Our films should collect as much as Avatar, 100 cr is too less: SRK

At an event on Thursday, Shahrukh Khan spoke about the business of his films in the industry. The superstar said that filmmakers shouldn’t limit themselves by considering 100 crore as a benchmark for films. He said, he wants Hindi films to establish a footprint globally and collect as much as Avatar or at least 50% of it.

“I would want every film to do roaring business. If we have to establish a footprint globally, Rs.100 crore is too less. To think of it is a limitation by itself. People who don’t understand films and creativity in films, they put our work in these boxes (clubs). I would want our films to make as much money as Avatar. At least 50 percent of it” Khan told reporters.

While we understand what Shahrukh was trying to say, but realistically, Hindi films have a long way to go both content and audience wise to get even close to a film like Avatar.

The highest grossing Hollywood film of all time collected†$2.79 billion (Rs 17,160 crore) when it released in 2009. The highest grossing Indian film is Dhoom 3 which amassed Rs 530 crore worldwide last year i.e about 3.15% of Avatar.



  • well said srk..but reality is different..way to go..when bollywood will do 1000cr..hollywood movie will do more than 30000cr..so the difference will remain same but hope in near future difference will be lesa atleast..

  • Yes!!! It should!! After all, he had 3.7 billions fans on earth and on pandora. The antique washing machine with six losers stuck in it will collect more than Avatar did. Jai Ho skeleton king….

  • Hny will collect 100cr in one day worldwide
    No i am not joking
    Hny is releasing on 23rd oct in overseas
    So on 23-24th min 50cr
    40Cr india and 10cr gross

  • HNY gonna collect more than Avatar on its 1st day becoz we all 3.7 billion fans hav decided to watch it on 1st day.

  • If we want to comapre with hollywoods collection….then it is nacessary to increase production value n content quality of movies….but we still struck with craps like bg kick hny…..eagerly waiting for fan …it looks interesting…hny gonna break d3 ww collection

  • For that one needs to do good commercial movies, not ludicrous movies like ra.one and Happy New Year.
    Just doing big talks isn’t gonna make your movie big success.
    One should at least try doing good movies. Doing a hardcore commercial movie and making it mildly successful is no big deal.
    So dear srk with all due respect kindly shut up.

  • srk hny will definitely break record of avatar.LOL.
    Hollywood movies craz is all over worldwide. not only one country. English main language. these thing may not apply for Bollywood.

  • upppss………they should but they will not…!!!

    lets hope your next movie collects around 700 cr worldwide..!!!!!

  • Well said but first break D3’s 550cr ww India 285cr and overseas 190+cr
    Wid dat below avg trailer these records seem imposible

  • first ppl used to think to collect 500 cr is impossible now next target is 1000 cr n slowly we will reach 10K crore i.e. as much money as hollywood films … SRK saying right if we will think 100 cr we will reach 60 cr if we will think 1000 cr we will reach 500-600 cr… the thing is we should dream big shoot for the stars we will atleast reach the moon… inspiring millions one n only KING KHAN SRK

  • In the long run, haider will win over bang bang. Verdict is important, not collections. If collections would have been important , salman would have benn a great actor. And yes , @arjun kapur haider weekend biz will be more than so called terrible youngistaan teamís horrible fanny, torcherous kill dill . Shahid kapoor is better than overshadowed kapoor and wannabe torturous ranveer ching.

  • First make a film of 1000crs budget atleast..
    Also our currency’s value in front of dollars is a big hinderance…so we should stop dreaming this for now..it seems hypothetical.

  • So it means squeezing viewers hard earned money by hiking ticket prices…and worse to watch crap movies like Ra One, JTHJ, Don 2 and next, HNY….Free advice: Keep your money in your pocket and wait for HNY to broadcast on Zee TV during new year.

    Waiting for Action Jackson and PK…Ajay and Aamir, among the best in acting

  • Strange! He doesnt make any records still he is dreaming about them
    But Aamir who has each and every record never talks about any record or collections

  • @Tillu nebhani, you cant do this but he can shut even your backside…..uski baad socho kaogi moh si, aw nikalogi bhi moh si, oh sorry!!!

    @ashu, hahaha! Remembering marigold, hahaha! remembering mr and mrs khanna, hahaha! remembering jane-mann, hahaha remembering you and your face!!!

  • @Tiger and anand, in that case bhai in his entire carear cant do even 0.1% buissness of avatar because we have very feww rickshaw walas in overseas Oh sorry i mean bhai fans!!!

    atleast those rickshaw walas has better english then me and ur bhai!!!

    and are better human biengs then people like you!

  • Sometimes when ever i take taxi or rickshaw, i always ask the driver that “bhai, aap indicine ka user tu nhn hu” because i believe that one of them might be anand, navin, tiger and speacialy “yuvraj” because he just use the word middle class people just too much!!!

    will, even i belong to middle class family but i dont have any rickshaw :p

  • @all of indicine users, dont mind my words, iam not against any actor. iam just trying to experience the feeling of bad user with fun like anand and tiger!

    will its just too much.. aur kisi ni sach kaha hai, ki jo maza burai main hai woh achai main nhn. its too much fun as a bad guy

  • One of the reasons iam trying to be bad is that according to some srkians, iam a fake fan.. tu yeh karna pada, ap mujh apne ap ko prove karna hai Ki main srkian hoon

  • A bollywood movie can collect 1000 crs. worldwide if-
    It features 3 khans
    The movie should be universally accepted
    All critics give it atleast 4.5/5
    Long holiday period
    Hrithik roshan’s dance number.
    Also it should have high production values.

  • Aiming high is gud but this day dreaming…
    Our maximum input is $ 30 Million till date & dreaming of competing with a $300 million…
    Morever English is a global language, everyone watch it but Hindi isn’t watched by everyone…
    So a collection on that scale is out of the Question..
    Even Avatar shouldnt hqve collected that much… I mean Except for its 3d effect, Vfx it is among normal movies… Talking abt 3d & VFX Gravity is miles ahead of Avatar…

    For Bang Bang Haters & Critics who gave it a low rating…

    ?#?BangBangMovie? has smashed all previous records of FIRST DAY collections of a HINDI FILM in? #Kerala by MILES which will be very difficult to BREAK.
    Cinema critics should realise commercial films are made to entertain entertain entertain & audience paying money say Paisa Vasool BANG BANG. Hope Fox Star Hrothik Katrina and Sidarth Anand come up with BANG BANG 2 – Mukesh Ratilal Mehta, Distributor & Exhibitor from Kerala…

    Figures are not known but its around 90 lakhs from 105 screens… Highest ever for a hindi film..


  • Total worldwide collection of all srk film+salman filims+akshay filims+aamir filims+ajay and hritik filims<Avatars collection.

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