Paa Movie Review

Paa is one of the most anticipated films of the year due to several reasons

  • Paa is directed by R Balki who directed the critically acclaimed Cheeni Kum (2007).
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro, suffering from a rare premature aging disease called Progeria.
  • Abhishek playing father and Vidya Balan mother to Amitabh Bachchan in the film.

With expecatations of a classic, Paa co-produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s home-production AB Corp on a budget of 14.75 crores, also stars Paresh Rawal and has music composed by Ilaiyaraja.

About Progeria

Progeria is a very rare (one in 8 million) genetic condition, with the most visible symptom being aggressive aging. The disease is terminal and those suffering from Progeria on an average live for about 12 – 13 years.

Other visible symptoms of the disease include wrinkled skin, fragile bodies with a large head, abnormal growth and loss of hair. Currently there are close to 100 known patients worldwide suffering from the disease and 10 of them are from India.


Paa isn’t about the illness but more about a boy (Auro – Amitabh Bachchan) and his family. Auro is a 13 year old suffering from Progeria. Mentally he is his age but physically looks like a 70 year old man. He lives with his mother Vidya (Vidya Balan), who is a doctor. His father Amol (Abhishek Bachchan) is a politician. The movie is about their relationship, struggles, emotions and a lot more.

The review will be short, revealing much would kill your Paa experience. Wait for the more detailed “Best Scenes in Paa” article after the weekend.

Paa Review

Paa is a well written and directed film, with adequate amount of emotions, fun and fabulous performances. The second half is brilliant with enough in it to keep you hooked. But the film suffers from a comparatively weaker first half. The pre interval portions deal with Abhishek’s political career and his rivalries, not exactly what you expect while walking in with expectations of a touching father-son tale.

But the second half more than makes up for it and its this half that makes Paa a tremendously satisfying watch. Watch out for the tear-inducing sequences involving Auro and also those light hearted moments all of which are written, executed and performed to perfection.

The music is average. The ‘Mere Paa’ track is good. The makeup by (Domini Till, Christien Tinsley) deserve special mention for turning Bachchan into a realistic looking Progeria patient.

Coming to the performances, Amitabh Bachchan delivers inarguably the best performance of the year. While I would still rate Black a notch higher, Paa is pure brilliance from a legend who is by far the best actor in the industry. Abhishek Bachchan is good, and so are Vidya Balan and Paresh Rawal. But the senior Bachchan’s character is such that it easily out shines the others.

Overall, Paa had potential to be a much better film than it turned out to be. Watch it for the powerful second half and an award worthy performance by the legendary Bachchan.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Box office

The business should be best at multiplexes and since the costs are low, Paa should recover its investment in a week or two. Universal acceptance like Taare Zameen Par is unlikely.



  • Comments edited.. This Veer discussion in almost every topic is indeed getting irritating. Even the Mr India 2 topic was hijacked.. “Mogambo Veer Khush Hua”.. Heights!

  • Amit :
    listen, i told u before that i didnt watch Dav D , and Gulaal , i left Dav D when chanda’s father killed hisself and Gulaal at interval. and both movies i watched on pirated ghattiya quality dvds. and i said before to indicine that when i ll get time i ll watch these movies again on original dvds as indicine requested me that watch it 2nd time . even indicine didnt like Gulaal when they saw 1st time.
    and we have 5,6 more people here who love to put their comments. un ke bhi mooo lag har baar mere peeche haath dho ke na parra rah, main ne tumhara koi udhaar wapas nahi karna aur apna gussa kissi aur pe nikalo.
    about screen play so i ll let u know later. just wait.

  • I still didn’t get a chance to watch Paa.. but I will this week for sure.. can’t wait.. I’m so eager to watch it, and I don’t care about some ppl’s negative comments or saying it’s an average movie.. how can I trust these people’s taste.. some drama or serious movies won’t work for them.. but they do work for me and for few in this world! and if some movies still work for some people despite the box office collection.. so the movie should be considered as a successful movie specially when it gets some good reviews

  • Wht a funny exuse u used for devd gulal.hahaha.tere piche hath dho ke isliye pda hu kyuki tere comments sabse bogus hote hai..m happy dude u r frustated nd talking nonsense..on a other thread sridevi is 55yr old.hahaha

  • U said devd was the worst movie ever..btw there was no pdvd leaked for devd for 15days.nd when it came it was awsume print.

  • paa very average film
    poor direction poor music and loosely shown progeria the disease
    i guess instead of amitabh if a small kid would have been taken and real issues of progeria would have been shown the movie would have been good

  • indicine team you give 3,5 rating to this movie which according to u is so-so fare…one thing we must remember is however amitabh may want to do the spark which he used to arise in his earlier movies is not there perhaps this beard is unlucky for hi.. he may want to experiment there are enough fools aout there to even make him do a batman but somewhere i feel he is doing lot of work to give his son some work and acceptance.. he wishes that people those that like him will come to the halls and sccept his son also…

    now there is noothing wrong in a father wishing so but the problem is that his son is not a looker …his hair style is more suited to south indian prabhu deva likes and his body language is poor… he opens his mouth and falls flat his lips are botoxed and his over all personality is poor.. wonder what that girl saw in him too get married>>!!!

    so this film doesnt work on this son father combo ..also since its a south indian movie it does not work in north,, wherer we do not lke to see the south indian nuances .. actually ghazini was full of it did well because odf the action sequences

  • Megha– tats a harsh comment…. so u mean south indian movies r worst? dey dont have a story..?

    I know ur knowledge bout movies s gud.. have read ur comments on other sites.. especially d Quiz.. u were awesome.. but wy u always comment so harsh only on this site? some panga with Indicine?? ;)

    U comment on every part of abhishek.. his waist size, his hair style, dunno wat more…;) may be u r Jealous of him marryin Aish… ha ha

    Megha u have a gud knowledge bout movies, use it properly… dont just use some harsh comments n let ppl target u…:)

  • dear when did i say south indian movies are bad?? im saying please do not give those southindian touches in a hindi movie cos up in north we do not relate to their nuances . please keep it neutral…why harsh to this movie?? when the germ has been picked from the curious case of benjamin button you know thhat the idea is not original and amitabh doing this movie to arise the same feelings as brad pitt is wrong>> in todays times brad pitt is way ahead of amitabh while amitabh is still mired around doing bhoothnath aladdin paa god tussi great ho all in the name of experimenting and blah blah his son is an atrocious looker and its true .. he pales in front of his peers what is wrong in accepting that.. if i do not show the other side of coin people will get biased nah.. and these people taran adarsh martin dsouza and to some extent indicine too give loud and good comments to even trash to make the movie work after all they are from the film fraternity na.. and we people are at the recieving end>> its time we change all that…taran adarsh and his cronies are fed a huge amount for their reviews ..poor himesh doent get a review cos uska to kuchh hone wala naheen hai.. so they dump the poor guy.. its good to be negative cos its only then you are able to see whats good>>>!!!!

  • and why should i be jealous of abhishek?? or aish?? i would never get married to this guy with swollen lips>>!!!..whose only claim to fame is that he is amitabhs son

  • Ok Megha.. i read nuances as somethin else…;) and wy d germ was picked from curious case of benjamin button.. have not seen tat movie.. s der any similarity?

    Regarding Radio .. seriously yaar its not worth a watch… as Indicine mentioned unintentionally funny…;)

    regarding abhi u r again commentin on his lips…;) ha ha . ya i agree he s either recognised in d industry as Big-B`s son or aish`s husband.. not a separate image of his own..;) but he really did a gud job in Paa dont u feel?

  • very much sir .. i like his swollen lips his cropped hair is any womans fantsy come true.. his stubble is something where you will save home shaving bills .. tons of money ..plenty to eat and a big belly around which i can hold him well ….non stop flops from the begining .what else do i want in a guy..Ji …he is every womans dream come untrue why wouldnt i like him???

  • regarding jaya bachchan as soon as she says paa.. i was aghast…. and then she went on… this is what i call the south indian touch ..very failing.. she reminds me of baa(sudha of saas bhi kabhi baahu thi… more dissection to follow..she shouldnt have done that introduction.. she doesnt look good either

  • Megha– u r watchin it nw?? ha ha may be just downloaded….;) ya tat was a class for blind i guess.. as if v cant read….;)

  • Mumbai: Anees Bazmee, the maker of umpteen comedies, is just wrapping up another funny film “No Problem” and has two more films with Akshay Kumar lined up – “Hera Pheri Part 4” and “Thank You”. And the director says the ability to make people laugh is “a blessing”.
    While “No Problem” stars Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Sushmita Sen and Kangana Ranaut, “Hera Pheri Part 4” celebrates the return of the characters conceived by Priyadarshan with Amitabh Bachchan also added to the comic brew.

    “Thank You”, which brings Akshay back together with his hit heroine Katrina Kaif, is believed to be Anees` most intensely romantic film to date. But the director is keen to release “Hera Pheri Part 4” first.

    “Comedy is what sells these days. To make people laugh is a blessing and I`ve done it repeatedly without resorting to vulgarity. The script (of `Hera Pheri Part 4`) is ready. And this time apart from the regular `Hera Pheri` cast of Akshay, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal, I`ve also written a role specially for Amit-ji. He`ll play the catalyst in the comedy. It`s every director`s dream to work with Amit-ji and I`m no exception,” Anee said.

    But he doesn`t want to be stereotyped as a comedy maker. “I`ve been in the business of writing and directing for more than 30 years. Apart from the comedies I`ve done some really romantic films like `Pyar To Hona Hi Tha` and `It`s My Life`, which is ready for release.

    “`Thank You` is my most personal and romantic subject to date. I`m bringing Akshay and Katrina together again. It`s to be produced by UTV,” the filmmaker added.

    Talking about the first two editions of “Hera Pheri”, he said: “I loved the first `Hera Pheri` film by Priyan-ji. But I must confess I didn`t like the second `Hera Pheri` film (`Phir Hera Pheri` directed by Neeraj Vora) that much.”

    Asked why the series has skipped the third segment and moved to the fourth, Anees said: “Actually there`s an explanation in `Hera Pheri Part 4` as to why Part 3 is missing. Just wait and see.”

    One comedy that Anees is not doing is the sequel to hit film `Singh Is Kinng`.

    “I haven`t been approached for this at all,” he said.

  • amit:
    humm so Dev D ‘s original DVD came after 15 days and there was no Pirated DVD of Dev D. but i saw Dev D after 2nd or 3rd day of release so which dvd it was ?? i want to tell u i m not in india i m in sydney and here movie releases on thursday and pdvd’s come on friday night or some time saturday if movie release on friday , and 80 % dvd’s are local release , mean they shoot in cinema.
    if u dont believe then give me ur home address i will send u dev d’s prirated dvd and if u want any other then i can send u other movies as well.

  • naveed:
    DDD’s 1st week 34 cr
    2nd weekend near to 9 – 10 cr( friday 2,5 , sat 3,5 )
    so it means near to 43 – 44 cr in ten days movie needs 15 more to get super hit status.
    i m hopefull.

  • @nauman

    in the movie jaan-e-man salman and preity were divorced for five years and when salman and akshay go to london their daughter is only one year old, dont u guys noticed that hahahahahhaha
    see the movie again

  • @gurvindar lol..r u serius?read wht u hve just posted..@nauman dev d pvd was not may be cinema was out 15days after..i can bet my life on that..did any other member here watched devd pdvd just after release?

  • Its amazing that you give a movie like Paa 3.5 * and kaminey and others in that genre a 4 or more .. what has gone wrong with the critics … this movie is simply awesome and can easily be counted in best 5 of the decade …

  • amit:
    i said i saw it in sydney and that was cinema recorded . i dont know abt india
    ok if i ll get chance then i wll watch it again.
    thats great u noticed this thing

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