Video: My Name Is Khan – Trailer Review

The trailer of My Name Is Khan was, a few minutes ago, aired on Star Plus.

It starts off with Shahrukh Khan introducing his character of Rizwan Khan that he plays in My Name Is Khan. We are also told about his mom, the values she has imbibed in him and finally his love, Mandira (Kajol).

Then the 2 -3 min long trailer was aired, the music was good, but frankly, we have mixed feelings of SRK’s performance. Too hard to judge from a short trailer though.

Shahrukh Khan’s character apart from the Autism disorder, could be an extended version of John’s character in this year’s super-hit New York.

We’ll put up the trailer (video) here soon, if you did manage to catch it on Star, post your thoughts below.




  • @payal – Hi I am fine.How are you doing?

    About MNIK its an Ok promo.Like Indicine I have mixed feelings about SRK Performance.But Kajol looks good.My doubt is can she match her performance in fanaa?Two many movies on the same topic 9/11 do the audience have that much patience?I will like to watch more promos n music of MNIK to develop a solid point of view.But in this short trailer SRK isn’t that impressive.Bollywood Hungama has exaggerated this promo too much.But then thats the media power of SRK n Karan Johar.

  • As a teacher of students with Autism and Aspergers, I *was* impressed with the promo of MNIK. I can’t wait to see it. I think SRK has taken on man more challenging roles in the last few years, ones which showcase his acting, not just his performing. No matter what he himself says, he is more than just a performer.

  • very bad trailer by the trailer movie seems to not doing good box office bussiness and MNIK is flop because of its huge budget the story of MNIK is old it is seems to be a copy of new york so that i think it is flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i can’t wait to watch this movie..i want to be first person to buy first ticket.. srkajol looking great in this movie.. great promo great movie great dircetor great actor and actress…

  • I’ll refrain from commenting on the movie on the basis of this promo…i’ll only review the promo itself…

    First thing first..Shahrukh’s tone sounds a bit odd (quite monotonous) and i really hope that its not this much monotonous throughout the movie. But for me, the strength of Shahrukh’s performances has always been in his eyes…and a few shots of the promo indicate that he is making full use of his eyes to express in the movie…ON MY REQUEST… just watch the trailer once again and observe his eyes in the following three scenes.

    1. His first close up in rain (just after the scene between his childhood and his mother)

    2. When he is trying to solve the cubic puzzle

    3. in the last shot when he is uttering the line “…and i’m not a terrorist”

    his eyes indicate that something in his performance is going to cover up for the tone of his voice.

    Kajol seems really engrosed in her role…and not enough scenes have been shown to reflect the chemistry level between the two.

    It seems that although 9/11 is the back-drop over here as well but something tells me that the story is going to be significantly different from New York or Kurbaan.

    Lets c…Overall a promising trailer.

  • Srry indicine team…..plz donot delete this because i m going to review music of veer..this is latest popular article so everyone can see how is the music of album

    To all salman fan or other fan,i m not being baised just because i m salman khan but i m telling wht i feel

    My review::
    1>Taali(sukhwinder,rahat ali khan,wajit,newman pinto)-not worth listening song.First song of album n this one is dissapointing 1.5/5

    2>Surili Akhiyon Wale(Rahat fateh ali khan)-I m his fan n he donot dissapoint me.Its a superb song n english word sung by suzzene is also good. 4/5.It has another track on is also good

    3>Salaam Aaya(roop kumar rathod,shreya ghosal)-This is another good song back to back .Lyrics are very good.All credit goes to gulzar sir.4/5

    4>Meherbaniyan(Sonu nigam)-this one is quite different song if i have to compare to another song.It is commercial type of song.Sonu nigam is good but music doesn’t match but still it can be listen when u r in happy mood.3/5

    5>Kanha”Thumri”(Rekha bharadwaj,shabab,toshi&Sharib):It is typical song of place like Gujarat or some like that place.I never prefer this type of song n it is decent song.2/5

    6>Taali (Solo):Similar to first track taali but only difference is it is whole sung by sukhwinder .it is better than taali.Still it is ok type song.2/5

    7>Spirit of veer(instrumental):Again ok type of just 58 sec.

    Overall,Only impact from the album are Surili akhiyon wale on both track n salam aaya,both r best song of the album while Merbaniyan is time pass song .Except them,other r not gud song.Little dissapointed but overall ok because most of histrorical movie ,song r not important.

    My overall rating will be 2.5-3/5(Just because of surili akhiyon wale n salam aaya).If you want to listen the gud song then just listen these two song.simply superb lyrics aswell as sing beautifully by singer.

  • Honestly i felt it was normal nothing outstanding i mean there is no doubt its good . it had to be good coming from the makers of some blockbusters that our industry boasts of . But too early to comment how it would as a movie . But promo i would rate it “mediocore , cheesy , deja vu ” kind Kurbaan, NY ,PAA, TZP …. something on these film lines no STRONG IMPACT ….. nevertheless looking forward for the film !!!

  • Movie Review – Avatar

    My brother who has seen this movie found this movie to give me both positives as well as – ives i have the complete review but i won’t give it as i feel reluctant that indicine is afterall related to bollywood

    but if u allow me may i give the review of avatar

  • i told in my comment that i m in rush talk abt it later but srk’s performance looks like batter then salman’s veer.
    i just compair very small thing coz these 2 movies are most awaited and MNIK is releasing after 3 weeks of veer. i just compair one thing i m agree that both movies didnt release but 3 idiots also didnt relase yet and indicine put rajkumar hiran as best director , indicine did u watch 3 idiots in ur dream ???
    saju dey can abuse other poeple with words of fucking , fuck off , kuttay teri maa ki kutte teri bahan ki….. and i cant compair srk and sallu , saju dey can talk abt veer in every single page and i cant compair …..
    this is fantastic indicine , naveed and one more person who talk abt me i forgot his name other wise i hv to read all comments again.
    i mentioned that i m going tp my job sirf open my pc for this trailer coz i knew that indicine or bollywoodhungama will put it as soon as possible.
    and u guys stared to say bad about me.
    it is very disappointed for me.
    but its ok these reviews never forgive , srk , sallu , aamir , akki , big b ….. and i m nothing infront of these names.

  • i want to mention only one thing that karan johar is very good and talented director and producer and he cant realese two movies within 3 months on a same base and same idea.
    i m not understanding one thing
    muslim boy, hindu girl …
    hero becomes a terrorist because he wanted his revenge agianst usa , coz they killed his family after the incident of 9/11
    My Name is Khan…
    muslim boy , hindu girl ….
    hero arrested at airport and then he thought i need to do some thing ( and wht he did we dont know yet )
    70% both movies looks like same according to their idea and main subject
    just we need to see that how srk solve this situation, and it will be diffrent then kurbaan.
    new york had same idea as well.
    but i want to say only one thing how karan made two movies on same idea and releasing in 3 months.
    if he wanted to make that kind of movie again then he sould release that movie atleast after 2 yrs not after 3 months.

  • Dear Indicine Team,

    I completely disagree with your review of this trailer, from the first look it looks to be a great film and looks to me the best performances of shahrukh & Kajol’s career. Kajol looks stunning in the trailer not expected that she look that beautiful.
    Please dont compare it with kurban and newyork, this is a different take on the same issue. By the way you have given excellent ratings to both kurban & newyork and now you degrading MNIK by comparing it with those 2 films.
    I didn’t understand your logic.

    Thank You


    well perfomance by srk and kajol.
    hmmm look great.
    it is not look like masala type movie!
    but hope it will be biggest hit of 2010
    it will breal all records of ghajini .

  • I m sure dat “My name…..” will become hit, if not by story, still d performance will be fantastic for sure….. as SRK cant be underestimated n dat 2 in serious role in stands still, no doubt in dat……

  • I will predict my ending for this movie:
    Since he is trying to meet the president,in last ,he will met the president n give a good speech like the chak de india…and tell Only muslim r not terrorist, terrorist have no religion.. it seem like it! It will be interesting if my thought match but most probably ending will be wht i say hehe :)

  • its good to see karan johar making films other than on relationships… he is one of the gr8 director not only in movies like on relationship but on serious topics also n he will prove it through this movie…!! gud luck!!

  • in my opinion the trailer suggests that mnik is a full masala & commercial film with doses of comedy,romance,emotions and some message.yet another over the top performance from srk.this trailer reminds me of the trailers of gadar and ghajini.wasn’t sunny and aamir over the top in these films.i agree srk has overacted again in mnik.also srk is known for coming very hard whenever he is down.remember k3g and devdas when he was outclassed by hrithik in knph.srk gave answers with chak de and oso to hrithiks krish and it is the turn of aamirs ghajini.i m quite sure mnik will break ghajini record by a mile. promo of mnik has many techinical flaws.was ghajini techinally correct. films are meant for entertainment .promo shows that mnik is a commercial film.i m sure it will break ghajini record.

  • @ Halakoo
    It seems like u have been floored by kajol’s beauty, more than anything. she is looking the same as she was in fanaah or her last assingment u me aur hum.
    Indicine has given a good review…though this movie has a diff theme but it burrows some elements from the movies like kurbaan & new york.

  • have some senses guys ,

    I wonder , some of you guys didn’t like the so good trailer , few die hard fans of other actors are just
    trying to prove that srk has got nothing , his movies are boring .

    They just try to degrade the movie from the first day.

    I just saw a tv channel comparing MNIK with CCTC . cctc was also released widely so is mnik.

    cctc was flop. But this was because that movie wasn’t good but it is other way round here.

    All recent movies(mainstream) of srk are too good and blockbuster and this would probably be 4th

    one thing remains to be seen , how the hype of movie will be created . could this be as :

    1) biggest bollywood film in terms of widest release with the association of fox
    2) srk after more than 1 year
    3) I have seen craze for srk-kajol jodi but I prefer srk whoever the other cast is.
    4) International feel

    well ,

    it is difficult to wait for 12th feb!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey indicine u have told that any comment on salman,s veer will be deleted but that nauman hass comment on salman,s veer see it……………
    i should also say that mnik trailor is not even 10% of veer, veer trailor is far better thaen mnik……….

  • @ Amit

    What do u mean by srk’s recent films are too good…i hope u didn’t mean content bcause oso & rnbdj were plain average in that context.

  • @ Akash

    u shouldn’t b comparing those two movies, they r totally diff. But in their own distinct categories MNIK trailer was a ok one & Veer is pretty dull.

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