Most Disappointing Films of 2009

2009 was a poor year with some epic big budget disasters. Movies that were expected to be classics, were thrashed by the critics and rejected outright by the audience. Here is our list of the Top 5 most disappointing Bollywood movies of 2009

5) Blue – Huge budget with stars allegedly being paid double salary.. all wasted on a film that completely lacked a plot. Filled with lame dialogues and a 50 year old Sanjay Dutt uncomfortably romancing the  sexy Lara Dutta, the film was a disappointment start to finish. The only saving grace were those underwater sequences, which many preferred watching on National Geographic. Released during Diwali, Blue opened to huge numbers, only to eventually witness a huge crash during its weekdays.

4) Kambakht Ishq – Akshay Kumar returned after 2 back to back failures and while Kambakht Ishq recovered its investment, the movie was a waste of time and money. Hollywood bigwigs Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh, Bollywood stunners Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora et al couldn’t save this tragically torturous film. Wonder what the makers were thinking?

3) Tasveer 8 x 10 – Accused of acting in far too many mindless entertainers and a overall lack of variety in the characters he portrays, Kumar’s biggest claim to critically acclaim turned out to be a damp squib. The film didn’t even manage a face saving opening at the box office.

2) What’s Your Rashee? – The Oscar nominated director of Lagaan and acclaimed films like Swades and Jodha Akbar, returned this time with a comedy starring Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. The result? A clueless film that dragged on for hours and put most in theater into deep slumber. Certainly we expected more from Gowariker.

1) Delhi 6 – From the biggest stars like Hrithik Roshan to newbies like Ranbir Kapoor rejected the film, and after release we know exactly why. Fresh from the super success of Rang De Basanti, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Delhi 6 was at worst, expected to watchable. Sadly, Mehra got it all wrong. Right from the story, direction, to the characterization and even the dialogues.

Do post your list of Most disappointing films of 2009 below.



  • Amit Singhania:
    i know that my blog is flop so i need ur nice comments and suggestions to make it hit
    indicine :
    u know that i respect u but what can i do when u say bad abt akki which he doesnt diserve then i cant controll my self,
    do u thing that all indian public is mad who r watching his every movie and his 3 movies are top grossers in 2009 even he didnt give any Hit status movie..
    just thing his movie KI , DDD are getting more then 50 cr and still not hit when he will give a true hit what would be business u can imagine.
    now there is no relase of akki till 20 may so we dont need to discuss him we will start his discussion again after 1st may , now u need to talk abt udhay chopra and shahid kapoor.
    plz post ur artical about these 2 movies prediction, because both are very important for Uday n Shahid, after that we will discuss abt Sallu Bhai ( not uncle other wise hina will angree on me ) , then SRK’s turn
    indicine i do appologise again if i said any harsh and rude comment abt u.
    now i will be back at 8 Jan with review of Pyar Impossible and may be Dulha Mil Gya if i get chance to watch it in cinema other wise on DVD……

  • In addition to my earlier comment.. I’ve to mention about the movie London Dreams.. I saw it last night on a dvd again.. this movie deserved to be a hit movie, unfortunately it didn’t do well.. I consider it better than 3 Idiots in the story, the performance by Ajay & Salman, loved Salman in his role as well as lots of nice songs.. why it didn’t do that well at the box office although the starring is Salman Khan who’s not any less than Aamir in his popularity.. then why?!! Why didn’t ppl like this movie and why it didn’t do so well at the box office, a funny entertaining movie with a good script and messages for the audience?!!!!

  • @Nauman
    here we are dicussing the most disappointed movie of the year means the movie which created the hype was not up the expectation dear and not about the collection
    1) BLUE is there because it created the hype of first under water movie made in bollywood and bahamas and akki stunt with the shark and all so it got the huge opening but what after the audience review forget the critics
    2) KI first of all SAJID NADIDWALA production then add akshay then hot kareena and then hollywood star so everyone wanted to watch KI and once again the mege opening but what after the audience review.
    3)8*10 here i dnt agree with indicine that this movie should have been in most disappointing movie bcoz hardly any one was intrested in this movie inspite of this they should have given CC2C bcoz it was really disappointing movie so please don’t show the collection of these movie and if that is so then also put the collection of 8*10.

  • @Fathiya
    good to know that u liked LD dreams the main reason for the failure of the movie was lack of promotion and wrong time of release bcoz in the next week it had the competition of the 2 movies JAIL and APKGK so reduction in shows and plus competition with 2 most awaited movies of the year had cost the movie.

  • Arshan:
    i m agree with u now wht u said every thing is true.
    i also feeled that wht we were thinking abt Blue acctually movie is not like that.
    and we didnt hv good expectations with 8 x 10 so it didnt get good opening as well.
    so according to me disappointed movies of 2009 for me
    Delhi 6
    whts your raashi
    Main aurr Mrs Khanna


    @ fathiya london dream is not flop but it was not also hit as it is crittically acclaimed for salman khan one of the best perfomance and ajay with asin and team and to inform you that film is above average and collected approximately 28 crores till yet sources ….ibios indian website and reason behind that film not get upto the mark is as@arshan said ‘wrong time of release bcoz in the next week it had the competition of the 2 movies JAIL and APKGK so reduction in shows and plus competition with 2 most awaited movies of the year had cost the movie”

    and the other facts behind this is that salman three movie in between period of 18 sep to 30 oct within this approximately 7 weeks had released so it made salman fan also confused and specially the film suffer due to lack of promotion from salman khan and ajay devgan …sallu bahi got busy after wanted with his 20 years most awaited script film veer so, he not have time to promote london dreams and ajay devgan got busy with his promoting of home production film all the best which released just 2 weeks before the released of london dreams 30 oct , one more reason we all expect asin role in the movie much more as she had just year back had done ghajni blockbuster of all times with her excellent perfomance witrh aamir khan but you got dissappointed when you see that even her entry was normal in the film and she doesnt had much to do in the film but whatever she does in movie is superb with her charms act as i am fan of her also i expect much more role of her in movie but she was not used well with her talent in the movie and if you point out the music of the film that is awesome but just go behind it you never going to hear any single female voice in the songs of london dreams despite she is the part of the london dreams team at stage ……..

    so these are the major reason of failure of london dreams which do not made up to the mark like wanted but it is one of the best movie of 2009 and salman,ajay and asin with team forever… i personally feels a good movie with message …….
    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • i think besides the movies u pointed out.. de danadan paah and ajab prem ki whatever were also sick films of the year .. i dont know how people appreciated them but they were bad films .. the saving grace have been the 3 idiots devd.and wanted

  • Arshan, we had great expectations from Tasveer simply because of the director. By disappointment, we don’t mean box office collections.. Not even the hype..

    Expectations of a good quality film, is what leads to disappointment.. Hence Delhi 6 and Whats your Rashee, both starring not-so-big stars top the list.

  • my list of most disappointing movies of 2009:-

    1. CC2C- Huge budget, Akki back after SIK, Deepika and a rubbish film…
    2. BLUE- Bigger budget, bigger star cast, bigger promotion, hype and result is d most illogical, incoherent, plotless, dumbest film I have ever seen.
    3. KI- Again big money, hollywood stars, kareena in bikini, kisses, action sequences and an absolutely crap film with a crass script
    4. APKGK- though d film is a superhit, it didn’t work for me, absolutely nothing did except for music and ranbir’s charming performance, rest was crap.
    5. ALADIN- Amitabh Bachchan, state of the art special effects and classic tale of alladin but unfortunately the film didn’t match upto expectations

  • Indicine Team– wen u say U never expect a so called gud movie from akshay hw did u expect from d director…;)

  • Niraj manchandaa was corect, Ghajini was a bad film, it lasted as long as Aamir’s craze lasted, with outstanding opening the movie crashed on tuesday
    Niraj also predicted Kurbaan disaster, Rocket Singh flop(after shimit’s chakde) and 3 idiots blockbuster, his predictions are amazing

  • Niraj mancchanda was corect, Ghajini was a bad film, it lasted as long as Aamir’s craze lasted, with outstanding opening the movie crashed on tuesday
    Niraj mancchanda also predicted Kurbaan disaster, Rocket Singh flop(after shimit’s chakde) and 3 idiots blockbuster, his predictions are amazing

  • Afrid Khan: So Ajay Devghan was busy promoting for his home production movie All the best! what a crap movie.. I even didn’t finish watching it.. a silly comedy movie.. that’s the type of comedy which ppl love.. there4 it won at the box office I guess.. I would give London Dreams 4/5 but All the best 1/5.

  • @ Afrid Khan. ur analysis of LD is spot on.

    why da hell did dey release LD wen dey did. 3 Salman movies in 6 weeks.
    i went to watch all 3 but others dont have da capacity to do so.

    btw for me da best 2 films ov da year r 3i and LD. den WANTED and ATB.

  • Actors Rank in 2004 by total Box office turnover in 2004 (Rs. Nett)
    1. Shah Rukh Khan – 4 films, 90 crore total
    2. Akshay Kumar – 6 films, 90 crore total
    3. Amitabh Bachchan – 5 films, 63 crores (excluding sp. apps like Veer Zaara)
    4. Abhishek Bachchan – 5 films, 55 crores
    5. Salman Khan – 4 films, 49 crores

    Actors Rank in 2004 by total Box office turnover in 2004 (Rs. Nett)
    1. Preity Zinta – 3 films, 73 crore total
    2. Rani Mukherji – 3 films, 73 crore total
    3. Kareena Kapoor – 5 films, 58 crore total
    4. Priyanka Chopra – 5 films, 56 crore total
    5. Aishwarya Rai – 3 films, 38 crore total



    this the one thing going out now a days you publicized any movie till it end after relaesing also it will be hit and also the main fact is releasing date of movie in celeberation time like eid ,diwali, christmas … that is perfect time for any movie and for any star, that is with all the best movie it is more publicize than blue and mamk and even london dreams and it released at diwali time so it is clear winner from all others movie in competition … all the best is ajay home production he publicize it very well….he also started publicize for his next movie for diwali released so ….may it will also the same kind of hit next year……

    and we all know some months back these type of publicize ….made some movie more hit than the deserved ones in competition …..this is happen with emraan hashmi aawaraapan which i personaly beleved one of the simple soulful and marvellous movie and one of the finest act of emraan hashmi tiil yet the classic movie
    ….which is in competition with himesh ..aap kaa suroor and sunny ..apne……… the other movie which had publicize more than aawaraapan ….. and results we know inspite being a claasic movie ….awaarapan is also above average film where others two apne ,aks is declared superhit but as far as i personaly concerned awaarapan is scene shooted at malyasia the film music is most popular at that time as my elder brother is there he knows it very well….

    so, i beleve that more you publicize tiil end you will be a clear winner now a days even though your movie or product is not good as we expect but you efforts realy work …..

    i am in fear with competion of 4 big movies from 2009 end to 2010 mid that with 5 superstars with many more with ALMIGHTY GRACE

    but 1 had already proved himself aamir khan with 3 idiots and hatrick in last 3 years and 2 are block busters of all times that is tzp,ghajni and 3 idiots he made every efforts like his hard work , publicizing movie till end with ALMIGHTY GRACE and reason perfect time thrice at cristmas vacation for 3 movies he is the man of the match of bollywood films in last decade …

    but i realy fear for sallu bhai who is not promoting his veer in that way of aamir 3 idiots and it releasing time is not good bcoz it is the time of final board exams and no holiday after 1st 3 days so best of luck to sallu bhai INSHAAALAAH your movie will do good AAMEEN with ALMIGHTY GRACE but plz promote itr till end like wanted

    second i realy fear for srk who is also not releasing movie at perfect time which is in 2nd week of feb i thnk only one day benifit before or after 1st 3 days that is valentine day but he his oveseas biggest badshah INSHAAALAAH his movie will do good AAMEEN with ALMIGHTY GRACE and for publicity he is badshah of bollywood

    third one is hrithik roshan whose movie releasing in perfect time that is may vacation a children rules time as he already a icon of children the movie will superhit INSHAAALAAH his movie will do good AAMEEN with ALMIGHTY GRACE and for publicity his paapaa is there but fear is that he had only one week to perform bcoz next week competition is akki movie and after that rajneeti next week ….so, there is tough competion coming for kites but akki also had to fear bcoz his movie is between kites and rajniti…but INSHAAALAAH this all movie will do good AAMEEN with ALMIGHTY GRACE

    on the whole 3 idiots record is not easy to broke but srk mnik the overseas badshah movie when coolecting box office in pound , dollors currency internationally which convert in indian rupees and made him crores in indian language and currency , so mnik had a chance more than other movie in competition

    it was just my prediction according to the knowledge of bollywood box office …in last decade but ALMIGHTY knows who is going to be the winner of forthcoming box office collection
    the same feels i had explained for astrologers that in whichever field we gain knowledge we can just assumed for even me and everyone across the globe but what happened next seconds , minutes, and day only and only ALMIGHTY knows…..

    so,i finally appreciate amir khan for his 3 idiots meaningful message with ALMIGHTY GRACE and wish my all superstars my sallu bhai,srk , hrithik roshan ,akki and …..others who worked really hard for there forthcoming movies and ….personal activities like being human foundation from sallu bhai with ALMIGHTY GRACE that they will do best and they will win in DIN and DUNIYAA AAMEEN ..
    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • A. Khan: I don’t think that Veer will be a hit or a super hit movie for some reasons: the direction doesn’t sound very good as well as the heroine… didn’t they find any better actress to be a costar with Salman?! the girl doesn’t fit in a leading some bcategory actresses of bollywood.. don’t know why they’ve selected her for this movie!



    its your think that veer is not going to hit or superhit but in common fact we all should wish all superstars best of luck for their forthcomings as far as i am sallu bhai fan then also i gave all superstars best wishes from me ,sallu bhai fans and all one across the globe……that they should get better in their in every aspects of DIN and DUNIYAA AAMEEN …….bcoz all of them had done work hard for there past and there future forthcomings and for sallu bhai he had waited 20 years for veer and this movie is his dream project …so ,plz unterstand his hard work and 20years efforts on this movie and plz gave him a good wish ……with ALMIGHTY GRACE

    as far as heroine zarine khan is concerned we all know new female lead is lucky with ALMIGHTY GRACE for sallu bhai till yet from biwi ho to aisi , maine pyaar kiyaa – bhagyashree ,tere naam -bhumika chawla , lucky -sneha ulaal and many more female lead who didnt do much at the box -office but after coming with sallu bhai they are superhit till yet eg aishwariyaa rai after – hum dil de chuke sanam , katrina kaif -maine pyaar kyun kiyaa, priyanka chopra -msk and recently ayesha takia azmi in wanted …..and many more were there …….

    so, as far as zarine khan is concerned this lady is also going to get rocking career with sallu bhai ….AMEEN
    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • @ Fathiya.
    dont worry Salman selected her. she waz Karina Kaif body double in Yuvraaj.
    how can u not love her smile and she seems so innocent. i just love her. but yeah i can understand ur opinion. but VEER will be minimum super hit if its is promoted well.

  • Well I don’t think that she has a strong screen presence.. let’s wait and see.. when the movie is released because I saw her only in the trailer of the movie.. I didn’t see her in any interviews or in any other videos.. but the trailer of Veer is not that quality like Jodha Akbar, Mangal Pandey or Asoka.. these 3 movies were good movies but unfortunately only one made it at the box office which is Jodha Akbar.. Asoka was so good in production, direction, cinematograhpy, story but I don’t think that Veer is anything similar.

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