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Introducing Om Shanti Om

A movie review by a major Bollywood website was extremely positive. Oh well, how could I trust a reviewer who gave fantastic movies like Chak De India, Black, Rang De Basanti (and so many more) such low ratings? I believed the reviewer is quite fond of masala flicks, flicks which have major box-office appeal. (Are movie reviewers actually paid for positive reviews? I wonder..) So before I entered the movieplex, I had huge expectations from Om Shanti Om. The biggest entertainer in the country in a masala potboiler, positive reviews, great hype, 31 of the biggest stars in one item number – what more could one ask for?

Om Shanti Om Story

Om Prakash Makhija (Shahrukh Khan) is a junior artist aspiring to become a superstar one day and live life of luxury and comfort. He is a die hard fan and a secret lover of popular actress Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone). His mother and Papu (Shreyas Talpade) are the only true believers of his talent. A fire accident on one of the shooting sets introduces Shanti to Om. As Om finds happiness and satisfaction he finds out an untold truth of Shanti being married to film producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal) who kills her after she admits her pregnancy to him. As a witness to this crime, Om gets killed in a fight with Mehra’s men.

Om Prakash comes back to the world now as Om Kapoor, a star-kid. Om Kapoor is all set to take revenge on Mehra for killing his love Shanti. He plans a conspiracy with Shanti’s clone Sandy, his mother and friend Papu to make Mehra (who is now a big producer in Hollywood) confess about his deadly crime. Will the purpose of Om’s rebirth be fulfilled? Will Mukesh Mehra confess his crime? Whats the future of Om and Sandy?

Om Shanti Om Review

Technically Om Shanti Om is good, but as an entertainer, a major disappointment. The fact that it is such a terrible let down, is yet to sink in. What was Farah Khan (director) thinking? How could she make such a bad film, after directing a decent entertainer in Main Hoon Na? What was Shahrukh Khan thinking when he approved the script? How could almost everything go so wrong in a movie?

The movie has major flaws. Both the first half and the second have a lot of similarities, a few scenes actually are repeated! So if you miss the first half or you decide to walk out during the interval, dont worry, you haven’t missed much. The biggest flaw is you never feel for any of the characters, you laugh when the characters cry and vice versa. The transformation of Om Kapoor to Om Prakash in the second half, isnt handled well and is far from convincing. The transformation part is so very important in reincarnation movies, something which was handled brilliantly in Karan Arjun. The death scene, rebirth, flashbacks – needs expert direction, Farah unfortunately fails.

The script, screenplay and the direction is flawed. The dialogues are irritating. The only saving grace of the much hyped movie is the music. Main Agar Kahoon and Dard-e-Disco stand out.

Om Shanti Om Performances

Now the performance of the King Khan. After a career-best knockout performance in Chak De India, Shahrukh Khan hams in the first half. In the second half, as the new-age superstar, he fails to convince. A soda without fizz kinda performance by SRK. Personally for me, this is undoubtedly his most disappointing performance this decade. Deepika Padukone is promising in her debut, great screen presence. She expresses quite well through her eyes. Definitely a actress to look forward to, in the future. Shreyas Talpade’s role doesnt demand any histrionics, he is decent as the side-kick. Arjun Rampal is good in a negative role. Kirron Kher is over the top throughout, the only scene she excels is when she is supposed to scare Mukesh Mehra, in the second half.

In the special appearances, Akshay Kumar stands out in the filmfare awards scene. Even his nomination video is hilarious. He gets the house down with his typical trademark antics. Hrithik Roshan is also a part of the movie and so is Abhishek Bachchan (both are part of the Filmfare scene). Amongst the 31 stars in the item number, Kajol got the loudest of cheers.

IndiCine Om Shanti Om Verdict

Overall, another biggie that disappoints big time this year. I would be surprised if, die-hard SRK fans enjoy this. The only reason to watch it could be the technical brilliance!

So If Chak De India got 5 on 5 stars, this one deserves not a bit more than 1.

Do post your comments below, we would love to know your views on Om Shanti Om.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (Torture)

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  • He might act good in movies.. doesnt mean the movie itself is good.. we never commenting on SRK… we are tellin tht its not worth watchin.. and kajjall.. if u believe in a senseless story wit reincarnation .. go for OSO… :) tht clears ur doubt..

  • Dont fall to the marketing campaing trap…if they will give you money to watch this crap, then pls go and see. Otherwise, save your money and time. It is not worth it.

  • If he is King Khan, then why so much marketing and publicity stunt…..they knew they needed to market this aggressively, otherwise who will vouch for this movie to be a good one…..No one…and that is a fact! Khan is King, there is no doubt on that, however the movie is crap, no doubt on that too!

  • I agree with some that it is a masala movie, nothing else. But it is a masala movie that you can choose not to see. Total Waste.

  • Okay I’ve read about three fourths of the posts here in this forum to get sick of everything. Any post that find to be the slightest bit logical is completely bashed upon with totally illogical reasoning. A movie review is supposed to do what exactly this one achieved. It’s supposed to state WHY a movie is bad. Frankly, I dont see a problem in the author bashing the critics. If half the people who posted here have gone through the posts instead of just posting whatever comes to your mind, the discussion would’ve been a lot better. I dont understand why people still kept bashing the reviewer after he said

    “# Indicine Team
    November 9th, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Thanks for your comment Raj. I / We havent bashed any reviewer so far. But publishing a positive review 2 days before the movie releases to fool the audience into spending their hard earned money, is not acceptable! Especially since both the positive reviews that were out were from the Media partners of the movie.”.

    If you have something constructive to say, take an issue and reply to it. Okay, he said the reincarnation part wasnt handled well, take it up! reply to it! Say why you feel its wrong! Instead of that we get posts like

    What do you expect from indicine, I think it would be better for them to collect review and post it here. Just like is doing and have a 3rd rate wanabe reviewer to write review irregardless whether they view the movie or not. And this is probably the case here or just simply the reviewer knows nothing of Masala type movie and enjoy.

    Maybe someone may want to give Indicine Team a template to write review so that they are more focus instead of hitting on other reviewer insinuating some wrong doing just simply the review came before public release. These team does not know what movie premier is about, they are so full of themselves.

    A little thought ppl! thats all it takes! :angry: :angry:

  • This movie is a masala movie for dummies. same piece iof shit and in the same fukking bottle.The movie is badly let down with poor direction, dismal acting and an appaling script.The film has sluggish pace. In brief same SRK stuff for the last decade.

  • the film was disappointment as like KANK , the story was oooook, i don’t no why SRK always overacts whenever it comes to his friends film , the direction was not on the mark.
    the number of actors in the film just show that how much the director is confident about her film.
    if we remove SRK & it’s production & diwali release the film would have been a disaster.
    i think bhool bhulaiya should have been a diwali release since it’s a very good film

  • I t was clear to me that the OSO team has literally borrowed the critics with all the money they have. Be it CNN-IBN or Rediff or any other news paper. I had some trust on CNN-IBN but now I know they also dance to the tunes of SRK. Such a shame!

    Hence I searched other websites for honest reviews. One of them is “Mouthshut” were people give genuine comments about movies. There may be some bias out there also due to SRK fans and haters but on a bigger scale these exceptions usually gets normalized and cleaned out. What I realized by reading those reviews is that both OSO and Sawariya are not great movies.

    Since the review in this site is written by a “team” (and not a single critic), it would be more useful for moviegoers. Also I checked out other reviews for several other movies in this site that I have seen myself and they really are in line with my ratings.

    Good show Indicine team! I decided that I will not see Saawariya and for OSO I may see it in a DVD

    Thanks and Be happy Always !

  • I am sorry to have disappointed all my fans. I would also recommend that you dont watch this movie. I was drunk and forced to act in this half baked mind numbing excuse of a movie. I fell asleep during the first show myself in London and then the seats there were cushy so it was still worth the trouble. I would recommend you all steer clear of this movie and avoid it like plague. The movies insults the intelligence of even retards. The only person who does justice to his role in the man who created the set for the 70s sequences. But then why watch a make believe 70s movie. I would rather you watch some good AB movie instead.
    The songs are good but would you really want to spend so much and watch songs.

    On a different note…please go and watch this piece of trash so that I can make some moolah…the money grubbing freak that I am….

  • Above comment is funny, and yet so true…….
    I am sure, SRK will actually have to publicly apologize for his OSO stunt……what a waste movie man……..

    All those who wasted their money…….I have full sympathy for you………and now dont pretend that you liked the movie…..everyone knows that you will say that under compulsion to save your embarrassment of having been fooled…..but no use now….the whole world knows that you have been fooled……hahahahaha…… =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

  • Man very original…..
    SRK writing a review here……Who ever wrote it ….was fun reading it….
    definitely would like to talk to SRK ……

  • Hi all,

    A hype was created in the media about this movie, Promos seemed intereting.. Songs seemed to be good.
    But after watching the movie I have to say that ‘All that glitters is not Gold’

    The movie is not good at all, there is just excess media hype and good marketing that will make the movie survive for some time. Almost each and every scene is quite predictable after the interval. Infact the whole storyline is really very predictable and lacks the impact. It would have been better if the movie was made in flash backs keeping an element of suspense. Almost, every scene from the first half is repeated in the second half.
    SRK is good in patches in this flick. Especially some scenes from the 70s era he does to perfection. But he overacts a bit in the later part of the film.

    The rebirth of Om is also not handled very well.The concept of rebirth demands some creativity, something better than the same guy with same face reborn and immediately starting to remember his past life.. deliverying the same dialouges again ..getting the same faced girl again … something better than this was required at least.

    SOngs were OK.

    Overall not so good movie….

  • why are u guys saying it is bad just because of on bad review doesnt mean u say it is a bad movie it very nice especly for srk’s fans please guys support om shanti om it’s nice xome on srk’s fans :d

  • oi mr Arekatla Gowthami what do u think of your self you are the one who is a bastard not srk and listen there 1 million of srk’s fans and 0 of yours so u better wtchwhatu r saying
    from srk’s fan

  • why are u predenting to be shahrukh khan just leave om shant om alone u ALLL are jelous of ethier srk depika farah or the film

  • This movie sucks…it is not even worth a singlee rupee..
    Dont waste your time, money and energy for this dirty movie

  • It was horrible =(( my heart broke

    fiRSTLY SRK looked bad in six packs
    second of all- the movie was shit
    third of all- there was too much hype around it that all the die hard fans (of both SRK and bollywood) looked like they would throw up

    pros- amazing sets, good music, Arjun Rampal
    cons- story, Pathetic direction
    rating – 2.0/5 :| :| :| :| :| :angry:

  • :yeh: :d =)) :cool: :(( That ios the Reaction of Fans Who Watch OSO, The Biggest Bakwaas Movie of this Century.My Rating:0/10.

    No Rating Requird.

    Worst Movie of the Year.

  • I havnt seen OSO nd saawariya..nor am I too keen to see it. I have read many reviews of both movies and I must say the reviews from this site seems to be most genuine. Anyways every1 has a choice. and @Tamanna..I would give credit to those 12-13 girls for chak de and not srk. I think he could have done a little better. Anyways no offense to srk fans. Just an opinion..anyways guys chill its just a movie..dont we have many other things in our lives to worry about..if we put so much passion in our lives rather than fighting for reviews we could make things much better for

  • @Nisha..m not a srk fan but u r so sweet..the way u supporting srk is really sweet.. :)..I am in UK rt nw and I stay a little far from where indian movies are shown..after reading ur comment I felt like checking out the movie lets see cnt say need time to go there and watch it..but if i can i will def do..though m pretty sure I wont like it…lol…but y do we hv to take movies so seriously.

  • I Agree With Indicine Review

    I watched the movies on first day It’s too……………… irritating

    it will be surely in top of the Floplist of SRK movies.

    SRK fans Flops ko bhi chakde naa seekho

    don’t Blame indicine, because i am also SRK fan And The film is one of the biggtest flop of SRK



    But i agree with Indicine Team, their review is perfect and from normal audience point of view, OM SHANTI OM is bakwas.

    The acting is average, story is non-existent, your heart doesnt feel for the characters. Biggest problem is second half. Its not a torture but a 3rd degree torture.

    Kudos for putting up a honest review while the whole media was praising it. Great review, I am bookmarking this site and will visit it in the future.

    Thanks :)

  • I wholeheartedly agree with this review. All the good work that SRK did in Chak De India has turned to dust with this film. It’s because of films like OSO that people in the west don’t take Indian movies seriously. So until we really make a flm that has truly global standards, we should forget about aspiring for the Oscars. And one person who can really take Indian cinema to that level is Anurag Kashyap.

  • Well the movie is very colourful and fast….i liked the first half….but 2nd half not much…….2nd half could have made much better in different style…….1977 Om Prakash role was excellent….done a great performance…really nice to watch his charcter….deepika looks really traditional….the performance of Arjun rampal is one of his career best…..Om Prakash to Om Kapoor Punarjanm was accepted…..but i dont know the same looks of Deepika in the 2nd half too……????…..any way lets wait and see the critical reviews……On the whole Om Shanthi Om is a typical bollywood masala thriller……..But as i said ealier could have made difference………..Om Shanthi Om title track with 32 bollywood stars are a fantastic number and well picturised…….

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