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Om Shanti Om – Movie Review

Introducing Saawariya:

After classics like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Black, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is back with a love story titled Saawariya, starring two star kids, Rishi Kapoor – Neetu Singh’s son Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor. The curiousity and hype surrounding Saawariya is high. So does it live upto the expectations?

Saawariya Story:

A prostitute Gulabji (Rani Mukherjee) introduces the story to us as some fairy tale that once occurred some where in a far away land that looks mystical. Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) is a charming young man who has noone and no place to live. He is a lead singer of RK club and by his words and songs spreads happiness anywhere and everywhere he goes. One night he comes across a young beauty Sakina (Sonam Kapoor) and falls head on heels in love with her. On the second night of their friendship he decides to let her know of his love for her but instead comes to know of her love for Imaan (Salman Khan) who has deserted her with a promise to return back in an years time exactly on the day of Id. With just two days left for Id will Raj be able to win the heart of his lady love? Will Sakina forget the love of her life and agree to Raj’s proposal? Will Imaan return or will the wait continue?

Saawariya Review:

Saawariya is a bore and fails to entertain. Having seen Bhansali’s earlier movies like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Black my expectations from the master director was high, but with Saawariya he disappoints for the first time. A wafer thin story line is dragged with too many songs. Basically the story in itself is dull and with a sluggish pace it makes it even harder to sit through. Under Bhansali’s direction Saawariya would be the first movie which leaves you puzzled. You are left with so many questions lingering in your mind, with answers to none.

  • What did Sakina see in Imaan to fall in love with him? She knows nothing about him except for his name then on what basis does she wait for him? Also when did they even have the time to bond so much that she considers him the love of her life? Hardly any communication, how could it lead to romance?
  • Imaan is a mystery. Why does he come and why does he leave? What is his profession? Nothing is known.
  • If Gulabji loves Raj, why did she then get him thrown out of the house and get him beaten when he came to her? What was the reason for her sudden aggression?
  • If Sakina thinks admitting Raj as her friend to her relative will lead to problems with her grandmom. Then how does she justify running around and playing with him on the streets and in her house on the day of id?

Its not just the story that is flawed but almost everything in the movie. The visuals get tedious to watch as it is just dark from the beginning to the end and you crave for some bright light. It’s locales are too far fetched to suit the contemporary world. The only thing that came as relief is the performance of its lead stars. The title track, Masha Allah, Yoon Shabnami are few songs that stand out.

Saawariya Performance:

Ranbir has the right look, right personality and has great talent. Coming from the legendary Kapoor clan, Ranbir Kapoor delivers a knock out performance. He is the heart and soul of the movie and one just can’t get enough of him. Call it inherited skill or a developed one, this young chap is sure to have a great future. His expressions and dialogue delivery was just first-rate and perfect. He is not just a wonderful actor but a marvelous dancer too. Even if Saawariya fails to make an impact, Ranbir is sure to make a place for himself in your hearts. You can undoubtedly see more of him in the coming years as he carries the Kapoor legacy forward.

Sonam Kapoor for a debutant has delivered a decent performance. She has a very infectious smile.

Zohra Segal is just marvelous. She is matchless and has delivered a mind blowing performance.

Rani Mukherjee just as in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag plays the role of prostitute. Unlike Laaga, she is portrayed as a prostitute who’s happy with whatever she is and does. Rani is good. Salman Khan in his very limited role is good too.

Indicine Saawariya Verdict:

To sum up, Saawariya is one of the weakest films directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Except for the performances by the lead stars and a few songs, there is nothing that the movie offers. As a movie it disappoints! But do watch it once for Ranbir Kapoor, he’s brilliant!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (Ranbir Kapoor Shines)

Om Shanti Om – Movie Review



  • Hey Man….Kudos to Indicine team….
    They are bang on the spot with both Reviews…of OSO and Sawariya….
    People might like is or people might Not….Who is to judge …no one…
    ” Enjoy it … your own cost” That is the final word…..
    Happy Diwali to all….

    ANd may we get better films…in the new year….Films like DDLJ….Hum dil de chuke sanam…..Andaz apna apna
    And many more……..

  • the film was very boring as like black but black has something to say,here the film was totally artifical.
    the film was just like a stage show & almost like an acting workshop for ranbir & sonam.
    it’s good to read such story in book instead making film out of it. i think malamaal weekly & blue umbrella was quiet good film since they are also taken from books.

  • I am sorry to say for sanjay;s movie – this movie is so sluggish that this is a sort of movie you forget though you are watching it. swariya really does not know where to go with this potentially rich settings. If you want to watch it get ready for the worst performances. Sawariya grabs hold of a very thin line story and squeezes all the life out of it

  • i actually dont care much about the review and that it got 2 stars but im still gonna watch it after all rabir kapoor is in it… the future superstar of the indian film industry :x

  • both oso and saawariya has the biggest power of thier marketing. The films can be dipressing but they are sure to get hit. No loss for both farah and bhansali.

  • well i might go for sawariya as i know bhansali was superb in his last few movie specially dilm set and etc,other side farah was good but not enough good and also sharukh khan is fucking muslim,madharchod miya


    First of all I don’t know how the hell this film could be chosen for a Diwali release as you walk out the theatre feeling like you were just robbed, and your Diwali spirit just went out the window. A HUGE disappointment.

    For once I wish that the film merchants in Bollywood would promote something worth watching. Both Om Shanti Om and Sawaariya are both duds. The marketting campaign got everyone’s hopes up, only to be dashed once we actually saw the movies. Bollywood needs a wake up call! Sorry to say. Hope some filmaker is listening and I hope and pray there are better releases next Diwali. After brilliant releases like Devdas, Kal Ho Na Ho, KKKG and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, it is my opinion that Bollywood is losing it’s lustre.

    People are going to look at these two flops this year and next year will think twice before falling for the constant ad’s to go see Diwali Blockbusters.

    And my final comment is for Sanjay Leela Bhansali – you are a brilliant filmaker, but despite your beautiful scenes in Sawaariya, you made a boring and mediocre movie. Worst of all your plot was very very ill concieved. You would do well to remember that Russian books do not convert into good bollywood movies.
    There is such a wealth of storylines in India, please be more selective next time. At some point you must have realised that this movie was cr*p…well if you did not then you need to ask those around you why they did not tell you.

  • i might watch it on dvd…….ranbir is a good dancer……..heard he acts well but he looks really ugly…….i dont think he looks good at all……

  • OH WEL..!! Movie was for some mature people actuallyy…!! well iyou just watch ranbir who says to watch the moviiee heehee…!!

  • Hey Guys dont waste your money the movie is flop never get out of one set and only 5 people in the film very deprsv I am a big fan of SLB but this is one big flop and watch Om Shanti OM lot beta !!!!

  • Dear All

    There are bad films (like Heyy Babyy), there are atrocious films (like Devdas) and there are films which are so bad that using an adjective for them is an insult to the adjective. Saawariya falls in that category. To be honest, it is not a big surprise as I think the Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the most overrated director in India with Kunal Kohli a distant second.

    Well, behind every disaster there is a great story and Saawariya is no exception. I’m sure you wanna know that and I am putting it down here exclusively for you people:

    (SLB = Sanjay Leela Bhansali

    CP = Columbia Pictures

    SK = Sonam Kapoor

    RK = Ranbir Kapoor )

    DAY 1

    CP: We want to make a movie in India. Will you make it for us?

    SLB: Sure, why not?

    CP: Do you have a story?

    SLB: Not yet, but I can look for one on Wikipedia and get back to you tomorrow.

    CP: Huh? Why Wikipedia?

    SLB: That’s cos I have tried lifting off bollywood and hollywood before. I like new challenges.

    DAY 2

    CP: Did you find anything?

    SLB: Yes, I found a short story called ‘White Nights’ by some guy whose name I can’t pronounce.

    CP: Ok.. but how can you make a full length feature film from this short story?

    SLB: I’ve thought through that. I’ll put 11 songs in it. That’s about 70 minutes wasted. Plus I’ll put some long drawn dialogs into it that would have no relevance to the story whatsoever. We’ll make em sound profound so that people think they are witnessing the work of a genius. That’ll waste another 30 minutes. And then the main story would be 30 more minutes and we’ll have our feature film.

    CP: That’s ridiculous, you think you can get away with that?

    SLB: Well, I got away with Devdas, didn’t I?

    CP: Oh ya, you’re right. Devdas was a piece of shit. And I read on the Internet that it won many awards. It was India’s entry to the Oscars too. It seems you have perfected the art of fooling people.

    SLB: That’s easy mate! See I make sure that my film gives an impression of a good film. I do that by making opulent sets and thunderous background music. People think they are witnessing the work of a genius. Those who don’t like the movie actually feel ashamed cos they think they don’t have enough brains to admire a piece of art. So they want to pretend that they like the movie. To make it commercial, I cast the biggest names in the industry. That guarantees a good opening. So before people listen to their conscience and admit that it is a bad movie, the movie makes money.

    CP: Ok then, how much money do you need?

    SLB: 40 crores should be enough.

    CP: All right, deal.

    DAY 10

    SLB: I need more money.

    CP: What the heck, why?

    SLB: I spent all the money on making blue sets with rivers and gondolas and neon lights. We spent 30 crores on blue paint itself.

    CP: Listen dude, we’re a hollywood studio, we don’t increase budgets just like that. You’ll have to stick to 40 crores.

    SLB: Shit, but I am yet to cast any big star for my film.

    CP: Then get newbies. You are a big director. They wont charge anything to work with you.

    SLB: No one will come and see my film then.

    CP: Get star kids.

    SLB: Hmm.. lets see who’s available. But I don’t have a dialog writer.

    CP: Get any idiot who can make stupid things sound profound.

    SLB: Ok. What about Music Director.

    CP: Again, get a newbie who’s good but won’t charge much.

    DAY 11

    SLB: Ok, so I got this boy Ranbir. But I can’t find a star daughter. The only one I know of is Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam but she’s 100 kilos. I’ve asked her to lose weight. Let’s see how things end up. I’m financing her weight-loss program.

    CP: You’ll have to do that from your pocket

    SLB: Shit!

    DAY 20, Shooting Day 1

    SLB: Ok now.. today we are going to shoot all the songs.. this means about 60% of the film. Ok? We’ll shoot the other 40% tomorrow. We don’t have the budget to shoot for a lot of days. Also, the blue paint is gonna come off soon.

    The Crew: Ok

    SLB: All right, I want all the hookers to dress up in colorful sarees and dance for songs ‘pari’ and ‘chabeela’. Ok?

    The Crew: That so sucks.

    SLB: Shut up. For the ‘masha-allah’ song Sonam can you just run around?

    SK: Who am I running from?

    SLB: Not important. It’s all for the artsy effect. I’m an artist.. Muaaaahhahaaa.

    SK: Ok Bhansali Sir, whatever you say! I’m your slave.

    SLB: And Sonam, for the ‘Jabse Tere Naina’ song, I want you to bare your butt. Also for the sake of art!! I’m an artist.. Muaaahaaaaa.

    SK: (crying..) Sorry Bhansali sir, I have saggy skin there from all the weight loss. I can’t do it.

    SLB: That sucks. Ok never mind.. Ranbir.. I want you to bare your butt then. I want to show someone’s butt. All for the sake of art. I’m an artist.. Muahaaaaahaa..

    RK: Whatever you say Bhansali Sir. You’re a genius. I’m your slave too.

    SLB: Ok then.. go watch ‘Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye’ from DDLJ. We’ll film the song like that.

    DAY 21: Shooting Day 2

    SLB: You guys did well yesterday. Now we are only left with the scenes. Ok Ranbir and Sonam are you ready?

    RK and SK (in chorus while showing off their ‘we love SLB’ tattoos): Yes Sir.

    SLB: So the first scene is that the boy tells the girl he can’t live without her. Then he goes home and tells his land lady that he loves this girl. Then the land lady asks him to express his feelings for her.

    SK: Wait, didn’t he already tell the girl that he can’t live without her?

    SLB: Yes, but that’s really not expressing your romantic feeling.

    SK: Wtf, of course it is.

    SLB: Not in my movies. It’s for the sake of art. I’m an artist… Muahaaaaa

    SK: Sir, you’re a genius, I’m your slave.

    SLB: Ok Ranbir in this scene, you are looking for a place to stay but you have no money. You go to Zohra aunty, give her a hug, and she lets you stay. Ok?

    RK: Wow sir, what a vision. You’re an artist!

    SLB: I know.. Muahaaaa..

    DAY 25: Editing Day

    SLB: Look at that scene, beautiful. Let me put that in somewhere.

    CP: But that scene doesn’t relate to the story in anyway.

    SLB: Ha.. that’s the scene I use to fool people to believe that this film is a work of art..

    CP: Ok.

    DAY 40: Publicity Planning

    CP: We’ve decided to put in 20 crores for the publicity.

    SLB: What the heck. If you would have given me those 20 crores to cast SRK, you wouldn’t need to spend on publicity you moron. Anyway, what is the plan?

    CP: We are thinking of releasing the video of one song per week for 11 weeks. That’ll increase curiosity as the release date comes close.

    SLB: You moron, you want to release 60% of the film before the release?

    CP: Oh I did not realize that. What do you want me to do?

    SLB: I’ll take the most scenic scenes and put em together for trailer one. We’ll release just 3-4 songs after that. Then Ranbir and Sonam.. you need to cook up stories on how I am a genius and how well I treated you people, ok? And after that we’ll play our trump card.. the TOWEL..

    CP: Great. You’re a genius. We’ll also put the two of you on our TV channel for a few shows.

    RK and SK (in chorus wearing their ‘We love SLB’ caps): Yes sir.

    After film’s premiere

    SLB: Hey Anil, your eyes are baggy.. what happened?

    Anil Kapoor: Erm was an extremely emotional experience for me to see my daughter on screen. And wow, the movie was so sentimental, I cried so much that my eyes became baggy.

    Anil Kapoor (to Rishi Kapoor): I asked you yaar to wake me up 30 minutes before the film ends. I get baggy eyes after I sleep prematurely.

    Rishi Kapoor: Sorry yaar I slept myself.

    Saawariya releases

    (watching 50 hookers dancing on screen): My eyes.. my eyes.. I can’t see..

    ———– END OF STORY ————

    So guys and girls, that was the making of Saawariya the classic that it is. Hope you liked it.

  • Sawariya is offcially the worst movie I ever saw. The direction is horrible and so are the actors, both Ranbir and Sonam are worst actors, I walked out of the movie in 20 min, just couldnt take it anymore:).

  • Hi All….
    Sanjay leela Bhansali is back with his “ARTISTIC” FLICK!!!!. No one can see this movie more than 20min in theater. Now I understand why Saawariya distributors are looking for ONLY Multiplexes!.. Because you cant watch it even for 20min in Single theaters!… I bet!..

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