Video: My Name Is Khan – Trailer Review

The trailer of My Name Is Khan was, a few minutes ago, aired on Star Plus.

It starts off with Shahrukh Khan introducing his character of Rizwan Khan that he plays in My Name Is Khan. We are also told about his mom, the values she has imbibed in him and finally his love, Mandira (Kajol).

Then the 2 -3 min long trailer was aired, the music was good, but frankly, we have mixed feelings of SRK’s performance. Too hard to judge from a short trailer though.

Shahrukh Khan’s character apart from the Autism disorder, could be an extended version of John’s character in this year’s super-hit New York.

We’ll put up the trailer (video) here soon, if you did manage to catch it on Star, post your thoughts below.




  • Srk and Kajol performances were great. The trailor was very good. I think this movie is much different from Kurban and New york. This is for sure that this movie will break all records. It was difficult to judge the chemistry b/w Srk and Kajol. Because they were very few times together in this trailor. But again it was even very good. I am sure this performance of srk will be very special in his career. This will proves that he is the true emperor. This is the great movie. It’s getting difficult to wait for this movie. Love u King Khan.

  • I am totally agree with u… srk and kajol looking great.. srkajol roxxxxx i am sure that this movie will great and smash hit in indian history…….

  • to the unknown who said that srk become normal when he spoke english i say if not srk/ rizwan doesnt look noprmal in speaking english to the english officers then the whole plot will collapse otherwise because it willbe no need to detain an abnormal guy and for the ppl who think that they were dissappionted because there is bno chemistry i say 3minits arent enough to show that the movie will shos us that and let s forget about srk kajal chemi for thisi isnot amasala its a serious movie

  • If there is King khan then there is no question that this movie will be a blockbuster. He is the king forever. Srk and kajol rocks.

  • saju dey
    wat did u see common in dis trailer and paa film…. dont be narrow minded… try to appreciate before u criticize ………. or just wait 4 da movie to release…….

    being BIAS is the biggest mistake of any man….

  • I have also not too much liked the promo..disappointing and weak to say the indicine I too have mixed feelings about SRK.

    MNIK looks like a mix of new york, fanaa, kurbaan and some usual karan johar drama thrown in..
    too much of this 9/11 and terrorism suddenly…

  • srk is great…….. he is the king of bollywood and he is the god… king is comming
    my name is khan is simply the best and great trailer ..

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