No ‘Welcome Back’ for Christmas, P.K to get a solo release

Anees BazmeeThe big clash between Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back and Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K has been averted. The reason is pretty obvious – no film would want to clash with a film as big as P.K.

“I am in no hurry. I have no ambition to create a dhamaka (blast) for Christmas. Any Friday will work as long as another big film is not lined up for the same day,”

“My producer Feroz Nadiadwala wants us to stick to our December 19 release date. But I see no point in a box office tussle. I’m going to convince him to opt for another release window”

“I’ve my own audience. But why get into an unnecessary tussle at the box office? It is bound to damage one or the other film. I’d rather wait for another opportune Friday.”

“Rajkumar Hirani is a very fine writer and director. On top of that, he is back with his ‘3 Idiots’ leading man Aamir Khan. So there’s bound to be fireworks at the box office. Why take the risk of getting burnt?” he said.

The new release date hasn’t been announced yet, but there are reports that Welcome Back might release in January. With rumours doing the rounds that Haider too is likely to be postponed to a later date, it most certainly looks like not many in the industry would dare release their film on the same date as the ‘Big 5’.

And it simply doesn’t matter if the comparatively smaller film announced their release date first – It happened with Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara last year. This year, two films scheduled to arrive during Christmas, Welcome Back and Bombay Velvet, has decided to let go of the Christmas weekend and make way for Aamir Khan!



  • @sht 2005 grosser entry-42cr, 2. bunty or bubli-35cr, 3. Mangal pandey-29cr, 4. Garam masala-27cr, 5.Maine pyar kyun kiya-26.75cr, 6.salaam namaste-25.5cr, 7.Sarkar-23.5cr. That’s it check the facts, since Raja hindustani 1996-48cr, 1998-KKHH 45cr, 2000-Knph (42cr), 2001-Gadar(75cr) k3g (47cr) 2002- devdas (32 cr) 2003-kmg (42.5), 2004-vz (40cr) 2005-No entry (42cr). Since 1996 to 2005 Aamir did 8 films till RDB, srk done 18 films, Hr did 10 films. So Since doing more films than Aamir both Srk and hr wasn’t able to touch 50cr, you are saying for growth and absence of them. That time neither srk nor hr was able to set benchmark their appreciated film failed to touch 50 cr while Gadar did 76cr during 2001, since 2002-2004 Aamir was absent. Srk had release in 2005 and he even failed with kank which released after fanaa &rdb collected 45cr but before don. No doubt business is growing but what they contributed those time when their top films roaming is 40-47cr mark failed to touch Rh 48cr, give better excuse

  • That’s the power of True Megastar like Aamir khan…once again he showed his power..nobody want to give flop to take dare to release with amirs release…bt in srk’s case everyone like salman ajay akshay ranbir & even himesh as well released their mvi with Srk so now it proved who is the true king of Bollywood.

  • Why isnt anyone talking about RBDJ and Ghajini clash. Everyone knows the what happens when SRK tries to compete with Aamir.

  • First postponed PK from June to December, then bullied Anurag Kashyap and now Anees Bazmee for clash free, festive release. Manipulation is secret of Aamir’s career!

  • Blah blah blah, blah blah blah

    the fact is no one DARES to clash with AAMIR.


    Unlike others who begged for dates locked by others and then backstabbed, Aamir khan movie directly takes a date with open challenge .

    Date kisiki baap ki jaageer nahin anyone who has GUTS can release their movie, no need to beg around.

    If you are confident then don’t move ur movie, Aamir did not ask to move, but log khud apna boriya bisthsar baandh ke baag rahein hain.

    hum jahaan khade ho jaate hain line vahin se shuru hoti hain.

  • @sky Boi is a big manipulator. Till 2011 gadar was on 70 cr (now 76₹ HAHK was 65 cr (now 73 cr), knph was 35 cr, (now 42) MP was 28 cr. reduced figure of oso from 85 to 79, rbdj from 86.5 to 85 they didn’t increased fig of DDLJ (still running in cinema for 20 years) They just want to show how salman and Amir is big star. Akki was also victim of their manipulation
    And read carefully what I said srk and hr did not have released (commerstial) released more than one n half year from 2004 to mid mid 2006 when market was booming. Veerzara dispite with big clashes did 42 (earlier fig) in 2004. Veerzara opened 2.30 cr 1st week in Mumbai while sarkar 3.05 cr, haram masala 3.15 (despite clashes) , mp 3.65 cr, rdb 4.05 cr if u analize numbers then it shows how market was growing. Amir was just lucky his good accepted movie released first which reach 50 cr got advantage of growing market. Fanaa opened 4.21 in Mumbai, kank 5.79, krish 4.70, don 4.79 with clash, dhoom2 6.59. Kank was rejected movie still it did 45 cr.
    rdb first week collection was 17 cr, fanaa 23 cr, kank 27.5 cr. later 2 released within gap of month still srk shows what kind of stardom he had.

  • @sht first clear your mind first you said Aamir don’t have non holiday in top 3, than you are saying stardom, i am here not talking about stardom, how the movie work as lifetime, Kank had highest weekend but what is result a underperformer, than don despite being other film rejected couldn’t surpass fanaa, fanaa was not released in GUJARAT which come under biggest circuit Mumbai, still collected 52cr while after 2 weeks Krrish released which due to sequal had more buzz if Fanaa released in guj than it will cross 55cr, its not just luck you have to give good films if it all about luck than see srk career he has big solo success only with two banner, even Ghajini did 100cr while other were juggling in the range of 80, face the fact, Mangal pandey and fanaa both had highest weekend at that time, and srk will always known as to be consistent to follow the trend in business but he and his movies not doing big wonders at domestic b.o, now his supremecy at overseas is also shaken by aamir, struggling to touch 3i.

  • @jc same thing akshay and Ekta did last year they want to clash with mighty king. At least Akki is a big star unlike john. Amir was challenging john. Y Amir postpone for 6 month. If he don’t afraid y don’t he release his pk with HNY or bang bang. Coward he is. He want to show his star power to John Abraham.

  • @Sky first of all mangal pandey released on 12 august benefited with national holiday. So it is obvious holiday release. Only I was wrong with lagaan.
    The figure I mentioned above was not from Mumbai territory, it was from only Mumbai city. My intention was there is no big deal doing 50 cr in 2006. If rejected kank does 45 cr then any commerstial with good wom could have done 50 cr. Amir was just lucky to got honor first Because there is no srk and hr movie released (commerstial) betwtween veerzara to kank. Infact veerzara itself would have earn that honour if it not clashed with 3 other movies.
    Fanaa would have done max 55 cr if it released in Gujarat.

  • If srk is nothing without 2 big banner is like saying amitabh bachchan is nothing without manmohan desai, yash chopra and Prakash Mehra
    Srk have more hit than Amir even without 2 big banner. Amir has 11 hits including film with yashraj and hirani. Srk have 12 hits without chopra and johar. Now don’t bring this bulshit like big & small banner it’s like sour grapes.

  • wow. everybody is scared of 2 megastars i.e. aamir and salman nobody dares to clash their films even before 2 weeks of after 2 weeks totheir films. while nobody is afraid of srk ( JTHJ VS SOS, CE VS OUTIMD) LOL. because srk is a small star.

  • Aamir is ace of bw,everybody is scared of him.Whenever Aamir has released his films in xmas it has become attb except tzp which was superhit.So Pk is going to be another atbb.Haters buy burnol

  • @sahir : Hilarious joke that Salman postponed Jai Ho due to srk CE !!!!!! Lol !!! CE was about to release on Diwali and OUATIMD on Eid but once it was confirmed Jai Ho cannot be completed by Eid Srk pounced on Eid to buzz about clash with OUATIMD and later got solo release after Balaji postponed OUATIMD for a week (Aug 15) !!!!!!!!!!

  • Aamir & Salman dont have to request others to move their movie release dates. In facts others move out or never clash with them. AJ Devgaan did clash with JTHJ. About DON, its been 8 years and business and world is not the same place as it was in 2005 except for Srk fans !!!!!!!! DON was remake of one of the popular and classic movie of Amit ji and hence it was most awaited. At that time Salman career was low but Jaaneman was still a good movie content wise !!!!!!!!!!!! Now let Srk release HNY on Eid with Kick to prove that he is still Srk of 2006 and to prove his fans right !!!!!!!!!!

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