No ‘Welcome Back’ for Christmas, P.K to get a solo release

Anees BazmeeThe big clash between Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back and Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K has been averted. The reason is pretty obvious – no film would want to clash with a film as big as P.K.

“I am in no hurry. I have no ambition to create a dhamaka (blast) for Christmas. Any Friday will work as long as another big film is not lined up for the same day,”

“My producer Feroz Nadiadwala wants us to stick to our December 19 release date. But I see no point in a box office tussle. I’m going to convince him to opt for another release window”

“I’ve my own audience. But why get into an unnecessary tussle at the box office? It is bound to damage one or the other film. I’d rather wait for another opportune Friday.”

“Rajkumar Hirani is a very fine writer and director. On top of that, he is back with his ‘3 Idiots’ leading man Aamir Khan. So there’s bound to be fireworks at the box office. Why take the risk of getting burnt?”┬áhe said.

The new release date hasn’t been announced yet, but there are reports that Welcome Back might release in January. With rumours doing the rounds that Haider too is likely to be postponed to a later date, it most certainly looks like not many in the industry would dare release their film on the same date as the ‘Big 5’.

And it simply doesn’t matter if the comparatively smaller film announced their release date first – It happened with Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara last year. This year, two films scheduled to arrive during Christmas, Welcome Back and Bombay Velvet, has decided to let go of the Christmas weekend and make way for Aamir Khan!



  • Lol @aditya, srk is a small star acc to u. No offence to aamir or hirani, but if they have the guts, tell them to release their film on Diwali with happy new year. Let’s see how it will fare then. Tell aamir to change his release date to Diwali now. Srk is not Anees Bazmee to budge and give way to aamir. He ll destroy pk like he did many times before with clashes.

  • now pk will get 3 free weeks wonder how amir would do if not so many free weeks amir has low stardom as compared to salman and srk

  • @baba ji
    agree with you,D3 had huge brand value…………..PK has to be well made like 3 idiots because expectations are high….and higher the expectations ,higher the chances of disappointing the audience..

  • This is disappointing for us and now even if our kings movie hny breaks Dhoom 3 records which is 1% possible but this Aamirs movie PK will 100% break that record by big margin as before

  • P.K will do 400 cr .. Srk is nothing infront of Aamir.. That’s y his fanr r so jealous of Ak nd doing negative comments..morons..tumhaare negative comment karne se kuch nhi hoga tumne Dhoom3 ke waqt bhi yahi kiya tha.. Kya ukhaadh liya ?

  • Look Srkfans are crying that Srk doesnt get free weeks. this Christmas it was
    Aamir vs Ranbir vs John
    Both Ranbir and John ran away in fear of Aamir.

    In Eid 2013 it was
    Srk vs OUTIMD
    Srk was afraid of clash so he BEGGED Jitendraji to postpone.
    Now who is bigger?

  • Dear Readers!
    Thats the difference.
    Sir SRK never worried about competition. He never looks for records. He knows very well that if the product is good people will appreciate, no matter opening, weekend or lifetime record will be broken or not.
    In 2006 Don released with Janneman staring not one but 2 big stars (Salman & Akshay)
    Result we all knows
    In 2012 JTHJ vs SOS collection we all knows.
    Now Look at Salman when CE announced to release at EID Salman postponed Jai Ho.
    And Selfish Aamir announced his PK for June release. Anees Bazmi & Anurag announced their movies Welcome Back and Bombay Velvet for Christmas release. But after the success of DHOOM-3 selfish Khan decided to release PK at Christmas again and trying to convince other 2 producers to preponed or postponed their movies. For him his movie is very important, others movies are nothing. Bombay Velvet is dream project of Anurag and Welcome back is sequel of Anees Bazmi’s successful Welcome. They must be disappointed but unfortunately they have to show their Big heart (which Amir dont have) to compromise.
    It really disappointed. Selfish Khan dont care about other dreams and want to fulfill his own wish. Its Cheap really cheap.

  • PK will be Talaash 2 and will do around 90 crore. Criticwise it will be Mangal Pandey and Mela. Raju Hirani should work with other actors instead of short Aamir as he is taking Hiranis credit.

  • This Christmas there will be two dwarf movies-
    Hobbit 3 and PK.
    Hobbit 3 has 10-15 dwarfs while PK has one dwarf Lol

  • Aamir is nothing without script & content…
    Fake king srk is nothing without Yrf/Dharma…
    CE was crashed by the storm of krrish in just 17 days

  • It was expected.Even top superstars will not dare to clash with the genius combination of Aamir khan and Raju hirani and welcome back has not even got any top superstar so it was good decision that they saved their movie from becoming flop.

  • @Sahir yes Srk never worries about competition and it was Jitendraji who called him for south indian breakfast before Chennai exp and OUATIMD release and they never talked about the release dates of their respective

  • @TS Forget Aamir khan boz Srk even fears to release his movie with Akshay kumar starrer and even Ajay devgan gives 100 crore movie by clashing with Srk + biggest production house

  • Aamir is the King of bollywood currently. His Dhoom 3 broke all records and is the highest grosser of Indian cinema by a big margin.
    Before that 3 Idiots was highest grosser and before that Ghajini was highest grosser.
    Now PK will be highest grosser. Long Live Aamir.


  • no need for fan war………………PK is bigger then welcome back…… it has not akshay in the movie

  • This Christmas audiences will be giving a warm ‘Welcome Back’ to their favourite DUO- Hirani Sir n Aamir Sir… Fireworks are guaranteed at the BoxOffice n one helluva party to see us right through to New Years n beyond….!

  • @flopstar bollywood is nothing without khans, no one can beat the khans, khans are only beaten by the khans. Like holiday, bang bang n bomby velvate will struggle to cross 100cr, losser khan hater

  • Christmas will be empty without an Aamir starrer as was the case in 2010 n 2011 or just like Halloween wouldnt be complete without a classic from Sarkar like Ratoon Point One in 2011 or Jab Tak Hai Mojo 2012…! Somethings are meant to be, Aamir celebrating Christmas with his fans n Bhai jaan arriving on Eid to entertain his fans plus our Sarkar arriving on Diwali to frighten his fans with his homage to Freddy Krueger in the form of his Geevan character….!

  • LOLLLL….Even in this AAMIR article people are wooried about SRK stardom…..lolll….we all know what happened to TAALASH with just 1 free week and clash with AKKI in the next week.

  • Amir kissed bazmeez legs to postpone welcome back he want solo release and free run to make records. He so lucky that gajini, 3 idiots, dhoom3 and pk all movies not only get solo release but free runs for more than 4 week. When he released with clash or no free run his movie never make any records

  • @LEGEND — SRK did it openly and also thanked JITUJI publicly and gifted OUATIMD with good screen space from 7th day onwards unlike AAMIR who after seeing the case of TAALASH forced WB and BV out of Christmas release. …lollll.

  • @amir fans,whoever thinks about JTHJ vs sos clash,don’t forget sos has 2 actor salman and ajay still it thrashed by JTHJ. Even A CLASSIC MOVIE JTHJ blown a masla movie sos in air.while bhai+flop kumar’s jaaneman thrashed by THE DON so badly. whoever thinks of ajay devgan,his satyagraha also blow by CE not only that flop kumar,ajay,john all unitedly thrashed by KING KHAN in last EID.It’s not WE SRKIANS have to prove it’s you tingu fans have to prove whether you could face 3films alone and still to do a 200cr movie with out MULTIACTOR, which couldn’t be done by amir/salman.but THE TRUTH is amir fans are cowards and couldn’t accept THE FACT.still let’s see how will this thriller p.k could FACE THE MONSTER HNY this year.don’t forget haters HNY has more than 2 week open that is with out no big star release,now ha ha ha ha ha…..who cares kock/p.k will get clash or solo release because it’s predicted both are gone.

  • @Third gender 11 — But still SRKs film earned 100 crs+ clashing with OSO while AAMIR failed to achieve it despite clash 1 week after……lolllll.

  • SRK clashing with films releasing 6 days later — CE BB anf OUATIMD disaster.

    AAMIR clashing with films 1 week later — TAALASH — SEMI HIT…K786 — HIT

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