Video: My Name Is Khan – Trailer Review

The trailer of My Name Is Khan was, a few minutes ago, aired on Star Plus.

It starts off with Shahrukh Khan introducing his character of Rizwan Khan that he plays in My Name Is Khan. We are also told about his mom, the values she has imbibed in him and finally his love, Mandira (Kajol).

Then the 2 -3 min long trailer was aired, the music was good, but frankly, we have mixed feelings of SRK’s performance. Too hard to judge from a short trailer though.

Shahrukh Khan’s character apart from the Autism disorder, could be an extended version of John’s character in this year’s super-hit New York.

We’ll put up the trailer (video) here soon, if you did manage to catch it on Star, post your thoughts below.




  • So it remains to be seen, how many would be interested in a ‘Social Awareness’ movie.

    Honestly after New York and Kurbaan, 9/11 seems too boring and out-dated now. Bollywood strangely seems to have woken up to 9/11, a good decade after the attacks, with a over-dose of films dealing with the aftermath.

    Actually the first part of the promo is good.. until “the day that changed everything” ;) Watch SRK walking at 1:25 in the video, quite funny.

    On second watch and second thought, could be a very good performance from Khan.

  • Good answer to nauman @ indicine team… @nauman-dont take our respect 2 ur reviews as granted.. dont spoil ur image here.. ur cmmnt is a invitation of fighting here.. which is unwanted.. cmon grow up man… about mnik trailer, 4 da first time i ll post my detailed review here as soon as i watch it……


    I am really dissapointed with this trailor… Expectations were very high…

    Mixture of KURBAAN+NEWYORK+FORREST GUMP……… this is my feeling though

    Thanks god It has Karan Johar & FOX studios backing it…

    If this project would not had the backing of Such big Producers then it would hav been an uphill task…

    In INDIA it wont do too well…. Overseas looks promising though…


  • @ Masa. even i like SRK. Sallu iz my favourite actor but i like quality films.

    @ Nauman ive lost dat little bit of respect i had for u. how immature and pathetic to comapre 2 films dat havent even released. dont bother commenting on any Salman thread and plz dont bother writing a review of VEER. ur reviews r good but uve lost credibility in my eyes after ur comment

  • It was with great anticipation that I had started to watch this trailer but frankly speaking the trailer
    did not live up to my expectations.My reasons would be-

    1.SRK surely has worked really hard for portraying this character but I felt he looked a little concerned
    of his character,a bit odd,to be frank.
    2.SRK -Kajol chemistry was lacking,probably because of the characterization of the two.
    3.I thought initially that SRK would take the “journey” for Kajol,now,it seems that the two would not
    have too many scenes together.
    4.The promo had strong resemblance with “New York”,and this episode of meeting the president
    seems very cliche’d to me,also the last statement is quite similar to what Irrfan said in”New York”
    But,still.would be looking forward to its music and how it is promoted.

  • I was going through the comments on this page with expectation of reading viewer’s comments on MNIK.
    But unfortunately SRK fans are more worried about Veer.N ppl like Nauman who are akki fans are scared of khans.Lolz this is amazing.I am not SRK fan but I like SRK-Kajol chemistry,havn’t watched the promo yet.But mostly the comments on different sites are not that encouraging.

    Other thing is only well made movie over 9/11 issue was Khuda K liye.So MNIK has to be out of the world to beat that from “Asian /Muslim” Perespective.

  • hahaha… as i always believed..hez over the top again…

    not even close to GOOD PERFORMANCE…

    same ol crap.. loud background music cheesy Decalogue B grade acting.


  • and yea forgot to say..

    therez nothing INTERNATIONAL bout this movie.. not a big bollywood fan.. hardly watch.. and dont hava favs…but srsly.. its same ol shit.. i came back to say only one thing PLEASE….PUH-LEASSSSSSSEEEE.. some was comparin/ mentioning FOREST GUMP…. srsly.. THAT’S MY FAV MOVIE dont insult FOREST GUMP by mentioning with this kinda cinema.. its bollywood and is for south asians only..plssss……

  • Amit, Delhi will have 2 screens in 3D, could be more.. But from the info we have.. PVR Ambience and Select Citywalk. Hope that helps.

  • Did anyone read Faridoon’s article on MNIK promo? Such a lot of bullshit. It was funny reading it. Some of the superlatives used

    “Goose Pimple Evoking Sensation”
    “hits you with an incredible force that sends shivers of goose pimples within”
    “SRK-Kajol chemistry works magic again. Yes, it does…Big Time”
    “leaves you panting for more.”
    “Kajol’s breakdown scene sends chills down your spine.”
    “This may be the turning point in the career of Shahrukh Khan”
    “One of the finest First Look promos in recent times”

    I like Indicine for its honest and unbiased article. Never exaggerated or over the top. Thanks guys your doing a great job.

    The promo was nothing great in my opinion even though i am shahrukh fan.

  • no doubt .. it wil be blockbuster…. i loved the trailor especially second half… the scene something like flood looks amazing…

  • It is an other SRK’s movie and my opinion that this movie is just ok types movie nothing new. I am not SRK’s big fan. There is nothing in SRK’s movie but he has big fan follows and his fans send there money for his movies, thats why most of his movies are hits. But still me doesn’t know good acting.

    Sorry SRK fans but this is reality.

  • Promo is gud…FIrst time..i feel like watching SRK movie.Music is gud too.. Look like big movie is coming this feb.!!

    But one thing is that…this is not the best promo!!! But i like the character of srk in this promo!!!

  • the promo is gud but my doubt is wether srk can remain in this character for whole movie.because when he speaks in english it looks like a normal man.and too much of dialougebazi is not gud for the character.

  • Payal:everything is going good.. wht abt u.. R u looking forward for AVATaR?

    Indicine team:u make 2 comment n rebuild into one? I mean i have posted 2 comment but i saw both comment on single one.. thnks for tht

  • Sudeep yes.. We merged the two comments. And please stop using excessive question marks, dots and exclamation marks.. Doesn’t look too good.. One or at max two..


  • Indicine team:I have send a lyrics of song you n me from pyaar impossible.Can i send more lyrics of new movies like chance per dance and may be veer?

  • Amish:the scene where he speak normally was when police ask him y r u going to washington dc,SRK reply normally”I m going to meet a President something like tht”.But music seems good infact very gud

  • i didn’t like the promo at all,the promo is so preachy…..looks like another kurbaan…i heard there are no songs in the movie…just imagine the wats going to be the fate of the movie….only kajol looks good..

  • @Sudeep–Choti choti bathon ko pakadne laga chote..;)
    “my name is khan and am not a terrorist” was that dialog abnormal..;) so i wrote ‘some scenes’. nw u have to agree its not ‘one scene’ ;) ha ha just kiddin.

  • YES SRK is a GOOD ACTOR and my name is khan is going to be one of the superhit of 2010

    but he is not like a real hero – veer -SALMAN KHAN – power packed perfomance in VEER movie is going to be biggest hit of 2010 following it my name is khan , kites and aamirkhan untitled movie in 2010

    as per comments on my name is khan first look we all know this type of act we had already seen from our superstar like AMITABH in paa , HRITHIK in koi mil gayaa and salman khan in kyonki …..etc stars had done act like delevering dialogue in this way…..

    but then also this is SRK wish him hardluck with best of luck from all his fans and i….. personally not the fan of srk …….. for my name is khan …….may be one of the biggest hit of 2010……



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