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Introducing Om Shanti Om

A movie review by a major Bollywood website was extremely positive. Oh well, how could I trust a reviewer who gave fantastic movies like Chak De India, Black, Rang De Basanti (and so many more) such low ratings? I believed the reviewer is quite fond of masala flicks, flicks which have major box-office appeal. (Are movie reviewers actually paid for positive reviews? I wonder..) So before I entered the movieplex, I had huge expectations from Om Shanti Om. The biggest entertainer in the country in a masala potboiler, positive reviews, great hype, 31 of the biggest stars in one item number – what more could one ask for?

Om Shanti Om Story

Om Prakash Makhija (Shahrukh Khan) is a junior artist aspiring to become a superstar one day and live life of luxury and comfort. He is a die hard fan and a secret lover of popular actress Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone). His mother and Papu (Shreyas Talpade) are the only true believers of his talent. A fire accident on one of the shooting sets introduces Shanti to Om. As Om finds happiness and satisfaction he finds out an untold truth of Shanti being married to film producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal) who kills her after she admits her pregnancy to him. As a witness to this crime, Om gets killed in a fight with Mehra’s men.

Om Prakash comes back to the world now as Om Kapoor, a star-kid. Om Kapoor is all set to take revenge on Mehra for killing his love Shanti. He plans a conspiracy with Shanti’s clone Sandy, his mother and friend Papu to make Mehra (who is now a big producer in Hollywood) confess about his deadly crime. Will the purpose of Om’s rebirth be fulfilled? Will Mukesh Mehra confess his crime? Whats the future of Om and Sandy?

Om Shanti Om Review

Technically Om Shanti Om is good, but as an entertainer, a major disappointment. The fact that it is such a terrible let down, is yet to sink in. What was Farah Khan (director) thinking? How could she make such a bad film, after directing a decent entertainer in Main Hoon Na? What was Shahrukh Khan thinking when he approved the script? How could almost everything go so wrong in a movie?

The movie has major flaws. Both the first half and the second have a lot of similarities, a few scenes actually are repeated! So if you miss the first half or you decide to walk out during the interval, dont worry, you haven’t missed much. The biggest flaw is you never feel for any of the characters, you laugh when the characters cry and vice versa. The transformation of Om Kapoor to Om Prakash in the second half, isnt handled well and is far from convincing. The transformation part is so very important in reincarnation movies, something which was handled brilliantly in Karan Arjun. The death scene, rebirth, flashbacks – needs expert direction, Farah unfortunately fails.

The script, screenplay and the direction is flawed. The dialogues are irritating. The only saving grace of the much hyped movie is the music. Main Agar Kahoon and Dard-e-Disco stand out.

Om Shanti Om Performances

Now the performance of the King Khan. After a career-best knockout performance in Chak De India, Shahrukh Khan hams in the first half. In the second half, as the new-age superstar, he fails to convince. A soda without fizz kinda performance by SRK. Personally for me, this is undoubtedly his most disappointing performance this decade. Deepika Padukone is promising in her debut, great screen presence. She expresses quite well through her eyes. Definitely a actress to look forward to, in the future. Shreyas Talpade’s role doesnt demand any histrionics, he is decent as the side-kick. Arjun Rampal is good in a negative role. Kirron Kher is over the top throughout, the only scene she excels is when she is supposed to scare Mukesh Mehra, in the second half.

In the special appearances, Akshay Kumar stands out in the filmfare awards scene. Even his nomination video is hilarious. He gets the house down with his typical trademark antics. Hrithik Roshan is also a part of the movie and so is Abhishek Bachchan (both are part of the Filmfare scene). Amongst the 31 stars in the item number, Kajol got the loudest of cheers.

IndiCine Om Shanti Om Verdict

Overall, another biggie that disappoints big time this year. I would be surprised if, die-hard SRK fans enjoy this. The only reason to watch it could be the technical brilliance!

So If Chak De India got 5 on 5 stars, this one deserves not a bit more than 1.

Do post your comments below, we would love to know your views on Om Shanti Om.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (Torture)

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  • Om Shanti Om is going to rock!!!!!!!!! Best wishes toFarah Khan . SHARUKH and DEEPIKA looked very cute and attractive. This is the best movie. :)


  • All Publicity is Good publicity …….
    GOOD Bad Or Worst…….
    Just enjoying the fight……
    Indicine and OSO both will profit…..
    :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))
    including the audience…..
    hahaha…. =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

  • hi,
    i think i really believe the indicine team…
    we indians are lousy just bcos its SRK crores of bucks we ll plunge into wasting hours over these movies..indian movies are outcaste these days. chak de was really good.after watching english movies i cant bear bollywood. i think i ll download the dvdrip…that too just because of the hype. Good job guys…after all ur
    reviewing the movie let the emotions and passions for ur fav star alone…the movie as a whole should be worthwhile.

  • om shanti om is a full masala entertainer as a friend of mine revealed it why did this reviiewer make such ugly comments regarding a wonderful film?

  • by the way guys….
    Andaz Apna Apna is on Star Gold right now…..
    The comedy movie of all time….
    Done when both Amir and Salman were hard working….movies comedy was more than just slap stick nonsense…..
    Enjoy it guys….
    Happy Diwali…

  • It surely was a disappointment but it just because the excess media hype….i agree that the movie was cut short and i never felt for Om Prakash Makhija or Om Kapoor…it did not brings tears to my eyes. Oh yes, it di make me laugh at several occasions and the Filfare scene being the best one of all. SRK actually dares to mock himself, that part has to be the best in the movie. Otherwise it wasnt as expected but still worth a shot
    I am a die hard SRK fan but that doesnt mean that he ois my God or something that i can not critisize his film. His work was not bad. The storyline was, very cliched. It was a spoof of all the past actors or movies, funny in that sense but the first time of Bollywood.

    Of Course it will recieve a 100% opening, no doubt abt that..Common’ its SRK after all….it will break all records, has been doing that since August.

    Overall, i gues it is worth a shot.

  • What do you expect from indicine, I think it would be better for them to collect review and post it here. Just like is doing and have a 3rd rate wanabe reviewer to write review irregardless whether they view the movie or not. And this is probably the case here or just simply the reviewer knows nothing of Masala type movie and enjoy.

    Maybe someone may want to give Indicine Team a template to write review so that they are more focus instead of hitting on other reviewer insinuating some wrong doing just simply the review came before public release. These team does not know what movie premier is about, they are so full of themselves.

  • Frnd i saw both movie OSO an Saawariya today. I just wanna say OSO sucks. Don’t waste your money in OSO. Saawariya is far better than OSO. Do watch saawariya.

  • Shehal, Akshay Shah of Allbollywood is a good reviewer….. He was also disappointed….

    I watched OSO in the morning… Its the worst film i have seen in theatre in long time. Dont waste time money on OSO… Its bullshit

  • Are you guys fighting for the movie or just SRK? Wake up people. SRK is not the only componet of bollywood. Om Shanti Om has many others who have contributed more or less equally to make it a complete movie. Fight for the movie on whole and just for an individual person.

    I can see all the bad comments are from SRK’s fans. Honestly tell me just cause one review is bad are you SRK fans going to stay without watching the movie. For the name and image that he has even if 10 bad reviews are out his fan followers will just love the movie that he is in and not miss watching it. I neither like nor hate SRK or anyother star for that matter. When i go to watch a movie all that i look for is if its entertaining or not. And OSO was just d opposite. It hardly entertained. The first half was decent enough but the second half was just monotonous. After all the hype for months together this movie could have been much much better.

    If i had to rate OSO i would rate it 1 on 5 stars having seen SRK’s Chak De and many such wonderful movies of his. Hats off to SRK for his supereme performance in Chak De but thumbs down for OSO, his performance was just ok.

    Indicine doesn’t seem to be in favour of any movie or any actor. Your SRk starrer Chak De is just being praised by the same site. Take a look at it.

    Favouritism is a big no no for any critic and i think this critic has done justice.

    Keep up the good work Indicine. Thanks for your honest review.

  • guys… guys… guys… Chill, its just a movie for gods sake. Why start declaring war on each other? I’m no movie critic or anything, i just watch movies for the fun of it, today when i went to see OSO i went to laugh my a.. off…. Which i did! :)). OSO was made for ENTERTAINMENT, to be part of the festive mood! It wasnt made to get critical acclaim, and i really loved the movie for that. Nice and fancy. I thought srk was amazin here, and Deepika is really nice as well. Shes got talent. The movie is a must watch, proper masala flick, MILES better than crappy movies like D 2, and Krrish.

  • hi all,
    While I was watching the promos of OSO since last 1+ month on my TV after every 10-15 mins, it somehow gave me a reason for the doubt over the actual substance in the movie, after-all the lessons learnt from KANK and LCMD were already enough. So I decided that only after getting a good feedback from the sites I trust for reviews, I will book the tickets.

    So I am yet to watch both the movies … OSO and Saawariyaa. And I visited this page just to confirm weather my doubts are true or not, and without any surprise I am convinced that this is one big mind-less movie which has been created with a motive to present SRK with a larger-than-life image and Diwali has been chosen for the release because we have 3 days continuous holidays…Fri-Sat-Sun…..also spending few hundred bucks for the movie alongwith those thousand bucks for Diwali shopping wont hurt our pockets much…. ;)

    Well, all I can say that, all my near and dear ons who have seen the movie are repenting over the fact that didn’t borrow my advice……and now they are just suggseting me to watch this movie only only our systems that too by downloading the movie, and that too only when I am ready for a bheja-fry after the movie…….hahaha…what a shame for OSO.

    I guess all those who are claiming it to be a blockbuster of the year and other tall claims fall into one or more than one of these categories……

    1. A big time BLIND fan of SRK………carry on guys……..why dont you buy anything and everything he is selling on TV these days??? This way you will make him a bigger star, and you will be able to see him more and more on screen with such mind-less movies……go ahead……after the movie go for shopping the SRK promoted products too!

    2. Loved watching Deepika Padukone…….well all I can say is that she is a better she doesn’t speak a word, else all the hype melts. I suggest that she is better as a model, and not as an actor. But for those who have already fallen for her, here are some of my advices to make her a bigger star…….a) you can start a Deepika fan-club and start posting your pics with ‘Deepika – I Love you’ written in blood.. b)start buying the products which she is endorsing … for the same reasons mentioned in point number 1 … c) Start watching OSO everyday…….and go with a different set of people (and you pay for their tickets too)…..tell them about your passion for Deepika……soon she will get a publicity by word of mouth……….and at the same time Deepika might call you for one of those ‘lucky winner gets to have lunch/dinner with Deepika’ .. etc etc

    3. Just because people have wasted their time-money-and-energy over the movie, now they want others to waste the same…….too smart people!

    Whichever category you fall into……….I am no one to stop you from watching this movie, but all I can suggest is that do something better…… an original 1970 fillm rather than wasting your time to watch a duplicate of 1970 movies………….well, would you like to watch Amitabh’s 1970 movie or would you want to watch AAG??? Choice is yours…..afterall its your time-money-&-energy!

  • Dude…get lost…indicine should fire u….hopefully u are not the owner….hahah….i think this write is just against srk thats why

  • this seems to be the worst review……and OSO…..the best movie. I have watched it. it may not be for intellectuals but is a true blue masala flick with all the ingredients of a BLOCKBUSTER.

  • Sorry to say , but this critic is a jerk and not even good enough to be called an ameteur . This movie is very good , although not as good as Chak De India , but definitely a must watch. I am not one of those die hard SRK fans , but trust me on this. OSO is a good entertainer. Watch it and have fun.

    PS : – For god sake fire this reviewer !!

  • Probably you all dont know that Deepika’s debut movie is a kannada movie which ran for 100 days called Aishwarya. Go check out on the website.

    Indian movies dosent mean bollywood.

    Try to get facts right. No hard feelings.

    I always knew how can a choreographer direct movies. Totally unprofessional.

  • Yeah i knew this wasn’t her debut. Rahul i totally agree with you. Especially on the fire the critic part :yeh: And btw Farah Khan seemed to have done fine with Main Hun Naa…


    GOOD JOB!!!!

  • Aditya, you sure make a fool out yourselves and your kind.
    Trade cirle has given OSO thumbs up if only you care to check out their review. As you can see and read, these trade review (credible, professional and paid) avoid the use of “I” …. these are experience reviewer that wrote their thought without instigating others but rather wrote what they feel would be the masses view and appeal on the movie apart than their professional view point from A – Z.

    Review with “I” view point is full of crap. As in this case the review here falls under the same “I” view point crap.

  • For its highlight on the cameos and nostalgic tryout by re-creating old music scenes so beautifully, Om Shanti Om might be undoubtedly good. the premise on reincarnation lovestory is also promising, but the second half execution that brought this movie to some kind of supernatural thriller is way too cheap. It would be 1000 times better if Farah and the team holds up the movie to a pure love story instead of playing horrors at the end.

  • damn robbery
    waste of time
    and a feeling of having been made a fool out of
    thats wat i felt after seeing this over hyped movie
    and this review is one honest review
    i saw a lot of comments linking box office revenues to the movies quality
    bloody hell
    why do u need numbers wen u urself can watch a movie and see if its good or bad
    and oso fails to impress
    it was too predictable and stale and drab
    anyways after reading the comments
    the team posting the review aint the only critic in this forum :D

    :)) :)) :))

  • Sorry mates, the movie is not good! Yes it is a masala movie, but if you are not seeing it, you are not missing anything. Maybe you are saving some money. You can safely skip this movie!

  • “home Shanty home” sucks more than a 4 ton vaccum cleaner….at one point you are left thinking this cant get worse but then lo and behold…Far Ah Cant does it again…she goes to nadir…she produces more thrash and she is as imaginative as an ape from the zoo…i think you shud give this movie a pass and go to a circus of the zoo….

  • listen if the movie is so damn hopeless how can they rate it 5 come on… they got bribed for sure… no doubt.. atleast 2 or 3 stars ok.. but 5 and 4,5 wtf???

  • No I think Farah Can has been very imaginative….she is as creative as a baboon….her creativity gushes forth like the stream carrying sewage…SRK acts like he is some humanoid with no emotions…its almost like someone is using strings to make him act…if he acted a little more dumb he could be used a prop…Deep Paddycone is the only saving grace and thats thanks only to her looks…she should have been used as the background…
    I think the interval was the best part of the movie…even the Bingo ad was more entertaining that this piece of crap…

  • I think Farha Khan was directing the movie from Utopia and we’re watching it in Dystopia … that the main issue of conflict .:(:)

  • U ALL MADE MEE CONFUSED NOE!!… im gonna go to the 9pm show :(( I DONT NOE IF I SHOULD GOOO NOE!!!!!! :? :? :? :? UFFF!

  • Awesome movie…u will roll laughing on the floor…….Shahrukh does not need any approvals from people like you and I if he is good or not.He has proved time and again since decades that he is the greatest superstar of teh century.They just don’t call him King Khan just like that

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