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Introducing Om Shanti Om

A movie review by a major Bollywood website was extremely positive. Oh well, how could I trust a reviewer who gave fantastic movies like Chak De India, Black, Rang De Basanti (and so many more) such low ratings? I believed the reviewer is quite fond of masala flicks, flicks which have major box-office appeal. (Are movie reviewers actually paid for positive reviews? I wonder..) So before I entered the movieplex, I had huge expectations from Om Shanti Om. The biggest entertainer in the country in a masala potboiler, positive reviews, great hype, 31 of the biggest stars in one item number – what more could one ask for?

Om Shanti Om Story

Om Prakash Makhija (Shahrukh Khan) is a junior artist aspiring to become a superstar one day and live life of luxury and comfort. He is a die hard fan and a secret lover of popular actress Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone). His mother and Papu (Shreyas Talpade) are the only true believers of his talent. A fire accident on one of the shooting sets introduces Shanti to Om. As Om finds happiness and satisfaction he finds out an untold truth of Shanti being married to film producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal) who kills her after she admits her pregnancy to him. As a witness to this crime, Om gets killed in a fight with Mehraís men.

Om Prakash comes back to the world now as Om Kapoor, a star-kid. Om Kapoor is all set to take revenge on Mehra for killing his love Shanti. He plans a conspiracy with Shantiís clone Sandy, his mother and friend Papu to make Mehra (who is now a big producer in Hollywood) confess about his deadly crime. Will the purpose of Omís rebirth be fulfilled? Will Mukesh Mehra confess his crime? Whats the future of Om and Sandy?

Om Shanti Om Review

Technically Om Shanti Om is good, but as an entertainer, a major disappointment. The fact that it is such a terrible let down, is yet to sink in. What was Farah Khan (director) thinking? How could she make such a bad film, after directing a decent entertainer in Main Hoon Na? What was Shahrukh Khan thinking when he approved the script? How could almost everything go so wrong in a movie?

The movie has major flaws. Both the first half and the second have a lot of similarities, a few scenes actually are repeated! So if you miss the first half or you decide to walk out during the interval, dont worry, you haven’t missed much. The biggest flaw is you never feel for any of the characters, you laugh when the characters cry and vice versa. The transformation of Om Kapoor to Om Prakash in the second half, isnt handled well and is far from convincing. The transformation part is so very important in reincarnation movies, something which was handled brilliantly in Karan Arjun. The death scene, rebirth, flashbacks – needs expert direction, Farah unfortunately fails.

The script, screenplay and the direction is flawed. The dialogues are irritating. The only saving grace of the much hyped movie is the music. Main Agar Kahoon and Dard-e-Disco stand out.

Om Shanti Om Performances

Now the performance of the King Khan. After a career-best knockout performance in Chak De India, Shahrukh Khan hams in the first half. In the second half, as the new-age superstar, he fails to convince. A soda without fizz kinda performance by SRK. Personally for me, this is undoubtedly his most disappointing performance this decade. Deepika Padukone is promising in her debut, great screen presence. She expresses quite well through her eyes. Definitely a actress to look forward to, in the future. Shreyas Talpade’s role doesnt demand any histrionics, he is decent as the side-kick. Arjun Rampal is good in a negative role. Kirron Kher is over the top throughout, the only scene she excels is when she is supposed to scare Mukesh Mehra, in the second half.

In the special appearances, Akshay Kumar stands out in the filmfare awards scene. Even his nomination video is hilarious. He gets the house down with his typical trademark antics. Hrithik Roshan is also a part of the movie and so is Abhishek Bachchan (both are part of the Filmfare scene). Amongst the 31 stars in the item number, Kajol got the loudest of cheers.

IndiCine Om Shanti Om Verdict

Overall, another biggie that disappoints big time this year. I would be surprised if, die-hard SRK fans enjoy this. The only reason to watch it could be the technical brilliance!

So If Chak De India got 5 on 5 stars, this one deserves not a bit more than 1.

Do post your comments below, we would love to know your views on Om Shanti Om.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (Torture)

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  • Only an Ass can make such a beautiful n nice comment …. and dear reviewer I’m supporting you wholeheartedly.

  • This is the first critic who apart from bashing any movie, also bash other critics. Mr. Indicine critic, who’re u to criticize other critics, each and every critic has his own taste and choice. Just mind ur own business. And by the way, u darely need some brain-washer. OSO is the best masala flick ever even surpassing ‘all time blockbuster’ Sholay. Lets wait for a week, u will see how OSO take and earth-shattering opening, which will be tight slap on ur ugly faces.

  • Mate – It’s not about criticizing any critic but it is about criticizing false review. One of the reviewers on net gave it 4 stars out of 5 but actually the movie is not worth that. I am yet to watch it but I am sure my views will also reflect with the reviewer’s. (Though SRK is again one of my favorite actors in the bollywood but Farah Khan certainly isn’t one of the good directors)

  • mr.indicine jst get life man!!
    u hv shitted out is by far d worst review ever..
    man..OSO is a blockbuster!!
    n u vl realise it in dis one week itself!!
    dude..frm nw on..pls dont gv reviews to any movie..ur review is definately not worth reading!!

  • well guyz…i just saw the movie…..and its tremendous………either this reviewer has a bad taste or he is too ‘english’ for an indian movie………writing terns like ‘technically good’ does not make you a good reviewer, dear……do you have anything to say about cinematography……..and the editing……you are talking bout lights…….but let me tell you that when the main protagnists is delivering some dialogues, the focus has to be on him…….and SRK is the lead out here………lets talk about music……..i agree it may have a song too many….but isnt that the case in many other bolllywood blockbusters………now lets talk about sets…….have you ever seen such brillient art before?…….am not talking about the script here because you will not understand that… just reminding you that as a reviewer there are a lots of other technical things that needs your comment………i doubt if you have even seen this movie,………perhaps you were so eager to bash OSO that you decided to write the review before even watching it……………I attended the premier and am graduating with a film degree here in london, so i know what a film is all about………..its a typical bollywood entertainer and made for masses…… not saying its there without any fault…..but my rating would be 3.5/5………just have fun watching this movie……..

  • First of all, im surprised @ the ppl who start threatening a reveiwer just coz they dont lyk his/her review!
    Its a bloody movie! ppl get so serious about it, its annoying! Unless ur related to SRK, i doubt he gives a damn about u defending his perfomance in the movie. Yes SRK is a legend, and for good reasons. Yes he’s given us so much to make us fall in love with him…BUT it doesnt mean he’s immune to giving bad performances. Just coz a movie is typical bollywood, and just coz it includes a star lyk srk it doesnt mean its a great movie, Ive read a few reviews from obvious fans and 2 tell u teh truth all i got from them was that SRk was the best (which no doubt he probably is but ppl need to look beyond that) and that the movie was great coz SRk was in it n it was funni.

    Some ppl mite think themselves film critics bcoz of film degrees but can u honestly say that that was the best performance SRK has given? Dont forget that if ur a true SRK fan then u know how good his acting is and that he has done way better in many of his other films! SRK is bollywood’s baadshah but he’s not perfect. Sorri but i felt really bad for the reveiwer who was obviously trying to give their honest opinion.
    Not just a mantra of “Om Shanti Om was the best”

  • Dear reviewer
    Undoubtedly you’ve given the good review for OSO… And i support u whole heartedly

    I saw this movie yest … and OSO is nothing but a “PAIN IN THE A**”… :((
    Shahrukh sucks …so does the movie … God knws wat Farah was thinking while directing this movie.
    This movie itself is a mockery..just like Scary movie flicks in Hollywood … No doubt it is a commercially hit..but it’ll drive the audience out of the theatre …

    As far as SRK is concerned he’s the producer and not at all bothered bout the story or the script …he’s just bothered bout the Greens …Paise do he’ll even strip for u …

    Undoubtedly OSO is the major disappointment of 2007…

  • SRK fan and will remain for life. But horribly disappointed with OSO :(

    I agree with the reviewer and the comment above. The movie is a pain to watch and bear.

  • Mate – Thanks for the comment, Om Shanti Om will undoubtedly take a earth shattering opening. And it could well be a Hit, with all the hype surrounding it, at the box-office. But then so was Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

    I feel this will crash faster than KANK.

    Champ – Firstly, thanks for the comment. We believe in providing honest reviews. Just because the movie stars the biggest star in the country or your favorite actor, Does Not mean its good!

    Anaya – Again, thanks for commenting. It isnt about SRK. Its the movie that fails to entertain or keep you engrossed!

  • Just wait for the first week boxoffice numbers for OSO. Not only first week numbers, But i’m sure that the movie has enough potential to survive at boxoffice later too. And if it will not break D:2 record at boxoffice, then u guys can happily shun on me and those critics who write +ve reviews for OSO, and i’ve no objection on that. But if it will fail at boxoffice even below than a superhit, same the rule applied to all OSO haters esp. this Indicine Bachalan fanatic. And i’m very confident abt my later wording to be happened. I also give u the link to check boxoffice numbers for both OSO and Indicine’s favouritee Saaboreiya, sorry, Saawariya.

    Keep on visiting this site. U can also consult Abid’s numbers (Planetbollywood), Joginder’s number’s (Indiaglitz), Komal Nehta (Film Information Magazine).

  • i watched OMO yesterday.. n NO it didnt meet my expectations.
    the same scenes n dialogues were being repeated over n over again. so very predictable..Deepika was superb. the ONLY reason i’ll watch this movie again would be just for the songs.
    i actually liked Arjun better than SRK in this movie…atleast he didnt hve repeated dialogues. :))

    1star for SRK ABS
    1star for the SONGS
    1star for Deepika

    minus 2 stars for the turn offs ;)

  • Thanks for clarification. I dont know why u feel to do this but i think it’s for the first time u give some clarification over a viewer comment, and there’s also some logic behind it. By the way, u’re also like many other viewers who just can predict OSO’s fate at boxoffice at this stage when the movie is still to be released in India. So lets see whether ur prediction is rite or mine. Best of luck for urs saawariya and hope u’ll also wish me and other billions of people the same for OSO.

  • Indicine Team? Is this a team review or an individual review. In any case hammering other reviewers and accusing them on the take is completely shallow and which proves that you guys are no better in giving a fair review. Your professionalism sucks.

  • Congrats. Indicine review is the most honest of all OSO reviews……… :bow:

    Just back after watching the movie…. OSO is a royal piece of shit… I want my money back. :((

  • I saw today movie from bangalore..Its a bull shit …..I wonder how he agreed for such a illogical script ….After the i was so sad because i took leave today for this srk movie…Really hams …. hope this will be the biggest disappointing film of the year ..AGG is better than this

  • Thanks for your comment Raj. I / We havent bashed any reviewer so far. But publishing a positive review 2 days before the movie releases to fool the audience into spending their hard earned money, is not acceptable! Especially since both the positive reviews that were out were from the Media partners of the movie.

  • I am into Masala Movie and was looking forward to this, I give OSO a perfect 10 …. completely enjoy the movie and worth every penny and time spent.

    Importantly audience reaction is very positive …. applause, laughter, giggles were everywhere and people did not leave their seats until the end credits didnít finished.

    Performance wise …. SRK is superb …. Deepika is lovely and she is gifted …. the rest of the cast enacted their role to the T …. Farah is too good for a 2 films director …. editing is perfect …. cinematography, I love it.

  • “Mate – Itís not about criticizing any critic but it is about criticizing false review. ”

    Why did’nt u say this when he gave 4.5 stars to craps like D:2 and Krrish. First of all i remind u that the critic, bashed by Indicine, always has an inclination towards masala genre, he gave more importance to entertainment factor as all of us know, then why not he was bashed by these one earlier in any other movie review. I dont know where this ‘Indicine’ stands among various other famous bollywood websites, but my friend told me few hours before in a blog that it’s one of most prominent bollywood sites and their reviews are given a lot of importance among filmi zone. So, does this suits them to use such baneful words for such an honorable personality. I’m not talking abt the common viewers as they have right to bash anyone and to any extent. And I personally did’nt like the particular critic so much and only refer his reviews for boxoffice point of view, but to instigate people, by the most prominent personality against another highly esteemed personality in the same field, is certainly not their job.

  • “AGG is better than this…”

    Anand, i think u talk abt Sholay (1975). ;) But i think OSO is better than Sholay. By the way, if these indicine team go to such extent to bash other hi-fi personalities publicly for a particular cause then they can also purchase people to give review of their own will or may be if they dont afford this then they can use their employers for this purpose.

  • dear,

    i read the review and i am not satisfied with it, because cinema is for massess not for critics. This is a tailor made movie for this festive occassion, so don’t expect much from it. Watch it and enjoy with festive mood

  • I came here for a review of the movie but am leaving totally disgusted.
    The way all your LOOOOOOOOSERS are sitting there bashing each other over a MOVIE review just goes to say what sorry lives you have. tsk tsk! Your only excuse is if you have personal stake in the success/failure of OSO. How much money the film makes in NOT the ONLY indicator of the QUALITY of the film

    All i wanted was a REVIEW – not a sodding dirtwar.


  • Indicine Team, you at point say- “The script, screenplay and the direction is flawed.” and end your review stating- “The only reason to watch it could be the technical brilliance! “.

    I have nothing to say but u contradict urself.

  • well the final words….
    “enjoy it at your own cost….” :))
    And Happy diwali to all….
    Hope we get fun Filled movies Like Loins of Punjab…Jab we Met…..and many more….

    And as for The review on OSO….read all there is to it….and if you fell like watching it…pls do it ….’
    If Not….have a fun filled time with your Family….
    Happy Diwali….

    :d :d :d :d :) :)

  • dude…….who told u 2 write ne review……m just jokin.. :))….u can obviously do dat….so also i can give my comments…….what i want 2 say is dat u hv no taste at all……dont know how 2 watch movies…….u tell a blockbuster 2 b a flop & vice versa.,……..u r really d biggest fool f d world…. :d…u’ll realize about d standard f d movie within dis week…..till den try 2 blink …bole to tubelite :yeh:…….okkk bbyeeee tubelite :bow:

  • this is the worst film i had ever seen…………..
    Sharukhkhan is a immoral man………..
    he is the worst person and a bastard………. ;)
    he is a lauda ke baal……. he is a idiot with a stupid sense of humor………..
    i am from guntur, andhra Pradesh.
    R.V.R & J.C College of engineering, Chemcial engineering department, final year final semester……..


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