No ‘Welcome Back’ for Christmas, P.K to get a solo release

Anees BazmeeThe big clash between Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back and Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K has been averted. The reason is pretty obvious – no film would want to clash with a film as big as P.K.

“I am in no hurry. I have no ambition to create a dhamaka (blast) for Christmas. Any Friday will work as long as another big film is not lined up for the same day,”

“My producer Feroz Nadiadwala wants us to stick to our December 19 release date. But I see no point in a box office tussle. I’m going to convince him to opt for another release window”

“I’ve my own audience. But why get into an unnecessary tussle at the box office? It is bound to damage one or the other film. I’d rather wait for another opportune Friday.”

“Rajkumar Hirani is a very fine writer and director. On top of that, he is back with his ‘3 Idiots’ leading man Aamir Khan. So there’s bound to be fireworks at the box office. Why take the risk of getting burnt?”┬áhe said.

The new release date hasn’t been announced yet, but there are reports that Welcome Back might release in January. With rumours doing the rounds that Haider too is likely to be postponed to a later date, it most certainly looks like not many in the industry would dare release their film on the same date as the ‘Big 5’.

And it simply doesn’t matter if the comparatively smaller film announced their release date first – It happened with Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara last year. This year, two films scheduled to arrive during Christmas, Welcome Back and Bombay Velvet, has decided to let go of the Christmas weekend and make way for Aamir Khan!



  • @alll Amir fans srk always killed every completion including Amir, salman, akshay, ajay, hritik. He is a brave man unlike Amir who always want his movie to be released solo or he will released his after srks release.

  • Srk is brave? He is too SMALL to get free weeks. Lol
    He had to BEG Jituji to postpone OUTIMD

    Aamir wanted to clash to John and Ranbir.
    He didnt say a word still
    Ranbir, Anurag Kashyap, John and Aneez Bazmi RAN AWAY in fear of KING AAMIR. lol. Noone can dare to clash with Aamir.

    Small actors like SRK have to struggle to get free weeks and avoid clash by begging.

    KINGs are like Aamir and Salman, everyone are afraid to release their film with them.

  • @legend pk was supposed to be released on June but he knew that he will not get free run after post ipl so he postpone to December and begged salman to convince anees bazme & nadiadwala to change their date. At least srk is brave man. Open history how he killed competition. Amir face competition 3 time and each time he lost.
    Ramjane-AHAT Ramjane won
    Gadar x Lagan. Gadar won
    Welcome x TZP. Welcome won

    Check out how many time srk killed competition

    DDLJ x Yarana
    DTPH x gulam e mustafa, Bhai
    Asoka x Indian
    Mohbbate x mission Kashmir
    Khnh x Jansheen
    Vz x Aitraz , MEA naach
    Don x janeman
    Cdi x Jo bole so nihal
    Oso. X sawariyaa
    Jthj x SOS

    Except Asoka every time srk won the completion
    Now go and kill yourself.

  • @legend why talash is not releasing because holidays? Because talash is not big film like ett or d2. Same why no film dare to clash with hny or pk, as both are big films. Ce was not a big films of 2013 compare to k3 or d3 still ce surprise everyone n broke all records. HNY is huge than pk or kick thats why hater commenting about hny in every article.

  • @Trooper and @Queen

    Dil vs Ghayal(both superhit)
    RH vs Ghatak(RH BB and Ghatak Hit)
    Gadar vs Lagaan(Gadar ATBB, Lagaan Hit)
    TZP vs Welcome(both superhits)

    that’s Aamir Sir for you..not like some small time insecure King with whom nobody is afraid to clash!!! Even Himesh released Damadam with Bekaar.One :D

  • REMEMBER it is not the aamir with whom producer are afraid, but it is raju hirani that producer are not taking chance to clash with his content

  • Its great news, and its expected by us. Who will try to burn their hand against 3i combo. Aamir had said earlier their is no issue among clashes as during holidays multiple films doing well. He hasn’t requested anyone to postpone or prepone their films. Excuses of Aamir haters Aamir has just 5th release on his festive period cristmas while our king want to capture all Diwali,eid and Christmas to get hits. Srk has 11 releases on diwali,2 on cristmas(don 2& k3g) and One on EID that is CE, still our king fell on the knees of Jeetu sir to avert clashes. @sht yes srk has successful records on clashes but in all clashes he wins as others films aren’t good or appreciated. He failed againSt OSO. Give whatever excuse you want but fact is P.k. Will be his 5th christmas and i hope 4th atbb on the cards. Keep you insecurity protected as you will need every thing once P.k. Releases.

  • @ sky whenever Amir released outside Xmas he never made in top 3. Raja Hindustani was Diwali release. Post 2000 srk had 3 movies in top 3 which were released outside festival.
    Devdas, Mhn, RNBDJ.
    Amir dont hv any movie in top 3 which released other than festival. And moreover srk saw a stiff completion in festival released. According to u whenever srk won clashes other films r not good this kind of statement only Amir fan can delivers. Yarana (David Madhuri post success of HAHK raja), AHAT (mansoor khan, ur own no1 star Amir, finest music compare to ramjane) BMCM (DD, amitabh, govinda), mission Kashmir (vidhu Vinod chopra, hritik, sanju, fresh from knph, vastav) Aitraz (akshay, Kareena Abbas mastan fresh from MSK haul chal), janeman (ur own no1 star Sallu Akki, nadiadwala production MSK team), SOS (ajay sonakshi Sanjay Sallu fresh from golmal3, RR, masala genre) how many more example u need.
    It’s Amir who asked postpone jai ho, again begged him to convince anees bazmee and nadiadwala to postpone.

  • @sid_unoriginal — But the difference is all the above is Super Hit to BB while obviously you kniw the fate of JANEMAN, OUATIMD and DUMADUM :-D

  • @sky — You say on one hand that SRK won against non appreciated films and on the other hand you say that SRK failed against SOS (Or OSO)….but JTHJ isn’t at all appreciated……but still winning by a margin of 15 crs in just 500 screens more with an outdated, boring romance saga is an achievement when masala film was on top.

  • @kingshuk hahaha too funny yes i spelled wrong its was sos but i don’t know you being a srkian is too fool. Its not about Masala or romance, Romance is srk most successful zoner, outdated hilarious yes movie was poor but i don’t know you are comparing king of romance actor-director duo with a non popular director Ashwini dheer, a good successful ajay, the review and public response of sos is also not good like RR,dabangg but still it have tough fight, the difference of screening of jthj and sos wasn’t 500 its about 700-800 you fool, as sos was forced to book those theatre where adult b&c rated films used to releases frequently. You can’t compare those theater to contribute too much collection. If 500 screens is nothing than ce 3700 and dhoom 3 4100-4200 screens much for you guys despite being later had run time close to 3 hrs while ce had 30 minute shorter. Same case with jthj and sos but there sos suffered too much for high earning theaters and occupancies.

  • Baap Baap Hi Hota Hain.. AAMIR BAAP HAIN SABKA .. HE WILL SHOW U ALL AGAIN THIS X-MAS..DADDY IS COMING.. KEEP CALM AND WAIT FOR P.K. Aamir said it’s d best story he has ever heard so did Anushka said in an interview with Anupama.. Now u can imagine how gud film dis will be.. Rajkumar Hirani is greatest filmmaker. Jab hollywood ki Avatar 3idiots ka kuch nhi karpaayi to hobbit chobit kya cheez hain.

  • @sht what a half backed story dude, first Yarana was directed by David dhawan but That time lead actor of film was Rishi kapoor which can’t be big star as he was earlier. Ahat wasn’t a holiday release it released on 30 nov, i haven’t seen diwali after 20th nov how can it be a diwali release man and the same year ddlj released on 20th oct that was also diwali so i don’t think there been two diwali in same year. Don vs jaaneman was a good clash where don scored but that film wasn’t original, the year when krish,dhoom 2 and LRM,fanaa and RDB become top grosser despite on all release on non-holiday, Oso vs saawariya wasn’t big clash like welcome vs tzp, Ranbir was debuted that time so there is on chance to srk film to underperform while Aamir tzp collected 64cr and become 4th highest by clashing with a film who became 2nd grosser of the year, that was a clear win, if you compare CDI and tzp than CDI was riding on srk and he was central while in tzp Aamir was on screen just b4 interval so clash and success r huge

  • @sht there is no need to ask to Aamir to get top 3 without non holiday while he did both twice post 2000, Lagaan (2001-29cr), mangal pandey (2005-29cr) both were 3rd highest grosser of those year, Later Fanaa and rdb collected 50cr twice on non holiday period when it hard for other to touch 50cr till rdb as since Ddlj to rdb only gadar crossed 50cr except all failed in those 9 years. After that tzp being too limited appeal become 4th highest grosser of the year, than ghajini,3i and d3 were created history which isn’t easy to digest to many. Only talaash was underperformed which were 9th grosser of the year while jthj was 8th in 2012, talaash was non holiday had 3 day normal weekend, while jthj was more appealing holiday release with 6 day extended weekend & but had clash. So if talaash was failure than jthj was grand failure dude. P.k. will also heart you alot dude. So be alert and don’t worry hny collect whatever but remain less than p.k. if p.k. Got good appreciation.

  • Foolish @queenshuk Ram Jaane was a flop movie..also AHAT was below average..well speaking about clashes, remember Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, SOS, Aitraaz, Mission Kashmir!!?? not all the movies have flopped when released with a SRK movie :P

  • @sky jthj also 3hr film n sos was 30min short, anyhow jthj was not apriciated thats why it underperformd, if jthj was solo release it might do 150cr

  • @sky devid dhawan was biggest director of 90s and Madhuri was top heroine after HAHK and Raja.
    I didn’t said AHAT released on dewali read carefully. But raanjaane showed Amir what is stardom despite bad reviews and songs.
    There was huge negativity around don released still it did 51 cr despite clashes. And mangal pandey was not third highest it was Salam namaste, black and sarkar, no entry and BNB was ahead of it.
    And y r u ignoring fact about jthj which was competing with masala SOS and whole Maharashtra which is d biggest territory was closed on sat and Sunday. Do u know theatre closed means there is zero collection. Then what is use of festival. I was only wrong with Lagan.
    There is no big deAl of doing 50 cr in 2006. Amir was just lucky that there was no srk or hritik movie for more than 1 years when business was growing. And there was more than 5 movies in 2006 which crossed 50 cr.

  • @Romance, Now Akon also want to romance with you loll. After Akon sing “will you be my chamak challo” . Finally you care only hny party and don’t think other movie ok loll

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