No ‘Welcome Back’ for Christmas, P.K to get a solo release

Anees BazmeeThe big clash between Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back and Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K has been averted. The reason is pretty obvious – no film would want to clash with a film as big as P.K.

“I am in no hurry. I have no ambition to create a dhamaka (blast) for Christmas. Any Friday will work as long as another big film is not lined up for the same day,”

“My producer Feroz Nadiadwala wants us to stick to our December 19 release date. But I see no point in a box office tussle. I’m going to convince him to opt for another release window”

“I’ve my own audience. But why get into an unnecessary tussle at the box office? It is bound to damage one or the other film. I’d rather wait for another opportune Friday.”

“Rajkumar Hirani is a very fine writer and director. On top of that, he is back with his ‘3 Idiots’ leading man Aamir Khan. So there’s bound to be fireworks at the box office. Why take the risk of getting burnt?” he said.

The new release date hasn’t been announced yet, but there are reports that Welcome Back might release in January. With rumours doing the rounds that Haider too is likely to be postponed to a later date, it most certainly looks like not many in the industry would dare release their film on the same date as the ‘Big 5’.

And it simply doesn’t matter if the comparatively smaller film announced their release date first – It happened with Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara last year. This year, two films scheduled to arrive during Christmas, Welcome Back and Bombay Velvet, has decided to let go of the Christmas weekend and make way for Aamir Khan!



  • PK has to be a very well made film to break D3’s record…

    Otherwise if it does’nt clicks with the audience it wil fall badly…and may struggle to reach 120crs also..

  • and aamir gets lucky again. really wanted to see how his movie would fare against competition. I don’t think P.K would have the same appeal as 3 Idiots or Dhoom 3 though I am sure it will be great movie but I don’t expect certain segments of the masses and kids to enjoy it as much. Welcome should release 2 weeks before P.K.

  • Welcome back now will be a compete washout. Clashing with pk would have been better as it would get the limelight and collect decent just like sos benefited clashing with jthj

  • PK won’t have an earth shattering opening like D3…

    PK first day :18-20crs if music is gud and good enough buzz is created

  • Wooooo……for the first timr ever someone mentioned OUATIMD as a smaller film comparing to CE…..

  • oh now that it’s averted otherwise i was wondering will it go the same way as Taare jamin par and Welcome.

  • coward Bazmee.
    i just wanted a clash coz iam sure P.K will fail and Raju’s idea making a movie about religion will suffer like Spain football team tonight

  • Honestly, I am not surprised…I knew this would happen. You don’t clash your film with the “MEGA-MOVIE” which is supposed to collect 300 crs and make the Bollywood history..At last a good decision

  • P.k has to be like 3i if it is like 3i then it will definetly cross 200cr. Otherwise it will be dhobighat2 if content is not grt.

  • This is the power of Aamir. There are two legends in bollywood who everywhere is afraid of clashing:
    Aamir and Salman

  • Welcome Back you can clash with HNY. It would not hurt your collections much. Srk is not big star.Remember JTHJ vs SOS?
    There are 3 films fighting for top grosser of 2014:
    Kick, PK and Bang Bang.

  • Aamir khan ki aukat nahi hai,clash k saath hit dena ki….If he had clashed his film P.K with Welcome back,then make that film hit I will admit him a superstar….He should get a life…

  • Okay, nothing against hirani or aamir but it was anurag kashyap the first person who had booked the christmas (25th dec) date for bombay velvet a year ago before anyone else did, then welcome back locked the 19th dec date long ago. But then PK came, first it snatched away the 25th dec date from bombay velvet and poor anurag ha to prepone his movie. again PK preponed to 19th dec and now poor anees bazmee has to change the date just to satisfy aamir a solo release. whats this ?? dadagiri of khans?? are eid,diwali,christmas their own property ?? don’t every actor and producer have equal rights over the holiday dates ? bombay velvet and welcome back booked the date first, they deserve it. aamir wasn’t sure of coming on another date except christmas as he considers it lucky, thats why he went from post ipl date to christmas date. good luck to hirani for the movie please seriously ,this was simply unfair and biased.

  • So it is confirmed.Noone has guts to clash with Salman and Aamir. Top films of 2014:
    3.Bang Bang
    4.Bombay Velvet

  • both films are crap before mth and soty.
    John abrahm and amir khan stand nowhere
    infront of sid-varun.

  • @king Noone has guts to clash with Aamir so what will he do. He is the most respected and ATBB actor. Srk is a small actor so noone is afraid to clash with him.

  • Its a perfect time for new comers to join Bollywood. Big stars already near to 50.Emraan & Shahid r unlucky bcoz of their bad time entry to bollywood.But they r still young. So they have to become Super star.

  • pk will be very risky film if it click then 300 crore club will be created but if not then 150 crore will be difficult.

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  • Nt amir,but it’s shitty srkfans’ srk who is afraid of clash and behaves as a beggar in front of jeetu ji.

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