Ram Gopal Varma on James Cameron’s Avatar!

We received this blog in our mailbox, with a request to publish it here. So here you go, Ram Gopal Varma’s tribute to James Cameron’s Avatar!


As I stepped out of Imax last night after watching AVATAR in 3D, I hated James Cameron for in comparison to the ultra futuristic vision of his, he made me feel like a pre-historic being of cinema in every which way. AVATAR in 3D is the most mind-blowing cinematic experience anybody can ever hope to have in their entire lifetime. Nearly 3 decades ago I remember being awestruck with Star Wars and now nearly 30 years later AVATAR to me looked 30 years ahead of its time both in its creative output and also in terms of James Cameron’s sheer imaginative power. 

Some people said that it’s low on the emotional quotient compared to Titanic but if at all, that could be because the visuals and the atmosphere of the film are so breathtaking that it takes you that much more time and effort to connect to its emotional aspect and its story when compared to a normal film with normal people.

I have never believed in God but I think James Cameron is greater than God for the simple reason that he created a far more beautiful, far more fantastic and far more exotic world than what even God can ever hope to create.

And all this he managed to do it in a paltry budget of 1200 Crores. Yes, I say it’s a paltry budget considering we make films like Kambhakt Ishq and London Dreams for budgets nearly touching 80 to 90 crores which is nearly as much as 1/12th of the budget of AVATAR and then every shot of AVATAR looks 12000 times better than our entire so-called 100 crore films.

I honestly feel that it is a crime to give away such a glorious experience as that of watching AVATAR for a mere 100 or 200 Rupee ticket to us common people.

When someone asked me if the special efx of AVATAR will inspire other filmmakers, I said that, on the contrary they might have a reverse effect. What I mean is that we can only aspire to become someone when we can atleast have a belief that we can reach someone’s potential but James Cameron in AVATAR created a bench mark so high that it will take years for us lesser folk even to comprehend it let alone attempt to execute it.

It’s like if you aspire to be a runner and somehow hope to run at a speed of 20km per hour which may be the world record and then when on the track you see a guy running at 200kmph you would rather give up and come back and make family dramas and TV serials and leave the running to James Cameron.

Titanic was fantastic but it did not shake me up inspite of everyone else around me back then saying that James Cameron is God of cinema.

But with his second coming “AVATAR” I have surely turned religious.

I want to pray to him for making “AVATAR”.

I hate him for making all us so-called filmmakers in the world feel like ants. (Read chooths)

I love him for the passion and the patience with which he created new benchmarks in each and every technical aspect of the medium of films.

And lastly, “I thank him for existing”.

P.S: I truly believe “AVATAR” will divide cinema as we knew it so far into a pre “AVATAR” and a post “AVATAR” era.

Don’t see it…. Experience it.



  • I have huge expections from this movie…. hoping the movie will live upto them. Isn’t Ram Gopal Varma makes the most cheapest films in the industry (as far budget)???

  • Yes, most of his films don’t exceed 5 crores. Budget of Sarkar films, obviously, were bigger.

    He would have made 240 films with the money spent on Avatar..!!

  • I have been a big fan of J.Cameron since Titanic. I have also been a fan of his prev. films like Terminator 1&2, True Lies & aliens.

  • We couldn’t resist posting this.. Christopher Nolan’s Inception trailer looks great too! Watch it below


  • how many budget we have we can never stand infront of hollywood movies. The research, expertise, innovation they put in their movies we cant match them.

  • Avatar is an upcoming 3-D science fiction epic film directed by James Cameron, due to be released on December 16, 2009 by 20th Century Fox. The film is Lightstorm Entertainment’s latest project, and focuses on an epic conflict on a far-away world called Pandora, where humans and the native species of Pandora, the Na’vi, engage in war over the planet’s resources and existence.

    The film will be released in 2D and 3D formats, along with an IMAX 3D release in selected theaters. The film is being touted as a breakthrough in terms of filmmaking technology, for its development of 3D viewing and stereoscopic filmmaking with cameras that were specially designed for the film’s production, and has already been slated for two awards.

  • How can Ram Gopal say that God could have not created what James Cameron created in Avatar,and
    that he wants to pray to James,such a crackhead no wonder most of his films are flops cause he has
    no faith in God…………

  • Ram Gopal Verma would not be able to create this kind of world even in his dreams….. he only makes low budget craps like agyaat where even he doesn’t has the money to show a proper monster.

  • well I am not concerned about ram gopal verma.

    I will see avtar tommorow.

    from the trailer , it looks a very good and exciting film .

  • Guys, whoever is commenting RGV for his opinion on the movie, think about it again…he is only expressing his ‘Opinion’….he is not preaching….so, just cut the BS….after all, you have a right to your opinion too…and so do I!

    AVATAR is the definition of ‘Trendsetting’ in Cinema!

  • I agree with sudesh, RGV is a person who voices his opinion and he is not politically correct like most other celebrities so he is in controversies most of the time……

  • I think RGV needs some spiritual teaching to believe in god. This is what happens when you dont believe in god, your imagination may not be higher. infact james cameron took roles for his movie AVATAR from idian epics. when an outsider believes in our culture.

  • True.. what he tried to express is true.. it’s amazing.. amazing.. unbelivable film!!!!!!! today I was bored and went to see it.. from the time the movie started till the end.. I couldn’t blink my eyes, watched the movie with opened eyes and mouth!! haha.. this never happened to me in the past!! wow.. it’s just a (wow) movie!! it’s awsome and something new.. different than any other hollywood movies which u saw in yr entire life ( no one should miss it) and throught the movie.. while watching those creatures you would ask yourself the following: how did he do this film?!! and which way? and how?!

    Please don’t miss this movie.. in a short sentence: it’s a great movie.. no other words..t describe it.

    James Cameron is a great director.

  • May be RGV praised James Cameron in his style of Words… I dont think people should comment him on the way he has given his review it is his personal opinion… But Avtar is really Visual treat to eyes and imaginations… before watching the movie I felt it would just be another Holywood High Budget movie but after seeing the movie I personally felt it is really wonderful piece that has come out from years of Imaginative hard work. As for as I know I never heard RGV praising any Director… If he is praising then friends there is something in that movie…
    I feel the sensuality of love is shown very nice even though it is a science fic. movie, I personally felt that the love is shown better than many of our Indian movies… where Family & love dramas are given priority…

    Its wonderful must watch movie…. I think at 95% of people who come out of the theater will have a feel good response about the movie..

    So enjoy your Christmas holidays watching this once….

  • 8Th Wonder of World…!!! The All time best Imaginative Movie…!!! And i think it will cross all the records and set an unreachable BenchMark..!!!

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