..

  • Huhh.. Alot of hullabaloo goin around regarding k3’s collection
    First I wanna none of d sites supports or favours any star b it boi or indicine.
    Itz just ppl’s perception
    I was hell disappointed wen boi predicted besharam wil open better dan ce… Even ce’s name was nowhere in d list.but den I realised dey wer just doin dere work.if dey wil start favouring any star dere site wil collapse
    N regarding k3s collection.. Nice move by rakesh roshan to come out n clarify d doubts abt d collections.
    K3 is a big blockbuster but it wil alwaez b a point of debate wot itz actual collection was.
    Rakesh roshan revealed it was released at around 4300 screens whereas most of d sites reported it 2 b 4000… So a difference of 300 in screen count may pull some more money
    But stil rakesh himself is responsible foh all dis.. He shd hav provided d proper territorial breakdown of every circuit to keep mouth shut of haters.
    India shd hav a proper tracking agency..to clear d doubts of ppl
    I think someone shd file an RTI regarding k3’s collection.. Den only he wil get d rite information of k3s collection.. Lolzzz

  • Indicine Plz make new post with nipun and ghost comments,,, boi is no regularized agency,,, they have even fallen to level of further decreasing the collections of 1st week which they gave themselves,,4000 screens and 1st day collection of 15cr means 30-40% ococcupancy while they themselves said it’s opened huge in morning and noon,,,, that makes 40%of the shows and if they were house full then the night shows had to be totally empty for the film to be 15cr,,,manipulation is done by this outdated website having articles 2 years old on its main page,,, they needed a controversy to regain viewers and srk fans needed them to prove that useless chennai express still holds records,,, pathetic people can’t stand other’s success,,, for all the haters I’ve got two words for you-suck it!!!
    Krrish3 atbb!!

  • Boi reported collection of krrish 3 after 2 weeks as 168 cr.
    but after 3rd weekend they said k3 has collected 7 cr during the weekend and total collections now stand at 172 cr


    ne they will say we corrected the figures

    their objective is clear they want to show the final collection of k3 below yjhd

    creat enough doubt so tht the recrd of someppl stay safe

    I am sure if the admin n controllong authority of boi are revealed ever….
    they would surely someone from khsn camp

    nyways…ones u go down this path sooner or later u will be exposed…
    after hr will be back again to break the new records

  • I even wrote an email to boi asking for the difference in collections on the mail id written on the website
    Result-one mail id no longer exists and no reply from the second…

  • I don’t know if #Krrish3 has broken record of #ChennaiExpress but according 2collections #Krrish3 has not broken record of #YJHD also till now.

  • Boxofficeindia
    -site that still shows dabangg as the highest grosser in 2010-2019 time period
    -most single day records still held by dabangg
    -top worldwide grosser list last update in may 2012 and still contain agneepath and housefull2 as new entrants
    -all articles on front page older than April 2012
    -weekly collection section also not updated since October

    Now people who believe in this site and people like krk more than the producers,, and business analysts like komal nahata, taran adarsh, amod mehra etc are either completely delusional or fans of rival actors who can’t see their star’s records being broken,,,

  • Tight Slap on all Haters and Loosers Face .Hrithik Rocks Krrish 3 Rocks .. ! ALL TIME HIGHEST GROSSER . accept the truth Jealous and insecure pplz . sach yahi hai :D

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